Nina amp_ Lucie Fill Her Up

Nina amp_ Lucie Fill Her Up
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In honor of Father's Day approaching, I thought it would be nice to throw in a little taboo story. NOTE: This story was re-edited. PART ONE: THE TWINS GIVE THEIR FATHER A HEADJOB, THEN THEY WATCH HIM BREED THEIR MOTHER IN HOPES FOR ANOTHER BABY. As a married and proud father of four adult children (two boys, ages 22 & 20, and two identical twin girls who are 19), I couldn't have asked or have been blessed with anything else. My wife and I have been married for almost 24 years now, and my wife is still a drop-dead gorgeous broad ever since we first met about 29 years earlier.

And my kids would surprise me on Father's Day. Not only that, but my birthday also happens to be in the middle of June(Incidently, my twin girls also have a birthday in early June as well. So they're a TRUE Gemini.). But once every few years, Father's Day would also fall on my birthday. But this time, things were about to get very interesting- and in an unexpected way.

It was early Sunday morning and I was still in a deep sleep, when I was dreaming that I would getting both a handjob and a blowjob. Only this one felt so real, then that was when I felt a nudge on my shoulder. I slowly opened my eyes, and my wife was giggling a little. But who was doing the magic? Then I looked up and low & behold.

here were my twin daughters Kasey and Karen stroking me and blowing me. "And what do you two young ladies think you're doing?" I asked both of them as they paused for a second- even though I was actually enjoying it. Then one of them said, "We want to give you a special Gemini surprise." "Honey," my wife said as she's nudging on me, "just relax and enjoy. Okay?" "Aright dear," I said.

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As they continue their little exhibition, I also noticed that they were BOTH naked. Now I must say, they've both blossomed just like their mother. Both of them are slender, tall, nicely tanned but they have brown hair like I do.

And just like their mother, they have nice C cup breasts, and have a nice little trim on their pussy. Then Kasey said, "Dad as soon as we get done blowing and stroking your huge nine-inch cock, I want you to fuck mom while we watch. Okay?" "Okay ladies, as soon as I cum, I'll do it. I promise." And so the little sexapade resumed. Kasey was giving me a nice blowjob as she took my entire shaft all the way in and deep into her throat.

I could here her choke and gag as she was sucking. And to my amazment, I was like 'Damn, where did she learn to suck cock like that?' So while Kasey is blowing me, Karen is now licking and teasing my balls- hoping I could cum quick. Fortunatly, they didn't have to wait long.

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"Ohhh, I., I'm., gonna., cum." I said as my cock began to swell up inside of Kasey 's mouth and at the same time, my balls were churning and boiling from Karen licking my nutsack. And about a minute later., SPLASH!!!!!! "OOHHHHHHH., SSHHIIITTTT!!" I said as I moaned and grunted. Rope after thick rope of my pearly seed entered Kasey's mouth.

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Everytime I shot a rope, I heard her gulp. Then she quickly pulled my cock out and placed it in Karen's mouth as I continued to gush my load. But I think Karen swollawed more than Kasey did, because I still kept cumming until they both emptied my balls. "I think you two might have to wait a little bit before your father's nuts fill up again if you too want us to fuck, okay?" my wife said.

Then she continued, "Since it's still early in the morning, why don't you ladies go shower up and could you make your father and I some breakfast please?" "Sure mom," Kasey said politly. So they both wiped the remaining spunk that I shot up that was drooling down their sweet faces, then they both got up and left.

"Happy Father's Day dad," both of them said one right after another.

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Then I said, "Thanks ladies, I love you." And so they both left the room. Then my wife Olivia said to me, "Honey, you know it'll be a while before they're finished doing what they have to do.

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So why don't you go back to sleep for a bit. Okay?" "Okay dear," I said. And so I quickly drifted back off to sleep for a little bit.


When my wife woke me up, I could smell the aroma of pancakes, bacon & eggs that we're sizzling in the kitchen. Now all four of my kids know what my wife and I like for breakfast and how we like it. About five minutes after I woke back up, both the twins came in with the TV trays. Then they left and came back with two big cups of coffee for us with flavored cream. Finally, they left and came back and served us both breakfast in bed. Both of us were amazed and pleased. "Happy birthday and Happy Father's Day daddy," both of them said simultaneously.

"Thank you two lovely ladies," I said as I started getting emotional. In all tje years that both my wife and I were treated like royalty, this probably was over the top. After all, we've done a lot for all of them as loving, caring parents. But something tells me this would be the start of a fabulous fun-filled Sunday. Anyway, my wife and I dug in as we ate our breakfast and drank our coffee.

When we both got done, the twins came in and politly took our plates back to the kitchen so they can put them in the dishwasher. "Do you guys want more coffee?" Karen asked.

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Then I answered, "Thanks, but I think we're finished for right now dear. And thanks for taking our plates and getting them washed. You two are such sweethearts." "Anything for our very special dad," Kasey said. Thrn as promised, they wanted us to fuck. And they also wanted me to breed Olivia, hoping she might concieve. Even though we're both in our mid-40s', both of us have good genes. Some of her female relatives in her family have ovulated and got pregnant as old as 51, and some of my male relatives can have good quality sperm in our forties.

And Olivia is in that part of her cycle where she's fair game, and so am I. So as they both sat down and observed, both me and Olivia undressed.


Then she wanted to be on top. When she exposed her hairy patch, one of the twins spoke in astonishment, "Damn mom, you have a really nice, hairy cunt." "Thank you," Olivia said. "I want you two girls to remember something, don't ever be afraid or ashamed about having some public hair on and around your clitoris." "Your mother's right," I told them.

"Guys prefer a real woman with a nice little bush, it's a REAL turn-on when it comes to sex." "Well keep that in mind," Kasey said. So my wife turns around to ride in a reverse cowgirl position so the twins could see how to ride my cock gently at first.

Olivia's pussy was already wet when she positioned the thick head of my shaft to enter her cunt.


She then slides doen on my cock nice and gently, then she lets out a gentle moan. "Ohhhh honey., your cock feels sooo fucking good inside of my pussy.

Ohhhhhh., yeah. Squeeze my tits!" "Ohhh., yeah., your pussy feels sooo right." I said as I moan. At the same time, one of the twins spoke as they continue to observe our demonstration, "Man dad, I guess mom is a little tight for your huge cock! " "And., that's., another., thing.," I said in between breaths, "if., it., ain't., tight., it., ain't., right. And., your., mother., feels., sooo, fucking., good.

right., now!" "I would prefer a nice cock like yours deep inside of me too daddy," Karen said. "And just to give you both an idea of how tight we really are., WE'RE BOTH STILL VIRGINS!" At this point, I was like 'WHOA!'. But they're not whores either, but it's a start by giving me a blowjob. Anyway, my wife is continuing to ride my cock a little faster as I squeeze her nice tits a little harder.

"Ohhh., I'M., gonna., cum!" Olivia sais as her inner walls of her pussy begin to tighten. And then, she let's out the loudest moan you'll ever hear, "OHHHH, YES., YES., YES!!!" I felt as she came all around my cock and the twins could see the jizz oozing out of her pussy as she continues to ride my cock. And then, my balls were churning and my shaft was stiffening as I was about to pump my baby seed deep I to her hopefully fertile womb.

"OHHHH, HERE I CUM BABY. OHHHHHH FFFUUUCCKKK!!!!" I moaned out loud as I shot maybe six or seven thick streams of cum deep in her pussy. Then one of the twins were amazed and stunned and said, "Damn dad, you can still shoot a MEAN load for your age!!" "Well," my wife wife said, "if your father can still shoot this much, I could only imagine how much semen your brothers could shoot." As I'm starting to fall back to earth after my balls were emptied again, I chimed in and said, "Your mother's right, we both have good genes- especially me.

But who knows?" "Well," Kasey said, "it was sure fun to watch mom ride that huge fuckin' cock of yours. How does she handle it?" "Well, think of it this way," my wife said. "First of all, you have to take it nice, slow and easy at first. Then after a few minutes, you pick up the pace a lot more." "Second," I said, "don't have intercourse very often. This way when the time comes, you'll be nice & tight for your man- especially if he's a nice size cock." "And the thing to remember," their mother said, "a man's cock inside of a woman's pussy is NOTHING compared to baring a child- much less you twins." "Can you handle that?" I asked them.

"I want you two to consider this a real lesson on how a woman can really please her man." "I think we'll both take that into consideration dad," Karen said.

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By now, both my wife and I are both relaxed knowing that the twins just witnessed a potential breeding session. My wife and I were seriously considering bringing another child into the world before my boys knock up a woman (Case-in point: my oldest son Damian and his fiancé Lila).

After we both fucked, my wife and I both took a shower. By this time, it was already 10:30 in the morning. Both of my sons are suppose to come over later. Damian & Lila, along with my other son Julian. I could see it was gonna be a fun and exciting day. ********TO BE CONTINUED************* PART TWO: A GEMINI BREEDING SESSION. Please leave some feedback.