Girl and black guy xxx movie sex stories

Girl and black guy xxx movie sex stories
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Hey guys. Sorry for not posting for a while, but I got caught up in life and lost all my motivation. Anyway, chapter is short like the last one. I realised that if I keep chapters this length, chapter 10 cannot possibly be my last, so I will extend the number of chapters in the series.

I tried to be genuine about my feelings in this chapter and. as a result, you might not find the beginning of their sex sesh not that sexy, but don't worry, it gets sexier.

He nuzzled my neck and I could feel his boner between my buttcheeks. We were both in a shower and only a few minutes ago we had been soaping each other up.

I felt like I was in heaven, under the protective musculature of Dave's arms. The folded around me, making me feel like I belonged. It was a weird fusion of romance and horniness, like a movie. But it was true.


Until he said, "Shower sex is actually fucking awkward." "Really?" I inquired, sighing. We parted and I sat down in the tub, looking up at him. He looked like a Greek God, with all the hugeness and muscles (although he didn't have toned abs and thighs, but I liked that more).

But his sudden interruption had stolen the magic from the air and my penis quickly shortened. "I swear when we were all in year eight everyone thought sex was something like heaven because none of us had had it. And now that we are, everyone says it's fucking overrated.

Fuck that!" "I know." As he crouched down, the light from the window rippled off his wet shoulders. "But we haven't had sex yet, so we can't say anything." "Yeah, but it'll probably be the same." "No, we can make it special," he prodded on, smiling, ever so positive, "We will make it special." "Yeah, it'll be a special pain in my ass." To be honest, I was looking forward to it, but I was not feeling happy in general at that moment. Earlier that morning, Dave and I had decided to have sex two times today.

First with me as a bottom and second with him as a bottom. That way, we'd both lose our assginities to each other and everyone would be happy. Also, we would be avoiding the whole top/bottom dynamic by being versatile so it preserved equality. Yes, we actually discussed that. We were weird. Anyway, something that really did lift my mood up was Dave's hairy, wet, meaty thigh. It was mouthwatering in a sexual way, and the way he steadily got hairier as you went up to his hips just made him all the sexier.

His ass was a wonder. After Saahil's babylike bubble butt, some real man-ass was really welcome. And by 'real man-ass' I mean hairy. The sexy kind of hairy, not hairy hairy. I would later discover that I liked both kinds of asses. But at the age of 16 years and 11 months, I was feeling extremely biased towards David's ass. And David's tan. And David's eyes. And David's gigantic thighs. And David's dig bick. But much more than any of that, I loved the person that David was.

You see, I was under the impression I'd found my true calling, my love. And maybe I had… "I wish I had your abs." "What?" I said dully, suddenly snapping from my inner daydreams.

"I wish I had your abs," Dave repeated more clearly. "Why?" I asked incredulously. "That's stupid. I think you look amazing just the way you are." "Oh don't be fucking corny, even you'd like to see a six pack on me." "I wouldn't have any problem with that," I verified, "But right now, I just like you for… you. I mean, your huge thighs and abdomen may not be toned, but I just prefer you this way.

I think it suits you better." "Wait." Dave's brows furrowed. "So you're saying if I don't work out and just stayed this way, without getting abs and toned thighs, you'd like it?" "No, I mean—" "That's great! Why can't girls be like this? They're so picky." "Well, the girls you've been with…" I sighed.

"But that's not what I meant. If you stopped working out, you'd become fat. Because you eat like a pig. And even though I'd still like you because you're you… it would be unhealthy." "I don't eat as much as I did in summer," Dave said reproachfully, "But still, that's good news.

You know how we've promised to be open to each other…?" "Yeah…" "Well, I've always felt insecure around guys with abs.

Like you. But I can't tell you how happy I am." I smiled, trying to hide the fact that I was quite bored of this conversation. Dave reached over and kissed me for a moment. Then he switched the shower off and got out of the bathtub.

I dried myself with a towel and went into his messy bedroom, looking at the single bed beside the window. It was amazing how the two of us had managed to sleep in it. It was made for one person.

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Today we had made an unspoken agreement of having our first fuck in that bed. "Well, you've had a shit," Dave said as he stepped out of the bathroom, drying his face with a towel, "And we have lube and condoms. And we've both had a shower." I felt ready. I lay myself down on the bed, watching him go over to the cupboard and put his condom on, having a little wank to lube it up and get his dick hard. Once it reached its full seven-and-a-half-inch length, he came and kneeled before me.

"Tell me if you're feeling pain, yeah?" "You'll know that if I scream," I quipped, not feeling that romantic. Watching Dave lube his dick up had certainly jump-started my sex drive, but I felt that something was missing. But I wanted to see how getting fucked felt like and my curiosity and horniness overrode all other emotions.

I looked into his eyes and smiled and he took this as a signal of me being ready. He placed his hands on my waist, brushing against my cock which was leaning towards the left.

He pulled me up, and I held my breath as my ass neared his boner. Due to my extensive knowledge from porn and Saahil, I knew that I had to keep my legs on his shoulders.

But it was as if he'd read my mind: he put his hands under my thighs and pushed them up. And then he started kissing my thigh, licking it up and down. As his tongue touched the hair on my thighs, I felt some of the magic coming back. That missing thing was slowly coming back. He also started wanking my cock with his luberidden hands. I moaned. It felt good. I wanted to reach over and kiss him but that would just ruin the position. I rested my legs on his naked shoulders, and he watered his mouth and spat.

The globule of saliva landed on my abs and that somehow turned me on a lot. I rubbed it all over me, wanting that part of him to become me. He joined in the rubbing, reaching over and caressing my nipples, squeezing them gently so that I moaned softly.

"Okay, ready?" he asked. "Okay," I said weakly. As I knew the moment was coming near, I was suddenly feeling less confident. But after he put his hand on my hip, I felt reassured.

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He lubed his dick up some more before using his left hand to guide it. I felt it prod against my butthole, but it was too small. I didn't know how to make it bigger… but like anything, Dave decided that applying enough pressure would open it up.

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I spread my legs wider, even dropping them off his shoulders, wondering whether it would work. Well, I guess that helped. Either that or Dave pushed hard enough. I could feel the sweaty, hairy skin around my asshole giving way to his bellend.

As that happened, I relaxed, feeling my hole's contraction disappearing. A second later I almost shouted. Before I knew it, Dave's tip had come into me. But it wasn't that painful… yet. "How are you?" asked my boyfriend. "I'm okay." I could see Dave's body move as he oozed his lubed up dick into me. The throbs were steadily getting more and more painful. His head was almost entirely inside me when I had the first sting. "Fuck," I gasped. "What?" asked Dave, surprised. "Nothing really, just have a tight butthole is all," I said, trying to make the situation lighter, "And anyway, I've felt pain in my arse before.

I'll get used to it. Go on." And he did. He carefully, slowly pushed in more and at this point the pain was constant… unbearable. But I didn't want to say anything. I had imagined it would be like this.

Hopefully, I'd get used to it soon. My ass closed around his head, so I assumed the worst part was over. After all, that was the widest part of Dave's cock. Even Dave seemed reassured by the fact that I wasn't writhing in pain. He pushed slightly faster but I gave him a little gasp to say he was wrong. He went slower after that.

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The lube helped a lot. After four inches of his shaft were in, the rest slid in. "Fuck…" Dave gasped, "It's tight." I contracted my glutes, making him moan. That was when I realised that, once I learned the right tricks, I could play Dave's cock and, in turn, him like a videogame.

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That is, when it stopped hurting to have his cock in me. "Congratulations, Ali," Dave said happily, "You've lost your virginity. Now let's get on with what we were doing." He pulled me, making sure that his cock would stay situated in my ass. Slowly, he put his foot then leg on the floor. He kneeled on the side of the bed (which was rather low) and I was still lying on it.

I guessed that he did this to be able to thrust properly. My ass tingled as he slowly pulled his dick out. He didn't pull it out all the way. He pushed it back in, slightly faster. Then he pulled it out and pushed it in and slowly got into a rhythm.


And that was when, beneath the pain, I realised his cock was inside me. I tried to savour the fact that my rectum and asshole were squeezing around it. I started having fun. I started actually feeling horny. And boy, was it fucking hot. The throbs of pain were there, but the throbs and thrusts of my boyfriend sort of mixed with it and made me moan.

I closed my eyes and could sense him inside me, gasping, sweating, breathing, moaning. "Ali," he breathed, "Fuck, Ali!" "Yeah," I agreed, "Oh God, come on!" He started thrusting faster, knocking me breathless.

I put my hands on his arms, feeling the rigid muscle that held my waist. His hand closed around my cock, wanking it hard and fast.

"Yes, yes, yeah!" I breathed. I opened my eyes and looked into his. As he pushed in, he looked into mine and that brought our horniness to a whole new level. I felt like we were truly joined, in pleasure and in love. I was at the point of gasping and moaning constantly, sometimes because of the pleasure and sometimes because my ass stung. "Go slower," I said.

He obeyed and now I could see him truly, not just a blurred image. He was sweaty, and that made my boner exude more precum. He stopped stroking my cock and spat on his hands, making me moan louder when he resumed. His hand was perfect for my cock, and his cock was perfect for my ass. I contracted my butt muscles around his cock, making him yell, "ALI!

FUCK!" He pushed my legs off of his shoulders and bent over. As his mouth neared mine, I wrapped my legs around him. He was still stroking my boner, which was spitting more and more pre-cum. Then we kissed, tongues rolling in passion. And I started writhing, loving it. Finally, the pain was gone away. And so was my cum. I jizzed all over him. My cum travelled across his body because my cock was pressed against him. He held it all the way through, which just made the sensation better.

All the while, we made out. I felt my asshole pulsing around his cock. And then his cock pulsed inside me. He had to take his mouth away from me to shout, "OH YES… ohhh…… Ali." His voice was so hot, it made me squirt a bit more. He pulled his cock out of me and I suddenly became aware that my ass was throbbing in a painful way. "Lick your cum off of me," he said a moment later. "Dave, you know I don't like—" "Just do it, slut!" I was taken aback, but I licked it anyway as my cock leaked the last dregs of the stuff.

As I did that, he stroked his own cock, and I assumed that he ejaculated a bit more because he was moaning loud. I was simply disgusted. One of the main differences between me and him was that, after ejaculation, I got completely turned off and simply didn't want to carry on doing anything sexual. But his horniness stayed with him half a minute or so after jizzing. After I'd done my job, my eyes caught sight of his condom.

It was almost opaque. Some drops of semen were peeking outside of it. "Dear lord," I said comically. "You have no idea how good that felt," Dave said in a satisfied voice, "Damn. I just had so much fun. One of the biggest loads of my life." "Glad I could bring that about," I said, half honestly and half sarcastically. I tried to sit on the bed but felt a horrible stinging in my ass.

Fuck, I thought, hoping that nothing was wrong but expecting the worst. I lied facedown on the bed, not sure whether to feel glad or bad. I felt his lips on my neck once again as he lied down half on me. "We're not going once again, David," I said angrily. "I don't want to," he replied softly.

"I'm sorry." I turned my head, surprised that I was surprised to hear him say that. I should have expected an apology. All my revulsion turned to love and I kissed him on the lips.

"It's okay." I loved these moments, the cuddling-after-fucking ones when I could feel his bodyheat and his warm breath and his skin. We looked into each other's eyes and I instantly remembered that moment of eye contact when we were fucking. That was hot, that was. "My butt feels horrible." "Sorry for that as well." "It's normal, I think." I paused for a moment. "I won't be able to sit for some time." Dave sat up and kissed both my butt cheeks.

"Get well soon, Blossom and Bubbles." That somehow made me laugh. "It was a good thing I slowed down towards the end." "Yeah," I agreed, "You don't need to do it rough to have an explosion of an orgasm." "I know," he replied.

"Please go easy on me tonight." I chuckled. "Okay." "But still, that was fucking hot. Probably because your butthole is so tight." "And hopefully you'll be as tight." "Even if I'm not, it'll be hot." He winked. "I just loved it. And especially when we looked at each other. I've never felt that level of romantic and horny at the same time." "Same, babe." "Babe?" "Oh shut up, come here and cuddle with me." He obeyed once again, pushing himself into bed beside me.