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THIS STORY IS A WORK OF FICTION. ANY NAMES OR LIKENESS TO ANYONE IS COINCIDENCE "Hey honey," Bobby hears only seconds before feeling Kirstie slam into his back.


"How was school?" "A bunch of crap." Bobby replies. Kirstie and Bobby, to their community, is the most out of place looking couple anyone could ever imagine.

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Bobby was an athlete, who liked wearing dark clothes. His hair was always either spiked, or a huge mess, or almost completely bald all together. And, for his town, dating a sixteen year old as a seventeen year old was "just out of the norm." He seldom talked to anyone other than his peer group, and it wasn't the jockies, either.

Kirstie was a preppie, happy go lucky person whom always wore bright, cheerful clothing. She is a beautiful young lady, with eyes that would change from time to time from a majestic sea blue to a fierce, yet inviting green. Her hair was naturally brown, but had a tendency to die it red every four months. Yet, they were so drawn to each other, that after a while, people decided to just ignore it.

"How was your day, sweet pea?" Bobby asked, using a nickname that got Kirstie all sorts of giggling. "It was about the same.

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I had fun in drama, but all my other teachers were being dicks. Are you still aloud to come over after school?" "Even if I wasn't, I would. Not like my mother would ever know." "Yay! Are you going to ride the bus, or would you have to go home first?" "I am riding the bus.

Save Peggy the effort of driving back into town when I know it will kill her. Speaking of busses, it looks like ours is here." "Hey Char." Bobby said, walking into the little home that Kirstie called home for only a short few months.

"How are you today?" "Not bad. How about yourself, Bobby?" Char replied, quite occupied with getting dinner done. Before Bobby could answer, how ever, Kirstie's little brother walked in the door. "Mom, we need to go to the school, please. I accidentally left my bag there." Kirstie's mother looked a lot like Kirstie. Or visa versa. Her eyes didn't change color, but they were still a captivating green-blue.

"Alright. Kirstie, will you keep an eye on the roast? I don't want it drying out or burning." "Okay, momma.

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I can do that." Kierstin shot back with a smile on her face. "Hey Bobby, you wanna go watch a movie? I have the grudge." "That sounds nice." Bobby replied, with a smile. As they walked the short distance to Kirstie's room, the young couple could hear the for closing as her mom and brother took off for the school.

"Now that they are gone, why don't we have some fun?" Kirstie exclaims with a wicked grin, turning around. "And what exactly do you mean by fun, baby girl?" Bobby asks, a little stunned.


"Well, and I know it's only been a few short days, but I was thinking that we could take our relationship to a whole new level. If that's okay with you, honey." Kirstie said. Her smile never wavered. "Oh, you think so, huh? What did you have mind-" mid-sentence, Bobby was interrupted by the hottest, most fierce kiss he had ever been apart of. "Follow me and I'll show you, hot stuff." Kirstie said with a sexy lilt to her voice. Without any hesitation, Bobby followed her to her room.

As he was entering, Kirstie was putting on the grudge. "Just in case my mom and brother get back, we have an excuse to have been locked up in my room." Kirstie explained. After the movie was on, Kirstie laid down on her back and beckoned Bobby to join her. Before climbing on top of her to kiss her, Bobby grabbed one sleeve of his shirt, and pulled it over his head.

Then, almost instantly, Bobby was laying next to Kirstie, making out with her. First, it started off with just small pecks here and there. This carried on for about ten minutes, when Kirstie started using her tongue. In and out of Bobby's mouth it would go, playing with Bobby's tongue, lips, the roof of his mouth. Bobby, whom was in lala land at this point, lost control.

He reached down to Kirstie's large, full breasts, and started playing with them. He snaked his hand down to the bottom of her shirt, and proceeded to remove the clothing that was doing nothing but hide those precious tits he so badly wanted to play with. With the shirt completely off, Bobby slowly, slowly kissed his way down Kirstie's body.

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"Ohh, Bobby, hurry up and kiss my tits. Please!" Kirstie pleaded, wanting for nothing but Bobby's mouth to suckle her nipples. That was all the more inviting Bobby needed. He pulled the fabric of Kirstie's bra down, and slowly approached Kirstie's left nipple, hovering just inches above it before attacking it. While Bobby was sucking on her nipple, he slowly reached down to unbuckle her belt.

In one fluid motion, he had her belt unbuckled, and her button and fly undone. Very slowly (and to Kirstie, very antagonizingly), reached into her panties. He rubbed her clit, and stroked her lips very gently, all the while getting ever closer to her entrance. Kirstie started bucking and jumping, extremely enjoying the attention. She began reaching her hand down to grope Bobby threw the fabric of his jeans.

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She began to slowly caress him and rub his stiff hardness. Bobby had switched to the right nipple, suckling it and giving it just as much attention as the left one. After a few minutes, he worked his way back up to kiss Kirstie passionately. This was just about all that Bobby could handle, and had it not been for the front door opening and Kirstie's mom calling "I'm home, guys!" He probably would have come right there in his pants.

Bobby quickly jumped off of Kirstie, and helped her do her clothing back up. "Hey momma!" Kirstie called out, hoping that she didn't here anything coming from the room. "We are in here watching The Grudge.

The roast is almost done." Of coarse she lied about it, but she hoped it was the truth. "Bobby, do you need a ride home?" Kirstie's mom called out.


"No, thanks, I'll just call my mom. Thank you, anyway!" Then leaning down so that he could whisper into her ear, he told Kirstie, "that was the first time I've ever gone that far." With a smile on his face.

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"Oh god, Bobby, I hope I didn't push you too far?" Kirstie some what asked, worry in her eyes. "Oh, no, no honey, you didn't. I promise. I really enjoyed it." He replied with a smile. So, tell me what you think. If you like it, then I will right more, if not, tell me what I can do to make it better. I hope you enjoyed it:)