Teensloveblackcocks busty august ames ausgestreckt von bbc coach

Teensloveblackcocks busty august ames ausgestreckt von bbc coach
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My wife is coming home Sandy said when she met me in the hall,great I said all thought it might hinder our meetings too. Well she is on the road to recovery and it wont take long for her to be back to normal. In the past week Sandy and my wife have gotten acquainted and become friends which is a good thing for meit will be easier to keep fucking Sandy and maybe fucking my wife more.

Sandy whispers, I want you to me as we are walking down the hall ,last weekend was great I am going to miss it. Stoppingshe looks around then kisses me ,grabs my hand and the devilish smile on her face reinforcing just how good it was. I remind Sandy that I wont be able to get away until she recovers, looks like only quickies for a while she says .She giggles and we know how much you like them as we start walking ,only yours I said stepping back and checking her figure.

As she walks ahead I thought she still looks hot at 60 ,I step back beside her I am so lucky to have found you again we have a lot of making out err making up to doshe smiled we sure do.

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Sandy walks us out to the car ,occasionally putting her hand over mine on the wheel chair each time letting out a sigh. after getting my wife in the car she said she will stop over after work and check on you to my wife.We thanked her and I shut the door. Sandy said I want to kiss you right now but that wouldn't look professional so I will save it till later.

I will see you around 4 she said ,winks ,put the coffee on. She sure is a nice woman my wife says as we start on home,she seems to like you, you might have to have her over for some fun .I am thinking to my self about all the fun we had while she was in the hospital.Sandy 's love for sucking me off and swallowing my cum.

She would always trying to get me hard again by stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. I have her phone number my wife says you might want to call her some evening so you can set some thing up .I really shouldn't I said you need my attention now to help you recover .remember the doctor said no excitement for a few weeks. Besides she is married and that's all I need is to get her in trouble with her husband,or have him come gunning for me.

Well I thinks she really likes you by what she has said you must have really rocked her world that night. Ha ha yes I did get her off many times that night .She said that it had been years since she has been fucked that good.I was again thinking to my self of the past week about how many times Sandy sucked the cum out of me. I didn't tell my wife that Sandy spent the weekend with me and how we fucked on the counter, the table, in the hot tub and just about every where in the house.

Hearing about my fuck sessions used to always excite my wife ,just get better I said there will be more fun again with Sandy.I am sure she said, once any woman gets a hold of your package they will come back for more.

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Once in the house I got my wife comfortable on the sofa I said to her that Sandy said she will drop by around 4 to check on you.I was thinking about the night before about how Sandy was grinding her soaked pussy on my face on that very same sofa ,and the second time she swallowed my cum with me kneeling over her. Probably coming over to check on you she said I am sure she would grab a quickie before she leaves and smiled. As I watched her close her eyes and drift off to sleep I thought about how lucky I have been to have a woman as understandable as she was.

I remembered back when we would screw for hours on that same couch and the many years we had great sex.I never wanted another woman until her health deteriorated and sex was limited to just oral. How she encouraged me to find a girl friend and how happy she was when I did,even though I was much happier with my wife As my wife laid there sleeping I began to think about all the years I had her and how wet she always was when I would fuck her.

She was always eager to suck my cock and spread her legs so I could lick her juices ,even after Anita and I had just fucked. I had many times try to have her come along with me when I would go play with another couples,I would fantasize about her having a guy fuck her while she sucked me. It never happened I was able to get her to suck my cock with Anita a few times ,but she would mostly lay with her head on my chest encouraging Anita .She would ask me how Anita was doing kiss my nipples even rub my balls telling me to cum in Anita's mouth and for Anita to swallow it all.


I was suddenly dragged in to reality when there was a knock at the door,seeing the time I knew it was Sandy. I got up ,straightened my trousers as to hide my erection and opened the door. Sandy greeted me with a big smile and a kiss as she seemed happy to see meI kissed her back and put my finger to my lips and pointed to my wife sleeping.

She put her arms around me ,drew me closer and kissed me again just about sucking my tongue down her throat.I see your happy to see me she whispered running her hand down on my still hard cock and gave me that devilish smile. You were thinking of me, good she said because I have been thinking of you as well, taking my hand down to her pussy. I rubbed her pussy through her uniform, it felt warm and damp,I see you have I said as she pushed her hips tighter against my hand.

I broke away from her, taking her hand ,coffee ? I asked walking towards the kitchen,sure she said glancing at my wife as we passed her.

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Hows she doing ,sleeping I said seems to be happy to be home.Did she take her medicine she asked in which I replied yesthen she will be out for a while she said good. I poured us some coffee ,cream and sugar I ask, no she said just cream but not in my coffee and giggled I am such a slut.

I led her out on the back patio and we made small talk held hands. I think your so beautiful I said giving her a kiss looking into her sparkling eyes.

I dont have much time she said I want you now as she moved closer and started undoing my pants.This may have to be a quickie as she pulled my cock out and started stroking it ,It didn't take long and I was hard again.

I slid my hand down inside her pants fondling her wet pussymy two fingers sliding easily into her. I love how wet you get I said to her rubbing the button with my thumb as she pushed my fingers in deeper, rotating her hips. With in minutes she had an orgasm ,letting out a loud moan, fuck she said over and over until she calmed down.You sure know what buttons to push she said then bent over and impaled her mouth down on my cock ,sucking and stroking for all it was worth.

I was starting to feel my cum getting ready to shoot when I pulled her off and said I want that wet pussy then I will cum in your mouth.

Hear ?she said looking around yes I said and stood her up leaning her over the railing and pulling her pants down. My cock slid all the way into her with one push as she pushed back and moaned, I grabbed her hips guiding her in and out with each thrust, she was going wild, her pussy trying to grip my cock squeezing it tight as she came again. I held still feeling her muscles convulsing around my hard rod pushing her juices out around it. I pulled out and dropped to my knees ,I sure love this view I said looking at dripping her cunt.

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It is just like a beautiful flower I said licking the cum from folds or her pussy sucking her stretched hole dripping of juices. My turn she said pulling away and pulling up her pants I want that cream now pushing me back and down on the bench taking my cock deep in her mouth.

You sure are the best I said trying to make complete sentences while she sucked greedily on my cock. Cum in my mouth she said, I want that cum and with in minutes I was giving her just what the doctor ordered.


Once I the first shot of cum hit her throat she began stroking and sucking as quickly as she could until she drained ever bit of it from my softening cock. She sat up beside me and kissed me deeply and thanked me.

Do you know that I have fucked you and sucked you more times in two weeks than I have my husband in the last two years she said. I think back on the days before I met him how much I liked cock and cum and wonder why I settled for him, he had a small dick ,didn't like blow jobs or sex.

Maybe I just had enough at the time being a slut with different guys and wanted to change and said,a normal life security and a family.

I miss it some times though she said I miss being used like a slut, fucked until my legs are weak, my pussy stretched and wrapped around a stiff cock for hours, even spending the whole day in bed. Well you can be my little slut any time you want ,I said and still have your home and family the best of both worlds.

We kissed for a few minutes finished our coffee went back in and checked on my wife. Sandy felt her forward for a fever,your a very lucky woman she whispered to her and beautiful too.


My wife opened her eyes looked at her smiled then went back to sleepI have to go now she said .I walked her to the door kissed her thanked her again and hugged her,see quickies are good she whispered and smiled I will see you again in a few days bye.

I sat back down looking at my wife thinking if she only knew what just happened then a smile came to her face,maybe she does , to be continued