Luscious chick bounces on knob girlfriend hardcore

Luscious chick bounces on knob girlfriend hardcore
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I had placed an ad in The Daily Sun for a cocktail waitress the previous Sunday and we received over 30 responses. I scheduled an entire day for interviews and lined up 10 applicants for Wednesday. I was really looking forward to the interviews as interviewing waitresses was always a highlight. The place was essentially a rip-off of Hooters. The waitresses wore short shorts or mini skirts and tank tops tied in a knot around their midriff. We classified the waitresses as models and paid them more than standard waitresses to enable us to select only attractive girls and not worry about a lawsuit from some fat ass with a bad attitude.

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The first interviews were pretty much what you might expect, girls in their early 20's that were looking to make a few more dollars than working retail. There were a few that were in school that seemed a little more promising than the rest but to be honest I wasn't grading them on their presentation skills.

I was hoping for a good looking girl with experience to offer to suck me off for the job.


That would be the perfect scenario. Well, after the first two or three I could see that wasn't going to happen.

At the very end of the day I was getting a little irritated and tired. I walked the next to last applicant out of my office and met the last girl, Stacey. Stacey was very cute. She was about 5'6" with medium length dark brown hair in kind of a Jennifer Anniston cut. She was Latina with really nice caramel colored skin and nice perky tits and a big round ass although she was dressed fairly plainly in a long skirt and button up shirt. I asked her back to my (very small) office and sat down at my desk.

She sat in the only other chair which was off to the side of my desk. I was fairly tired at this point and wanted to cut to the chase. "So why should I hire you for this position?" She replied, "Because I really need this job." This almost set me off as this was not the first time I had heard this today.

"Look, I am not trying to be mean, but you should realize that we are a bar not a charity. I am not going to choose someone based off how much they need the job. Try again, why should I hire you for this Job?" She seemed like a deer in the headlights so I tried to coach her a little, "You should realize that you are marketing yourself in an interview and the first rule of marketing is to play off what the target wants, needs, or desires.


Try to think about what I want from waitresses as the manager of this bar. Understand that I have already interviewed 9 other girls for this job today and could easily line up another 10 for interviews tomorrow.

First off do you have any experience?" She started to get a little upset and was almost teary, "No, but I'm a quick learner and I promise to work hard, I really need this job!" "…look, I'm sorry, I don't mean to upset you but honestly, put yourself in my shoes and try and convince me to hire you based on what you think I want and please don't tell me again how much you need this job" "But I'm not sure what you want" "I'm not going to make it that easy for you, you have to think it through and figure it out for yourself" She was getting more upset, "But I don't have any experience and no one will give me a chance" "Listen, experience is not really that important in this job, the most important thing here is attitude and the ability to sell more drinks to the guys that come in.?

"How can I make them buy more drinks?" "You make them think that you like them, you be nice to them and you even flirt with them a little. A guy that thinks he actually thinks he has a chance with you will stay around all night buying drinks" She smiled a little.

"I think I can do that" "Well, show me, pretend I am at one of your tables and flirt with me" She stood up and then stepped away and back as if approaching me for the first time. "Hi there, how are you today, can I get you a drink?" "That wasn't bad for a Denny's, remember you want him to get excited about you and want you. Bend over and show me your cleavage while you take my order, whisper in my ear, do something that will make me hard" Her eyes popped open and she seemed surprised, "Look, I'm trying to help you here because you told me how bad you need this job, now are you serious about it?

"Yes, I'm sorry" Then she got a look of determination on her face as she furrowed her brow a little and she stepped closer to me and bent over and whispered in my ear, "Is there anything I can get you? She pushed her tits right in my face "How was that?" she asked.

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"Much better, now go further and pretend that I have been around for a couple hours drinking, flirt with me" She sat on my lap and put her arm around my neck and asked wiggled around a little before asking me if I needed another drink. I put my hand on the back of her ass and slid it up her back. She arched her back and pushed out her tits further.

"Is that what you wanted to see from me? She asked. "Much better, I think you have the right attitude to do well in a place like this" "Does that mean I have the job?

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"No, I'm sorry. There was another girl earlier today that had the same attitude and well…frankly she had a really hot body that I know our customers will like. You are very attractive but in that outfit I can't really tell how good you will look in one of our uniforms." "Can I try one on and show you? "No, I don't have any here" (a lie) "Please, give me a chance, I have a really nice body" She pulled the back of her dress tight against her ass and then pulled her shirt tight against her chest to show off her tits.

"Take off your skirt and blouse" I said "You can't be shy if you want this job" She paused for a second then without haste stepped not more than a foot from where I was sitting and unbuttoned her blouse and placed it on my desk.

She had a bright blue lace bra on that contrasted really well with her caramel skin. I could see goose bumps on the tops of her perfect breasts.

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She slid her skirt off and she had on white cotton panties with little red flowers on them. They were low rise panties and just barely covered the top of her mound. I could see the imprint of curly black hair under her panties. "Turn around…slowly" She turned around and arched her back to show me her ass.

Her ass seemed to flare out from her tight small waist, and it had a very nice defined crease between her legs and cheeks. It was full and round and I could barely resist slapping it hard or grabbing it and squeezing.

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I was as hard as a rock now and my cock was throbbing as I was thinking of fucking her in her nice wide ass. "Now let me fuck you and you can have the job" slid off my lips. I was surprised to hear myself say it actually. She put her hands on my knees and got down on her knees. I sat up and unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. I'm certainly no porn star but I don't have to be ashamed either. I have a very fat six inch cock that was diamond hard at this point. I was holding it in my right hand and she bent over and put her lips on the tip and slowly slid her head onto my cock.

I put my hand on the top of her head and wove my fingers through her hair. She pulled her head up sucking hard, to the point that her cheeks were indented from the suction. She then bit down a little on the head and it was painful but felt great at the same time.

She put her hand around the base of my dick and squeezed hard while circling her tongue around the tip. It was like torture as I needed her to go faster. I told her to get up and I spun her around and bent her over on my desk. I pulled her panties down and she arched her back and spread her legs. I widened my legs to get low enough and pulled my cock up against her slit. I rubbed it up and down her slit as I felt her open more and more.

I pushed it in about an inch until it became hard to go further, then I pulled it out a little and then shoved it in balls deep.

She gasped and then moaned. I was sliding in and out of her with my hands running up and down her back. I grabbed her hips hard and started to thrust in and out so far that my cock was coming completely out of her soaking wet pussy on each thrust.


I love the feel of the cold air on my wet cock as I pull out of her hot wet hole. I was going faster when my cock slipped up a little after one thrust and went abut an inch deep into her ass hole. She tensed up but didn't say anything.

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What the fuck I figured… I just shoved it harder and pushed it all the way up into her ass. My cock was lubricated from her pussy but I'm sure it hurt her as she cried out with a "Aghhh" and then whimpered. I was thrusting in and out of her ass hole, pulling her ass cheeks apart with my hands so I could see my fat white cock in her brown ass.

I could feel my balls begin to spasm and I tried my best to hold it back but I pulled out and shot a huge hot load of jizz on her lower back. I slapped her ass cheek and said "Thanks, you can start tomorrow at 10:00 am for the lunch shift, but if you want the good shifts you are going to have to earn them" Then I laughed and she sighed.

She was still bent over my desk with her ass in the air and my cum on her back. I took a paper towel that was on my desk from lunch and wiped my jizz off her back and pulled up her panties. She did start the next day and she ended up making a pretty good waitress. I continued to fuck her and use her which I will go into in other stories.