Pretty girl gets drilled doggy position

Pretty girl gets drilled doggy position
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Kate lied to me. Her real name is Sarah. I'm seething with anger. I'm going to punish her good. I make Kate/Sarah lay on her back on the bed, squat over her face and lower my pussy so she can continue lapping my pussy juices. I lower myself to her curly-haired bushy pussy and start my own licking. She's very juicy. Tasty. Yummy. I lick up and down to get the sweet juices that have leaked out.

Then I start jabbing my tongue into her slit. Up and down the slit.

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In and out. I tongue fuck her pussy. Finding her love button, I close my lips on it and suck hard. Her body is squirming. She is starting to buck.

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I know she is just about to cum. She is almost ready to explode! I stop.

No way is this lying bitch going to get that pleasure. I wait until her body calms itself. Then I start in on her poor cunt again, raising her to the brink of ecstasy before again stopping. Yes!

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Her punishment is be brought to the brink of an explosive orgasm repeatedly only to be disappointed each time. A suitable punishment for a foolish liar of a bitch!

I am so enjoying tormenting this lying bitch. There is no chance that I will let her cum. Not after lying to me about her name. Her name is Sarah, not Kate!

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That makes me so mad! However, I am enjoying her attempts to satisfy me. Actually, she is very good. She must lick a lot of cunts. I've already cum twice although I doubt she realizes this.I've deliberately stifled my cries of pleasure so she won't think she has finished her task and stop. Ohhh! I feel myself coming again!

This time I can't stop my body from spasming in delight. My body keeps jerking and shuddering. Ohhh.this is so good! As my body starts to slow and come under control again, I feel Sarah/Kate starting to shudder. I can't allow that! I straighten up and pull her around so that her lips can suck my nipples thus disrupting her near orgasm. As my body starts to slow and come under control again, I feel Sarah/Kate starting to shudder.

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I can't allow that! I straighten up and pull her around so that her lips can suck my nipples thus disrupting her near orgasm. As her lips eagerly nibble and suck my hard nipples, I slowly stroke her smooth bum to cool her…anything to prevent her orgasm. Good. She's becoming calm. I let her suckle me for a few more minutes until I hear her tummy rumble. That reminds me…I'm hungry. It's time for dinner.

Getting up to wash and dress for dinner I wonder what I should do with Sarah/Kate while I enjoy a fine meal at a nice restaurant. I suppose I'll have to tie her to the bed or the dresser, maybe the radiator. Entering the bathroom I notice something in the corner…a toilet plunger. Hmmm. Yes, this could be a bit of fun. Taking up the wooden handled plunger I rinse it off and walk back into the room. I instruct Sarah/Kate, who is looking rather apprehensive, to kneel on the floor.

Then I stick the plunger under her so that the wooden handle protrudes into her still wet pussy. I tell her, "OK Kate or Sarah or whatever your name is, just sit there and don't move. You will be very sorry if you get up." Going back into the bathroom to clean and dress I watch Sarah through the mirror.

She's having some difficulty kneeling with the plunger stuck in her.


Every few seconds she tries to rest by sitting back on her heels. This just pushes the handle into her and she jerks upright again. She keeps going up and down like this, too afraid to get up and take it out. That's good.


I might even let her cum on the wooden handle. Her face looks a bit strained. Having finished cleaning up I put on my black, silk gown. Now where should I tie Sarah so she doesn't go wandering off while I'm enjoying my dinner?

A knock at the door solves that problem. It's the hotel keeper. I remember promising to lend Kate/Sarah to him after the soccer game. As I open the door he says, "I came for the bitch. Manchester lost. I'm ticked!" Sliding into my Chinglish once again I reply, "Bitch here. You take.


Bring back morning. I need morning. You take. Enjoy wham bam thank you ma'am." The hotel keeper grins as he sees Sarah going up and down on the toilet plunger and says, "This will be lots of fun." I add, "You share friends? Yes?" He thinks a moment, "Friends, now there's an idea." I add further, "No you make big bruises.

Small bruise ok. Big bruise no. No break things. Want her back good. OK?" He looks a little disappointed on hearing the part about only small bruises and not breaking things but nods his agreement. I tell Sarah, "Go with man. Come back morning. Behave." Her eyes like saucers, trembling, she slowly gets up.

The hotel keeper, grinning, takes hold of her leash and pulls her, stumbling out of the room. I have plans for tomorrow. Sarah will make a nice addition to my presentation at the convention. After that I go home to China. Meanwhile, I happily go out to a very nice restaurant and enjoy a fine, leisurely meal.

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