Black Chick Sucking A Fat White Dick

Black Chick Sucking A Fat White Dick
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The sun rises silently and illuminates the room with a angel like glow through white linen closed curtains. The room, in which the light invades, holds many things inside that takes on the angel like glow. Stuffed bears and discarded clothes line the floor towards the bed that almost in the center of the room. The coldness of night begins to be replaced by the warmth of day. It stirs the entangled lovers as the light touches upon their skin.

The male, a boy with recently dyed black hair, lifts his head from the pillows as the light touches his face. The woman, that lays beside him, remains motionless with a look of bliss written all over her face. The sight touches the boy's heart as he runs a hand through her pink and purple hair that seems all the more beautiful in the sun's gentle light. The light almost caress her body as it lightens up her angel white skin.

He leans down and kisses her on the forehead which stirs her from her sleep a bit. She lets out a cute noise that stirs both something in his heart as well as his loins.

He looks down to see her ample breast pressed against his chest.

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His thoughts return to last night's very memorable night. The boy with black hair falls on his back and reaches his arms up as the woman of his dreams comes down on his waist. He wraps his arms around her back as she leans down and connect their lips, sending a pulse of electricity through their bodies that only excite them more.

They moan into each other's mouths as they grind their pelvises together. Their urge only black by the clothes they both sport.

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She can feel his hardness through his pants despite how her mind is so distracted by his lush lips. The boy bites down on her bottom lip gently eliciting a moan of pleasure from her plump pink lips and a mischievous grin from him lets her know it's only a start.

Her hands run down the front of his shirt before grabbing the bottom of it and nearly ripping it off his body as she yanks and tugs it off of his torso.

"I love you Matt." She whispers loud enough to sound seductive as well as him be able to hear. "I love you too Sidney." The boy breathes out almost at a lost of words.

Sidney grabs the hem of her shirt before yanking it off completely exposing her contained tits to him. He eyes up her partly exposed body hungrily.

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He leans up and captures her lips with his once again and lets his right hand glide up her body's side and grip onto one of her tits. She lets out a shocked gasp before a moan escapes her mouth letting the boy below her know that she very much likes what he's doing. His other hand travels up and undoes her bra in the back. He moves his body back some and lets it fall between them, which quickly gets thrown away by Sidney into the darkness that is the spacious room.

His hands converge together bringing her breasts along for the ride. They continue to deeply kiss each other as Matt's hands play with her breasts and his thumbs brush her erect lightly colored nipples. She enjoys the teasing very much and Matt enjoys providing her the pleasure.


He knows how bad she wants this by how her crotch mashes hard against his. Even from the protection of his pants, he can tell how plump her lower lips are. And how eager they are to consume his hardness. Sidney presses a hand against his chest and makes him lower down.

Matt smiles as he watches his woman rise and grabs hold of his pants and, without any regard, start tugging them off of his waist along with his boxers.

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Once fully off, his proud member bobs slightly in the air for her to take in. Her hand gently wraps around the white pole of six or seven inch and slowly starts stroking it making cute gaps escapes from her lover's mouth.

She giggles happily and drunkenly at the sight of her lover writhing from the pleasure she's delivering to him. But this isn't all she wants. She lets go of his member which earns a curious look from her boyfriend. He watches as Sidney lustfully takes off her bottom and panties in a slow movement and teasing movement. She's convinced him that he's not the only one who can tease. His member throbs at the sight and he takes her in like a wolf.

He wishes to ravish her body like a hungry coyote on his first meal. But he knows he has to wait, but not for long as she moves her body to where her dripping sex is right in his face. He lays his head back down as she lowers it towards his mouth that latches on greedily. She lets out a loud gasp of pleasure as she feels her lover's tongue enter her body. She moves her head down and licks down the tip of his hot member down this his balls.


They both breath in each other's sex which only makes them hunger more for each other. She continues the licking as Matt hungrily eats her out. He wastes no time as he starts sucking on her clit. Not wanting to be outdone, Sidney take the head of his member into her mouth and starts circling it with her tongue.

It has the intended effect as his sucking and licking slows down. She takes more and more into her mouth all while administrating her tongue along his hot throbbing member.

At the same time, Matt happily laps away at the flow of never ending nectar leaking from the girl on top of him. She's not sure how much longer she can lasts with the sucking on her clit and the lapping at her deep nether regions. Though at the same time, she can tell that he's starting to get towards his limits as well from the throbbing of his member against her tongue.

Soon, Matt bites a bit on her clit just as Sidney takes his member into her throat. The both gasp, though Sidney starts coughing, in pleasure as they have their climaxes at the same times. Seed flows down Sidney's throat as she raises her head up in a coughing fit.

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Cum emits out still all over her chest as well as face. Meanwhile her own juices flow out and Matt hungrily drinks it up. They both enjoy each other's taste very much. Sidney grabs a nearby towel and wipes off her face as she moves around to lay beside her lover. She presses her back against him feeling his semi hardness slide against her sensitive crotch.

It elicits a great gasp from them at the same time. Sidney giggles before she presses herself against him more. She feels his semi slide into a bit as he wraps his arms underneath her tits and hold onto her. The softness and warmth of them both lull them to sleep.

He smiles looking at her one more time as he sits up in bed.

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He stretches and looks at the clock before getting out of bed. His absence doesn't go unnoticed as Sidney lets out a sad noise that tugs at Matt's heart.

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He walks over to her on the other side and kisses her neck. He whispers, "I'll fix us something to eat." Sidney shivers before smiling at the sound of his pleasant voice. Despite what everyone says, she knows she made the right decision with this one.

Especially by the way he treated her last night. "Okay love." She replies back dreamily as she dreams of the future she knows will happen with him and her.