Eine Hommage an amalia viii einer cumpilation

Eine Hommage an amalia viii einer cumpilation
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Unknown Presence - The Vessel. Leeann Hamilton had always been a normal twenty something girl with the IQ of a genius and looks that could stop people dead in their tracks. She was a dead heat in a Zeppelin race. Her gorgeous ivory skin glowed in the sunlight with a delicate scattering of freckles; untamable flaming red curls that flowed down her back like a babbling brook and a body with the perfect ratio between chest-waist-hips, the type of curves that both men and woman would kill for.

She was the perfect girl. Leeann had this one problem; nightmares, nightmares that were so real to her that everything she felt in her dreams she felt in her body. They did not bother her until the bruising and the marks started to appear on her skin, that was when she began to feel frightened and that is where we begin this story.

As Leeann woke up in the middle of the night yet again; she gasped for air as she clung onto the Egyptian cotton sheet that was draped over her curvaceous body as she slept.

Sitting bolt upright in the grand mahogany four-post king-size bed looking around; searching for the figure that haunted her in the land of nod, the faint scent of roses and lilies filled the room as she shuffled to the edge of the bed in search of the Tiffany lamp switch on the mahogany bedside table.

As the light filtered into the room; she felt an eerie presence behind her on the bed that made her jump up onto her feet and back up towards the wall. She stared at the bed as she crossed her arms across her chest, feeling her erect nipples straining against her cotton tank top.

She stood looking at the bed for a few minutes before moving from the wall towards the bed; she scanned around the room before clambering back into bed, as she pulled the sheet up over her shoulder she looked around one last time and put it down to just another bad dream.

That night Leeann slept with the light on, yet again. The next morning Leeann went downstairs in her black pajama shorts and black and white striped tank top to have breakfast, her parents were sat at the dining room table already eating when she heard her mother gasp and drop her cutlery. ''Lee, what happened to your arms, baby?'' she cried out. Leeann looked down at her arms unaware of what her mother was making a fuss about, her eyes still groggy from sleep widened as she gasped in utter shock when she saw purple bruises around her wrists in the shape of hand prints.

''Mum! I. '' she burst out crying as she fell to her knees at her mother's feet. ''What happened! Who did this! Baby?'' her mother pleaded with her as she held Leeann tightly to her as she sat on the floor. ''I can't explain it, it's happening when I sleep.'' she looked at her mum teary eyed.

''It's okay; you can tell me the truth. If a boy is hurting you; you can be honest with me, I won't be mad.'' she said soothingly as she stroked Leeann's hair and wiped away the tears from her cheeks. ''I AM telling the truth! It happened when I was sleeping Mum!'' she shouted.

''It can't just happen when you're sleeping! Don't lie for some BOY!'' her mother shouted back. ''Forget it!'' Leeann pushed her mother away as she ran to her room, locking the door behind her. She ran and jumped back into bed pulling the covers over her untamed flaming red mane, she lay sobbing hard into the feather filled pillows trying to hide from the world like she did as a child.

Leeann was racking her brain as she tried to figure out where the marks on her body had come from when she heard movement come from inside her room, even though she had locked the bedroom door behind her. ''M.mum?'' she sobbed. Her head peeked out the covers as she tried to see through the tears; she looked across the room, nothing.

As she tried to compose herself; wiping away the tears, she felt a cold hand graze her knee and work its way up her thigh. She scrabbled to the edge of the bed as suddenly the covers were thrown from her body, across the room and she was callously pinned to the bed by an unknown presence. ''Ahh.Let me go!'' she squealed. The presence lifted her up off the bed into midair; then threw her up against the wall, restraining her by the underarms as she kicked and flapped her arms around as she tried to break free.

She felt it kiss her neck down towards her large full ripe breasts; tearing her tank top off as it bit down into the creamy flesh of her left breast, leaving its teeth marks imprinted in the delicate skin directly around her nipple. Its cold hands pawed at her milky flesh as she struggled to fight the invisible assailant. ''Leave me ALONE!!'' she shouted at the top of her lungs. Suddenly she was released and dropped onto the bed, she found herself in a pile on the bed half naked and bleeding.

Leeann jumped from the bed grabbing her jeans; hoodie, bag and ugg boots as she ran out of her room dressing as she fled the house. She jumped into her jeep and headed for her best friend's house, one town over. She searched in her bag for her cellphone to call Jessie, she realised she was going to sound insane trying to tell her about what had happened to her. She pulled into a car park to call Jessie.

''Jess?'' Leeann stammered as her voice quivered. ''Lee, what's wrong?'' Jessie knew immediately that there was something wrong. ''Can I stay with you tonight?'' she asked as she started to sob. ''Of course, what's wrong Lee? Where are you?'' she quizzed. ''I'm at your work.'' Leeann sobbed. ''I'm on my way out… Stay there!'' Jessie demanded. Leeann sat crying uncontrollably with her head on the steering wheel as she waited for Jessie to come out of work.

The door opened suddenly and Jessie hopped in, she looked at Leeann and wrapped her arms around her; that was all it took for her to break completely. She broke down sobbing and shaking, she was an emotional wreck and could not even explain what was wrong. ''What's wrong L?'' Jessie asked, as she brushed her wild fiery tresses away from her face.

''You won't believe me.'' Leeann sobbed hard into Jessie's shoulder. ''Try me Babes. Just try me.'' she smiled sympathetically. Leeann pulled up the sleeves on her hooded top to reveal the hand shaped bruises around her wrists. ''Lee! What happened?'' Jessie asked shocked ''I don't know. I woke up and they were there. And then.'' she paused and looked away from Jessie.

''Then?'' Jessie raised an eyebrow. ''Then after I tried to tell my mum, I was in my room and something touched my thigh, pinned me to the bed then lifted me off the bed and was. .touching me.then.'' Leeann cried.

''Something? What do you mean something?? Then what!?'' Jessie questioned. ''I knew you wouldn't believe me!'' Leeann yelled. ''It's not that I don't believe you, it's just. What do you mean something?'' Jessie raised her eyebrow again. ''I don't know, I can't see it! I can only feel it touching me!'' Leeann sobbed uncontrollably, she then pulled her hoodie down revealing the tender bite mark on her left breast. ''Oh.My.God! That thing did that to you! Honey, we'll figure it out.

I promise.'' she said reassuringly as she pulled her closely and held out her pinky making her a pinky promise. ''Thank you for believing me.

No one else does!'' Lee locked pinkies with Jessie. ''Do you want me to drive, Lee?'' ''No, I'll drive. It will keep my mind off everything.'' Leeann said wiping her tears away. They set off towards Jessie's house where they opened a bottle of wine to discuss what the hell had been haunting Leeann. ''Okay.Lee when did this start? Think.'' Jess asked as she sipped her wine. ''Erm.about three weeks ago.

I think…'' Leeann responded embarrassed. ''Why haven't you said anything to me about it before? I mean we tell each other everything. Don't we?'' Jess held Leeann's hand. ''I didn't think it was really happening, I thought it was dreams but now it's happening when I'm awake and leaving marks on me!'' she started hyperventilating. ''What has actually happened?


From the beginning; tell me everything, even the stuff you think was a dream. You know I will take it to the grave if you don't want me to tell anyone.'' she smiled empathetically. ''The first time it was like someone was standing over me; watching me sleep, it went on like that for a few days. Then it was as if someone was breathing on me as I slept and touching me its hands groping/stroking me then when I would wake up it would stop.

Last night it was like someone was in bed with me spooning with me; with their icy cold hands running across my stomach, holding me against them, grinding on me. Then today the bruising appeared; then I was pinned to the bed, lifted off my feet, groped and bitten.

It's really scaring me Jess. I need your help!

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I need something.like an exorcism or something!'' Leeann wailed. ''Oh Lee! Why didn't you come to me before now?'' Jess reached over and hugged her tightly, rocking back and forth as she tried to soothe her and make her feel safe.

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''You can stay here as long as you like! If you need me to go to your house and get stuff for you I can do that, so you don't need to go into your room.'' Jess said softly as she stroked her face.

''Please, I don't want to go back into my room. That's the only place it's happened, it hasn't happened anywhere else in the house.'' she sighed.

Jessie helped Leeann up from the sofa and took her to her bedroom where she undressed her, got her into pajamas and put her into bed with sleeping tablets.

''Please take these Lee.it will help you get some rest while I go get some stuff for you. You need to rest.'' Jess handed Leeann a couple of sleeping tablets and a glass of water. ''I'll stay with you until you drift off, honey bee.'' Jess smiled as she stroked her wild curly tresses away from her eyes. Jessie climbed over Leeann on the bed and lay down beside her; she draped her arm over her waist and held her close against her as she drifted off to sleep.

Once Jessie was sure Leeann was asleep she set off for her house to get some things she may need whilst she stayed with her. As she drove to Leeann's house her mind raced back and forth about what it could be that was attacking Leeann at night as she slept and now during the day.

As arrived at her house she could see Leeann's mum pacing back and forth in front of the living room window, as soon as her mum spotted Leeann's car pull up and Jessie getting out she disappeared.

She was waiting at the front door before Jessie had even gotten to the gate. ''Is my baby alright, Jessie?'' Leeann's mum Vera probed. ''She's really shaken and upset Vera. Something has her really shit scared and I think she's telling the truth about it being 'something' not someone.'' Jessie said to Vera with a deadpan face.

''I just think she needs time away from 'this' house to get her head straight. I'm just here to get some things for her and I'll be out of your hair.'' she said as she pushed passed Vera. ''What do you mean, away from 'this' house?'' Vera asked with anger in her voice as she grabbed Jessie's wrist. ''You know exactly what I mean! Leeann hasn't been the same since you moved to this house. And I think it is something IN this house that is doing all this stuff to her! Now let go of me!'' Jessie pulled her arm out of Vera's grip.

As she headed up the imposing mahogany staircase towards the arched stain glass windows on the landing, she felt a breeze whoosh passed her making her stop dead in her tracks. She turned to Vera with wide eyes before carrying on up to Leeann's bedroom to pack a duffel bag of stuff she might need.

Just as she zipped up the bag, she heard creaking come from behind her, she turned around thinking it was Vera as something threw her onto the unmade bed and held her down. She clawed at the air and sheets to find freedom but her efforts were useless against an invisible perpetrator. Jessie cried out for help and screamed but no one came, not even Vera who was stood at the top of the staircase just outside the bedroom door listening to everything.

''Let me go!!! Let me go, you bastard! Leave me alone!!!'' Jessie screeched at the top of her lungs, suddenly she found herself released. She grabbed the duffel bag as ran out of the room knocking Vera onto her ass; she vaulted down the stairs taking no prisoners as she went. It seemed like the longest drive back to her place ever to get back to Leeann and tell her she most defiantly believed her 150%.

Jess arrived home parking the car atrociously before running into her house crying out Leeann's name, forgetting she had previously given her two strong sleeping pills. She sat on the bed next to Leeann and shook her bodily trying to wake her, but to no avail. Jessie stood pacing back and forth across the bedroom floor waiting patiently on the sleeping pills to wear off. Six hours later.and a lot of wear on the carpet, Jessie was still pacing back and forth in front of the bed when Leeann was finally opening her eyes slowly and groggily.

''What's wrong Jess? What happened?'' she said quietly as she saw the terror still on Jessie's face. ''I believe you! I believe you, completely and entirely! 2000% I believe you!'' she fell to her knees beside the bed and started to cry into the duvet as Leeann put her arms around her. ''I thought you would be safe going into my room, that it was just me it wanted. I'm so sorry!'' she tried to apologize. Leeann lifted the duvet open as she helped Jessie up into bed, they lay together that night hugging and sobbing as they tried to soothe each other's torments from the unknown presence in Leeann's house.

The next day - Leeann woke up to find Jessie gone but replaced with the smell of bacon and French toast filling the room. She slid out of bed in search of her; unsteadily she wandered towards the kitchen/diner where she saw Jess stood at the stove.

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The light shining directly on her through the window making her black hair seem almost blue and her slender body almost translucent. ''You want coffee, Honey?'' Jessie called out without turning around. ''Mmmhmm'' Leeann called out as she plopped herself down in a bar stool at the kitchen counter.

''Well, you know where the coffee is and the OJ! Get me some too.'' Jessie smiled as she slid a cup along to her along with an empty glass.

Leeann chuckled as she pottered over to the coffee machine and refrigerator. She poured out two cups of strong Columbian coffee, adding in milk and sugar before getting two freshly squeezed glasses of OJ. ''See I can do things for myself, I haven't always been waited on hand and foot.'' Leeann smiled and stuck her tongue out as Jess. ''Here.eat up cos we got a lot to talk about.'' Jessie placed a hot plate in front of her filled with bacon, pancakes, three types of eggs, French toast, sausages and hash browns.

''Mmm.It smells so good.I know we do, but can we take it slowly. It's hard for me to talk about because my mum always told me NEVER to tell anyone.'' Lee sighed as she cut into her pancakes.

Jessie nodded as she sat beside her to eat breakfast before they took their coffee into the living room to chat. ''Lee, you ARE going to have to tell me everything you know about this Thing. I'm involved now too.'' Jessie told her matter of fact.

''Where do you want me to start, Jessie?'' ''Well the beginning would be good, but the other night before it attacked you in the middle of day might shed some light on it.'' ''I woke up from a nightmare, I swear something was in bed with me but when I reached for the light and turned it on there was nothing.

I put it down to my imagination or the nightmare, maybe both.'' Leeann told Jessie as she looked at the coffee in her hands. ''What about the nightmare?'' Jess quizzed Leeann. ''What about it? It was just a nightmare.'' Leeann dismissed Jessie. ''There's something you ain't telling me, L! Spill it now! We're in this together, now tell me.'' Jessie shouted.

Leeann sat there in silence as she tried to think of an excuse but all she did was make Jessie angrier. ''Leeann!'' ''ALRIGHT! Alright.I'll tell you. This is hard for me.'' ''I know L, but I'm here for you and I ain't going anywhere, you know that.'' ''Okay… … I was dreaming that I was in my house but it was like way back in the 1900's or something; I was dressed like they were back then with a long white, empire waisted cotton and chiffon dress with little cap sleeves.

My hair was pinned up messy with my curls trailing down my neck and a light blue ribbon throughout it to match the dress. It was very surreal, Jessie.'' Leeann paused "It was like watching myself in a sort of out of body experience'' she sipped her coffee before continuing. "I was in a dark room with very heavy and lavish drapes all over the walls and doorways; with all the old dark mahogany furniture like in my bedroom and the staircase, there was a small round table with a vial on it and a small round brown jar.

Beside the table was an old style day bed you see in old fashioned houses, you know with one side and half a back?'' Lee asked Jessie. ''Yeah, yeah I know what you mean.

Keep going. It's interesting.'' Jessie encouraged. ''Well the day bed was covered in a white muslin style material and I was laying on top of it; sort of, my arms and head where draped off the end of it like I was unconscious or dead.'' Leeann stopped.

''O.M.G. Leeann! You're dead?'' Jessie interrupted. ''That's not the strange part. There was a devil/incubus type creature sitting on my chest smiling evilly down at me as I am lying there, either unconscious or dead.

Then a demented looking horse stuck its head through the drapes at the doorway. By that time I had freaked out and woke up clutching the sheet on my bed. That is when I could feel someone in bed with me and I reached for the light.'' Leeann trailed off.

''Jesus Lee! No wonder you have marks on you. Demons and demented horses. That is fucked up!'' Jessie gasped. ''Wait! I had bare feet and they didn't walk about in bare feet back then. I must have been dressed for bed. It was a nightdress and I must have fallen asleep on the day bed.'' Leeann exclaimed.

''But that doesn't explain the demon thingy or horse.Does it?'' Jess looked confused. ''It's an incubus and no.You're right it doesn't. I think we need to research my house cos it all seems to center around that main thing.'' ''Internet or library?'' Jessie asked. ''How about we go to the library and kill two birds with one stone. They will have computers there and they might have info on my house or what was there previously.'' Leeann smiled at her genius idea.

***** ''Hi, welcome to the library, my name is Michael. What can I do for you pretty girls today.'' He said to them as they enter the library. ''Erm.we're looking for information on a house, or what was on its location in the 1900's or so.'' Jessie answered as Leeann looked at the man strangely. ''Okay, I think we might have something that could help you. All the records are over here if you would like to follow me, girls.'' he smiled at Leeann.

''What are you doing, flirting with the creepy librarian man?'' Jess asked Leeann. ''No! I just smiled at him, nothing more.'' she said defensively. ''Yeah, right, whatever you say.'' Jessie smiled and nudged her as they followed behind Michael. ''Here you are girls', do you want me to help you look or are you all good to do it yourselves?'' he asked.

''No we're good, thanks.'' Jessie answered. ''Alrighty, I'll be over there if you need me. Just give me a shout.well maybe not shout but you know what I mean.'' he blushed as he walked away. ''Well, well, Leeann! I see you can even make grown men stumble over their words with one look. I haven't seen you do that in a long time.'' Jessie joked. They spent the next two hours going through records and files on Leeann's house and what used to be there. It turned out it has always been a house but it had a dark past, there were files in the records of an exorcism of a twenty year old girl back in 1908.

Also further files about strange figures being seen in and around the house and strange things happening to the occupants from previous years dating all the way back to 1779. ''Jessie look…'' Leeann nudged Jessie making her jump and drop a heavy book; everyone looked over at the two of them.

''Damn it Lee. You scared me half to death. What is it?'' Leeann handed her the file with all the 'strange' going's on. ''Go photocopy it ALL! I'll keep looking. Also see if there is other files not open to the public.'' Jessie smiled. ''And how am I supposed to do that?'' she looked at Jessie innocently. ''Go ask lover boy, bat your eyelashes. I am positive he'll give you anything you want.'' she grinned. Leeann walked over to him and started chatting as Jessie picked up the large oversized book she had dropped; an old tattered single piece of paper fell out.

She quickly picked it up and looked at it, it was a photograph. A photograph of what Leeann had described in the dream, furthermore it was a keen likeness of Leeann and on the back it said 'My love, Anna.

1779.' Jessie quickly put it in her pocket as Leeann was on her way back over with the photocopies. ''Find anything else, Jess?'' she smiled. ''NO!'' she said defensively. ''What's wrong with you?'' Lee frowned. ''Don't freak out but look at this.'' she pulled the photograph out. ''Where did you find this?!'' Leeann's eyes widened and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she took the photograph from Jessie.

''It was in this book you made me drop; it fell out when I picked it back up. She looks so much like you.'' Jessie looked at Leeann with shock. ''We need to go to my house, Jessie.

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I can't out run this forever. I have to go home at some point.'' Leeann told her. ''You know I'd do anything for you but I will not go into your bedroom.I can't. I'm sorry Lee.'' Jessie hugged her. ''Drop me off then'' she hugged her back. ***** It was a short five minute drive from the library to Leeann's house but they both sat in complete and utter silence, neither of them knew what might happen or if Leeann would make it out alive.

''I love you, Lee. You know that don't you, no matter what.'' Jessie kissed her on the lips hard. ''And I love you, Jess. Always and forever. I'll call you tomorrow and if I don't you'll know something has happened.'' she hugged her tightly before giving her, her favorite bracelet.

Leeann climbed out of the jeep and headed up the path towards the overbearing house, where her mother was standing on the porch waiting on her with a smug look on her face. Vera smiled vindictively and waved at Jessie as she hugged Leeann, closing the door behind them before Leeann could get a chance to wave goodbye.

''I'm glad you're home, Honey. Are you hungry? Do you want me to make you something to eat?'' Vera smiled innocently at her daughter.

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''No, I'm fine Mum. I just want to soak in hot bath.okay?'' Leeann half smiled. ''Oh, okay sweetheart. Just shout if you need anything.'' her mum chirped as she headed to the kitchen. As Leeann headed up the dark staircase she felt that eerie feeling she was being watched again; she shook her head and continued up towards the bathroom. She started to fill the tub with hot water and lavender and jasmine oils to try help her relax. She turned the water off and started to peel off her clothes; Leeann stood naked in front of the full length mirror looking at the marks on her body as the smell of lavender and jasmine filled the room.

She felt the tears building as she stood staring at her bruised and battered reflection. Leeann climbed into the tub dipping her toes in first; feeling the tingle of the hot water wash over the cool skin on her feet, up her calves and over her thighs until she lay down and sunk under the water.

She emerged pushing her hair off her face as she lay with her eyes closed thinking about everything that had happened. The time slipped away as the water cooled around her, Leeann had drifted off to sleep with the fragrance of the oils relaxing her.

She felt something touch her face as it slipped down to her shoulders and into the water, gently caressed her ample bosom, kissing around her nipples and licking where it had previously bitten. Trying to sooth it. Leeann shifted slightly in the water as she became aroused, her knees parted slightly as her nipples became hard as rocks. It ran its hands up her calves massaging as it slid up towards her knees and kissed up her thighs before she opened her legs completely for it.

The next thing Leeann realised was she was having an orgasm in the bathtub; something was rubbing against her clit and licking as her legs where draped on opposite sides of the tub as water dripped off her toes making puddles on the floor below. Her arms and hands caressing her own breasts and body as she experienced the best orgasm ever, her mouth opened as her bottom lip quivered uncontrollably.

She could not find the words to object to what was happening to her, Leeann was too wrapped up in the sheer bliss of the orgasm she had just received that left her quivering in the cold bath water. Leeann clambered weakly out of the tub reaching for the freshly laundered fluffy white towel; she quickly wrapped it around her shivering body as she fled the bathroom and headed straight for her bedroom.

As she dried off she pulled on a short white silk nightdress and wrapped her hair up in the towel, she lay down on the bed trying to retrace the events that had just unfolded in the bathroom. She drifted off into a deep slumber after her strangely relaxing bath, as Leeann slept her dreams turned to everything that had been occurring with her in the house.

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Her dream started off with her standing watching herself sleeping in the short white silk nightdress, her untamed flaming red mane surrounded her ivory face like a halo born straight from the heart of hell itself. But she could see the incubus sat on the chest of her sleeping self as it smiled at her, as she watched on in a complete daze. Leeann tried to speak but her voice would not work, she tried to move but her feet where planted firmly to the spot where she stood at the base of the mahogany four poster bed.

She grabbed onto the bed pulling and pushing it as she tried to wake herself up, when the horse appeared beside her poking its head between the curtains on the four-poster bed looking at her sleeping with the incubus sat upon her. They both looked on in shock at what was unfolding in front of them on the bed. The incubus pulled at the bedclothes from under her; tugging at the straps of the nightdress ripping them from her delicate shoulders revealing the tops of her milky white breasts.

It continued to tear it clean off her body to reveal her full round heavy breasts with rose coloured nipples; her round belly with a scattering of freckles around her 'inny' navel, down towards her fiery trimmed bush.

It perched on sleeping Leeann's belly as it looked around to Leeann and the horse as it sniggered with a sinister look of what it had planned. It moved off of her belly down towards her thighs; pushing them open forcefully, he pawed at her breasts pushing them together and nuzzling his head between them, licking and biting on her breasts and nipples.

Scratching at her stomach and thighs he lined up his engorged penis, thrusting upwards into Leeann's hymen popping it painfully. She groaned loudly and noisily as she slept unaware of the abuse she was receiving. The incubus continued to smirk at Leeann and the horse as it pumped rhythmically like a piston in and out of her virginal pussy. Sleeping Leeann started to move her hips to meet the Incubus's merciless thrusts as he pounded her continually, he could feel her breathing become laboured and knew it would not be long until she felt the ecstasy of vaginal stimulation.

His balls slapping against her ass as the rhythm became erratic; Leeann started to claw at the bedsheet and pillows, her breath drew in through gritted teeth as she began to cum on his large cock. He continued to plough her velvet passage watching her climax on his member; he finally released his devil seed fully inside her fertile womb. He climbed off of sleeping Leeann; stood with the horse and Leeann to bask in the glory that was Leeann lying on the bed naked glistening with sweat, her legs spread and semen mixed with fresh blood dripping from her freshly plucked pussy.

''Well, it was inevitable Leeann. This was your fate, and your fate has been fulfilled.'' A familiar voice chimed in as the incubus smirked.

''Tonight I had you in bed with me; tossed the bedclothes, wound my hot and tight clasped hands about you, fused your body and soul together with my own, poured into you my spirit, breath and strength. Anyone who touches you, now commits adultery and incest!

You are mine, and I am yours. And have you I will.'' The Incubus whispered in Leeann ear before she was transported back into her body. Leeann woke late the next morning naked, sore and aching. She sat up clutching the covers to her breasts as she looked about the room trying to discover if the dream was real or just a dream.

As she sat staring blankly at the end of the bed where she had been standing that night, she began to remember everything that happened and the chilling voice of the incubus. She reached under the sheet to between her legs when it hit her; it was not just a dream. Her fingers were covered in a creamy bloody liquid; he had taken her virginity and he had come inside her. She grabbed for her phone from the bedside table to call Jessie but as she reached for it she was pulled back onto the bed and restrained.

The incubus appeared beside her, sat on her left arm and held the other one down. ''Ah ah ah.'' He tutted to her before disappearing. ''Leeann, can I come in?'' Vera appeared at the door suddenly. ''Yeah.'' she whispered. ''We need to talk honey. I know what happened to you last night.'' she piped up. ''WHAT!'' Leeann shot up. ''Honey, you're special.

You are the chosen one. You've been chosen to be the vessel.'' she smiled proudly. ''Special? Being terrorized and raped is special and chose! What do you mean vessel?'' Leeann shouted.


''Yes! It is special; you've been chosen to be the vessel for the son of Satan! It is a tremendous privilege that you've been chosen!'' Vera shouted excitedly. Leeann jumped up from the bed and started to punch her stomach and screaming like a maniac. Vera jumped across the bed grabbing Leeann and slapped her across the face knocking her onto the bed. ''Be very careful my girl, this is a privilege and you better not FUCK it up!'' Vera stormed out the bedroom.

Leeann lay in a ball on the bed cowering before she slid off onto the floor as she rocked back and forth unconsciously. Hours passed as she sat still rocking back and forth, no one had come to see if she was okay until she heard Jessie shouting from downstairs. She crawled to the door and cracked it open. ''JESSIE!!'' she cried weakly. Jessie came running up the stairs towards Leeann's room pushing Vera onto her ass at the bottom. ''Jessiiee. Help me.'' Leeann weaped. Jessie fell to her knees when she saw Leeann, overnight she had put on 25lbs.

she had a little pot belly that she did not have yesterday. Jessie hugged Leeann and pulled her up onto her feet. ''Come on, you can do it.

We need to get you out of this place. Sit there, on the bed. I'll pack a bag for you.'' Jess told her. ''Oh Jess, it. It raped me.'' Leeann broke down sobbing. ''You need to leave this place Lee, come on get dressed! We can talk about it at my place. Hurry!'' Jessie shouted. Leeann grabbed the jeans that were draped over the bottom of the bed and tried to pull them over her belly but failed miserably.

She ended up pulling her t-shirt and jumper over her swollen belly as they left her bedroom and down the staircase. ''Where do you think you are taking MY DAUGHTER?!'' Vera shouted at Jessie. ''Away from this house and especially away from you, you old witch!'' Jess pushed passed her toward the front porch. ''DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE! LEEANN! YOU'LL REGRET IT.'' her mother screamed at the top of her lungs. Jessie pushed Leeann into the jeep before she went back over to Vera; she stood toe to toe with her, only inches from her face.

''What you gonna do, bitch?!'' Jessie asked sarcastically. ''You'll see.'' Vera said quietly before walking away. Jess drove back to her place in silence with Leeann staring blankly out the window through soulless eyes.

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Something had stubbed out the flame inside her, sucking the very soul from within her and Jessie was about to find out what it was. Leeann suddenly turned to her with a dark; evil gleam in her eyes, she grabbed Jessie's arm making the car spin around to a stop. ''Fuck Leeann! What the hell?'' she shouted. ''I'm hungry and you smell yummy.yes you do.'' Leeann licked her lips.

''Leeann, LEEANN!'' Jessie shook her. The darkness drained away from her eyes as Jessie shook her. ''Jessie?'' she asked dazed.

Jessie started the car again, sped home to get Leeann into somewhere she knew and felt safe. The next day after they both had a good nights' sleep they sat down to talk about everything that had happened. Leeann's belly was now round and protruding like she was about four or five months pregnant.

Jessie gasped as she saw Leeann's stomach after only one night it had grown so much. ''Jesus Lee! What the fuck is that!'' she asked blatantly. ''I'm 'The Vessel'.Or so my mother say. Like it's a good thing.'' Leeann rolled her eyes. ''The Vessel? What do you mean your mother says.?'' Jess looked at her confused. ''That thing raped me two nights ago, then yesterday my mother came in and told me I am the vessel for the son of Satan to be born.

It's a privilege to be 'the chosen one'.'' She said snarkly. ''Fuck Lee, what are we going to do? You can't give birth to it. Son of Satan?! Fuck Leeann!'' Jessie paced back and forth nervously biting her nails. As she watched Jessie pace back and forth in front of her she felt a sharp stabbing pain deep in her belly; she lifted her t-shirt to rub her belly when they saw it, the face of the devils spawn protruding out of her skin.

Leeann screamed as she saw the tiny devil looking face pressed against her stretched skin, showing the evil that was growing inside of her and desperate to be born. Jessie stopped pacing as she fell to her knees in front of Leeann as she stared shocked at the tiny face stretching out her belly. She reached out her hand to touch the face gently as it tried to bite her index finger through the skin. Leeann punched her stomach furiously as Jessie squealed and fell back bumping her head on the table, knocking herself out in the process.

Leeann's nostrils flared as she smelt the blood as it started to trickle from the crown of Jessie's head; licking her lips she knelt beside her rolling Jessie onto her front. She ran her hand through Jessie's hair closing her eyes as she felt the warm liquid ooze out onto her fingers; she opened her mouth a little, moaning erotically as she pushed her finger into the gash on the crown of Jessie's head. Leeann ran her other hand across her breasts; rolling her nipples in-between her fingers as her hand moved south down into her panties.

She lifted her blood covered hand to her mouth as she inhaled deeply taking in the scent of Jessie's blood, salivating as she smeared it across her lips and onto the tip of her nose before sucking the blood off her fingers noisily.

Slurping as she twirled her tongue around her ruby red fingers until they were clean. As she panted heavily she inhaled so much of Jessie's scent she could not control her blood lust any longer. Leeann pounced onto Jessie and started to lick her head furiously like a hungry cat that had just gotten a bowl of cream. Jessie came around as Leeann was still sat on her back licking her head; she moved her head around slowly trying to remember what had happened.

''Leeann.Leeann?'' she called out slowly and nervously. ''Mummy is busy at the moment, may I take a message?'' the spawn cackled. ''LEEANN! It's me. Jessie. Remember we're best friends. Please get of me. Please!'' she screamed. ''Mm mm.You're tasty aunty Jessie.I told you mummies busy and I'm hungry.'' it said evilly. ''Leeann.Leeann please fight it. Please.'' Jessie pleased. Leeann suddenly realised what was happening and jumped back towards the sofa releasing Jessie from her grasp.

She sat cowering and sobbing against the sofa covered in Jessie's fresh blood, it trickled slowly down from her mouth dripping from her chin onto her heaving chest that was growing by the day. Quickly Jessie clambered into the sofa across from Leeann looking at her as she held her head protectively. ''Lee.is it you?'' she looked over at the blood soaked pregnant Leeann.

''It's me Jess. I don't know what happened! One minute I was going over to help you up then the next thing I remember you were shouting my name and I was covered in blood. YOUR BLOOD!'' Leeann sobbed. Leeann went straight to bed after going in a shower to clean all the blood off of her body; she fell over to sleep almost immediately before she knew it she was dreaming, she was in a club with loud techno music and strobe lighting.

Wearing a very short black skirt and red silk top that emphasized her watermelon sized breasts and pregnant belly. She was stood at the bar talking to a man that told her how radiant and glowing she looked and that he had a 'thing' for pregnant women.

They were suddenly outside and the guy hailed a cab for them to get back to his, during the journey they were making out as his hand worked up her thighs towards her panty-less crotch, rubbing and massaging her thighs until reaching her warm, moist snatch. The cab stopped before things got any further, the guy got out and opened the door for her taking her hand and led her into his home.

As soon as Leeann got through the door she became sexually aggressive; pouncing on him, pushing him against the wall kissing him furiously as she fumbled with his trouser zipper. He pushed her back against the opposite wall; pushing her legs apart as he grabbed her left leg pulling it up to his waist, he dropped his trouser to reveal his large pulsing cock that was glistening in the moonlight with pre-cum.

He thrust up into her with purpose and force; pinning her against the wall, he kissed and nibbled on her neck as he crammed his large cock into her tight, contracting, aching pussy. He kissed over her mouth forcing his tongue into her mouth as he plowed into her pregnant pussy. Like a piston engine he was firing into her with all his energy before shooting all over her insides, he let go of her leg grabbing hold of her arms and entwined their fingers together.

Leeann pushed him to the floor as the devil inside her cackled; she sat over his limp cock with her dripping pussy, kissing down his neck she nibbled lightly before biting down and ripping a chunk out of his neck. She sat on his chest trapping him down under her as she licked her lips, her eyes completely black with no sign of life behind them as she pounced down on his neck drinking him dry.

Leeann woke early feeling refreshed; happy and energetic, unlike the way she had been feeling since the attack on her had taken place. As she got out of bed with glazed eyes she walked to the bedroom to take a shower; she stood in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection in shock.

Her face; hands and upper body was covered in dried blood, she looked up and down her own body to see if it had come from her body. She was fine not a cut or bruise on her glowing blood stained ivory skin, Leeann decided not to tell Jessie she just washed the blood off her body and sheets before she woke up. ***** For the next week they lived perfectly normal; well as normal as can be under the circumstances, with no strange goings on, no devil faces appearing on her belly, no blood drinking or strange cravings.

It was late Friday afternoon and Leeann was now heavily pregnant wearing a long white cotton nightdress, the only thing that fitted over her huge belly.

She was sat on the floor with her legs crossed staring blankly at the white wall in front of her, suddenly her head fell forward with her arms over her legs as if she had fallen asleep. Jessie came home from work to find her like this, not knowing how long Leeann had been like that. She walked over to her and placed her hand on her shoulder to gently wake her up when her head shot up with black eyes and spun around to face her. ''DO NOT TOUCH HER!'' a deep eerie voice stated.

Jessie jumped back in shock; things had been so normal but this was completely fucked up she thought to herself. ''Leeann.Leeann.'' Jess called out quietly trying to call her out. Her eyes suddenly closed as her head fell gently; rolling to the right she lifted her head and opened her eyes to see Jessie's pale face crouched in front of her.

''What are you doing home? Shouldn't you be at work Jess?'' she asked quietly. ''It's 16.45 honey, works finished. How long have you been sitting here?'' Jessie asked as she helped her to her feet and over to the sofa to lie down. ''Wait.What? 4.45pm? I went to meditate at 10am and it only felt like about twenty minutes ago.'' she said with a confused look on her face. ''I'll go make you a cup of hot chocolate Lee.

You will need something after sitting for so long.'' Jessie kissed her forehead and went to the kitchen. Leeann went to the bathroom when she suddenly started to feel excruciating cramps all across her stomach, back and legs. ''Jessie?! Jessie!!!'' Leeann screamed at the top of her lungs. ''What's wrong?'' Jessie asked as she casually walked into the bathroom. Leeann was holding onto the wall as her waters broke just as Jessie opened the door to walk in; a green slime-like mucous splashed onto the black slate tiles on the floor.

Both Leeann and Jessie let out an ear piercing shriek as they saw the liquid from inside Leeann fall onto the floor. Jessie hurried over to the bathtub filling it quickly with warm water before helping Leeann get undressed and into the tub. ''Leeann stay here I'll be right back.'' Jessie scrambled to the linen cupboard pulling out lots of towels and getting a large bowl of hot water from the kitchen.

''Where the FUCK am I going to go!'' Leeann shouted as a contraction shot across her. Jessie came rushing back into the bathroom dropping the towels into the sink and putting the bowl of water on the floor as she tried to soothe Leeann. ''Don't you think we should go to hospital Leeann?'' Jessie pleaded with her.

''NO, we need to drown this bastard as soon as it's born. It cannot be allowed to live or worse let my mother get hold of it.'' Leeann spat through gritted teeth. ''Okay, but we don't know how to deliver a baby, let alone the spawn of Satan!'' Jess looked at Leeann concerned.

Leeann's contractions became more regular and got closer and closer together. She was crying her eyes out with the pain, holding onto Jessie's hand tightly as Jess tried to reassure Leeann and reminding her to breath. Jessie was suddenly silent; Leeann opened her eyes to see her mother Vera standing over Jessie's body with an empty syringe in her hand.

''JESS! NO!'' Leeann cried out painfully as she held her stomach. ''Well, well. Didn't I tell you not to leave? You are not prepared for this, daughter. You need me and I will get you through this.'' Vera smiled wickedly. Leeann stared at her mother with a blank expression across her face unsure what to say or do as she lay naked in the warm bath water; another contraction, a minute apart now.

Her blank expression disappeared and was replaced with a grimace mixture of pain, fear and dread. Her mother put her hand between her daughters' legs; checking to see how far along she was before she lit seven black candles, seven red candles and placed them around the bathtub in a specific order as she chanted.

''It's time Leeann. You are ready to give birth and become a mother. Bring the spawn of Satan into the world. Fulfill your duty.'' she smiled happily. Leeann was in too much pain to argue or object; she just wanted the little bastard out of her before she hurt anyone else because of it.

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Vera helped Leeann onto her knees to help her bear down to give birth, she clung onto her mother as she pushed harder than she ever thought possible and the excruciating pain was unbearable. ''Push Leeann, PUSH!'' Vera encouraged her. ''I'M TRYING!!! It hurts so much!'' she screeched. Before long she felt the pressure release from between her legs and heard a loud splash into the water as it turned pink.

Vera let Leeann go falling into the water as she scooped up the baby from the water wrapping it in the clean towels and washing the baby with the warm water in the bowl. Leeann started to hemorrhage in the bathtub as her mother stood watching her daughter bleed to death, holding her screaming grandchild.

Vera cradled her grandchild; her granddaughter to be specific, the spawn of Satan was a girl, not a boy like had been foretold. The devil's only child was a daughter and she would rule the earth.

"You shall be called Eve." Vera smiled at her granddaughter as she cried. "Hush my little darling, everything is alright.

Mother will take care of you. Everything went to plan. You are MY little angel. And no one will ever harm you!'' Vera sang eerily to baby Eve. She walked out of the house cradling baby Eve leaving Jessie and her daughter dead, or so she thought. Leeann was not hemorrhaging her body was getting ready to deliver another baby when her mother dropped her in the bath hitting her head.

She opened her eyes slowly and weakly looking around her for some sign of life when the pains in her stomach started again; she was still in labour and about to give birth to a baby.

Leeann got into the position to bear down in the cold blood filled waters when a baby appeared in the water below her. Her memory was a complete blank from the knock to her head; she cannot remember anything from before the fall except that she was heavily pregnant and that Jessie was out cold on the floor beside her.

Leeann grabbed the crying newborn and held him close to her chest as she lay back in the freezing cold water; she wiped his tiny face with her bloodstained nightdress as he burrowed into her chest.

"You are so beautiful… no one will ever harm you… " Leeann said softly as she sobbed. "What shall I call you?" Leeann asked the newborn as she lay looking at him.


"David?.Jay?. Michael?.Adam?" she asked before the baby started to cry at Adam. "Adam it is then, my sweet baby boy." Leeann chirped as she stood up getting out of the bath wrapping him in a towel. She stepped over Jessie's body as she left the bathroom as she headed towards the bedroom to put Adam down on the bed, she surrounded him with pillows to keep him safe. Leeann hurried back to try and wake Jessie up and tell her she was an aunt but Jessie was dead, she was not breathing and had no pulse.

The police suddenly burst through the door grabbing Leeann as she sat sobbing over Jessie's dead lifeless body. She was dead and Leeann was the prime suspect. They dusted the house and syringe for prints finding Vera's dirty little prints all over the murder weapon and house. They immediately sent the entire force to her house with a search warrant and a warrant for her arrest when they found her over the crib of a newborn baby girl with the same fiery red hair as Leeann and baby Adam.

Vera was arrested for the murder of Jessie, the sexual assault of her daughter, kidnapping of a newborn baby, and cannibalism. Leeann was united with the baby daughter she knew nothing about; she was a rape victim that was now a mother of twins mourning her best friends' murder by her mother.

She was left to raise Adam and Eve alone, but the question is Which one is the evil twin? & What will the world become when they grow up?