From mouth to a bit of butt

From mouth to a bit of butt
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It was a clear, sunny day in the Cedarville community pool. The now empty pool would appear unrecognizable to those who frequent it during other hot summer days. Who would have thought that one broken filter could create such a different environment when compared to the commonly chaotic place it usually was. But today, there was only one person at the community pool; the 19-year-old college student Katie. The pool owner was rarely there to begin with, so he usually trusted one of the older workers with his duties while he stayed home doing nothing.

But since the pool was closed, it didn't make sense to have the usual number of staff there. However, it was the weekend; and no one wanted to sit down at an empty pool all day doing nothing. So, as per usual, the duties that no one wanted to do were left to the newest employee; which unfortunately for her, was Katie.

"I can't fucking believe this." Katie muttered to herself. She was a hot college freshman for fucks sake! She looked herself up and down with a smile on her face.


She was a hot, incredibly skinny blonde that nearly all the boys in her school would do anything for. Though she had many opportunities to be with guys, she really wasn't interested.

If she was being honest, she thought she hadn't met a guy that she could have sex with without feeling dirty afterwards; probably a side effect of her parents giving her whatever she wanted her whole life. While being skinny, she still managed to have nice, C cup breasts and a tight, round ass thanks to her years on the track team in high school. With a girl as attractive as her, her weekends should be spent at parties, or with friends. But no.

She was stuck at her shitty job, at a shitty pool, in a shitty part of town, with no one to talk to except her dog, Bandit. Yeah, she was not about to spend an entire day in a poor, crime filled part of town without her best pal with her.

"Maybe you'll make this day somewhat bearable buddy." She pet the big German Shepherd as he barked in response. The increase in crime is thanks to the drug lords that have started moving into the once quiet town. Hell, there were even rumors of human trafficking rings making Cedarville their new home, thanks to an incompetent, understaffed police department.

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Stories of girls going missing and never being found became increasingly common among her classmates. But she didn't believe it. It was just college kids telling stories, right? Nonetheless, she was glad she had Bandit with her. No criminal would mess with her with a big German Shepherd around. Without a care in the world, Katie was sitting on one of the long pool chairs with her dog right beside her, sunbathing in her red lifeguard bikini.


In high school, she spent pretty much her entire summer's swimming and going to the pool with her friends. So a job as a lifeguard in college was pretty much her dream job. Unfortunately, since all the pools in the "nice" part of town weren't hiring, she was stuck working here.

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It was mostly fine, she just sat to herself on her phone, and looked up every few minutes to make sure no kids were drowning or anything. It was simple. She did not expect to be babysitting a completely empty pool, with no one to talk to except for her dog. To make matters worse, her cell phone died, so she couldn't even chat with her friends or check social media. So Katie layed there, on the comfortable pool chair, hoping to eventually fall asleep. Katie shot up from the chair, suddenly waking up.

"Jesus, what time is it?" Katie looked up at the clock on the side of the building with the locker rooms. According to the clock, it was 3:54, about 4 hours after she fell asleep. "Shit, I'm gonna have tan lines." Normally Katie would tan for a while at the pool, then tan naked in the privacy of her backyard at her house, to avoid getting tan lines.

But, since no one else was here, and the fence kept anyone from looking in at her, she figured she'd be safe. So Katie untied her red bikini top and bottom, and tossed them onto the hot concrete below. After a while of laying there silently, Katie started to slowly drift off to sleep again. This time, she began to dream. She was in her bedroom, and some guy was down between her legs, licking her shaved pussy.

Katie had never done anything sexual before, so this very realistic dream of a guy licking between her legs was making her really horny. She moaned as the unknown guy licked places she didn't know existed.

After what felt like a few minutes, she noticed his tongue seemed to be getting longer, almost impossibly long for a normal human. But Katie didn't care. After a few minutes of this guy licking deep inside her pussy, Katie felt like she was gonna cum, suddenly the long tongue slowed down. Confused she grabbed the guy's head and pushed it deep into her. The wet tongue hit directly on her g-spot, and Katie was suddenly awake, only she still felt the insane pleasure coming from this tongue.

Scared at first that she was being raped, she looked down and saw her dog, Bandit, licking her teen pussy. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise and she screamed, "Bandit?! What are you do-OHH!" Before she could finish her sentence, Bandit's tongue pushed deeper into her, and licked her g-spot, putting insane pressure on it.

Katie fell back into the chair and arched her back as Bandit's magical tongue sent shivers of pleasure all over her body. She felt her limbs begin to tense up, and she stretched her legs out as his licking got more and more intense. Her juices were flowing out of her pussy at this point, and Bandit was licking them all up as fast as he could. As the rough fur around his mouth pushed into her clit, Katie was pushed over the edge. Katie felt pleasure like never before, she was in a complete state of bliss.

Bandit desperately tried to lick up the flow of juices as she squirted onto his face. Katie's original thoughts of disgust quickly evaporated as she felt tremors of pleasure ravage her entire body. Having never had an orgasm anywhere near this intense, Katie couldn't even make a sound. Her eyes rolled back in to her head and her mouth hung open.

After a few seconds of bliss, her orgasm finally subsided and she slumped down onto the chair. Katie only had the strength to roll over, and push her face into the towel she was laying on. After rolling over and pushing her head into the towel, Katie felt exhausted.

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She was still horny from all of the attention her pussy received, but she felt incredibly satisfied from the orgasm given to her by her loving dog.

Bandit, however, had not been satisfied yet. He was still very horny from licking up all of Katie's juices and smelling her pussy for a number of minutes. Katie, of course, had no idea that in the time he had been licking her pussy, Bandit had gotten just as aroused as she did, and his 8 inch cock had grown to its full size.

But Bandit was a dog, so he was ready to mate; whether Katie was or not. Katie was still recovering from the out-of-this-world licking that Bandit had given her tight pussy. She honestly didn't know how something so long, and so big could've fit inside of her. She didn't much care about that now though, she was still in shock of how good it felt. But as she lay there on her stomach, with her face in the towel, she couldn't see Bandit hop up onto her chair.

She felt the sudden weight added to the chair, and she began to sit up; big mistake. As she tried to get up and turn around, she had gotten on her knees, and her hands were on the back of the chair to balance herself. So when Bandit jumped onto her back, desperately trying to thrust his way into the tight hole he was just licking, she fell down onto her hands and knees. Now, on a normal chair there would be nowhere near enough room for the both of them to be comfortable.

However, this was an especially wide chair meant for the staff to use for breaks, so it had plenty of room. Since she had fallen onto her hands and knees, Katie suddenly realized what Bandit was doing. Her big dog was far too heavy for her to lift off of her back, and she still wasn't strong enough to push him off the chair. Her only choice was to sit there until he stopped thrusting and got bored. As Bandit thrust at incredible speeds, he kept rubbing his cock against her stomach. "Holy fuck." Katie whispered, "It's fucking huge." Katie could feel his 8 inch, hard cock kept brushing against her stomach.

The thought of the giant red dick taking her virginity was still a little too much for her to handle, even if he had just given her the best orgasm of her life.

Bandit realized that he was too low, and shuffled his rear legs forward in order to aim a bit higher. Unfortunately for Katie, Bandit had aimed a little too high. Katie felt his first thrust brush that tiny hole, almost hidden between her cheeks. "Oh god, Bandit fucking stop! Bad dog bad dog!" Bandit paused for a moment, and a glimmer of hope appeared in Katie's eyes. Maybe he understood her, maybe he was going to get off. Katie felt his front legs wrap around her stomach, and she realized that he was not getting off her without getting what he wanted.

At seemingly lightning fast speed, Bandit slammed half of his 8-inch cock into his owner's tight hole. Katie was lucky her head was pushed into the towel, otherwise her scream would've woken up the entire neighborhood; and she couldn't bear to have anyone else find her like this. In the split second between the first thrust into her ass and the second, Katie thought her ass was going to split open as the wet, hard dick fucked her virgin hole.

But just as quickly as the first thrust came, so did the second one. The remaining 4 inches of Bandit's enormous cock rammed through whatever remained of the college freshman's tight asshole, and made way for his future load to shoot into her. Katie was in complete shock. She couldn't believe what was happening to her. But Bandit kept fucking his little bitch, because that's all she was to him now.

Katie felt humiliated at the fact that her DOG was pumping its cock in and out of her little hole. Since her hole was so tight, Katie could feel every single inch of the beasts cock inside of her tiny hole. With the only lubricant being the dog's wet cock, her asshole couldn't help but squeeze tightly down on the intruding dick, not knowing that it was putting Katie through even more hell. As her ass squeezed down on Bandit's dick, he had to thrust even harder.

This created a cycle of pain for Katie, as the harder he thrusted, the tighter her once-little hole would squeeze. Unable to talk, Katie could only yell, and groan in pain as the giant cock slammed its way through her tight hole.

The hellish experience continued for number of minutes, which felt like hours to Katie. But she felt Bandit begin to slow down, and she almost smiled as she thought it was over.

Oh how wrong she was. The back half of Bandit's cock had pulled out of her, but the front half stayed inside her ass. Confused Katie used whatever strength she had left to move her hands behind her and grab her dogs cock to pull him out. But as she touched the last half of his dick, she realized that it seemed much bigger than before; and her eyes widened with the terrifying realization.

It was his knot.

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She had completely forgotten about dog's knots. Paralyzed with her realization that the worst pain was yet to come, Bandit waited for his knot to grow, almost like he knew this would make her pain even worse. Once it was about the size of a baseball, he pulled back, and suddenly pushed forward with all his might. After a second of pushing, he managed to fit his entire cock, knot and all, inside of Katie's tiny hole. Katie screamed as she felt what was left of her asshole tear to make room for the beast's incredible cock.

The dog slammed into her with newfound speed as he knew her fate was sealed, he would plant his seed into this new bitch. Katie was fucking broken. As much as this hurt, deep down she felt something awaken in her.

Lust. She didn't fully realize it yet, but she loved this. She loved being fucked, being hurt, and being completely helpless to stop it. That's why with every thrust, her pussy got wetter and wetter.

Of course, she was confused as to why such pain was turning her on so much. The old Katie would have been disgusted with herself for loving an act filled with such depravity. But this new Katie, well, she could barely think she was getting fucked so hard. Any semblance of a thought was quickly knocked out of her mind as Bandit fucking destroyed her hole.

Even though she could barely lift her hand up, she still tried to resist. "" Bandit couldn't even hear her pleadings as he slammed against her round ass. The slapping of him hitting her skin, and his panting drowned out anything she could have said. Suddenly, Bandit began to thrust faster than ever before. Katie was barely holding onto her old self at this point, and helplessly tried to say the word "stop", but it was far too late.

Bandit shot his hot cum deep into his bitch, as she moaned as the intense heat filled her womb. Bandit continued to thrust as he filled Katie with his cum.

With each thrust you could hear a faint *squelch* as his semen was pushed against her walls. After a minute or so, Bandit's thrusts finally slowed down, and he tried to pull his still full grown cock out of Katie's destroyed ass. Bandit turned around so he was facing away from Katie, and began to pull on his cock. Katie's ass was too used to the cock's shape, so her anus had squeezed down on the end of the knot for too long. Bandit's baseball sized knot was lodged in Katie's rectum, and each pull made her moan in pleasure.

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Pain and pleasure were one in the same to Katie at this point, any semblance of the old Katie was destroyed when Bandit pumped her full of doggy sperm. She was no longer the innocent, 19-year-old girl who loved her dog, she was the whore slave of her dog's giant cock.

Finally, Bandit pulled hard enough where the knot popped out of Katie's ass. An audible moan came from her as his cum drained out of her used ass, down to her pussy and dripped onto the chair.

She collapsed, no longer being able to hold herself, and layed there in a pool of dog cum. Katie could only lay there, with a stupid smile on her face as she drifted off to sleep. "Good boy.good boy." As she fell into a deep sleep, Katie was completely unaware of the change that happened to her while she was violated by Bandit. She had been broken down to nothing but a whore, and from now on, she would build herself back up into a woman whose only job was to pleasure her dog, or any other man that wanted her for himself.

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Katie awoke to a loud sound, she sat up, and quickly realized it was now dark out. She looked herself up and down and saw dried cum all over her, and Bandit sleeping in the chair next to her, remembering what happened. Katie smiled and tried to wake Bandit up after remembering how good he made her feel. Before she could, another loud sound came from the entrance, she turned to see that the door handle that was keeping the door locked had been shot off; and a group of men barged into the pool area, and walked towards Katie.

"Well, well, well," one man said, "What do we have here?" The roughly 6 and a half foot tall main grinned right at Katie. As far as she could tell, this man was their leader. "Looks like we have ourselves a dog slut boys!" The other men laughed, and Katie only stared at him and asked, "Are you going to fuck me?" The man smiled at her, "Oh we're going to do much more than that you little slut." Katie glanced down at the ground for a moment, then she began to smile and look up at the leader.

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Before she could say anything, the butt of a gun hit her in the jaw and she fell to the ground. As she felt herself losing consciousness, Katie couldn't help but smile knowing that now that the innocent college sophomore was gone, she had a lot more fun in store for her.