Desi wife swati sex with husband

Desi wife swati sex with husband
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I always saw college portrayed as slutty girls having sex with guys they just met, everyone drinking without having to worry about cops and doing crazy shit every weekend and I thought "Wow, that would be great if college was actually like that." I would still believe that today if Kerry and Lucy hadn't shown up in my life and turned my weekends into crazy college movies.

Spring break was almost here and everyone in school was ready for our shit to be done, I was going to go on a float trip down the Arkansas River with Kerry and Lucy and their sorority for their yearly spring break trip. Boyfriends were the only guys allowed to go on this trip so I wasn't too worried about other frat houses hitting on my girls.

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I had gone to the gym every day since Hannah and Katie so that I would look good for this trip so I had gotten pretty cut for my size and almost had a six-pack if I didn't have the tendency to screw up my diet but it was close. I had just finished my classes the day before the trip and I received a text from Lucy "Need you now.

Your place five minutes." I smiled to myself and put a spring in my step to get back to my house. I saw her standing on the doorstep waiting for me and as I was about to ask her about her day she threw her mouth into mine and said "I had a bad day and I need your dick inside of me right now." Before she could explain herself further, I threw her over my shoulder and ran her up to my room, dodging past confused pledges and understanding brothers.

I threw her down onto my bed and she immediately took off her shirt, bra, pants and panties in the time it took for me to take off my shirt. I had never seen her in so much of a frenzy, so when she practically ripped my jeans in half to get at my cock, I thought I should get my game face on, so when she spit on my cock and started rubbing it in, I was ready.

I put my hands on the back of her head and started thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth, her tongue caressing my shaft and her lips tight as hell. She started going faster and faster and soon her black hair was just a blur on my cock, I felt like I was going to cum so I threw her down on the bed and before she could say anything I kissed her and put two fingers into her wet pussy and one into her tight asshole.

She gasped as I moved my fingers around in a circular motion, I wanted her ready for me.

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Before I could even lick my fingers, she threw me down on the bed and went into reverse cowgirl and moved faster than the speed of light.

The sight of her big butt bouncing up and down on my cock put me in a heaven only I knew. Every few minutes she would stop bouncing and grind her hips back and forth over my dick, at last I couldn't take it anymore and so I grabbed both her arms and held them tightly behind her back and said "C'mon bounce on that dick, baby." She turned her head and licked her lips, a lustful look in her eyes, "I hope you're ready," she said in a sexy voice. As I held her arms in place, she went into a frenzy bouncing up and down yet going super deep into her tight pussy.

I felt her pussy grip my cock and she moaned loudly as her juices squirted all over my cock. Now it was my turn to do the work, so I put her face down into my bed and spread her legs, but instead of bringing her up for doggystyle, I kept her face down and stuck my dick slowly into her tight asshole.

I could hear her moan loudly, even in the pillow, as I pushed my dick further and further in until I was all the way inside. I started slow, moving in and out so she could get used to it and then I felt her hands grip my legs and pull me farther in, so I took the cue. Suddenly, I started pumping in and out of her ass as fast as I could, a moan involuntarily escaped my lips as grabbed her big ass for leverage, the bed started squeaking over and over, layered with the sound of her moaning into the pillow pushed me to the edge.

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"Oh shit, I'm going to cum," I said excitedly, she lifted her head and said "Cum in that tight little asshole. Fill it with cum." I did as I was told and released five spurts of cum into her tight butthole, I could hear her moan as I slowly pulled out, my cock still covered in cum. She turned around and licked the rest off my cock before laying down on top of me, her heart beating super-fast.

"Fuck," I said loudly, "Where did that come from?" "I just finished up a few tests and I was really stressed out so I decided I needed you inside me. I think you're the cure for my stress, thank you," she said slowly. "My pleasure," I said and smacked her big ass.

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She playfully pushed me away and got dressed, "I'll see you tomorrow," she said happily. Frankly, I couldn't wait. The day of the trip, Lucy and I were putting our bags and the tent in the car, I couldn't wait to fuck Lucy and Kerry in the tent, when Kerry strolled up with a nervous look on her face. "What's wrong," I asked, not noticing her eyes moving in a certain direction. "Hi, how are you, son?" a booming voice asked from behind her. A large man in jeans and a black shirt briskly shook my hand and introduced himself as Kerry's father, Bill; he also introduced his wife, Lesley, a small woman in her fifties with a kind face that looked exactly like Kerry.

"So you're the infamous Joe, we've heard all about," Bill laughed heartily, "Kerry won't stop talking about you." "I hope I'm not too infamous, I'd hate to make a bad first impression," I said casually, staring at Kerry with wide-open eyes, "So what are you guys in Arkansas for?" "We just came down to surprise Kerry for spring break and have her show us around campus," Lesley said happily, "I hope you don't mind if we borrow her for a while." "Of course not," I lied, "Lucy and I were headed down to the river with the sorority for a float trip.

You guys have fun now." Kerry started walking away with her parents talking animatedly but before she turned the corner she blew me a kiss and shot me a sexy smile and walked away. "I guess it's just you and me on this trip," I said, pulling her close, "I hope you're okay with that." "I'm ready if you are," she said giving me a long wet kiss.

Suddenly, a harsh voice yelled out "C'mon ladies lets go," the voice emanated from the house mom, Ms. Adams. There was more than one occasion when I was cock blocked by her and let's just say we weren't on very good terms. She walked around the bus wearing a red jacket, black yoga pants and a black hat barely covering her long black hair.

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Now don't get me wrong she was a huge bitch, but I had always gotten this weird vibe from her that she was into me. I was horny as hell all the times she caught me so probably not. "Lucy, Joe, let's go. We don't have all day," she said abruptly "Joe, you're not going to start any trouble on my trip, are you? "I wouldn't dream of it," I said politely, trying to hold back the spite, "I'm just here to have some fun." She squinted her eyes at me and hurriedly shuffled Lucy and I onto the bus, I was sitting in between Lucy and another girl named Lauren in the front seat, it was going to be a long trip so I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm…" and before I could finish she said "Joe, right? All the girls know who you are from that Halloween party last year, don't be so modest," smiling as she said it. I didn't know I was so infamous so I politely said "Well it was a pleasure meeting you, Lauren," and sat back a little dumbfounded. Soon we were on the road out to the river and I was excited as hell. About a half hour in the trip, I had dozed off and awoke to find Lucy's hand resting on my thigh quite close to my dick.

I looked at her and she had a devilish smile on her face like she was going to do something bad so I slowly shook my head 'no.' All the girls were either listening to music or talking to each other animatedly. If she was going to be bad, I thought I might as well join her and placed my hand as stealthily as I could under her coat and started to lightly rub her pussy.

I could feel her pussy lips moisten as I rubbed up and down, her hand doing the same thing. Suddenly, I felt another hand on my thigh this time on the other side, I looked in the other direction to see Lauren still staring out the window, her hand still moving toward my crotch, yet when I looked back at Lucy, she didn't seem to mind in the slightest.

Me being the gentleman, I put my other hand in between her legs and started rubbing in the same motion as I was doing with Lucy, pretty soon I felt the cum moisten their shorts and I lifted my hands back, I made a subtle lick of my fingers for them to see but none of the other girls noticed.

However, something felt off so I looked up and noticed Ms. Adams' hazel-brown eyes staring intently at me in the rear-view mirror. Instead, of yelling at me she smiled and slowly took her hand from in between her legs. "Holy shit," I thought to myself, "It looks like I'll be looking at Lauren and Ms. Adams in a whole new light. We arrived at the campground shortly after 10 a.m.

and got the canoes ready and headed out on the river. It was so hot that time of the year so as soon as we got out there all the guys took off their shirts and the girls their clothes to reveal some of the most risqué swimsuits I had ever seen.

As I took my shirt off, I heard Lucy yell behind me, "Whoa yeah look at the body," I quickly turned around, lifted her up and threw her in the water with me close behind.

The water was a little cold to be swimming in that early so everybody got out and as I lifted myself into the canoe, I saw Lauren bite her lip while looking at me. I raised my eyebrows, smiled back and helped Lucy into the canoe. We had traveled a couple miles before setting up the tents at the camp ground; some of the guys had quickly broken out the beer and got the party started. I grabbed one for Lucy and I before I could give it her she said "Apparently there is some sort of thing the freshmen have to do so this is going to have to wait until later," and hurriedly ran off with the rest of the girls.

"Alright, guess I'm drinking with the guys," so I shot gunned one of the beers and walked into the group and started talking with the rest of the guys.

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About an hour passed, it had gotten dark and I had to pee pretty bad so I quickly walked to the beach and started to piss against a tree next to the river. I had just finished and was about to walk back to the group when I heard some splashing in the water and as I stared into the moonlight I saw Lauren standing in the river wearing a blue polka dot bikini, biting her lip anxiously.

"She wasn't lying," she said quietly. "Who wasn't lying?" I said rather confused. "Lucy told me you had a huge cock but I didn't believe her." I widened my eyes and tried to push my cock to the side but to no avail. She stepped out of the water and pulled me closer to her "Come closer, I won't bite, unless you want me to," she added slowly, "I heard what you did to Hannah and Katie and now I want it too." She pulled me close and kissed me lightly, I couldn't resist so I pulled her even closer, my cock against her stomach and her tits pressed against my chest.

She was short girl with long blond hair with a bright red streak down the back. She had a lithe figure with perky B-cup tits, pink, perky nipples, and small legs leading up to an ass you could bounce a quarter off and get fifty cents back. Her tongue was so nimble as we kissed, getting more and more aggressive every second.

She took her hand off the back of my neck and started to slowly move down to my now fully erect cock and started to move her hand up and down slowly. I reciprocated and placed one hand on her luscious booty and used my other hand to untie her top and as her top fell lightly in the water I started to rub and suck her tits. I started to rub one tit with my hand occasionally flicking and rubbing her nipple while licking and sucking her other one, I could feel her back arch and she grabbed my hair and let out a long moan.

I did the same thing with her other tit and as I slowly put my hand in her bikini, her pussy was already soaking wet. The smell of her pussy put me into a frenzy and as I laid her down on the sandy beach, I practically ripped off her bottoms and threw them away.

As I slowly kissed down her stomach, I could feel the goose bumps on her skin as I started to lick her outer pussy lips.

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Suddenly, her back arched and her legs locked together holding me in towards her pussy so I thought I ought to get her going even more and I took her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked all the cum off. It tasted so sweet and I couldn't get enough of her pussy as if I was entranced by it as I stuck my tongue all the way inside her tight pussy she let out a long moan and started thrusting her hips further onto my tongue.

As I sucked on her excited clit, I placed my hands on her supple breasts and started to massage them and rub her nipples and as I stuck my tongue in again I felt her release a torrent of cum onto my tongue and I quickly sucked it up.

"Damn you taste good," I said as I started to kiss her again. "Now it's my turn," she said hungrily as she pulled my shorts down and took my dick in her hands, "Fuck me, this is going to ruin my pussy," and spat on my cock before going down as far as she could. She couldn't deepthroat very well but she made up for it in other areas as she wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and flicked with her nimble tongue.


"Damn you're good at that," I said while I placed my hand gently on the back of her head; this only seemed to encourage her further as she increased her speed and then started rub my shaft and suck on the tip as hard as she could, even with all the stamina I had with the girls I felt like I was going to cum so I lifted her head and whispered into her ear "Now you're going to get it." I slowly picked her up and positioned her pussy over my throbbing cock, she felt so light in my hands as I pushed my cock into her quivering pussy and immediately noticed how tight it was.

She had definitely had sex before but maybe only once or twice, I thought as she started to groan as I pushed her further and further down, but before I could go balls deep she stopped me. "Let me loosen up for your cock," she said, grinding her hips in a circular motion, "I've never had a dick this big." As she grinded round and round, I couldn't help but to grab her juicy behind, damn it felt good as she finally went all the way down and started to bounce up and down slowly.

I tried to concentrate as she went up and down, her pussy was so wet and tight that I felt like I was going to cum the whole time but as she went faster, her pussy started to loosen and I started to participate.

I placed my hands on her skinny hips and started pulling her all the way down and as she went up, I found out that I was actually lifting her petite frame up into the air, she was my little slut and I could do as I pleased. The clapping from her pussy slapping my cock started to get louder and her speed began to increase as well and I knew she wasn't too far from cumming.

My assumption was correct as I felt her pussy tighten and release the biggest load on my cock I had ever seen as she moaned loudly and her whole body shuddered in ecstasy. After she caught her breath, she leapt off my cock and started to lick her tasty cum off my cock, "Damn, this girl is insatiable, we'll have to do this again sometime," I thought as she finished licking and sucking up every drop.

"My turn now," I said and placed her on her back and spread her legs wide-open, but then she surprised me and pulled her legs all the way apart into an upside-down split.

"I used to dance a lot, I had to be flexible. I hope you don't mind," she added coyly. I couldn't even answer her back because all I could think about was her tight pussy.

As I placed my hips in front of her, I adjusted my cock and pushed slowly into her waiting pussy, her head pushed back and she licked her lips, she was ready. I started to push in and out of her in shallow thrusts, grabbing her tits and squeezing her nipples, her hips moving in tandem with my thrusts. I could see her squeezing her legs in ecstasy and so I started to increase my speed and every few minutes I would pull out and rub her excited clit with the tip of my dick and at last, she couldn't take it anymore.

Suddenly, she pushed my dick in and said "Fuck my tight pussy as hard as you can, please," saying the last part pleadingly. I decided to give her all I had so I positioned her hips so that they slightly in the air and put both hands around her neck, not squeezing but holding on for leverage. I pushed my throbbing cock balls deep into her soaking wet pussy and as she licked her lips I pushed as hard and as fast as I could. As I started pumping her tight pussy as hard as I could, I pulled her down with my cock causing her to moan and scream.

I thought I was going to wake up the whole camp but I didn't give a shit as I kept fucking her as if my life depended on it. After about five minutes of the fastest fucking I had ever done, I was starting to lose energy and I felt like I was going to shoot the biggest load in the world all over this petite girl. "Oh, shit," I said, "I'm going to cum all over you." Without missing a beat, she pulled her pussy off my cock, still wet with her cum, and pushed her tits together and opened her mouth and stuck out her long, pink tongue.

As I shot rope after rope of cum onto her waiting face and perky tits, I thought that this was my biggest load ever as I thought it was going to last forever. Finally, I shot my last spurt right onto her waiting tongue. Her face and tits were covered in cum, she looked at me lustfully and started to rub my cum all over her tits and as she looked like she was going to wash it off she licked all her fingers and said "Oh my gosh, that was FUCKING AMAZING. We have got to do that again sometime." "Count on that babe," I said, pulling my shorts back up and trying to push my cock back in with as little trouble as possible, "You are one crazy girl and I like crazy." I picked her up as she put on her top and as we walked back to the camp, I slapped her right on the ass.

"Damn, I've been wanting to do that all night," I said as she playfully pushed me and we drank for a few more hours before going to our respective tents. The next morning, I was sleeping so peacefully when I felt something press against the front of my body. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the pink lips of a pussy right in front of my face, thinking this was a dream I smacked the big juicy ass.

It was real alright and as it started to press closer to my face while at the same time, I could feel moist lips wrap around my cock and slowly move up and down my shaft.

"Oh fuck me," I said, craning my head over the big booty in front of me to see Lucy's black hair, so I said "Lucy, I've always wanted to fuck you in a tent," and began to lick her outer pussy lips and they started to moisten. I grabbed her ass and pulled it down onto my face, her cum sliding out of her pussy onto my tongue. As I licked up and down through her wet pussy, I could feel her body shudder in ecstasy on top of me, her hips moving in unison with the strokes of my tongue almost pleading with me to do more.

I had managed to make Lucy cum a few more times before I started getting distracted by how good of head she was giving me. Her lips were so soft and luscious as they slid up and down my cock in slow motion, her tongue licking my shaft as if it was the best popsicle in the world.

While she was moving up and down with her wet mouth, her hands were slowly jerking me off, alternating up and down and twisting motions on my cock. I hadn't noticed that I had stopped licking her pussy and she shook her hips impatiently, wanting me to do more. As I lightly flicked her excited pussy, I worked my hands on her ass and positioned two fingers to go into her tight little asshole and pressed slowly in.

However, when I put my two fingers in, Lucy stopped moving up and down and gasped in pleasure. "Are you alright?" I asked, knowing we had done this so many times before. Yet, before I could ask her again she went into overdrive on my cock and put me into heaven. Instead of slowly moving up and down, Lucy started spitting on my cock and rubbing it in with both hands in a twisting motion and sucking the tip of my dick like a lollipop.

"Holy shit," I said loudly, "If you do this anymore, I'm going to explode. Why don't you get on top and I'll make you cum until your legs shake?" Instead of stopping, she only increased her pace, sucking and rubbing for all she had.

I didn't think I could last much longer so I thought I would help her cum at least once more before I finished.

As I felt getting closer and closer, I stuck my tongue as far as I could into her quivering pussy as well as sucked her pussy lips, rubbing them between my tongue and lips while I fingered fucked her asshole as fast as I could. Lucy only increased her pace and as I started to cum, I shoved her all the way down my cock, feeling my dick shoot loads of cum into her warm, wet mouth.

And right on time, I felt her body go into a full-on body orgasm as her sweet pussy juice exploded over my face. I could hear her moaning as she squeezed the last of my cum into her mouth, licking the tip to get any leftovers.

Instead of coming to lie on top of me, she started to leave. I was so surprised that when I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to me, I didn't even get out the question I wanted to ask.

All I could utter was, "Ms.

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Adams?" I could barely even tell it was her as she pushed her long hair over one ear and smiled awkwardly. "What the fuck are you doing?" I exclaimed almost forgetting the amazing blowjob she just gave me. "I heard talk from all the girls in the house and listened to Hannah and Katie tell me about the amazing fucking you gave them and I got curious," she said in a matter-of-fact way as if it was no big deal.

"I thought that since I had the same body and hair as Lucy, you wouldn't mind waking up to eat a pussy that looked like your girlfriend's. Now I must get going, thank you for eating me out like a pro and I haven't ever sucked a dick so big." I was still so dumbfounded that as she got up to leave, I wasn't even thinking about my next decision.

As she was about to unzip the tent, I grabbed her arm and pulled her down to the mat and pressed her arms above her with one hand. "You know what? I used to think you just hated when I came over, so you would just cock block me relentlessly to piss me off, but this whole situation changes everything," I said sternly as I stared into her beautiful brown eyes.

"But now I realized you didn't hate me, you wanted me to put my cock deep inside of you until you saw heaven. You wanted to be Hannah or Katie or Lucy or Kerry and cum your brains out and then ask for more.

You know what? I'm going to grant your wish. I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk straight," I said quietly, whispering into her ear and pushing my now fully erect cock against her excited clit. At that instant, she arched her head back and was about to moan when I put my hand over her mouth and said "Be quiet.

I don't want the whole camp to know that I fucked you silly." She nodded her head and as I removed my hand she said "Don't hold back, I haven't ever fucked a dick as big as yours." As she said it, I started to pull up her shirt and as I reached her tits, two of the biggest tits I've ever seen popped out. The bra she was wearing was black lace and seemed to be struggling to hold in her massive tits.

"Holy shit," I whispered "those are some big blouse bunnies." She laughed and said "When I was in college, my tits were kind of small and it made me feel like shit so I decided to get a boob job, do you like them?" as she unhooked her bra and her massive tits burst out from their lace prison. I was dumbfounded and I felt my cock get super hard, all I could say was, "Cup size?" She said "40DDD" and I almost fainted but what I actually did was go to town on her buxom tits.

I started to play with them and they felt like soft basketballs in my hands as I started to lick and rub her nipples. As I started licking her nipple, I put my other hand on her tit and started squeezing and rubbing her massive breasts, I could feel her moving and groaning as pushed her to the edge.

I repeated the same on the other side and her nipples were so hard, I could just strum them like guitar strings and she would silently cry out in ecstasy. I finished by licking and kissing all over her mountainous breasts and as I started to lay on my back to position her hips over my cock, she pushed my hands back above my head and said "Don't move those now." I looked at her questioningly and she took her huge tits in both her hands and put them around my fully hard cock.

She then squeezed her tits together around my cock and I moaned lightly. "A titjob?" I said, in surprise "I have never done this before." She smiled and said "I haven't wanted to do it before your beautiful cock," and started to pump up and down with her tits. Oh my goodness this was an amazing feeling, I could not even describe the pleasure I felt at that moment just pure, unadulterated pleasure. She started slowly moving up and down and looking me right in the eyes with hers and then increased her pace.

As I let out a moan of ecstasy, she increased her pace and put her face next to her tits so that the tip would slide into her wet mouth. At that moment, I felt like I was going to jizz all over her face and tits, but I didn't know how many more loads I had in me, so I tapped her lightly on the shoulder and said "Do you want to see if you take this dick in your pussy?" She grinned excitedly and said "You might have to stretch me out," getting in position to mount me.

"I can do that," I said as I pushed my dick in between her pussy lips, her moaning in pleasure. First, I worked my dick about halfway in, her body shaking as she tried to get it all in, then I took her wide hips into my hands and started to rotate her round and round to stretch her out.


She threw her head back and tried not to scream but a pretty loud gasp escaped her lips as she gripped my arms for dear life. Finally, I pulled her hips down to the base of my cock and I could feel her warm juices soak my cock as she started to moan my name. At first, she started slow, moving up and down and occasionally twerking her big butt which pleased me immensely, but then she got into a rhythm and started moving faster and faster, moaning louder and louder until I could hear the whole camp start to wake up from their hangovers.

I felt like we should stop but her pussy was so wet, I was so hard and her massive tits were bouncing up and down so fast, I felt like I was being hypnotized. "Fuck it," I thought, "The whole camp is probably already awake by now, might as well give them a show." I had lost track of the number of times Ms. Adams had cum, but as I thought it, she came again, each torrent bigger than the last. "Damn you cum a lot," I said grabbing onto her tits and pulling her farther down.

What came out of her mouth weren't really even words, all she could muster was more moaning and I think I heard my name. I felt like I was getting close, so I put both hands around her neck and started pulling her all the way down my cock. She started moaning and sucking on my fingers and finally, I released rope after rope of cum deep into her soaking wet pussy.

"Oh my goodness, I didn't think I would ever stop cumming," as she lay on top me panting. Her warm, big tits splayed across my chest as I grabbed her luscious, curvy ass. "Oh, your speech is actually making sense now," I said comically, "I thought I fucked you so hard, you wouldn't be able to speak.

She lightly slapped me on the chest and said "Ha ha, very funny. That was an amazing fuck, I didn't think I could cum so much, but you proved me wrong." As she stood up to start putting on her clothes, she looked fucking gorgeous butt naked.

Her long black hair hung over her massive tits like a curtain and her ass almost seemed to glitter in the morning light. For some unknown reason, I could feel my cock get hard again and even though it hurt a little at first, I wanted to go again. I stood up behind her and saw her walking around trying to find her clothes, her quivering pussy still glistening with fresh cum. "You know how I told you that I would fuck you until you couldn't walk straight?" I said coming close to her and gripping her hips.

She kept her eyes forward, but placed her hands over mine and said "Yeah, but you came twice in the last hour or so, there's no way you could even get hard, that would be crazy." "Well, Kerry and Lucy always did say I was a little crazy," I said as I pressed my fully hard cock against her juicy ass. Her jaw dropped as she turned, dropping her clothes on the floor, to grip my cock.

I winced a bit because it was still kind of tender but I told her that her body was so awesome that I wanted to try a third time. She agreed and said "I hope I can still cum, I've lost track and my pussy is sore." I turned her around and hugged her close to me and said, "I was thinking somewhere else entirely," and I slipped two fingers into her asshole making her gasp in ecstasy.

As I started to work my fingers in a circular motion, she pressed her warm body against her still wet pussy rubbing against my cock and moving her body in motion with my fingers. After a few minutes of loosening her up, I playfully tossed her onto the sleeping bag and got down on my knees next to her.

She looked and started to lick her finger and said "If you're ready, come and get me." I couldn't believe I was still ready to go as I lifted her wide hips into doggystyle position and then I had a great idea. Instead of doggystyle, I laid her down flat on her stomach and spread her legs out, she turned around and flicked her tongue at me whispering "Fuck that asshole so hard." Her ass was laid out in front of me like a work of art, her pussy quivering and wet while her hips moved left and right beckoning towards her.

I leaned in towards her and stuck the tip of my cock into her asshole and I heard her gasp aloud as she put the pillow in front of her mouth to mask her moans, even still the moans were pretty loud.

Then, I started working in and out in shallow motions, going in a little more with each thrust. Finally, I was balls deep in her ass and she was loving it, every thrust made her moan louder and louder until the pillow did no help and she reached around to grab my arm and I took the signal. I started to thrust harder and harder, violently fucking her ass like it would save my life.

She was so tight and if I had not cum twice before I would have blown my load already. I pulled her closer and gave her a slap on the ass which only seemed to fuel her lust as she started to push backwards and I pushed forward. I pulled out to slap her ass again and saw her pussy quivering with cum and so I took a quick break and stuck two fingers into her tight pussy and rubbed her G spot until she squirted all over me. "How are you still cumming?" I asked incredulously, and once again her words made no sense as she was pushed so far to the edge, I had indeed fucked her silly.

Before she could organize her words, I took some of her juices and spread them on my cock and pushed it right back in, her ass welcoming me back. Now I was just pounding as hard and as fast as I could, her ass making a beautiful clapping sound as it moved in such rapid motion.

"Oh fuck," I said in surprise, "I'm going to cum." As I said it, Ms. Adams moved her hips faster and faster and I pulled her ass all the way down to the base, I released the last load of cum I could muster.

"Fuck me," I said in pain, as I pulled out and laid on the sleeping bag. Ms. Adams turned around and licked the rest of the cum off my cock and lay next to me, our hearts beating at a million a minute. After a minute of rest, I said "Now that I have filled all your holes, I think you better go." "Yeah, I don't think I'll be able to walk right for a week after this," she said smiling as she started to get dressed, "But we are definitely doing this again." "Count on it," I said as I put on some athletic shorts and unzipped the tent for her and as she stepped out, the entire camp was awake and staring wide-eyed at our tent.

Ms. Adams kept her head down as she walked away, trying not to look anyone in the eyes, walking in zig-zags back towards her tent. I looked around and everyone was staring at me, the guys giving me nods of admiration and the girls undressing me with their eyes.

I noticed Lauren off to my right, biting her bottom lip in pleasure. All I could do was awkwardly smile as Lucy came over to the tent after her sorority meeting and said "So…you had fun?" "Yeah, it wasn't too boring;" I said sheepishly, "But Ms. Adams might want a threesome later on. I hope you're okay with that." "I was actually hoping you would fuck her brains out on this trip," she said eyeing me, "I've always wanted to fuck her and now I can have you and her." My jaw dropped as I tried to come up with something to say, but Lucy put her finger on my lips and said "Also, at the sorority meeting we discussed a lot of things, but most all of the other girls wanted to discuss how we could work you and your magical dick into another initiation," whispering the last part into my ear.

I stopped to think and said "I'll help wherever I can," I said "Just not now because my cock hurts really bad and I need to rest." "Okay big man, I hope you will be ready for me later," she said as I groaned and opened the tent door. "But, of course, let's open the windows because it smells like Ms. Adams' pussy in here," she said as I grinned and went to sleep.