Katrina Jade bounced up and down from Tommys cock

Katrina Jade bounced up and down from Tommys cock
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Kevin had arrived on schedule with his motorcycle, cold and tired. He'd been dating my daughter all through college actually most of high school too - and the family loved him like one of our own. Thanksgiving is always a wonderful time so I gladly let Cindy invite him to spend it with us.

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But he was young and woefully inexperienced and Cindy had confided in me that he just didn't have a clue about women. Tonight I planned to change that. I let him have a long hot shower, then fed him dinner and sent him to bed for a nap before Cindy arrived.

Or at least that's what I told him! "Mrs. D! What are you doing?!?" I'd slipped into his room after he'd gone to bed. My husband had gone to get Cindy and wouldn't be home for hours.

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"I wanted to talk to you about something that concerns me," I said with mock sternness. " I know you've been sleeping with my daughter, young man." Poor Kevin panicked. "I'm so sorry, Mrs. D! She's just so pretty!


And I really love her…" his words trailed off. "I know. But if you're going to be making love to my daughter you're going to have to do a lot better job than you've been doing, my dear boy." With that I dropped my robe to reveal a freshly showered and shaved woman. I crawled into bed next to him.

He was completely paralyzed with fear and had no idea what to do. I'm still in my thirties, work out and while not 20-something still hold my own in a crowd.

I snuggled up next to him and whispered in his ear. "You need to do exactly as I say, and if you do I'm going to give you a night you'll never forget. And give my daughter and every woman you'll ever date a gift they'll never be able to repay.

Do you want to learn how to make love like a woman wants?" He nodded almost imperceptibly. "And you know if you tell anyone I'll personally remove your testicles.

Through your ears?" He nodded again. We started with the simple things, how to hold a woman, how to kiss, how to use his tongue.

I actually came while he was working over my clit and labia with his eager tongue. I was pleased with the progress we were making. Then I had him slide on top of me. I asked him to support my head in his hands, so he could lift my lips to his. "Now, ever so slowly flex your hips against mine while you're kissing me.

You're not trying to enter, just concentrate your weight on my hips. Keep your legs together and mine will naturally open for you. See? Doesn't that feel nice?" I raised my knees and allowed him to work his tool up against me. Cindy was a lucky woman. This kid was blessed with a wonderfully thick and long tool. And it was as hard as steel. I grabbed his hips to keep him from impaling me in a single thrust. "Kevin, you need to know you've got a really nice package, but you could really hurt a woman by not giving her time to accommodate you.

If you hurry you'll hurt her, and she'll NEVER have sex with you again. Understand how important this is?" He nodded again. I wiggled my hips around until I could feel him slipping between my folds.

I grabbed his ass and tilted my hips up, slowly letting him inside.

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God, this kid was thick! He moaned on my shoulder, thrust twice and came. Oh dear. Kevin tried to roll off me and I could tell he was 30 seconds from sleep. Happy, but asleep nonetheless. "Oh no you don't," I scolded. "What, you came earlier right?" "I did, but we need to work on your stamina.

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Kiss me for a while, will you?" We made out for about 10 minutes and suddenly I could feel him getting hard again. He grew in my hand and I couldn't help myself.


I snuggled down under the covers and took his massive meat in my mouth. He still tasted like the two of us and I got wet again as I worked him over. He gave a grunt and grabbed my head, filling my mouth to overflowing with warm, salty come.

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A while later we started round three. This time he was able to fuck me long and slow just like I like it for several minutes before he started getting that frantic look in his eyes.

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I grabbed his ass and held him deep inside me, not letting him move. He was so close… Once he calmed down a bit I asked him to slowly flex his ass, driving his tip up and down over my cervix and brushing against my g-spot. I hunkered down and tilted my pelvis and… He came again. Crap.

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I think he could hear the disappointment in my voice and body language. He apologized profusely. We got up and went downstairs, ate some snacks and just talked about all kinds of things. I looked at the clock and realized we only had an hour or so left. I took his hand and let him back upstairs.

This time MAGIC! He had been paying attention the last few hours.

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With his hair trigger gone, he was an enthusiastic, STRONG, willing fuck. I was pleased with my work.

Several times! When Cindy and her dad got home, we were asleep back in our separate beds. And smiling…