Son gett bikini off mom

Son gett bikini off mom
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15-year old Matthew helps 59-year Ruth walk home Matthew: 15-year old white male, 5" 9' tall, 130 lbs, dark hair, green eyes, 9-inch cock Ruth: 59-year old black female, 5" 2" tall, 200 lbs, 40E breasts, 52-inch black booty Matthew is your typical 15-year old kid, who was busy texting on his phone when he bumped into a 59-year old black woman named Ruth.

Their little altercation made Ruth to drop one of her grocery bags. Causing a few of her items to roll down the street.

Matthew put away his mobile phone and quickly retrieved the items "I'm so sorry. Let me get those for you Mame" Ruth appreciated the fact the Matthew was being such a gentleman. "You're such a kind young man. Thank you so much, for helping an old lady out" "You're welcome, Mame" Since he did knock her groceries from her bag. Matthew figured the least he could do, was to help Ruth carry her groceries home. "Here, let me take these for you" Ruth wasn't expecting for Matthew to carry her groceries home for her.

"You don't have to do that, young man" But Matthew insisted. "I feel bad for bumping into you like that. So the least I can do is carry your bags for you." Ruth was flattered that young Matthew was being so kind to her. So she took Matthew up on his offer. "Okay, young man.

Follow me. I live just a few blocks from here" As Matthew walked behind Ruth, he couldn't help but notice how her wide hips and big round butt, seemed to jiggle with every step she took. Watching as Ruth's wide hips swayed from side to side, was a pleasant sight. Ruth looked good for her age.

She's a small BBW black woman, standing at 5" 2', 200 lbs, with 40E breasts, and a protruding 52-inch black butt. Matthew could only imagine what Ruth must look like in the nude. "I bet she has the softest ass EVER" Ruth knew that Matthew was watching how her hips swayed, so she made it a point to strut her stuff for his viewing pleasure.

"I bet that young man is checking out my rear end. It's kind of flattering. Maybe I should strut a little harder, so he can watch it jiggle." Ruth began to blush, as the two of them arrived at her home. "Well sweetie, we finally made it." Matthew was so mesmerized by Ruth's ass, that he hadn't noticed that they had arrived at her home. "Boy, that was fast.Allow for me to bring these in for you." As Ruth opened her door to let them in, Matthew accidentally brushes up against one of her tits as he walked by.

Feeling a little embarrassed.

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He quickly apologized. "Oh my, please excuse me" Ruth sensed how nervous the young boy was, so she played it off as a joke. "It's alright sweetie, that's the most attention the girl had in a while." Matthew breathed a sigh of relief. Glad that she didn't think that he was trying to cop a feel. Ruth had Matthew bring her bags of groceries into the kitchen, then she offered him a drink of lemonade. "Let's get these bags into the kitchen and get you an ice cold glass of lemonade.

You must be tired after lugging my heavy groceries around for 3 blocks." Matthew watched as Ruth began putting away her groceries. Keeping his eyes glued to her wide hips the entire time. Ruth felt young Matthew's eye's on her lovely ass once again.

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This time she figured she'd have a little fun with the young lad. So while Ruth was putting away the last of her groceries, she purposely let an apple fall to the kitchen floor. Then she put her hand on the kitchen table and bent over nice and slow, letting her dress ride up a bit. Giving 15-year old Matthew a clear view of her lovely rear end.

"Oops, I'd better get that" As she was bending over, Ruth looked back at young Matthew staring directly at her ass. Then she took it even further.

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"Do you like what you see, honey?" Caught completely off guard. Matthew didn't know what to say. "I-I-I didn't mean to" Ruth felt a tingling in her loins, that she hadn't felt in years. Just knowing that she had aroused someone as young as Matthew, was making her cunt moist. She knew what Matthew wanted, so she decided she'd give it to him.

Ruth kept her hands on the table, as she stuck her ass out. "Come over here, Matthew" Matthew's heart was racing a mile minute as he moved in behind Ruth, and placed his hands on her hips.

The sensation from rubbing Ruth's soft ass, made Matthews cock get harder than it's ever been. Ruth knew that she was turning young Matthew on, so she figured she'd give him a better view. "Go ahead sugar. Pull my dress up" Matthew began to slowly pull Ruth's dress up above her waist. Ruth's hot cunt began to throb with anticipation. "Oh yes, that's it sugar. Now pull down my panties" As Matthew eased down her wet panties, Ruth spread her legs.

Giving Matthew a close up look at her hairy pussy. "Oh, Matthew. Put your fingers down there and feel how wet you've made me." Matthew let his fingers run through Ruth's cunt hairs until he felt her wetness. Then he shoved his middle finger into Ruth's dripping cunt" "Oh yes, play with my pussy" Matthew continued to work his finger into Ruth's hot cunt, then he pulled it out and licked his finger clean.

Ruth was ready for Matthew to really taste her. "Why don't you taste it, sugar" Matthew was more than ready to taste Ruth's hot cunt, as he dropped to his knees, and spread her huge butt cheeks apart. Matthew buried his head in Ruth's ass, then thrust his tongue right into Ruth's dripping cunt. "Oh my God, your tongue feels so good." Matthew was enjoying the musky aroma and taste of Ruth's big ass.

Soon he was switching between licking Ruth's wet cunt and her rosebud asshole. Making Ruth's ass shake as she came on his face.

"Oh, that's it. I'm gonna cum!!! I'M GONNA CUM!!!!" Ruth's giant hips began to gyrate, as her powerful orgasm rushed through her body. By the time Ruth had finished cumming. Her creamy cunt juices were slathered all over Matthew's face.

Matthew enjoyed the sensation of feeling Ruth's big cheeks jiggling, while his face was buried deep in her ass. After Ruth was able to catch her breath again, she leads Matthew into her bedroom. "Oh, Matthew. You made my pussy feel SO GOOD. Now it's time for me to return the favor" As Matthew hoped onto Ruth's bed. Ruth had seen the huge bulge in his jeans and was ready to see if young Matthew had enough cock to handle her gigantic ass.

Ruth began to pull down Matthews jeans and underwear. Then his big white cock dropped between his legs. With 9-inches of young white cock on her face. Ruth was eager to get her mouth on it. "Oh, Matthew. Your big white cock looks delicious." Ruth eagerly took the head of young Matthew's cock into her mouth, as she let her velvety tongue rub underneath the tip. A sensation that young Matthew had never felt before.

"Aaaahhhh, fuck. That feels good" With Ruth being an expert cocksucker. She knew just how to make young Matthew cum quickly. So while Ruth was licking and sucking the head of Matthew's cock, making it nice and wet. She let her fingers run down until they were above his anus, then she began pressing against his taint area.

Causing Matthew to buck his hips, then his young sperm shot into Ruth's opened mouth. "I'm cumming. Oh yes, I'm cumming" The first three short ropes of cum landed on Ruth's tongue, before sliding down her throat. The next six thick and salty ropes of cum, all landed on Ruth's face. Ruth wanted to make this blowjob, one that Matthew would never forget. So while Matthew's cock was still twitching, from having a mindblowing orgasm. Ruth licked along the thick vein from the bottom of Matthew's cock.

Causing young Matthew to grip her sheets and flail his legs around, while shouting her name, over and over again.

"Oh my God, Ruth! OOOOOh my God!!!" Young Matthew was on the verge of blacking out before Ruth finally decided to stop sucking his cock.

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Ruth knew that Matthew would need a few minutes to recover. So she used that time to wash Matthew's cum off her face. To her surprise, Matthew was sporting a rock hard erection when she returned 5 minutes later. After removing her dress.


Ruth laid on the bed next to Matthew. With her hand on his thigh, Ruth started making out with Matthew. Kissing him deeply and passionately. The two lovers continued feel and grope each other. Matthew took one of Ruth's hard nipples into his mouth, while he fingered her sloppy cunt. Making Ruth moan with excitement. "Oh Matthew, please don't stop." Matthew continued to finger her pussy and until he brought her to another earthshaking orgasm. "Oh yeah, just like that.

Don't stop, please don't stop" After removing his fingers from Ruth's cunt. Matthew moved on top of Ruth and lined his 9-inch cock up to her wet cunt. He watched as Ruth bite her bottom lip, as he penetrated her hot cunt.

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"Oh yes, give me that young cock" Matthew enjoyed hearing the sloshing sounds coming from his big white cock, going in and out of Ruth's creamy pussy. As he lifted her legs above his shoulders.

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Matthew began fucking Ruth long and hard. Each powerful stroke causing her huge tits to rock back and forth. Making Ruth's pussy cream all over his cock.

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Seeing how wet and creamy Ruth's pussy had gotten. Matthew pulled his cock from Ruth's creamy pussy and pressed the head of his cock against her clit. Causing Ruth's pussy to spasm. "Oh fuck, give me that dick" Matthew knew that he had her on the verge of cumming again, so he started slapping her engorged clit with his fat cock. Making Ruth's creamy pussy squirt it warm juices all over his cock. After rubbing her wet pussy, then licking her fingers clean.

Ruth rolled over into the doggy-style position and said 6 words that Matthew would never forget.


"Are you ready to ride the wave?" Young Matthew was in awe, looking at Ruth's gigantic 52-inch black booty directly in front of him. After he spread her huge cheeks apart, Matthew slammed his big white cock into Ruth's hot cunt. Then he grabbed her wide hips and went to town. Delivering deep penetrating thrusts. He would pull his cock out really slow, then SLAM it right back in. As young Matthew continued to pound away at Ruth's hot twat, the bed was beginning to shake, and the sounds of Matthew's cock slamming into Ruth's creamy pussy echoed through the room.

Ruth was eager to feel Matthew's warm cum inside her cunt. So she began to gyrate her 52-inch hips.

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Making her huge ass jiggle, while Matthew was fucking her cunt. As Ruth shook her ass on Matthew's cock, it caused her cunt muscles to grip tighter on Matthew's cock.

Something he'd never thought was possible. Matthew couldn't believe what he was feeling. "Oh, God. It feels like your cunt is sucking my cock." Ruth knew exactly what she was doing. "That's right Sugar. Ride that wave" With Ruth's huge ass shaking from side to side and her cunt muscles gripping his cock. Matthew started to cum. Shooting over a dozen thick ropes of cum into Ruth's pussy.

"Aaaahhhh.Aaaahhhh.I'm cumming!!! Ruth was still shaking her gigantic ass, even after Matthew had already cum. Trying to milk every drop of cum from his cock using her cunt muscles. "You okay, Sugar?" Matthew was too exhausted to speak, so he just nodded his head "Yes" After letting young Matthew sleep for a few hours.

Ruth gave him her number and told him to keep in touch. To be continued.