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Latina fuck nice girls butt ass brazilian sex
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This is true… sorry what you might think… this is real&hellip. As any horny 13 year old would do, I had just discovered the joy of beating off maybe 3 months prior to this, I wasn't that big, though I argue the fact that I am now… I was maybe a total of 4 ½ inches long… but that was enough… I was sitting in my room getting all worked up about this chick in homeroom and the rest of my classes who had just started to grow breasts and started to beat off.

Then as I started to get close to blowing my load I hear someone clearing their throat in the entrance to my room… I wasn't lucky enough to have a door to my room like most kids… My worst fear was my brother walking in on me; in fact quite a few nights I would hear him asking me why I was breathing so hard. Little did he know, I was beating off.


Well when I heard the noise I froze… I looked up to see my mom looking at me. Of course I was in complete shock. "Oh shit!" I thought to myself. Looking up and seeing my mom. But then again she was the only real girl I knew at the time, so after maybe a total of 30 seconds in shock I started back up, my whole mind set was well she has already caught me, night as well finish, right. Well, as I slowly started back up, my mother said "It is ok, keep going," So I did… As I lay there beating off, staring at her, she started to grab her own breast and massage her own clit.

I kept going until I came (which wasn't long after) She actually came over and licked it up. I was surprised, shocked even made me harder. She smiled and left the room. About, maybe a week later there was this huge thunder storm, I'm not scared of the lightning, by no means at all, but where my room was setting on a balcony, every clap of lightning and thunder was very loud keeping me up all night.

So, without thinking I got up and moved to my mom's room. I didn't even ask, I just lay down and went to sleep next to the woman who had given me my second sexual experience (that story soon to cum!). I lay there for a total of maybe 15 minutes then I went to sleep.

Then next thing I know I am waking up with one of the most memorial experiences of my life, I was getting my first real blowjob.

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As I woke up she noticed and said "Damn, I'm sorry I didn't think you would wake up." "No, I'm glad I did," I responded. She smiled and kept on sucking my dick. As she twirled her tongue around the head of my dick I started to moan in ecstasy, loving every second of the first real blowjob I had ever received. It had been maybe 5 or 6 minutes when I let her know, not sure why but some sort of deep down man instinct to let her know. "I'm Cumming!" I told her.

She kept sucking rubbing the head of my dick to the top of her mouth, rubbing her tongue along my shaft and head. Then as I couldn't take anymore I let loose, blowing my load all into her mouth, filling it as much as my little sack could.

What I thought was her sucking it down was actually her just lapping it up, with a mouth full of my own cum she came up and kissed me. As our tongues intertwined I licked and lapped my own nut out of her mouth, actually enjoying it.

She then proceeded to mount me. As she straddled me on top, and lowered herself on top I could feel her warmth enveloping my shaft, slowly stretching on top of me, wrapping around and making me cum again almost instantly.

I filled her up as much as I could. She kept on ridding.


Thank god for youth, I was able to keep up. Not, really knowing what to do though I mostly just lay there… enjoying the pure rush of it.

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She started to rock herself on me ridding like her life depended on it. She grabbed my hands and made me play with her big beautiful breast, the breast that hade fed me for many years was now back into my grasp. She knew that I wouldn't know how to play with them so she showed me how she liked it with her hands on mine.

Once I got the hang of that she rolled over keeping me in her so that she was laying on her back, and I got to thrust. Again she taught me that as well.

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Telling how hard to thrust, in what angle to thrust, how fast, how to keep up a good tempo. I could tell she was really beginning to enjoy it because she was starting to act how she would when I could hear her and my dad sleeping together (note, he worked on the road for maybe 6-8 months at a time.

He was a traveling construction worker). Sure enough she got off, and then helped me achieve one more nut. Moving her hips under me as I thrust. Slowly I could feel what I knew was going to be a good blast building up, I started to ram her as hard as I could, as fast as I could. I felt it building and then it exploded.


A rush of what was now man juices flowing out in one of the better orgasms I have ever had. I looked at her and she smiled. She reached up and grabbed my head and lowered it to her breast and had me lick on them, more of a tease to her really. Then she moved me down to lick on her freshly filled snatch. I just kind of licked randomly and pushed my tongue into the hole not really sure what I was doing. She didn't teach me either, she just wanted to give me a little taste of it to see how I would react.

She didn't like people going down on her she thought it was nasty, but she didn't mind it to have the guy like his own seed out of her.

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She loved that to see a guy lick his own sperm. My first real time having sex.

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I loved it. She didn't know what I knew, that I had beat off before watching her masturbate, cheating on my dad with some stranger, Sneaking into her room as she lay there asleep from a hangover sleeping in the nude as I took the covers off and beat off over her, or maybe she did, and simply decided it was time to quite letting me sit in limbo and experience a real woman, I don't know&hellip.

All I know is that I was in ecstasy, I loved it… and I was happy to finally experience a real woman. My mother the love of my life.

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