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Playing with Pussy Free Amateur Porn Video
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The following morning I was awakened by Chance soliciting me to empty his very full bladder for him, after doing so, I was to relieve Nikki of hers as well.

2 full loads of morning piss in ones' stomach was enough to send me running for the toilet myself but again Chance must have read my mind and stopped me short. "Not yet, whore. On your hands & knees." Strutting over, his thick cock partially erect, he grabbed a butt plug with tail from who knows where and shoved it in my ass, with much effort; dry.

I stiffled back the pain and thanked him as required. Collar & leash now attached I slowly & painfully crawled to the living room/den area. Nikki opened the door to the backyard & Chance motioned for me to go outside, Thankfully we have a somewhat privacy fence on all sides, save for one small 4 foot section which is missing. Chance likes to invite strangers to stand in the vacant field back there to watch me get humiliated, join in sometimes; whatever.

The door shut and there I was naked, my ass on fire, my bladder burning for release with collar attached at 4 pm in our back yard. I stayed put since there were no instructions with this. Looking back at the glass door, Nikki was pressed naked against the glass door while Chance fisted her pussy and she held on for dear life.

'Yes this is how he started with me. Just wait bitch, soon your skinny ass will be out here naked too.' I thought, further surmising that Chance apparently felt it was a good ideato start a harem; lucky me. Snapping back into thought, the front door opened, coincidentally on cue, depriving Nikki of her orgasm. Chance left his fist in her pussy and twisted slightly, welcoming in someone I couldnt see from behind them.

The door opened and out came 2 straight out of the woods, hillbilly type guys (best way to desribe them) one big guy & a smaller one who looked like he could have been his son, and 2 massive dogs. I was half exctied, half scared. Mostly just thrilled cuz of the possibility of getting laid, but whatever, whoever. it had been a while. I have watched/helped/been made to witness; my husband fucking over a hundred and fifty women; not including the 5 guys he raped in the ass while he forced them to jack off and verbally humiliate me.

sigh That is another story altogether though. So back to these dogs; one looked to be a sort of hound of types & the other was a full grown Sheppard on steroids; I had never seen one that bog. Of course I was on my hands & knees on the ground, so that may have been partof the perspective issue.

They sniffed me everywhere and licked my ass and face before moving onto my pussy. I was shaking I had to pee so badly now and looked up in earnest at Chance hoping he knew what I needed. He went into the house and returned with not at all what I had in mind; a muzzle bit.

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Clamping it onto my head & sliding it into my mouth; I could only whimper. Pattng me on the head he told me I could pee if I played my best part to be a good puppy.

I sauntered a little bit on the grass on hands and knees, taking my best effort to stick my ass up high in the air. This went on for about 10 minutes, the dogs vaguely intriqued. He then allowed me to piss, but I had to spread my legs wide & stick my ass up in the air. As I did the pee ran down my legs & thighs, eventually getting some on my stomach.

"Look at that nasty whore, pissin on herself in front of everybody." this came from the biggest of the men, he looked like a Bubba if I had to guess. His dog, like him was apparenly very turned on by this display of piss and started stroking his short little hard on through his overalls. Buddy, apparently as the dog was called came over & started licking my pussy; I moaned inpleasure it had been so very long since I had felt that. Everyone made comments about what a nasty piece of shit whore I was and how no one wanted to fuck me after that; then the conversation turned to Bubba saying that Buddy should fuck me & Chance charge money.

I tuned out after that cuz Buddy WAS fucking me now, his underbelly pressed against the hilt of the butt plug, driving it in deeper at the same time he hit home into my pee-drenched pussy and started pounding me.

His claws dug into my sides as he grew & grew inside me, I started to collapse under his weight when the skinny guy came over and was instructing the other dog, the hound to lay down on his back, legs spread.

"He likes when you lick his peter." he said.

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Since my face was already down there I really didn't have much choice. The sight of your fat wife being fucked my one dog and sucking off another in the backyard is cause for a celebration, Chance must have thought.

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Once the dog I was sucking started humping my mouth and came I was quite over the situiation, sticks were digging into my knees and I felt sick from the taste of the dog cum. The Sheppard at some point had gotten stuck in me, or tied as Bubba later explained & tried to pull out, dragging me with him a bit, I whimpered but the movement changed my view to the people standing out there. 'Bubba' was gettnig his cock sucked by the little guy, who it turned out WAS his son & Chance was orally raping Nikkihis hands forcing his cock all teh way down her throat as he watched us.

I could hear her gagging from where I was, and him tellign her to just swallow it & calm down, she could breathe. After the dog pulled out of my abused pussy, I could feel the cum running out, Chance hollered out, 'Squeeze your legs together, you need to save that cum, bitch. We are gonna see just how much of a whore you are aren't we honey? Now hold this ender your chin so you don't spill any." I could only whimper & nod my head, Putting a large pitcher under me, he told me to push it all out and get ready for round 2, the hound started fucking me with a little guidance as the 2 men started pissing in my face.

"open your mouth slut." They commanded and they filled my mouth with what seemed liek gallons of strong urine, causing me to gag and lean down until they pulled my hair up & pissed direclty in m y mouth with both thier cock heads in thier at the same time.

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It ran out my mouth, I managed to swallow very little this way and mostly ended up on my big fat titties and the pitcher. When they were done, they wiped thier hands and dicks in m y hair and just stood back and watched the dog fuck me.

The hound went on forever slapping his long thin cock in my pussy much deeper than I think anything was intended on going. it bruised my cervix the first 2 thrusts so 10 minutes into it I was nearly crying, only it came out like whimpers.

After he finally pulled out, they placed the pitcher now filled with cum & piss and caught the remainder. "I need you to go to the store and get some items.

Your clothes are laid out, do not alter or modify them in any way and do not take a shower first." I crawled inside with much difficulty and did as I was told. mY 'outfit' consisted of a Tshirt that was tightly cut but came up to my belly button, so all could see my fat and a short skirt that actually fit, but was very short. No panties. As I was getting dressed, cum was still leaking out of me, not to mention when I stood the hairs from the butt plug tail hung down visably by 4 inches.

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Handing me my list or various items that if the clerk was paying attention would have known what they were for, things like vasoline, cucumbers, sausage, breast pump. honestly. who wouldnt pick up on this. Just when I thought my humiliation was complete he handed me the pitcher & told em to drink as much as I could in one gulp, I did, but not before come crept out of the corner of my mouth. I started to wipe it off & got backhanded qwuickly. "Go like that you nasty cow, I want people to see you on the street & know what a whore you are.

If anyone solicits you sex of any type, you oblige them where they ask you, none of this hiding shit & wear their cum home, same for dogs you dog fucking cunt" I started to tear up but did as I was told, I reeked of piss & cum, had dried crustiness on the corner of my mouth & had a tail coming out from my skirt.


As I backed out of the driveway I noticed the 2 guys pulling out, minus thier dogs in a truck as well. Great I have babysitters. They followed me to the store where I quickly got eh items, checked out without incident thank god in teh self check out lane and made it all the way to the car before I was spoken to by anyone.

he popped out from in between the cars out of no where. "Those 2 guys over there say you will fuck me & my friends for free, that true?' This coming from a tall black guy who looked very much without a home, in a long time.


Behind him were the 2 guys in thier truck, waving at me. I hung my head and replied, "Yes I am a whore & my Master wants me to share my body with whoever wants it, you just have to cum on me so he can see the proof." The guy starts to lead me off to the woods and I have to stop him, "I have to do it here with those guys watching or else I can't do it." Thinking this will dissuade him, none such luck.

He montions to the guys and out come 4 of them. We get in between cars in the Walmart and keep in mind this is nearly 6 pm at this time, there are lots of people, but it is starting to get dark. I am bent over, dog cum still leaking out of my swollen cunt when the first homeless guy sticks it in me. "Damn you have a sloppy twat. Check this shit out Ricky." They trail off in conversation about my fat ass, huge stomach, floppy titties & how much I reek of cum for what seems like hours while they take turns, the big black guy goes last and oh my god, having been with a black man now I can say for sure they ARE bigger.

He snapped me out of my day dream with at least a cock as big around as my wrist. It hurt so bad and I screamed, then comes the dirty cock in my mouth. It was just in my pussy but my god the taste is gagging me to the point where I am nearly choking.

they finish fucking me and I attempt to drive home, cum over my face and chest, shirt torn and I just cannot squeeze my legs together enough to keep all the cum from leaking out. I get home and give Chance his items just as he is hanging up the phone. Taking out a Sharpie, he draws on my forehead something and snaps the collar back on. Commanding me to the floor, he tells me it is finner time.

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I get back on hands and knees and in front of me is a doggie bowl with my name on it hastily drawn, "Oh how cute she looks next to it" Nikki coos. It looks suspiciously like oatmeal, I start to stick my face in it to try to eat like a dog since that is what they are wnating, when Chance barks, not yeet bitch, you need your topping.' With that he pours a cup of that cum/piss mixture on top of it & stirs it.

"There ya go girl, eat up. From now on you are our puppy & you will have cum at least with every meal, can't have you getting any fatter on us. Need to keep you same size or smaller, or else you won't fit your new home." I eat the mixture which minus the pee wasn't half bad.

By teh end of the bowl I kinda liked the oatmeal and cum. Chance leads me to the spare bedroom, which used to have a desk in it last I looked but now there was a large kennel dog cage, a table with various boxes on it & some lube and such. Most distracting was that this room opens up to our front patio and there were no curtains anymore.

Chance put me in the cage and had me back my ass up to the back, he stood next to, squatted & e posistioned himself many times before ordering me out. He told me he neede to make adjustments & I could come back soon. As if I cared I thought to myself. I was fine with teh bed.

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He told Nikki to take me out and let me play with my 'lover' while he worked. I crawled over to the dogs and was to take turns sucking them off, taking care to never swallow, always spit it in the pitcher so that I would have plenty. I laid on the floor on my back exhaousted until Nikki straddled my face with her pussy.

"You better suck out all your husbands cum if you don't want me pregnant bitch." I lapped wearily until I passed out, waking up to find myself in the cage, which had now been raised and sat on a higher platform with some chains running from it to eh ceiling with elaborate pulleys. "Rest up, company is on the way." was the last thing I heard before I went to sleep.