Sweet teen babe gives a deepthroat BJ

Sweet teen babe gives a deepthroat BJ
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Sarah loved her small family. When she was growing up, it was just her, her Daddy and Mommy. She always wondered why her Daddy seemed younger than her Mommy, and not really that much older than herself. Growing up, it seemed like Daddy was always going to school. As she got older, Sarah, like most kids, noticed how her Mommy and Daddy interacted with each other, from small talk to when they did icky things like hug and kiss. She never saw them argue or fight, but often heard them in their bedroom at night.

Her Mommy was really loud! But it never sounded like they were fighting. Over time, she noticed them even more and the icky hugging and kissing stuff wasn't icky.

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She noticed even more after she hit puberty. The way they looked at each other when they thought she wasn't looking, sometimes the way they touched or hugged, sometimes the way they talked with each other. She would daydream about when she grew up at got married. Her husband always looked and sounded like her handsome Daddy. In her night dreams, she imagined what it would be like to kiss her Daddy the way her Mommy kissed him.

Once her Aunt Penny came over. She liked her aunt, but was disappointed that her cousins Janey, Johnny and Joey, or her Uncle Jake didn't come to. She was surprised to see her Aunt Penny kiss her Mommy the way Daddy did! That night she had dreams of kissing her Daddy, but sometimes her Daddy would be Mommy or Aunt Penny. When she woke up, she felt tingly all inside and the sheets of her bed were damp. At first she thought she'd wet the bed, but when her Mommy changed the sheets, she said it wasn't tinkle wet and not to worry about it.

But when she said it, her Mommy had a strange look on her face.

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Then one night, she woke from another sexy dream, which were happening more often than not. She heard low moans down the hall in the direction of mommy's room. Creeping out of her bed wearing nothing but the night shirt she slept in, Sarah padded down the hall.

The sounds were coming from mommy's room!

The door was open and a faint light was streaming into the dark hall. She peered in and what she saw blew her mind! Her mommy was face down on the bed, naked, her knees underneath her and her ass in the air. Her head was up because her hair was being pulled back by her Daddy who was hammering his cock hard into their mom's pussy!

Her mom writhed and gasped as he fucked her, pummeling her wet hole with long forceful strokes. "Take it you filthy slut, feel your baby boy's cock stretch your cunt open. Milk my cock with your cunt, you whore!" He growled as he pounded away. "Oh gawd, yes! Give Mommy your cock! Fuck your Momma as only you can, my babyboy, my lover, my master, my husband.

Fuck your slut in all her holes like you want!" she groaned. Sarah felt her virgin pussy heat up and her juices begin to flow.

Her nipples became hard sensitive pressing into the thin fabric of her nightshirt. Without realizing it, her hand began to brush her sensitive pussy mound. Her finger slipped inside and touched her engorged clit, which made her gasp audibly. The sound made her Daddy's head whip around and she stood frozen in his gaze. "What the fuck are you doing?" he shouted in a displeased, almost angry tone.

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Startled, Sarah bolted to her room, slamming the door behind her. She collapsed in her bed, shivering though her skin tingled with electric fire, and hugged herself.

Her arms brushed over the hardened nub of her nipples and sent a wave of heat surging through her young pussy. Unable to help herself, she found one hand pushing into her pubic mound and her other on her budding breasts, squeezing and caressing them. Her mind was replay mode, her Daddy pounding his cock into her Mommy, the sensuous look of lust on her face while her body writhed into the incestuous fucking being given to her.

She felt her finger slip inside her slick tight pussy and her hips lurch as if eager for more. Sarah squeezed her nipple, then pinched it hard. The pain was a delight that she could neither bear or get enough of. "You see, Sarah plays with herself exactly like you do, mom.

I'll bet she just as much of a slut as you are too." Sarah's eyes snapped open in horror. Her Daddy was standing in her room naked, his huge cock pulsing. Their mom was also there on her knees wearing little more than a dark collar with chains clamped to her eraser hard nipples and engorged clit.

She could see something in her mommy's pussy which was emitting a low hum. Her mommy's eyes were glazed with lust and her body shivered and rock in a way that sent another wave of heat to her loins. Sarah felt her hand squeeze her pussy in response.

"Look at her, mom. She can't help herself. I think I'd better deal with her now or she's going to make all the same dumb mistakes you did, because she's just as much of a cock-craving whore as her mother, isn't she?" "Yes Master," her mom rasped in a husky voice. "Show Sarah what a slut looks like when she orgasms," he sneered, "CUM NOW!" Sarah watched as her mom's mouth opened and a loud guttural moan.

Her body shook violently and dribbles of fluid leaked from around the object in her pussy, filling the room with a musky aroma that caused Sarah's hips to buck uncontrollably into her hand. "Yep, a nasty slut, just like her mom. Now get your ass up, slave, and go prepare kit A and mount up." "Yesss, Master," her mom hissed as he grabbed a hank of her hair and hauled her to her feet.

Her mom turned around to do as instructed, and Sarah saw a bright red plug protruding from her shapely, well-toned ass. Before she realised it, Daddy had crossed the room and grabbed a fistful of her long black hair right at the base of her neck and his cock loomed huge in her face, pre-cum glistening on the head, her mommy's pussy juices gleaming stickily on the shaft.

The way he had grabbed her hair and pulled her hair hurt but excited her. She opened her mouth to gasp and found it suddenly full of Daddy's cock, stretching her lips to accommodate his girth.

The head hit the top of her throat and she gagged. Daddy slapped her face and yelled, "Don't you dare! Swallow it you bitch!". The shock made her gulp convulsively and she felt Daddy's cock slide down her esophagus.

Her hands flew up as she began to choke. Daddy caught them one at a time and tied them together with her hair, then dragged her body forward. Her injured yelp, muffled by the suffocating presence of the huge dick filling her mouth and stretching her young throat, forced it's way out through her nose, allowing her to breath. She fought off the urge to gag, her throat muscles convulsing around his shaft, as he forced her into a sitting position with her ass on the edge of the bed.

He forced her legs apart with his shin, then jammed it into her weeping slit. Sarah felt her hips jerk into his leg and grind spastically. Then he face fucked her brutally. She gagged continually as his long strokes always left the head of his cock in her throat. She managed to breathe through her nose enough not to asphyxiate, but just barely.

Saliva streamed from her mouth lubricating his pole. As he throat fucked her, a torrent of abuse poured from him. Every word sent her spiraling onward, losing herself in sexual bliss. Beastial need took over, and she humped herself into his leg and relished the sensation of his cock violating her mouth and throat. He rammed his cock in deep then exploded. Sarah gagged and swallowed hard, milking his gooey essence from him taking it greedily.

She slammed her hips into his shin and the first hard orgasm she'd ever had sent a gush of fluid from her aching cunt. He pulled his cock from her mouth, still hard and glistening with her drool. Sarah leaned forward as it pulled away, tongue extended with a stringy dribble of spit and semen bridging the gap to his still hard rod.

He let go of her wrists. While she struggled to untangle her hands from her hair, Daddy ripped open her nightshirt, leaving her completely exposed to his gaze. Sarah's legs were splayed open, juices dripping from her virgin cunt. Her tender young nipples were engorged and swollen atop her budding breasts and her entire body was flushed. Daddy pinned her with his gaze, and she could feel her stare penetrating her, reading the fear and desire within her.

Tears streamed from her eyes, ashamed of the way she'd enjoyed her Daddy violating her mouth and throat.

Sarah worked her hands free and a sudden rush of shame made her start. She tried to get up, crawl away, hide herself and her nakedness. Instead Daddy caught her. He grabbed her roughly, pinned her wrists together behind back and tied them tightly with the ruined remains of her nightshirt.

She began to cry when he picked her up and flung her face down on the bed, then dragged her by her legs until her lower half hung over the edge, knees on the floor. "Please, Daddy, nooooooo!

I'll be good. Please don't AAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!" she screamed as she felt her Daddy's big thick cock stretch open her tight, wet virgin pussy. Her shriek went up an octave as his cock broke her cherry and became buried deep inside her with a single penetrating thrust. Then he fucked her hard. Sarah's pain and humiliation became fuel to her inner fire as her Daddy pounded her cunt. Each thrust was an agony of pleasure as he hammered into her as her cries of abuse turned to rapture, her Daddy forcing her to orgasm over and over with his huge cock.

"Tha'ts it you fucking slut!" he growled, "Take your Daddy's cock you bitch whore! You like this, don't you slut? Being fucked by your Daddy the same way I fuck mommy? Say it cunt! You like being Daddy's fuck toy, don't you?" "Oh gawd yes!

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Daddy! I'm your fucking slut! I'm your whore, your cunt your fucktoy, Dadddddiiiieeeeeeeeeee!", she screamed in delight as creamed on her Daddy's cock. All at once, her Daddy's cock swelled huge inside her abused cunt. She felt his molten hot jism spray inside her, filling her completely.

Unable to help herself, she came again, so hard she lost consciousness for a moment. She felt herself hauled up by the hair and her face twisted around.

"Suck it clean, slut," her Daddy sneered when he forced his cock, covered with a mix of her juices, the blood from her broken hyman, and his cum into her mouth. Again he held her and fucked her face.


This time, overcome by her own lust and desire, she willingly took all of his cock, savoring the heady mix of slime she licked and sucked from his big dick. He pushed her back onto the bed, on her knees and legs spread. "Now for the last hole, and you will be completely and utterly MINE, slut!" He shoved his turgid member into her sopping cunt and fucked her with a few rough strokes.

He withdrew, then Sarah felt his enormous cock head press against her ass. "Oh gawd, Daddy, noooooo. It's too big," she gasped, pleading, "You're too big for my aaaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Again Sarah shrieked, this time in hot pain as her Daddy pushed his cock into her ass. He grabbed her hair at the the back of her head and fucked her ass unmercifully; long, hard thrusts that threatened to rip her in half.

Yet despite the pain, her body responded as before, and soon she was thrusting back into him, eager to be filled with her Daddy's cock. He fucked her through several orgasms, often forcing her to climax as he fucked her by a growled command for her to cum.

Again she felt his cock swell even larger, then the jets of his hot goo spurting deep into her bowels. Finished, her Daddy once more made Sarah lick and suck his cock clean.


The taste of her ass nearly made her gag at first, but a snarled command forced her to orgasm whilst she was being face-fuck, and then the smell and taste of herself only served to arouse her further. This time, he continued to plunge his cock into her throat until, at last, he pulled all but the top of his cock out and blew his wad into her wanton mouth. "That's it, slut, taste your Daddy's cum and enjoy it. You're going to be getting a lot more of it from now on.

But don't you dare swallow it. We're going to go show mommy just what kind of a slut she gave me for a daughter." With that, he stood and dragged her by her hair to her parents' room. Inside, she saw her mommy on her knees with legs spread with. She was sitting over a sort of platform, and could see the toys in her mommy's pussy and ass. Her mommy was still wearing the collar and clamps.

The toys were slick from the juices flowing from her pussy. Daddy dragged Sarah over to her mommy, then to her feet. He pushes Sarah's cunt to her mommy's face.

"Lick her pussy, Mom. Show our daughter what kind of nasty slut you are, and what kind of cock craving, cum loving fuck toy she's going to become. Sarah felt her mommy's warm breath a instant before she felt her soft wet tongue flicking out, licking into her cunt. Another flood of wetness soaked her as her mommy licked the sweat, blood and mingled sex fluids off Sarah's inner thighs and from her freshly fucked pussy. Her Daddy forced her to her knees in front of her mommy, then pushed their mouths together.

Her mommy's lips were warm and soft and Sarah responded without hesitation, kissing her mommy back with abandon, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Sarah felt her Daddy's cock thrust inside her pussy again.

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It was still tight and stung from the previous fucking, but this time she moaned into her mommy's mouth and fucked herself onto her Daddy's cock willfully. "Yeah, mom.

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Kiss our little slut daughter, kiss her while I fuck her the way I fuck you. You both love this, both mommy and daughter fucking their own blood kin like the incestuous sluts you are!." Mother and daughter leaned into their kiss with a passion and Sarah felt her mommy's hand touch her, roaming and exploring her nubile young body.

Her last coherent thought that night was of how much she loved being her parents fucktoy. The only things she could recall later were snippets of images and her body responding to whatever was being done to her; Her Daddy fucking her mommy like he was raping her, and her mommy's explosion of cum, being trussed up and fucked relentlessly, licking her Daddy's cum from her mommy's pussy, clamps being attached to her clit and nipples and a collar being placed on her neck like her mommy, being made to cum over and over and over.

She woke up nestled in her Daddy's arm, her mommy sucking on her Daddy's cock. Just the presence of her Daddy's strong body and the sight of her mommy's head swallowing his huge cock made the girl wet with anticipation.

Her Daddy stirred and opened his eyes. "Good morning My slutty little whore," he said with a wicked smile. "Are you ready for a full day of being fucked?" "Yes, Daddy. I'm your little slut, just like mommy.

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May I ask you a question, Daddy?" "What is it, My Sarah-slut?" "Why do you call my mommy mom?" "Because, my little slut, your mommy is my mom too. I fucked her when I was still a boy, not much older than you, and I put you inside her belly." "Oh my gawd, Daddy, that means." "It means I'm not just your Daddy, but your older brother too," he finished for her.

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the thought made Sarah so aroused her clit began to ache. "And today, My slut, your Daddy is going to fuck you good and hard while our mommy watches and helps. Mommy is going to help me plant a little girl in your belly, so one day, you can have the fun and joy of watching Daddy fuck your daughter and make her a slut just like you." "Ohhhhh, Daddddy." Sarah cooed, "Yes, fuck you slut and give me a little girl." And they lived, fucking and sucking, both women completely Daddy's sluts, until Sarah and her Daddy's baby, her daughter and little sister, was old enough to become Daddy's slut as well.