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I decided I couldn't wait until Friday and I had an open afternoon at work on Thursday, so I called Cindy in the morning and told her to call Sam about lunch.

I wanted them both to meet me at the Italian restaurant in the mall between our home and office.

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I told her that she and Sam were to wear skirts with light colored blouses and were forbidden from wearing bras and panties. She giggled. She was happier than she had been in a while. After admitting her desire to be dominated, we had played at it for the first time last weekend. After that, even without the domination, she had been insatiable all week.

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As soon as I got home, she would greet me in the nude and attack me. The last two nights she had immediately given me a blowjob, and then after dinner we fucked like rabbits until we were exhausted. Did I mention that I was deliriously happy, too? No need. I got to the restaurant at 11:45, the reservation was for 12:00, but the table was ready so they showed me to the table.

It was near the back, set up against the wall and was a small semi-circular booth. I sat on one side and waited for my ladies. When they showed up I wasn't disappointed.

Cindy had worn a short plaid skirt that was about mid-thigh and a white button down blouse. It was almost the school girl look and I could just make out her areolas showing through the material. Sam had worn a calf-length peasant skirt that had a slit in the side and a thin dressy t-shirt.

When she came in and the air-conditioning hit her, I could see her nipples extend immediately. They looked scrumptious. I rose to meet them and greeted Sam first. "Hello, gorgeous." I managed to get a slight blush out of her with that. "You get in first and sit in the back." Then I turned my attention to Cindy and gave her a quick kiss.

"Hello, my sweet wife. How are you today?" "I'm great!" Cindy grinned and sat down next to Sam. I sat on the other side of the semi-circle so that Sam was between us. "Should we have some wine?" I asked them both.

"Yes!" Cindy responded immediately. "I'm not sure. I have to go home and fix dinner for Bill tonight. I usually cook a big meal on Thursdays." Sam said. I could see she was wondering what was going to happen this afternoon. She had followed my directions on the manner of dress, but the dress was a little longer than I wanted. "No problem. It's only noon. You can handle a little wine. I'll call Bill later and tell him if you can't get home to fix him dinner." She voiced no further objections so I ordered a bottle of wine, and then we ordered our lunch.

As soon as the waitress was gone I said to Cindy. "Unbutton some more buttons. I want to see some cleavage!" Another one of my fantasies that I thought would always remain a fantasy was to make my wife flash a little. She had voiced the same desires this week for the first time, and I thought I would start working on this. Cindy laughed and immediately opened three buttons.

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Now her blouse was open to the middle of her breasts and you could see her cleavage. I could see Sam checking it out. "You like her breasts, Sam?" As soon as I asked that, she blushed again and looked down. "Don't worry. They are, after all, fabulous tits." My wife beamed and made sure she sat up straight.

"They are really firm and the nipples are fantastic. Go ahead, feel them!" Sam hesitated, but she looked directly at Cindy's tits and Cindy pushed her chest out a little. "Sam, what did I just order you to do?" She started to reach for Cindy's tits. "No, first tell me what I said. Then do it." "You told me to feel Cindy's tits." "Good girl. Now do it, but not for too long. We don't want Cindy to get too carried away." Cindy chuckled at that, and Sam reached over and stuck her left hand into Cindy's blouse, feeling her right breast.

She squeezed the entire thing and then ran her fingers across the nipple as she withdrew her hand. Cindy moaned a little and both her nipples hardened and poked out against her blouse.

Just then the waitress brought lunch. Sam jerked her hand back and looked away. The waitress put the plates on the table and when she met my eyes she smirked. She must have seen what was going on. I just smiled. When she walked away, I checked her out more closely; a little chunky, but nice tits and ass. She was wearing a white shirt and black skirt. It seemed that that was the standard restaurant dress as everyone was in white on black.

I leaned over a little to watch her go and Cindy followed my eyes. She smiled at me. "See something interesting, sir?" She got into her sub role very quickly. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. That waitress seemed to know what was going on over here and I think she likes it." Sam looked a little stricken. "I don't want her to think that I'm a slut!" "Sam… Sam." I turned to her and patted her hand on the table. "You are a slut, my dear.

My personal little slut." She looked at me a little shocked, her mouth open. Then she closed her mouth, lowered her eyes, and said, "Yes, sir." "Sam, look at me." She raised her eyes and looked at me. "Sam, after the other night, I thought being controlled like this turned you on and it was something you liked. Are you not turned on right now? Aren't you enjoying this?" "Yes, sir." She lowered her eyes again.

"I like it." She hesitated, searching for the right words. "It's humiliating and scary, and I sometimes want to protest against it, but at the same time, I want you to make me do it. I can't really explain it, even to myself; except that I want you to make me do things that I'm uncomfortable with and sometimes humiliate me. I find that even when I'm scared and humiliated, I'm so turned on that I get soaking wet." She put her hands over her face.

"What's happening to me?" "Nothing's happening to you." I tried to calm her fears. I put my hand on one of her hands and Cindy put hers on the other as we soothed her fears. "There are people like this all over the world, and just because you are a little different from the boring folks doesn't make you a bad person. It just means that other things turn you on." She looked up at me, with a pleading look. "Really? It's okay?" I couldn't believe how innocent and na? she seemed. "Yes, Sam, it's okay.

There's nothing wrong with you. Some people like dark beer and some like wheat beer, and some don't like beer at all. It's the same with sex and everything else. Everyone is different and that's what makes the world interesting and exciting!" She managed a little smile. "Okay, thanks… I think." After we had finished our food, I decided to turn up the heat by making her more uncomfortable. "So tell me Sam, did you like it when Cindy kissed you and swapped Bill's cum with you last Saturday?" She didn't raise her lowered eyes, just meekly said.

"Yes." "Have you ever had any experiences with a woman before?" "No." Sam said it quickly, but the way her eyes started to look up at me and by the surprise on her face, I could tell that maybe that wasn't the complete truth." "C'mon, Sam.


You can tell Cindy and me. After all, we're all fuck buddies here." She hesitated, glancing at Cindy, who was grinning widely, then me, and then around the nearby vicinity. "It was when I was in college.

My roommate and I were out bar-hopping. She met this guy and we were all drinking heavily. When we got back to the room, I kind of stayed out of the way because I could tell that she wanted to… you know… fuck the guy. They were just getting ready to have sex when he got sick and ran into the bathroom and threw up.

That kind of killed the mood for them and he staggered out of our place to go home. My roommate came back and said she was still very horny. I didn't say anything, but then she was suddenly cuddling up to me in bed. She started running her hands all over me, and I was drunk and horny, too. The next thing I know, she is going down on me. The next morning I woke up and we both acted like it didn't happen. We never did anything like that again." "Did you have an orgasm from her?" "Yes." I could barely hear her answers.

"Did you return the favor?" "No, we were so drunk that after that we both just crashed." Just then the waitress came to clear the dishes. She asked if we needed dessert, but we all declined and I asked for the bill.

Before she came back with it, I decided to play some more. "Cindy, unbutton one more button. Then open your blouse so that both tits are on display. Sam, reach over and hold her left tit until the waitress brings the bill back. I want her to see you fondling Cindy." Cindy just beamed her approval and complied immediately. Sam hesitated, but then, after looking at me, did as I commanded. When the waitress returned, she hesitated when she first saw what was going on.

Then she grinned and put the bill on the table. Before she could leave I spoke to her. "Don't you think my wife has great tits?" I said it quietly, but loud enough for her to hear. She turned and stared directly at Cindy's tits and Sam holding the left one. "Oh, yeah! Those are some really good tits!" Then she reached out and tweaked Cindy's right nipple! Cindy squealed a little and smiled.

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The waitress looked back and me and then Sam. Sam blushed and looked down, but didn't remove her hand. The waitress then turned to me and said.

"You should see my little bitch. She has large double-D tits and I love to make her show them off." I was a little startled, but I think I recovered nicely.

I looked at her nametag. "I would love to see that, Christina." She reached down and picked up the bill and my credit card that I put on top of it. "I'll be right back." Hmmm. I thought she was going to say something else, but she didn't. What did that mean? I was hoping she was going to get involved with us, but there was no hint of it. "Okay, ladies, that's enough." I wanted them on display for the waitress, but somebody less understanding may wander by.

Sam immediately put her hand in her lap and Cindy closed her blouse. "But don't button up." I told Cindy. Cindy smiled at me. Her beautiful tits would be barely contained this way, but she was really enjoying her new found freedom. Of course, so was I. Christina brought my credit card and the bill back for me to sign. I signed it and took my credit card. Christina stayed there waiting. Then, after I had signed, she handed me a slip of paper. I opened it and it had her name and phone number on it.

I looked up at her and smiled. "Thank you, Christina. I look forward to seeing you again." She looked at me and smiled. "How about this afternoon?

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Today is my early shift and get off at 2. My roommate Josie will be home." I looked at Sam and Cindy. Cindy was smiling and nodding her head. Sam still refused to meet my eyes. "We'd love to. Just tell us where." She took a pen and wrote down an address. It was only a couple of miles away. "We'll be there." I said. "Make sure you bring the shy one." Christina said looking at Sam.

"I like 'em like that." Sam suddenly looked up and met Christina's eyes. Christina blew her a kiss and Sam blushed more than I could believe and then looked down again. "She'll be there." I said to Christina. "I can't wait. These two look delectable." She turned towards me. "And I think you will be fun as well." We still had some time to kill, so I decided to have some fun with the two beauties at my disposal. I asked Cindy to go into the ladies' room and make sure there was nobody present so that I could sneak in there with them.

Once she had checked, and smuggled me into the ladies' room, we all went into the handicapped stall. I pulled out my cell phone and smiled at Sam.

"Sam, what's Bill's cell phone number?" She provided it to me and I entered it into my phone. "Okay, Sam. Take off all your clothes. Cindy, you get undressed, too. I want you both naked." They undressed and I pulled out my rapidly hardening dick.

"Sam, get down on your knees and place my cock on your tongue." She did, very obediently. I was impressed at her quick response. I then took a photo and handed my phone to Cindy. Sam's eyes blinked, a look of shock and dismay in them, but she said nothing.

"Sit back and relax, Sam. Cindy, send this photo to Bill. We'll give him a couple of minutes and then call him. When we get him on the phone, I want you to describe everything that Sam does to me in graphic detail." Cindy looked at me lustily and sent the photo.

I made Sam stay there, sitting back on her heels, waiting my next command. After we waited for a couple of minutes, I had Cindy call Bill. "Hello, Bill. Did you see the photo?" He must have said yes. "Pretty good wasn't it?" She paused for a response.

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She looked at me and said to me. "He loves the photo. He's sitting at his desk in his office." Then back to Bill she said. "Okay, Bill, now I'm going to describe the blowjob that Sam is going to give my husband while we are in a public bathroom in a restaurant." I provided further instructions.

"Bill, John wants you to make sure you sit with your lower body under the desk because he wants you to jack off to your wife sucking his dick and cum at the same time he does.

Got it?" She turned back to me. "He said he's ready." That was pretty quick.

I looked at Sam and said loudly so that Bill could hear it. "Okay, slut, give me a nice, sloppy blowjob." She looked up at me with some trepidation, but also with a newfound lust. She immediately went to work on me and Cindy described it to Bill. "Hmmm. This really looks good, Bill. She's slowly licking around the mushroom head, teasing my husband's very hard dick.

He really likes your slut's mouth. Now she's licking down along the bottom of the shaft to his balls. She wants to lick those cum-buckets so that she can get a big load. She's getting his entire crotch wet with her saliva.

Now she's coming back up his cock, which is dripping pre-cum, and taking it into her mouth. She is bobbing her head up and down like a good cock-sucker. She was only taking the head at first, but is slowly allowing it deeper and deeper into her mouth. My husband likes this a lot.

Now he's putting his hands on her head so that he can just fuck her face like the little whore she is. I can see her swirling her tongue under the head trying to get him to dump that big load of jism into her cute little mouth.

I bet she just loves swallowing cum. I bet we could get her to suck off a bunch of guys in here if we wanted to. Oh, boy, she is really going to town now, trying to get my husband to give it to her.


She must be really hungry for his spunk. Oh, my, here it comes. My husband is really thrusting his cock into her mouth and I can see him clenching his ass to shoot his cum into her. There it is… oh, yes, he just keeps cumming and cumming. Wow! Sam is swallowing and swallowing. She keeps sucking and licking it, trying to get every drop of cum out of my husband's balls. She must be addicted to cum. Whew! She can really suck a cock! Now my husband is letting go of her head. She just let his cock pop out of her mouth.

I can see that she swallowed it all; her mouth is empty. She looks so happy there on her knees with a big load of cum in her belly. Does she suck your cock like that, Bill?" I was catching my breath. Between the blowjob and the verbal description, I was so fucking turned on! I couldn't believe how well my wife described it to tease Bill.

He must have cum buckets, too. "She doesn't suck your cock like that? Well, Bill, maybe we'll let her suck you next time… but, then again, maybe not." I took the phone back from my wife. "What did you think of that?" "That was unbelieveable!" "Did you cum all over the floor and the bottom of your desk? "Yes, I did. A lot." "Good. See you later." I hung up the phone. I was still in the women's bathroom with two beautiful naked women. Then we heard a voice. "Okay, guys, this is Christina.

I suggest you get yourselves together and get out of here. A woman came in here to go to the bathroom while you were in here and complained to me that someone was describing a blowjob out loud. You'd better find a more discrete place for this party.

I'll see you at 3pm." We scrambled for our clothes. I was laughing and Cindy was giggling. Sam was almost in shock. She couldn't believe that she had given a blowjob to me while it was described to her husband and overheard by a stranger. Finally, she got dressed as well and we slipped out individually and made our escape.

It would soon be time to be at Christina's house.