Big butt amateur babe gets her twat fucked in the backroom

Big butt amateur babe gets her twat fucked in the backroom
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A few months ago my secretary took two weeks off and her replacement came from another Department. My permanent secretary was a reasonably good looker and I had tried to entice her a couple of times into a bit of fun but she always said she was happy in love with her man and she didn't want to spoil anything between them.

She had told me not long after she came to work for me that she had been unhappy in love and had lost a couple of boyfriends and she was getting a bit depressed. I told her any time she wanted a bit of comfort to let me know. A couple of times I think she got close but moved away from me at the slightest hint of an affair.


Sally the temporary girl was a bit of a tease I had been told, and not to let her get too close because she always seems to go so far but not the last bit. She has the reputation amongst the other staff as a prick teaser. The second morning she was there in the office doing some filing for me and she dropped something and bent down to pick it up and I realised she was flashing her tits at me as when she bent over I could see right down her blouse and the tiny bra she had on only just supported and accentuated her breasts and I could even see the nipples just above the edge of her bra.

I made it obvious I had seen them and said she had a couple of nice little apples there.

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She said they are tastier than apples and one day she just might let me pick them off the tree. Things ended there and she continued to file but didn't make any other moves.

I realised the others were right about her teasing. That afternoon she came into my office after lunch and as she did again drop something and it went under my table. She said nothing but got down on the floor on all fours, and got under the table to retrieve it. The next thing I knew she was between my legs and feeling my crotch and I pushed my chair back and she was looking up at me and smiled and said nothing but was still feeling for my now rising cock in my pants.

Once more without a word she felt for my zip and began to tug it down. Still saying nothing I helped her and I also undid my belt and opened the front to my trousers and revealed my bulging cock in my underpants. Then she slipped her hand inside and released my now hardened cock and it sprang out and her face was within an inch or so of my now throbbing 8 inch hardened pole.

Without any further ado she just popped her mouth over the top of my cock then slid her tongue around the rim and then began to suck me of in a most efficient and competent manner.

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I just lay back in my chair and let her have her way with me. She used her hand to stroke me as she used her lips to rub me up and obviously I was not the first guy she had done this too and whoever she had done it with before had trained her well.

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The other hand fondled my balls perfectly. For the next four or five minutes she serviced my cock very competently and I was giving her the signals without a word that I was really enjoying it. Then I began to get the pangs of orgasm building up and she recognised them, obviously she was quite experienced.

She just smiled and went to work a little harder sucking and licking and holding her hand a little firmer around my shaft and then rubbing it a little faster up and down my cock and I released a soft moan as the sensation began to take over my body and my orgasm rapidly building up to a crescendo and I could feel the sensation deep within my balls as she massaged them and stroked me harder and faster and then I just lay back and opened my legs and allowed my body to release the semen which surged up the full length of my cock and flooded from my prostate and bust out of the tip of my cock like a fire hose and into her mouth.

She made sure she never spilt a drop and sucked and swallowed every drop the poured out of my body into her mouth.

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I could see the look of satisfaction and pleasure on her face as she continued to swallow every drop I could produce. Then she slowed down to bring me down off my high as my cock softened a bit and she sucked from within me whatever of my warm semen that she had not yet managed to drain from me. I was completely spent and relaxed unlike I had been for some time She had done a great job.


She climbed out from under the table and she had the look on her face that a cat has after it has swallowed a canary only what she had swallowed was lot tastier. Then she said I think you liked that there is a lot more to follow and she pulled her dress up. She had no pants on and I could see the moisture glistening from between the lips of her vagina.

She also had a beautifully manicured strip of hair just above her slit. There was not the slightest sign of another follicle of hair on her pubic area, she was billiard ball smooth apart from her short hair strip. Then she said its all yours, and its just as tasty as you are. Try me. She then sat on the edge of my table and opened her legs and I got down on my knees still with my cock hanging out and I licked the lips of her vagina dry.

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As I did she moved herself enough to make the whole sensation a little bit better than just sitting there and letting me lick her out. This girl was more than a prick teaser she was skilled at both giving and receiving her pleasure.

She lifted her legs up and opened her cunt wider to give me better access to her musky scent and taste. It was magnificent. He juices flowed down slowly and kept her moist as I licked each flow of her vaginal nectar away from hr beautiful pink skin.

Then I slipped two fingers into her and massaged her slit and G spot. All this was being done as my tongue massaged her clit which was a like a match head sticking out of its little sheath.

As I was doing this she had undone her blouse and slipped her bra off and she was massaging her own nipples. I got a glimpse of this as I sucked on her and fingered her gently. I put my other hand that was not engaged in her cunt up and tweaked one of her hard little nipples. Her breasts were not large but perfect and firm and had a nice uplift with her areola and nipples upturned right on the tip.

She had a beautiful body from tip to toe. As I fingered her cunt I slipped another finger into her ass and I now had two fingers in her cunt and one in her ass and my tongue was working on her clit and my fingers of the other hand tweaking her nipples.

She moaned quietly each time a sensation of sexual arousal passed through her body not the moan of a prostitute by a soft murmur of satisfaction.

She said once or twice "I love that you do this beautifully" I felt proud that I was making what was an experienced girl happy and not just performing sex on her for the sake of having sex. My cock was beginning to drip pre cum down onto the floor also by now.

I was as hot as she was. We worked together and giving her pleasure and for 10 minutes we both thoroughly enjoyed the giving and receiving that we were both engaged in.

The she said I cumming I cumming and her body began to shiver and shake as a girl does when she cums.

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She was beginning to have her wonderful orgasm and I just sucked on her clit and increased the tempo of my fingers plundering her cunt and ass hole. The harder I sucked on her clit the intensity of her orgasm also grew and she was grunting and groaning as the overpowering feeling of her orgasm consumed her. She had her hands on the desk behind her and had pulled her legs up to give me even better access to her cunt. She shook and bucked as the sensation raced though her clit and lower body I could see herself contracting her tummy muscles and felt the sensation in her cunt as she had those little spasms during her climax and tasted the fresh supply of female cunt juice she made just for my consumption, it tasted wonderful as I licked and sucked for all I was worth to get every drop out of her.

I kept on her for as long as I could and finally she said " enough" next time I will give you a double whammy if you can repat that performance I haven't been licked out by a guy as well as that ever before a girl knows how to do it but you can equal any girl I have done that with. Obviously she was bisexual I was impressed. The bi sexual woman I have been to bed with are marvellous and not beyond doing a threesome with me. I held out hope for more of the same and then some.

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I stood up and was about to pull my pants up and she saw the string of pre cum dripping from my soft cock and said don't waste it and she got down and sucked me dry again only this time it was only my precum not the real thing.

I finished dressing and she stood up and came to me virtually naked and we kissed and I fondled her firm little titties and tweaked both her nipples as our tongues entwined in each other mouths now tasting of the wonderful sexual syrup we had devoured from each other. Then she said that enough for today there is more of that where that came providing you are interested, as she dressed herself. I said any time any place. Then she said well my place sounds good and any time you are available I will make sure I am too.

I said how about Friday night we could make a weekend of it if you like.

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She just said " I like Friday it is" That weekend we made love like I have never made love before we fucked sucked and fingered every available body orifice that we could.

We spent the whole weekend naked in her apartment and we fucked so often I don't think it would have been possible to count the times we were locked in some form of sexual embrace. I know she must have swallowed a cup full of cum and I would not have been far behind her with cunt juice. For two weeks we had oral sex in my office every day I had to be careful that we didn't overdo it and engage in vaginal sex on my table as people would have smelled the scent of sex we make when we have our cock and cunt engaged and my cock working like a piston inside her.

At the end of the two weeks we were physically drained and I have no idea how many times we each had an orgasm in the 10 or 12 days we were together. Every night she would come to my place or I would go to hers and we would fuck and suck for hours at a time.

When my secretary came back she said "Did you miss me". I said "more than you could ever imagine" and I meant it in a way she had no idea of what I was suggesting.

She said I hope Sally didn't distract you she can be a bit of a tease with the men but I gather you know that now. I wanted to say 'Do I ever' but I withheld my comment. Sally and I kept our arrangements going on and off privately as she also shared herself with another girl and I became one of a trio. I wanted her to have a threesome but she always said no. I want to keep you for myself if she gets a taste of you she will want you like I do, and there is not enough of you to share.