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Karla was seventeen year old going into the twelfth grade and was happy she would eventually be done with school. When she wakes up she first takes a shower, and gets dressed.

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This normally depends on whether or not her sisters are up, but for the most part they're still sleep since their schools starts at 9. The time never bothered Karla, as there wasn't anything she didn't like about her school. The kids were all nice, she had friends, and the teachers were all nice.

She went to a private schools there was a uniform she had to wear. If there was anything she hated about her school, it was the uniform. A khaki skirt, White buttoned shirt, and a navy-blue blazer.

Since the shirts are white she had different bras for school, as all her other ones could be seen through the shirt.

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She wore a 36c wireless white lace bra, and since they were comfortable, she got 6 of them. Her underwear stayed the same for the most part. She always brought a second pair of panties to school. As far as her parents were concerned it was for bathroom accidents, but that wasn't why she brought them.


From her friends to her parents, everyone thought she was the most innocent little girl, yet they are all far from there. The drive from the house to school was about fifteen to twenty minuets.

The drive gave Karla enough time to look over her scheduled and check it again, and again, and again. She kept searching for a specific class that she was supposed to have. It would put Karla and two of her friends in the same room for 3rd hour, something that would lessen the hours in the day.

It wasn't until she got to school that she heard that classes got messed up at the last moment, her 3rd and 4th hours were switched. As she got out of the car all she could hear was her best friend Cinthia, or as her friends called her, Cindy. Cindy was sixteen years old, turning seventeen in just a few days. She was 5' 6". had long blond hair, big double d breast, wide hips, and an ass that was firm and soft at the same time. "KARLA!" All the noise as Cindy got closer to her: "Hey sis whats up?" Said with a leap and hug following.

"Hey Cindy, how are you doing this lovely morning?" "Oh god I love how you're so sarcastic, I find it hot" "Ha, you find everything hot" I say trying to focus more on my classes than on her.

She's been hitting on me ever since I came out as bisexual. While it is fun to play with that, I don't want to ruin our friendship. "I hate you so much" she says while laughing "We have to get to class.

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It's best not to be late." A few minutes pass as I run up the stairs, missing the bell by seconds.

I make it to my class, just about out of breath, with the teacher starring at me, I found a seat to the back and started taking out my notebooks.

I can hear my class mates whispering, see them passing notes, some on there phones, I just stare out the window. Drifting off into the weather, how for once this month it's actually nice outside. None the less, the teacher just so happens to call on me for "not paying attention".

"Can you finnish reading the page" I hear as all eyes turn on me. Of course I have no idea where we are, so it's up to me to bullshit my way through this. With a guess I flip to page 37, hoping thats where we were, and start reading.

"A final note on nesting is that you can put any ty-" *She was cut off by another classmate who actually knew what they were doing. John getting cocky again with how they are "always on task". Karla just shrunk up and keep to herself for the rest of class.* "Whatever" I say while rolling my eyes trying to act like I don't care. The only thing that was really on my mind was what to do when I get out. I'd probably go over my boyfriends house, spend some time there.

So for the rest of class I just kept my head down and went to sleep. "Hey, wake uuuupppp" All I feel is a tapping on my head. "Come on we have to get to class!!!" It's Rebeca, we have the same math class and she has helped tutor me anytime I needed help.

"Ok Ok Ok" *She starts packing up her stuff* "I'm just gonna skip my next class" I say while getting my things together. "I told Cindy that I would meet her down at the gym." "You know that math is the worse class to miss right? You already have a C, and you can't go on the senior trip if your grades drop below a B." "It's just one class, i'll be fine." "Ok, see ya latter. If anyone asks, I didn't see you." *laughs* "Ok, thanks" *Karla starts to head down to the first floor, to the Gym.

Since there isn't any class going on 2nd hour she doesn't have to hide from any teachers.* "Cindy?" I say, whispering so no one hears me talking. "Where is that girl…?" *A shock to Karla, as she is pushed to the wall* "Hey" I say as a slight yell comes from my mouth. "I read your diary" A shock runs through my body, as I start to remember it's been missing from my room for the past couple weeks.

"How did you get it?" "From your room silly* "How much did you read?" While hoping she read none of it, i'm also praying that she did. "Enough" Cindy says with more sass than she normally talks with.

She comes to me and pins me to the wall. "You are just one naughty little girl." *Cindy holds Karlas arms above her head, with her hands over one another making a point to the celling. As there bodies get closer there breathing gets heavier.* "W-W-When you say enough…" I look her in her eyes. "Did you read where is said your name?" *Cindy laughs* "Yep" *She kisses Karla, as both of there eyes close and breast start to touch.* *They both start making out in the hall, just a few more seconds till Cindy starts to move her right hand down while still using her left hand to hold up Karla's.

Farther she go's until they reach Karlas waist, with little to no hesitation she moves her hand past her waist, past her skirt, and Cindys fingers start to find there way to Karlas clit.* I just start to moan, and moments after I feel one finger go in, then another.


"Your so wet already." says cindy, with giggling after. *She takes the two same fingers and puts them into her mouth.* "An you taste good too." All I do is moan and blush. "Is that is?" "Follow me." She whispers while bitting my ear.

Seconds latter her hand pulling me to an empty room that no one was using. She pushed me against the teachers desk with my hands catching the edge of the table, and my face looking directly at her.

"I didn't know you were such an slut. All that inside you." I couldn't pay attention to what she was saying, I just kept looking at her body. I start to stare at her chest, then face. "Now your checking me out, *laugh* oh you like my boobs." As she started to unbutton her shirt I got more and more excited, than off it came.

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She walked up closer to me, grabbing one end of the shirt with both hands, then throws the shirt around my neck pulling me up to her face, she kissed me again. It wasn't more than a few seconds until she pushed me back, this time, to the ground. "I'm such a tease" "That was more than just a tease." I say as she walks over to pick up her shirt, and put it on "Well, what are you doing later today?" "Nothing, I was just gonna go over John's house" "Instead you're coming with us to the beach.

Me and a couple of friends are going after school." "An why should I listen to you?" I say while trying to be cocky. "Don't you want to finish our little session?" Following, a smile. "I would love to." * I say while laughing, playing it off that I was about to go to class. Yet the moment she left I pulled down my panties, sat in the teachers chair, and started fingering my pussy.

I was already super wet from Cindy, and I just couldn't hold back anymore. I start to moan, with each finger that I thrust in and out I get closer to squirting. "Ohhhhh F-Fuck" I shout. From one, to three fingers, I start to play with my clit. Playing with it, as I move my index finger in circles.

I get faster, and faster.

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I take off my shirt and bra. Laying it across from me on the desk, I take a quick peak at the door, and start back at it.

Now, cupping my breast, lifting them up to my mouth, I start sucking on my nipples. With each seconds that goes by I moan louder than before. "Ohhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck" I scream as I cum.

"Oh my god that felt good" I tried waiting a couple of minuets so I could enjoy the orgasm, but then I hear the bell.

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"FUCK" I sit back in the chair, stand up, and pull up my panties. As there already soaking wet I know i'll have to change.

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I finish getting dressed and run to my next class. The only thing I could thing about is later.