Charming czech kitten gets seduced in the supermarket and rode in pov

Charming czech kitten gets seduced in the supermarket and rode in pov
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Ethan sat on the couch, in a daze, he had his first satisfying sexual experience but he felt empty. He wanted more.

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He wanted real power. Not the power of a man but the powerr of a god. He knew the only way to get that would be to draw a S or SS ranked card. "Is a 1000 euro gonna be enough ? " he wondered He shook his head " No, i need more money" He looked at his 3000 euro computer and sighed. Two days later he had sold both the designer clothes and the computer.

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He thought the designer clothes would be harder to sell. He just typed "Sell designer cloth online" and found many sites. He looked at the comuter's empty spot and chose to think about something else. For example the 4000 he was going to put in the app.

He grabbed his phone and did not wait a second before using everything A grin appeared on Ethan face "The Animation is different this time ! " The deck that appeared was gold, it turned on itself and when it stopped turning ther deck oppened and a gold card appeared called " Reality Changer" Ethan stopped breathing, while the SS card vibrated for a few seconds and stopped. "You can write one thing the whole world will believe. Every detail you add will be taken into account.

However, the details that need a perception change or physical change are limited to 3" For an hour or what felt like an hour no sound could be heard.

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Then a few typing sounds echoed in the room Mr Blunt sat in his office waiting for the his 2 pm appointment to knock on the door. He was not really happy he had to hire someone but the law was clear. Every university needed to have a sexual consellor.


He had bypassed that law god knows how for many year but he wouldn't cut it this time. Someone knocked on the door and he said "Come in" A young man came in, shook his hand and said " Thank you for this opportunity sir" "No, no i should be the one thanking you.

You graduated top of your class and you are willing to work here. Anyway, we've been working on the information you told us to gather. Here is the usb with everything you need to know. Your office is right next door. I'll go find my wife and we can start right away " Ethan smiled, stood up and said " Perfect, i'll wait for you in my office " The office was huge.

It had to be since there was a bed, a shower, a desk and multiple props. he sat at his desk and had no time to check the usb key, the director and his wife were already there. They both came in and Ms Blunt shook his hand with a serious face " Nice to meet you Mr. Miller" They both sat down and looked at him. "Nice to meet you too.

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I'll start with some explanation even if you may know everything. This is the protocol. The first session will happen today.

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I will make an assement and then decide what we need to implement. There is a few criteria i need to check.

The first one: are Ms Blunt skills in bed good enough ?. If her skill are lacking, we will need to implement traning sessions. The second criteria : is Ms Blunt satisfied in bed ? If she is not, same thing we will implement some training. My assement is different for everybody. As i understood you're both 30 and 32 respectively and you want to try and have kids fast. I'll have to breed with Ms Blunt till she is pregnant to evaluate if she is ready to have kids with you Mr Blunt » The couple were both quite serious about this and noded to each of his sentence.

Ethan could not help but want to laugh. " We will start with the first examination and go on from there. Ms Blunt get naked and come here please" Nicole Blunt had long, black hair, she was some mix of Asian and had well-hidden curves. Her business suit and the suit pants fell on the floor revealing a tight body. Her eyes had a trace of coldness and arrogance that he would love to break.

The first of the three detail he added revealed itself: When in presence of a sexual counselor the other party will be horny leading to the women being wet and the men being hard.

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Her black panties had a damp spot and arousal fluid slid on the inner side of her leg. She took her panties and bra off and stood there without her cold expression changing as if all of this was perfectly normal.

"Now take my trousers off and demonstrate your blowjob skill." Ethan said Nicole did not hesitate for a second, kneeled in front of his chair and opened his fly revealing a big bulge that was not there two days earlier.

The second detail involving a physical change was self-explanatory.

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His dick was twice the size it has been before in thickness or length. Her pupils shrank and she revealed a surprised look that was suppressed a second later. Nicole looked up at him while taking his shaft into her hand. She licked the head thoroughly like she would a popsicle, her tongue swirled around the head. Her eyes darted toward him a few times to check if she was doing well. She pulled his shaft up so she could lick the length of it, from his balls to the tip. Then she stuffed the head in her mouth and tried to deep throat it however she stopped halfway, frowned, took the dick out of her mouth and with a small apologetic smile said: "Sir your dick is took big I can't reproduce the skill I use on my husband please take that into account" This time Ethan couldn't contain himself and he laughed "Don't worry all of this has been taken into account.

Keep going." He did no need to say that twice as she stuff his dick back where it was nd her head started to bob up and down. Ethan groaned and jerked slightly with his hips, pushing it into her mouth After a minute of this he had to stop her before he cummed.

He grabbed and jerked it upward "Very good. You have a passing grade" he said Both husband and wife were ecstatic. "Now let's check if you are as good with your pussy as you were with your mouth. Lay on the desk." The coldness in her eyes had disappeared. She looked at her husband while Ethan positioned his dick in front of her pussy.

Gary Blunt had never seen this look in his wife eyes. Even toward him she had always been cold and now she had the look of a dog in heat. Ethan grabbed onto her hips, looked at Mr. Blunt and grinned "You can masturbate but don't forget to observe and take mental notes" He pushed his cock until the head stretched her opening and whispered "sensitivity multiplied by four". He pushed his whole weight forward while simultaneously pulling her hips back burying the entirety of his cock in one thrust.

Her eyes jerked toward the back of her skull while he repeatedly smashed her cervix with the tip of his cock. "Oh fuck! Of fuck! My god " Her eyes tried to focus and searched for her husband when he was right in front of her. "It's too big !

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It's too d-d-deep! my pussy is going too breeeaaaak !" Ethan slammed into her pussy even harder using the full length of his cock. "I'm cumming !


I'm cumming ! I've never cummed before" her screams could be heard on the whole floor Mr Blunt hanged his head in shame from his wife's last sentence but did not stop masturbating Her leg spasmed, her pussy tightened and even though Ethan had slowed down she was throwing her ass toward him as fast as she could.

She turned and looked at him for the time since he had entered her pussy and she begged " Please pour your superior genes inside my pussy!

I want your child" He was already very close but her words brought him even closer. He thrusted his hips one last time and cummed inside of her.