Metendo de quatro na gostosa

Metendo de quatro na gostosa
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Ashes flicked off the end of his cigarette, the embers glowing briefly then silenced in the sand as the wind picked up. Sato's eyes narrowed, the deep creases in his leathery skin flexing slightly as he sought out the glowing disk of light sinking quickly on the horizon. Sayonara, he thought. It no longer hurt his eyes when he looked at the sun setting over the Pacific.

They too are failing, like the rest of me. 94 years is a long time, too long. As he kidded with the few friends he had at the facility, maybe God has lost our reservations? As the sun's corona blossomed upon the water, the large glow brought back memories once again like it did everyday at this time.

----------- "Kenshi, please hurry. We cannot be late getting to dinner," said Sato, nervously looking at his watch, worried that if him and his wife were late to her parent's house, it would be a sign of disrespect.

"I'm just about ready," was the reply from behind the closed door. Sato sighed and again went over in his mind what might be the best route to take to the Matosuma family estate.

Through the mountains would be quicker, but with the recent rain, it could be treacherous. Going around would be safer, but it would be cutting it close, and if there were any delays. The door to the bedroom opened and Kenshi Matosuma walked out. She was dressed in formal dining attire befitting a wife and a daughter of a powerful businessman. Sato simply saw her as a beautiful young woman. They had been married for almost half a year, and her beauty dazzled him every time he saw her.

"We must go quickly now," he said, snapping himself out of his reverie. He led Kenshi out of their house and into the Chiyoda, their five-passenger sedan.

Sato once again consulted his watch as he was rounding the car to the driver's door and made a decision. As he turned right out of the driveway, Kenshi spoke up. "But.the rain." "We are pressed for time," replied Sato sharply. Kenshi went silent. A moment later, Sato spoke again. "We will be fine." His voice was softer this time. Kenshi nodded, but did not speak. She has gone into servant mode, thought Sato, preparing herself for dinner.

Sato knew that Kenshi had to live a dual life, one where she was the dutiful young Japanese woman, subservient to her husband, meek and obedient to her parents, but behind closed doors, she was much more liberated. Sato not only knew about this and put up with it, but he encouraged it. He thought that part of the problem with Japan was not enough forward thinking, a little too much tradition.

Sato knew that Kenshi's parents somewhat disapproved of him, that he was not in Kenshi's social class. That was one reason why the two of them were trying to create akachan, "the Light", a baby. They both hoped it would soothe over any lingering doubt about their union. The drive over was relatively safe and uneventful. There were a few close calls, but Sato was skilled enough at driving to compensate for the rough roads.

They arrived at the Matosuma family estate with barely five minutes to spare, and Sato calculated quickly that they would have most definitely been late if they had taken the other route. As he parked the car in the large, semi-circular driveway near the immense fountain, Kenshi reached her hand across the seat and took hold of his. "I love you, Sato.

Please, please be patient with my father. He--sometimes he--" she hesitated, searching for the right words. "Don't worry, Kenshi.

He already knows about my decision to serve in the Imperial Navy.

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He's probably going to still be stewing about that news, so hopefully that will keep him away from the other subject." Kenshi lowered her eyes and nodded, and then both of them exited the car and proceeded to the large entrance of the multi-story house. Akagi and Yumi Matosuma were seated in the parlor when their daughter and son-in-law were shown in by the manservant. They both rose when the two approached.

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Kenshi and Sato both bowed low, showing respect for the family, respect for the elder couple. Akagi and Yumi bowed only slightly, more of a nod of their heads.

They were generally displeased with their daughter and son-in-law on several levels, but still invited them over for dinner once per month as per family tradition.

Dinner was not as stilted as Sato feared as his father-in-law went into a near half-hour rant about the Allied forces and how Japan was going to be "going it alone" since it appeared that Germany was having many troubles, and Italy was useless.

It was then that Akagi Matosuma focused in on his son-in-law, who had just finished the roast duckling served over wild rice. "And what is it that you will be doing for our Navy?" Sato sat up a little stiffer, carefully wiped his mouth with the linen napkin, giving himself a few extra seconds to recall his prepared answer, and then replied.

"I will attempt to enter officer training school, and then will endeavor to be assigned to a battleship or an aircraft carrier." The older man rocked back in his chair a bit. "You do not have the requisite education for officer training school." Kenshi looked from her father, to Sato, to her mother, and back to Sato. She feared that this might turn bad. "Shacho," said Sato, calling Akagi by his title of company president, a measure of respect, "my understanding is that due to a great need for officers, they are allowing a number of .

candidates .


who do not have college training to take an exam and from them, select a limited number for schooling. I hope to be among those selected." Akagi thought about this for a few moments in silence. "I know some people that can guarantee that you get into If this is what you want, I will call upon them in the morning." During her father's reply, Kenshi moved her foot under the table, hidden by the long, opulent tablecloth, until it touched Sato's leg, momentarily surprising him.

Kenshi's eyes were respectfully focused on her father, but she was trying to send a signal to her husband, reminding him of a conversation that they had the previous evening. "My father has connections, Sato. He can help you get into officer's school." "I don't want his help.

I want to do this on my own, Kenshi. He's given us this house, the car, and I just don't want to feel more obligated to him than I already feel now." "Sato," said Kenshi, tenderly, "you are a good man, and I love you more than anything in this world. You will make a great officer, but, there are so few slots. If my father offers to help you, please, please consider it. To spurn his offer would be a slap in the face to him.

Please, I implore you.don't just dismiss his offer." Sato recalled the conversation, and while his first thought was to say that he wanted to earn his way into the school, he knew that based on the rant by Matosuma earlier, turning down his offer might start a fight that he didn't want nor need in his life right now, especially when he would be leaving Kenshi for a long period of time.

"Shacho," said Sato, bowing his head in the elder Matosuma's direction, "I am grateful for your help. Thank you." A brief smile appeared on Sato's face. Satisfied that he would be able to utilize his far-reaching power, he spend the rest of dinner and dessert railing once again at the war-mongering Americans and Russians. On the ride home that evening, Kenshi let her hand move over onto Sato's trouser-covered mid-thigh. Sato looked down at her hand, then over to her eyes, which were focused on his.

She smiled demurely, and then gently squeezed his leg. Sato got the message, and felt a stiffening between his legs.

Later that evening, Sato was seated in the living room, reading a newspaper, staying warm by the fire as the chilly March air was heated by large oak logs. He was engrossed in the news section and did not hear the door to the bathroom open, where Kenshi was taking a hot bath. Nor did he hear her approach. Finally, she cleared her throat, and only mildly startled, he looked up. She was standing a mere ten feet away, totally nude.

Halfway between five and six feet tall, she was nothing short of stunning, not skinny, but no extra weight on her either. Her long, dark hair was now put up, just a few strands of it leaking down about her shoulders. Her breasts were set high, more than a solid handful but not overly large, with large areolas due to the very warm bath, her nipples sticking out proudly.

Sato's eyes traveled further south to her dark triangle, now still glistening with beads of water attached. This was not the demure, subservient girl who dined with him earlier this evening. This was the ravenous, very adventurous young woman that drove Sato mad with lust most evenings.

Sato still thought himself unworthy of such a beauty, a woman of class and proper bearing during the day, and a wild woman at night. Kenshi walked closer, then knelt down before her husband, her naked body between him and the fire.

She felt the flames licking toward her, keeping her body warm. She unzipped Sato's trousers and was pleased to see that he knew what was coming, his erection starting to form already. Kenshi released his cock into the warm air and just stared at it. Sato used his muscles to flex it before her, moving it much like a snake charmer moves his flute back and forth before the cobra.

Kenshi smiled. She was happy that Sato had a slightly larger cock than other Japanese men. She had heard from her one friend, who was somewhat promiscuous, that most Japanese men were about five inches in length.

She had never "officially" measured Sato, but by using her fingers and then checking later, she determined that he was about six and a half inches. Her friend also complained a little that most men were just a little too thin for her liking. As Kenshi moved her hand to surround Sato's member, she thought that she was blessed because it was not thin.

Although it didn't hurt her upon entry, Sato did cause her to lose her breath at times. Kenshi felt that she owed her husband a debt for his behavior at dinner.

She extended her tongue outward and licked the shaft in front of her, running her tongue upward to the tip, and then focusing on that little knot of flesh, the konchi, where she knew many nerve endings resided. She felt Sato squirm a bit and knew that if she concentrated wiggling her tongue at that spot that he would spurt all too soon.

Her face, and mouth, still warm from the hot bath, and kept stoked by the heat from the fire, enveloped his hard cock as she took several inches inside.

Her lips compressed tightly, forming an oval, and she sucked inward, then drew upwards toward the head. Her tongue found the konchi once again, and wiggled, causing Sato's eyes to close with excruciating delight. Then she plunged her face downward once again, deeper, taking more of him in her wet mouth, then back upward again, downward, then upward.repeating the rhythm four, five, six times. Then Kenshi released the very hard, wet cock from her mouth and stood up, looking directly at Sato.

His eyes burned back at her, his desire set aflame by her passion. He moved off of the chair and onto the floor in front of her, and she knew what he wanted. She used to be embarrassed by his desire to put his mouth.there.but no longer.

Too many times she had felt the passion waves roll over her. She lifted one leg and put her foot on a hassock, giving Sato the opening to her treasure. Not wasting a moment, Sato traced his finger down her dark triangle, still finding it damp from her bath, until he ran along her lips, and that wetness was from her desire.

His finger pressed and slide inside, a low moan escaping from Kenshi. Sato felt one of her hands resting on his head in her attempt to maintain balance. He leaned his face in and pulled his finger out, his lips making contact with the wet, stickiness now upon his slender digit. He licked and tasted her, and felt his desire notch up a level. He also felt an almost imperceptible pull from Kenshi's hand toward her, and mentally smiled as he dove in, his face crushed up against her wetness as his hands grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and held her firm.

Kenshi gasped as she felt this incredibly lewd maneuver, felt Sato's face moving back and forth against her pussy. His tongue slipped out of his mouth and pressed against her, rubbing against her clit. She now grasped his hair with her hands, knowing that her release was just a short moment away.

But just as quickly as it started, his mouth was removed and she looked down at his, astonished that he would stop right before her release! Sato peered up at her and had a wry smile upon his face. Kenshi immediately knew that she was being made to pay for earlier than evening. Sato stood up and lifted Kenshi by her legs, his arms forcing them upwards as he carried her the few steps to the wall next to the fire. His cock, hard as a crowbar, impatiently pushed past her hair and sought refuge inside her pussy.

No gentleness here, Sato rammed forward, driving himself against Kenshi's lithe form, his cock sinking to his balls within his wife in that first thrust.

She was wet enough to take him without pain, but still gasped at his girth as he first entered her. Using the wall as leverage, Kenshi wrapped her arms around Sato's head and pulled his face close, his lips crushing hers as their tongues touched and swam together in her mouth.

Sato withdrew and then thrust forward again, then withdrew once more and repeated the process again and again, hearing little muted squeals coming from Kenshi each time he was fully inside her. Kenshi broke the kiss, her eyes scrunched as an orgasm crashed over her, her squeals of delight no longer muted by Sato's lips.

Sato felt her pussy clasping his cock, pulsing, and her pleasure voice near his ear was sweet music to him. With a grunt, he emptied his balls inside, his sperm spewing forward in their fevered rush to find an unfertilized egg. Sato held Kenshi against the wall, both of them trying to catch their breath, both of them feeling him soften a bit, both of them feeling him getting harder once again.

----------- "Sato?" He heard his voice being spoken, but he was too deep in the memory to want to pull back out to reality quite yet. "Sato!" The voice was louder now. Nurse Ratched, he thought irritably. "Yes, what is it?" he replied, grumpily, his eyes returning to focus from their thousand-yard stare. "Dinner time, Sato. Time to eat your supper. We have a special dessert tonight.bread pudding!" The nurse droned on, but Sato had already tuned her out, instead trying to delve back into the recesses of his mind, to the one place where he could always find comfort.

But that door was now temporarily locked again. "She has a way of doing that, doesn't she," said Fumiko, Sato's best friend and long-time resident. Sato nodded. Years ago there would have been some wetness present at the corners of his eyes, but he had wept buckets and had no more tears to give. The annoying nurse had moved on to other targets, so Sato simply enjoyed the sunset, Fumiko quietly sitting beside him, alone in his own thoughts.

Two more days, thought Sato, and with that, he was once again back inside. ----------- The letter arrived two days after he was back home. Such was mail delivery during a war.

October 21, 1944 My beloved Kenshi, I will be eligible for a short leave next week. I will travel home to be with you. Soon afterwards, I will receive official notice of my new assignment. It is my hope to be posted to one of our great battleships. I long to be with you once again, even if it is only for a few days. It is my hope to visit my parents too, with you, and spend one night there. I know that my mother worries about her son. I look forward to continuing our pursuit of "the Light".

You are always and forever in my thoughts. Respectfully, Sato Kenshi was thrilled when she received the letter, and re-read it a dozen times before putting it away with all of his other letters. She ached for Sato's strong arms around her and she ached between her legs for him too. She had grown tired of using her fingers late at night, remembering all the hours of lovemaking before he left for officer training.

Hearing the water from the shower stop running snapped her out of her reverie. Sato and her had spent hours making love last evening, the remnants of it still adorning her furry nest along with trails down her leg.

Sato showered first while Kenshi lay back on the bed, pillow under her lower back, legs tilted up high to assist Sato's sperm in seeking one of her eggs. Following historical tradition, she repeated the word akachan over and over, softly, willing the microscopic swimmers to be strong and persistent.

When Sato exited the bathroom he immediately saw Kenshi laying on the bed, exposed to his gaze. He felt himself starting to get hard again, but knew that he needed to get dressed and drive to the docks to report for duty. Kenshi lowered her legs and got up off of the bed. She knew Sato had to leave soon, and that she might not see him for a long time. "Sato. My lover. My warrior.

My husband. Remember me," and she sank down to her knees in front of him, pulling the towel away from his body, "on this long journey." Leaving her hands at her side, Kenshi opened her mouth and took the head of Sato's cock inside.

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Then, looking up and meeting his eyes, she began inching forward, and heard Sato's sharp intake of breath. He knew she was going to do that special thing she did, rarely done because it caused her a sore throat the next day. Sato watched as inch by inch disappeared into her mouth.

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She paused when about five inches were inside, then moved forward again, and the remaining shaft entered her mouth, the head lodged in her throat. Sato could hear her breathing through her nose.

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He waited. He didn't have to wait long. Kenshi sucked inward, causing a pressure against his cock. Then she slid her face back until just the head was inside. She released the suction, then pushed her face forward, taking the entire shaft fully inside in one swift motion.

Then the suction began again. Sato closed his eyes. It was the most incredible feeling he'd ever experienced. Kenshi would do this for him about once a month, and each time was as good as the first. He never lasted more than two minutes, and despite the frenzied lovemaking from last night, he knew he would not last long this morning.

Kenshi was methodical, like a machine bent on doing nothing but pulling the semen from Sato's body. Her throat was already sore from the repeated enters and exits of Sato's cock but she didn't care.

All she cared about was his pleasure. When her face was pressed up against his body, she extended her tongue out and licked at Sato's ball sack. She heard him groan and knew he would shoot soon.

Out, and then back in, lick at the sack, then out and in again, followed by a lick. When she felt the ball sack tighten up, her hands flew to Sato's ass and grasping a cheek in each hand, she pulled him towards her, increasing the thrust into her throat. Sato cried out and felt his orgasm begin.

Kenshi stopped taking him so deep, now bobbing her head rapidly but only taking the first couple of inches of cock into her mouth. She wanted to taste Sato's essence and didn't want it escaping down her throat until she could savor it. Kenshi felt Sato's cock pulse.once, twice, three times, then a fourth, and a fifth, and each time she felt a warm shot of liquid land on her tongue.

When Sato stopped shooting, she eased herself off his still hard shaft and leaned back a bit. She waited. Sato's eyes slowly opened and he looked down. Their eyes met, and Sato watched as Kenshi swallowed. "Thank you, Sato," said Kenshi, and she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him, hugging her husband, her lover, her warrior, who now had to leave for war.

Through the shuttered window, Sato saw a thin ray of light shine through, striking Kenshi in the back. He took this light as a sign that their love making was successful, that akachan, the Light, would come to them soon.


----------- December 20, 1944 My beloved Kenshi, As the holidays approach, I write to you with such joy in my heart! I am so excited that we have been blessed with a child. Perhaps it is the first bit of good news, that there will be more. Perhaps this blight that hurts our country will soon be over and I will be able to come home to you.

Please be careful. Make sure you visit the doctor for each appointment. Make sure that you are eating right. If you have any trouble getting fruit or vegetables, go see your parents. They will be able to get anything you need.

All my love to you and akachan. Yours forever, Sato The months flew by for Kenshi. She spent a lot of time at her parent's house, mostly because she was lonely. Sato's letters came every week, and she would write back too, but knew that mail delivery was sporadic at best. Kenshi's parents were very happy. Even Akagi had good things to say about Sato, which really pleased Kenshi. The Light had indeed become a unifying force in all of their lives. Reports would come in that Imperial forces were winning decisive victories throughout the Pacific.

Life was good. As August rolled in, word came from Sato that he would not be able to make it home for his child's birth. Kenshi was saddened and went to her father, asking him if he could use his influence to make it happen. Akagi railed against the Americans for a solid twenty minutes and then told her he would see what he could do.

On August 3, 1945, Kenshi gave birth to an eight pound, two ounce baby boy. As per her discussion with Sato months before, she named him Akagi, after her father. There was no bigger smile at the Shima Hospital than that of grandfather Akagi. "Father," said Kenshi, "I think he looks like you in the eyes, and Mother," she continued, "he has your cheeks." Kenshi held the little warrior, so looking forward to his next feeding. She only wished that Sato could be here to hold his son. Through his considerable influence, Akagi had arranged for Sato to come home for a week to visit with his wife and newborn son.

He would arrive on August 7th. On her first morning home, the 6th of August, 1945, Kenshi heard the telephone ring. Struggling to get up and to the phone, she was a little annoyed at her parents for calling so early on her first day home.

"Hello, Kenshi speaking," looking over and hoping that baby Akagi had not awakened. "My love," came the first two words, and Kenshi's demeanor changed instantly.

"Sato! My warrior! Where are you? I did not expect you until tomorrow." Kenshi was very excited. She moved over and gently picked up Akagi, who had awakened but was not crying. "I am almost home. I arrived in port early this morning and then had to run an errand for our ship's captain. I am outside the city, but, I should be done by mid-day and then I will be excused for a week. I look forward to seeing you, my love, and our son." Tears of joy were streaming down Kenshi's cheeks.

"Oh Sato, it will be so good to have you home and hold you in my arms, my husband. Akagi," she spoke to the baby, "say 'Hello' to your father." "He is only a few days old, Kenshi. I doubt that he is ready to talk yet," said Sato, all smiles. "Sato.he has your eyes. And I talk to him about you all day long. I tell him that you are a great warrior, and that one day, when he grows up, he will be big and strong, like his father, a fearless warrior too, and like his grandfather." "I know, my love.

I am so grateful to your father for his help in bringing me home. I miss you terribly, and, I long to see.the Light." Sato was smiling at the reference, and could hear Kenshi giggle. Then he heard another sound, a plane flying high overhead, and, then he heard his son cry out, making a sound. "That was your son, Sato! I showed him the picture we have, the one of us on vacation at the shore, and when he saw it, when he saw you, he smiled and cried out!" Another tear ran down Kenshi's face and dropped onto the baby's tiny hand.

"Kenshi, I love you so much, and I love Akagi too. I have such great plans for us once this war is over. I want to go to work for your father, and I want for us to have a bigger family. I know I initially said just one baby, and I know you wanted more. Well, I now would like a bigger family too, Kenshi. Lots of children. And we'll build a bigger house, and I'll work hard to learn your father's business so that someday I will be able to run it--" "Sato.Akagi and I are looking out the window and, oh my a great Light--" The phone line went dead in Sato's hands, and then he too saw the great light when looking toward the city, but at a distance that didn't blind him.

He saw a great plume of smoke appear over the city, far, far larger than any bomb explosion he had ever seen before. Sato dropped the phone and ran for his jeep, knowing instinctively that something terrible had happened.

He confirmed this as he set out for the city, and, quickly realized that there was no city. Not any longer. It was all fire, and destruction, and a large mushroom cloud. ----------- "Sato." A pause. "Sato?" The attendant scowled a bit.

"Does anyone know where Sato is, he's going to miss breakfast." Fumiko looked up from his breakfast and glanced outside, toward the beach. No smile upon his face, he simply bowed low. The attendant, getting no information from the others attending breakfast, took his clipboard and marked "absent" next to Sato's name in the slot for August 6 then used his smartphone to text his supervisor, who would send someone to Sato's room.

Please tell me who this is

Sato was indeed down at the beach. He was wearing his uniform from the war, his dress uniform, decked out in his medals. He wasn't afraid. He'd been waiting for this day for quite some time. He looked forward to his journey. Sato walked toward the Pacific, shivering slightly at the chill of the water. His uniform quickly became saturated with water, and became heavy.

Sato was resolute, though, and using his last reserves of strength, he marched forward, and then began to swim. A long swim, he thought. Back in his room, Amanda, an elderly female attendent, had entered and found a letter on his desk, handwritten.

August 6, 2015 To Whom It May Concern, Seventy years ago, my beautiful wife Kenshi and my newborn son Akagi were taken from me in the blink of a eye. The atomic holocaust that was borne upon my country by a single plane from the United States took everything from me. Worse, I was cursed with longevity, cursed with living for seventy years after their deaths. I do not place blame with the United States. The leaders did what they thought was right. Still, it was my family, my wife and son, and my country, that was taken from me.

I have suffered for many, many years with the memories and the thoughts of what could have been.

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Now, on the seventieth anniversary of their death, at the exact hour of their doom, I shall finally join them. It is time. Cancer is within me. Borrowing from a once great man, I consider these following words as my final ones: Hear me, my beloved. I am tired, the roots are sick. From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever.

Sato Amanda put the note down, a single, large tear appearing at the side of one of her aged eyes, then slowly wandered down her weathered face. She had attended Sato for the past fifteen years. She looked out toward the ocean and spoke softly. "Goodbye, my friend. May you find Kenshi and your son." She turned and left, turning out the light before closing the door behind her.