Young Latino with shaved head raw fucks his skinny lover

Young Latino with shaved head raw fucks his skinny lover
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Sally And Billy Go To The Game When Sally got home from her first date with Billy, she headed straight to the bathroom. She took a long hot bubble bath. Her freshly deflowered pussy was quite sore, and she thought a bath would help. She also wanted to remove the aroma of sex she knew would be all over her body.

After washing herself, Sally blissfully soaked in the hot water and day-dreamed about her new boyfriend and lover. Billy had been so wonderful to her. He had told her he loved her as much as she loved him. When she offered him her virginity, he had refused to take her on the couch where they were. Instead, he took her to his bedroom. He had taken her cherry as gently as he could. Sally felt Billy truly loved her and was happy they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Sally knew she would have to be honest with her mother when asked about her date.

Sally and her mother had always been honest with each other about important things. However, she didn't need to be blatant about what had happened with Billy and reek of sex while they talked. Luckily, Sally's mother had been in bed when she came in. After her bath, Sally went to bed. She fell asleep thinking of Billy and their love making.

She slept soundly all night. She awoke a little earlier than usual for a Friday morning. She tentatively reached down between her legs and felt herself. To her delight, she wasn't very sore at all. She dressed for school and went down to the kitchen to face her mother's expected questions about her date.

As Sally walked into the kitchen she spoke to her mother, "Good morning, Mom." Sally's voice was cheerful. "Good morning, Sally. You seem to be in a very good mood this morning. I guess your date with Billy went well." "Oh Mom, it was perfect. I told him I loved him and asked him to my boyfriend. He said he has loved me for a long time too and would be honored to be my boyfriend and for me to be his girlfriend." Sally replied. Sally's mother looked seriously her dreamy-eyed daughter and cocked her head.

She could see something was different about Sally. She had to asked, "Sally, that's wonderful. Tell me the truth, now. Is that all that happened?" Sally nervously hesitated and hung her head before answering her mother.

"No, Mom, there's more. It was so wonderful. Mom, Billy and I made love." "Sally, you know I had hoped you would wait a little longer. However, I know how you feel about Billy, and I think Billy feels the same way about you. Now, I must tell you a little secret. I was about your age when your father and I got together and made love the first time.

So, I know how you feel right now. Just be sure you keep up with your birth control pills. None of us want any surprises, do we?" Sally replied, "No Mom." Her mother asked, "So, what happens now." Sally quickly answered, "Billy and I are going to the basketball game tonight." "Are you sure? You never go to the games." "I know Mom, but now I have a boyfriend that will be close by. I want to show him off to all those who picked on me for years." Sally's mother smiled at her daughter.

"I understand, and I know Billy will be there for you. But, will that be fair to him." Sally smiled broadly and said, "He's okay with it. I think he wants to impress on the other students that I am his girlfriend, and he will be there to protect me if I need him." Sally then darted out the door and headed off to school.

I had already left. I had an early class at college. The school day dragged slowly on for both Sally and me. Even though she was at the head of her class academically, Sally couldn't seem to concentrate on her lessons. She even answered a question wrong in her advanced placement science class. All she could think of was Billy. Sally was in deeply love.


I was also struggling with my classes. I just could not get Sally out of my mind. Every time I tried to concentrate on something, Sally's smiling face popped into my mind. I am truly in love with my young girlfriend. Classes finally ended for both of us. I drove to my old high school where Sally was waiting for me to pick her up.

She practically ran toward his car as I pulled into the parking lot. After a brief but passionate kiss, we settled down and headed for our homes. Along the way, Sally told me of her conversation with here mother.

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I tensed up. "Did you tell her everything? Did you tell her we made love?" "Yes Billy. Mom and I don't have secrets about important things." Sally answered. I nervously asked, "What did she say about us making love?" Sally smiled at me and replied. "She told me they had hoped I would have waited a little longer, but she understood. She then told me that she and Dad had gotten together for the first time at about the same age as I am right now." I visibly relaxed.

"I am so glad she is not mad at me for taking advantage of her daughter." Sally giggled. "I'm not sure, but I think it was I who took advantage of you. Anyway, she's not mad at either of us." About that time, we pulled into Sally's driveway. Being a well raised young man, I accompanied Sally into her home. I thought, 'I might as well get this over with. I'll have to face her parents at some time. It might as well be right now.' As Sally and I entered her home, we were greeted by her mother.

I spoke to her first. "I need to explain about last night. Sally and I." Sally's mother interrupted, "You don't need to explain anything, Billy. Her father and I understand what happened. Even though we wished you had waited a little longer, we had been expecting something like this.

You two have been best friends for such a long time, and you have helped Sally out so many times over the years. It was bound to happen eventually. As long as you don't hurt her, you won't have any trouble from her father or me. Now go get ready to take your girlfriend to the ball game." "Yes Mam." I kissed Sally on her cheek and headed home. Sally's mother then turned to her daughter. "Sally, by coming in and facing what could have been a very stressful situation, Billy has shown me you have a brave and caring boyfriend.

I hope you take good care of him, and don't let him get away." "I won't Mom." Sally then darted up the steps to shower and change clothes.

A short time later, she came down wearing a pair of tight jeans and a snug fitting blouse. Even though she was completely covered, her blouse helped show off her substantial breasts. Her jeans accentuated her plump butt. Even though she was overweight, she felt sexy.

She wanted to be sexy for her boyfriend. About an hour and a half later, I knocked on Sally's door. Sally opened the door and was surprised to see me there so soon. "You're a little early aren't you?" "Just a bit. I thought we'd get a bite to eat on the way to the game." I then noticed her clothing. Like most young men, I am sometimes a bit slow to see what was right in front of my face. "Wow! You look great, Sally." Sally grinned from ear to ear. She then yelled to her mother that they were leaving.

Her mom yelled back. "Okay, have fun and be careful. Billy, you take care of my little girl." "Yes Mam.

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I promise I will." I responded. We then went out and got into my car. Sally again slid up close to my side and kissed me. We then headed to a nearby fast food joint for burgers and fries before the game.

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The lead punk that had assaulted Sally Thursday afternoon came strolling in just as Sally and I took our seats. He was accompanied by his bitch of the week. I couldn't help but laugh when he and I made eye contact.

The punk and his bitch immediately turned and left the restaurant. After leisurely eating our dinner, Sally and I headed for the high school gym to see the game. The Junior Varsity game was already in progress when they arrived. Sally asked, "Where would you like to sit?" Without hesitation, I said, "Top row behind the home team." Once they were seated, Sally asked why Billy had selected such high seats.

"You can see the entire floor from here. And, if trouble starts, with our backs literally against the wall, I don't have to worry about what's coming up behind us." I explained. Since this was Sally's first basketball game, I also had to explain much of what she was seeing on the court.

I did so with caring patience. Between the JV and Varsity games, Sally and I made a trip to the concession stand. They also walked the school's hallways during the Varsity game half-time. As they walked hand in hand a few of Sally's classmates spoke. Most of them were the smarter kids in class and merely wanted to know who Sally was with. She proudly introduced her boyfriend to them. She practically beamed when telling them I was twenty-years-old and a college student.

I politely bowed to the girls and shook hands with the boys. Sally didn't realize how many of her classmates had also been intimidated by the punks as she had been. Of course they had all heard what I had done to the punks after school Thursday afternoon. Many of them asked if they could sit with Sally and me.


I understood why and welcomed them. They had been picked on by the punks as well and appreciated the security my presence provided. When we encountered the punks, most of them gave Sally and I a wide berth.

None wanted a rematch with me. A few of them made crude remarks, but they quickly apologized when I stepped toward them with anger in my eyes. Surrounded by a bunch of Sally's new friends, we enjoyed the Varsity game without further incident.

As they left the school gym, Sally smiled up at me and shyly asked, "Could we get another Coke before you take me home." I smiled down at my girlfriend and replied, "Of course we can. I can think of nothing better than having a soda with my new girlfriend. Sally again scooted close to me.

We exchanged a passionate kiss in my car before leaving the school's parking lot. On the way home, I draped my right arm over Sally's shoulders. She quickly pulled my hand down to her right breast.

I smiled down at her, gave her tit a squeeze, and drove home. A short time later, we pulled into my driveway. Sally seemed to be in a hurry to get into the house. I followed her in and offered her a seat on the couch while I retrieved our drinks. When I returned with our drinks, Sally was sitting with a broad smile on her face. She had removed her shoes, and taken off her blouse, bra, and jeans.

She was beautiful dressed in nothing but her pink panties. She was holding up her D-cup breasts as if offering them for my pleasure. I sat next to Sally and pulled her close with my left arm over her shoulders. With my right hand, I began fondling her tits.

Sally was soon cooing as her nipples hardened. With a gasping breaths Sally pushed me away from her chest and said, "Billy, some of the girls at school have been talking about sex.

They do something they say their boyfriends really like. I want to try something if you don't mind. Last night you licked my pussy until I had an orgasm.

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It was fantastic. I want to do the same thing for you. Will you please show me how to give you a good blow-job?" I replied, "Sally, if you are sure you want to do that, I would love to show you what feels good to me." Sally giggled. Without another word, she began by unbuckling my belt. She then unbuttoned my pant's waistband and lowered my zipper.

As we had the previous night, I lifted my hips and she slid my pants and boxers down my legs and off my feet. Her hand was shaking as she reached up, grabbed my hard cock, and began slowly stroking it up and down. She soon had my cock as hard as it could get. "Please, tell me what to do." "You can begin by simply kissing my cock's head. Use your tongue to swab around it." Just like with her school work, Sally was a very quick learning student. "Now, put my cock's head in your mouth and give it a little shucking while your tongue keeps swabbing it." Sally immediately followed each instruction.

"Now, kiss all over the rest of the shaft." Without being told, she gently massaged my balls and licked them while sucking them into her mouth. After several minutes of sucking and licking my balls, she licked up the shaft until she again had my cock's head between her lips.

I told her, "Take as much of my cock into your mouth as you can. Keep licking and sucking, Baby. You're doing great." Sally slowly slid more and more of my cock into her mouth.

She sucked and licked it with enthusiasm. She gagged and had to pulled back when she pressed my cock to the entrance of her throat. She looked up at me with a sad look in her eyes and said, "I'm sorry, Billy." I gently stroked the silky auburn hair on the back of her head.

"That's okay, Baby. Putting my cock all the way in and down your throat is called deep-throating. You don't have to do that if you don't want to. That's something of an advanced skill you may want to learn sometime. But you are doing great for now." She smiled broadly and resumed her sucking and licking efforts. Her mouth was like a vacuum on my cock, and Sally quickly had me ready to cum.

"Sally baby, I'm about to cum. You can swallow if you like, spit it in the sink, or finish with your hands. It's up to you." She hesitated a few seconds, smiled with my cock's head still between her lips, and took it back into her mouth as deep as she could.

She rapidly bobbed her head up and down my shaft and sucked even harder. I gasped, "Here it cums, Baby." I then caressed the back of her head and shot several spurts of cum into her eager mouth. "Aaaahh!" I sighed when I finished feeding Sally my load of cum. Sally sucked even harder as she pulled my cock from her mouth.

Our connection was broken with a loud smack of her lips. She looked up at me, grinned broadly, and swallowed.


She asked, "What did you think of your girlfriend's first blow-job?" It was fantastic! What did you think of it, Baby?" Sally was grinning from ear to ear. "Your cum was a little salty, but I think I can get used to it. As a matter of fact, I think I want to do it a lot. I also want to learn, or at least try to learn, how to do deep-throat for you." Sally then crawled up my body and laid on my chest. "I love you, Billy." She cooed. "I love you too, Sally." Sally laid on my chest and we held each other tight.

We cuddled for some time until my cock began to stiffen again. I then held onto her ass cheeks as I stood us up. I then cradled her in my arms and carried her to my bed. Once there, I gently laid her down and removed her panties.

I crawled in between her legs. She spread them wide giving me full access to her pussy. I then returned the favor and ate her pussy until she was writhing on my bed. She screamed as her orgasm overtook her body. With gasping breaths, Sally said, "Oh God Billy! Eat me!

I love it when you eat me!" As she came down from her orgasm, I crawled up he body until our lips met in a passionate kiss. I then held her tight and rolled over. She was then on top of me. Sally then took over. She scooted down until her pussy's lips parted and allowed my cock's entry. Once she had my cock's head in her pussy, she sat upright. She brought her knees up beside my hips and slowly lowered her hips until she had me fully buried in her horny hole.

"Uummmm." Sally groaned when she had me fully engulfed in her pussy with the head of my cock was firmly pressed against her cervix. Sally then began raising and lowering her hips and repeatedly drove my cock deep into her hungry horny hole. She slowly increased the speed and power of her self impalement until she was rapidly slamming herself down on my cock.

"Umph! Umph! Umph!" Sally grunted each time she thrust herself down and drove my cock into her cervix. I fondled her ample tits as she repeatedly drove my cock into her pussy's depths. Twice she slammed down hard and shuddered through climaxes. Immediately after her climaxes she resumed her thrusting and soon had me ready to cum again.

I warned her as my orgasm neared. "Baby, I'm about to cum." I then reached up and grabbed her hips. Pulling her hips down tightly to my groin, I pumped my load of cum deep into her pussy. Sally groaned and shuddered as another orgasm washed through her body. She then fell forward crushing her tits on my chest. She gasped, "Oh my God, Billy. I can't get over how good it feels when we make love." She continued to squirm and grind her pussy on my cock as she lay on me.

"Me too, Baby! Me too. You are a wonderful girlfriend and a great lover." I replied.

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As she caught her breath she giggled and asked, "Did you like my blow-job?" "It was fantastic, Baby. Especially since it was your first time. I hope we can do that again real soon. I also loved how enthusiastic you were while you rode my cock." Sally giggled again and hugged me tightly. "I can't help it. I want to give you as much of me as I can." I replied, "You already have sweetheart.

You gave me your cherry last night and one hell of a blow-job tonight. Then you rode me hard." Sally silently laid on my chest for a little while before saying anything. She then said, "I know Billy, but I feel there's more I can give you. I want you to never have to look to another girl for anything. I want to give you everything you want and need. I love you." I hugged her tightly to me she moaned contentedly. "I love you too, Sally. If you keep giving yourself to me like you have, I will never need to look at another girl." A short time later, after cuddling a while, we got up and got dressed.

I walked Sally home even though it was only next door. I gave her a quick kiss at her door and said, "I'll see you tomorrow, Baby." Sally smiled and went inside. Her mother and father were sitting in the living room watching the late night news and having a drink.

Her mother called out to her, "How was the game, Sally? Did you have a good time?" "Oh Mom, it was great. Billy was wonderful to all my friends and even put a few punks in their place without having to hit them. I guess the word is out now about him and me." Sally had forgotten about the aroma of sex clinging to her. As she got closer to her parents, her mother was the first to notice it. She cocked her head and sniffed. Her father did the same. Her mother told her, "Sally honey, you can't wear Billy out in the first few days.

You might want to take it easy on him, at least at first." Her father nearly choked on his drink. Sally and her father had the same honest relationship she had with her mother. He said to his daughter, "Sally, don't listen to your mother this time.

She tried to wear me out the whole first year we were together. Believe me, Billy will love you all the more for it. Would you like one word of advise from you father?" Timidly Sally replied, "Sure Dad." He said, "In one word, 'shave'.

I promise you, Billy will like it. Your mother still keeps herself bald and I love it.


So will Billy." Somewhat startled at her father's bluntness, Sally asked, "Dad, you mean down there?" "Yep! Shave your snatch. He'll love it." He explained. Sally's mother silently nodded in support of her husband. "Okay, I will." Sally agreed with her parents. She then headed to the shower. She knew from the way her parents had looked at her when she came close to them that she must smell like sex.

After taking a long, hot, and relaxing shower, Sally used the razor she used under her arms and began shaving her bushy pussy. As she finished shaving she noticed she had become aroused. Her pussy lips became swollen and the entire area was extremely sensitive to the touch.

That night, before dozing off, she used her hand and fingers to give herself some very comforting relief. She whimpered Billy's name as she plunged her two middle fingers as deeply into her pussy as she could.

Sally then quickly drifted off to sleep while rubbing her freshly shaved pussy and dreamed of Billy. Saturday morning, Sally got up earlier than usual. She dashed through her homework and then got dressed. She couldn't wait to see Billy. Neither of them had school and she wanted to spend the entire day with her boyfriend.

She didn't know how or when, but she wanted to surprise him when he discovered her bald pussy. Sally couldn't help but wonder what else she could do for Billy. She knew there was something more. But, what was it?