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My Sexy Ass Wife in new lingere
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Your Tales chapter 1, Star wars: Padme Amidala.

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Your name is Theron Creed. You are a newly knighted human Jedi assigned to the protection of the senator of Naboo, Padme Amidala. Due to the number of assassination attempts on the popular senator, the need for a powerful protector is paramount for the lady, her words carrying much weight when needed in support for the Jedi. You have been her protector for two years now, stopping all types of attempts on her life. You have come to care much for the 25 year old senator.


Just having turned 19, you can happily say that having no smudge on your reputation as her protector for two years is something to celebrate. Due to your line of work and always being around to protect her, it is inevitable that Padme tells you of her relationship with the Jedi knight, Anakin Skywalker.

He is there, holding her hands as she tells you their secret that has been guarded from the Jedi council and the rest of the galaxy.

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She asks that you keep their secret. You agree. After defending her all these years, you have a wish to see her happy.

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To see her smile. The sight of the smile as you agree is reward enough. ######################## Another year passes and you celebrate the success of another safe year for the senator you protect.

Indeed, the title of "Assassin's bane" that many fellow Jedi give you when you visit the temple is justified. You have proven much to the Jedi council, having thwarted no less than 15 attempts on the senator's life, whether direct or otherwise. As Padme celebrates her 26th year, you can't help but notice that her beauty fails to diminish, both in body and looks.

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Her long brown locks of hair seem to gain an extra shine whenever you look at her, her browns never losing their warmth. Her lips look soft and pouty, begging to be kissed. Her figure remaining fit and kept well and her behind and large and firm cleavage, you have to admit, gives many males a reason to stare long after she walks in and leaves a room You are proud of serving such a beautiful and kind senator and promise yourself never to fail her or let her come to harm.

###################### 6 months pass as the clone wars rage on. You are left to attend to the senator yourself as Anakin, her secret lover and husband, fights in the war.

It has been some time since the last time someone tried to kill the senator, your presence deterring anyone stupid enough to try. You find Padme in the apartment she resides in, sitting on s comfortable couch as she examine some information on a holovid with a pleased smile.

"Has something pleasing happened to you, Miss Amidala? Or is Master Anakin returning soon?" You ask her as she turns to you and gives you a bright smile. "Theron, oh I have the most wonderful news. I'm pregnant. Anakin is going to be a father." ########################## You return to the apartment from the Jedi temple a few hours after Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi return from their latest battle in the wars.

The news that both Count Dooku and Darth Grievous have been defeated and killed are a great triumph in the war and you cannot help but smile. Soon the war will be over and you can return to the Jedi temple as the senator will not require your protection. Sad as you are to leave your dear charge, you are glad that she will not need your protection from threats as the danger to herself will have passed.

You smile happily as you open the door to her apartment, only to find Padme crying on the floor, holding her slightly swollen belly. Alarmed, you rush to her side and kneel beside her.

"Lady Padme, what's the matter? Are you in pain? Is something wrong with the baby." You asked the lovely distressed woman as she turns to cling to you and weeps into your shoulder, her tears rapidly making your robes wet. "Anakin. He-he…rejected me. Said he didn't want children." She finally said between sobs, her brown eyes red with weeping for so long.

You place her on the couch and hold her comfortingly, late into the night. ################################ A year passes once more and Padme gives birth to twin babies, a girl and a boy.

unable to care for them without being reminded of the rejection of their father, she sends them to be looked after by her family. The clone wars end as, to the shock of the galaxy, Chancellor Palpatine is revealed to be a Sith lord who instigated the clone wars and is captured and executed by Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Yoda.

You ready yourself to leave for the Jedi temple only to find the door blocked by Padme herself. As beautiful and strong as ever after getting over Master Skywalker's rejection, you have noticed she had begun to seek the calm of your presence, often laying her head in your lap and falling to sleep while gripping hard on your robes, as if afraid you would disappear.

She glances at the bag you're carrying before her eyes travel back to your own. "You're leaving?" She asks softly, her eyes never breaking contact with your own. You nod, slightly.

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"The wars are over, Lady Padme. You no longer have need of me or my protection." You say slowly, your gaze moving to the floor.

You hear the sound of light footsteps moving towards you before you look up to see that she is now but a metre away from you. "I have been to the Jedi temple and ordered them to release you to me as my full time guard.

Due to my influence in the senate, they agreed. You are not going ANYWHERE." She says, before slamming her soft red lips onto yours in a deep kiss that has you dropping your bag in shock, her arms pulling onto your robes as she brings you deeper into the kiss and you finally give in, holding onto her back with one arm as the other pushes softly into her brown hair as you hold her close and kiss her as if there's no tomorrow.

########################### She lays back on the bed naked, her whole body bare for you to see, her huge tits and perfect body on display for you, just as you've sometimes fantasied in your dreams.

Her long, brown hairs spills all over the silk sheets in waves and her smile is inviting, showing off her full, pearl white teeth as two of her fingers spread the lips of her pussy to reveal the dripping sex inside. "Go ahead, Theron. Come be with me. You do want me, don't you?

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She asks softly, her brown eyes imploring as you walk towards and climb onto the soft bed, going on top of Padme's body until your faces are inches apart and your thick, 8 inch cock is just outside her wet pussy, her fingers still spreading her cunt lips.

You gaze into her eyes as she looks into your own. " Do you…love me?" She asks hesitantly, her heartbeat sounding in your ears as she waits for your answer.


Your own heart beats fast as you answer her, the lady you've loved from afar. "Until I die and beyond even death." You say, as she raises her head and kisses you deeply, a kiss of love and commitment.

"Then take me. Make me yours as I will make you mine." She says as you push your whole length into her dripping sex and she gives a cry of joy and pleasure, your warm bodies finally connected as she wraps her legs around your back and her arms around your neck, pulling your face down and kissing you deeply as you begin to move in and out of her warm pussy.

You can't help but moan in pleasure into the kiss as the feel of her warm, silky walls cling desperately to your cock, massaging it, loving it, soaking it in her juices. Padme herself moans in satisfaction as you press deeply into her pussy, each moment better than the last as her walls desperately cling to her lover's cock. She can't help but reflect that Anakin always wanted to dominate their time in bed, sometimes hurting her, and yet you are here, both of you dominating each others bodies yet demonstrating a fierce love as your bodies cling to each other.

Her kiss becomes wild and sloppy, her tongue leaving yours to travel all over your mouth as you do the same, your tongue licking all over her mouth, gums and pearl white teeth like a wild Nexu before your tongues meet again.

You are a virgin since this time, having adhered to the Jedi code till this day, your love for Padme Amidala tearing through the stupid teachings of No Attachments. As Padme begins to cum as you hit her cervix, her walls grip tightly on your cock, refusing to let go.

Her pussy bathes your dick in warm juices as she breaks your kiss finally and screams in pleasure. You thrust hard and your cockhead breaks through her cervix, into her womb, causing her to cum once more and let out cries of pleasure as her cervix massages your cock and goes into sensory overload as it feels your cockhead. You push a wet strand of her brown hair away from her face as she begins to kiss all over your face. "Cum inside me Theron. I want you to release your seed inside me and make me pregnant.

Let me bear the fruits of our love.

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Leave the Jedi. I already divorced Anakin. We don't need to hide. Cum in me and be my husband. Walk beside me in the street as I grow and nurture your heir. Be the father of my children. Never leave me. Let's live together forever till we die. As husband and wife this time. So please cum inside me." She says as her legs tighten around you and she pulls you in for another deep kiss as you cum deep inside her fertile womb. You feel your balls pulse and your cock spew load after load of thick, virile, force strong seed inside her vulnerable womb, her fertile eggs no doubt being impregnated by your spunk as she continues to kiss you.

You continue to shoot for another 30 seconds before you pull out and move off Padme, both of you watching as her cunt spews out thick globs of your hot semen from her satisfied cunt. You take the warm blankets and cover your and Padme's sweating, yet satisfied bodies, turning off the lights as Padme's moves closer to you and you begin to kiss each other long and hard before she finally rests her head on your chest as you lay your head in her silky brown hair and go to sleep.

######################## 5 months later&hellip. You walk into the apartment and sigh tiredly. After leaving the Jedi, you became their acting spokesman as a job and today was a weary day filled with meetings from start to finish. You go tiredly to the fresher for a hot shower before coming out naked and walking to your room to a cock hardening sight.

Their ,on the white silk sheets, is your wife. Padme Amidala Creed. She is on her back and wears a see through robe that covers and still shows off her curved belly, her womb nurturing your offspring inside her and her huge, firm breasts spill out of top of the robes, just aching to be sucked. "Welcome home, Husband." She says naughtily into your ear when you climb onto the bed with her, holding her close and massaging her pregnant belly lovingly as she gives you a quick kiss. " I feel my breasts need to be drained again.

I hope your thirsty. " You have to smile at that. Its good to be you. Next chapter of the YOU series- The Queen and You. (Tudors AU Anne Boleyn and You)