All muscley amateur jock orgy

All muscley amateur jock orgy
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Hi friends!! This is my first story for you. This incident happened in my life a couple of months ago.

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My name is Amit and I am a FYJC student. I have a good friend circle and I am exceptionally well placed with the girls of my college.

My age is 17 and I stand 5'10", approximately 145lbs and have a well toned body, thanks to my regular workout. We are a family of 5 consisting of my younger twin sisters, my parents, and me. My father is around 47, sales executive and the major portion of his life is on wheels traveling from one place to another.

Mom is around 36 and is a school teacher so she has an 8 to 3 routine life. My sisters are 7 years younger to me. Mom and I get back home around the same time. We take lunch together and then we part off with our works.

My evenings are spent with my friends and I keep up with them till late. I had not been too lucky with girls as the only fortune that had come my way till this incident was an after dinner lip-to-lip kiss and gentle breast cuddle with my girlfriend.

At night my dreams are haunted by the thoughts of getting naughty with girls at times they are my cousins or even my mom. I feel guilty but I could not help it. It was somewhere there in my mind and I was unable to throw it out. I would generally end up jacking off in middle of night thinking of nude woman playing with me. With age was growing my lust for sex. Every morning I was a little more horny.

From one time a day, I started jacking off twice sometimes even thrice a day. I would never miss a chance to see some sexy item number on a music channel and even that was enough for me to jack off. I had only one thing in my mind now "How to have sex?" Can not have gone to whore, my girlfriend was not ready to participate in my sex game.

All this was adding to my desperation for sex. I was now starving for sex and all this led to the escalation of my fascination for my mom. As told to you earlier guys my mom is 36 her name is Anamika.

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She measures 5'5" barefoot and has a slender figure of 37-29-38, a typical Indian woman type profound butt. Her beautiful long hair perfectly matches the length of her even more beautiful back.

Her bosoms are medium large in size always fighting hard for their freedom from the glamorous lingerie she wears. She has maintained her dimensions superbly well. When she is at home she is in a dressing robe and normally wears her lingerie inside.

Outsides she is clad in sari or chudidar with short kurties, she prefers wearing kurties at the school and likes to be in sari when she is at some evening get-togethers or a party. I like to see her in sari for a simple reason that sari brings out her figure more and in addition looks more juicy than those covered all kurties.

The collection of her low cut blouse with string backs is toxic. When she is clad in a sari with a low cut blouse she looks immortal. The naval button on her almost flat tummy looks great. She wears her sari just below her naval button so they are easily visible. The low cut blouse, it seems is more for revealing than to conceal. The "WONDER BRA" she wears keeps pushing her mounds to shoot out of her blouse.

At times I have noticed that the darker parts of her breast surrounding the nipples are slightly above the border of her already too low neckline blouse. Thanks to those high heels Ana (My mom's nick name) wears; every step she takes gives metrical movement to her butts. Her butt sways in rhythm as she walks. In her dressing robe although she is covered all over, her curves are prominent. The pressure exerted by her assets on the thin material makes it easy for any one to imagine, rather ascertain her shape and size.

In one word she is "HOT". It was early June; summer had just started to heat things up. Although the weather was never very hot or humid here, but the temperature was rising every day. At evenings Ana would take a bath, put on her skimpy robe and would get busy with her kid daughters.

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By 8 the kids found there place on bed and Ana would normally get busy with her magazines or books. With my increasing desperation I was getting away from my friends I wanted to be alone with my desire, my dreams, and dirty fantasies.

I started returning home early. My dad generally got back home around 9 and we had our dinner together at about 10 every night. It happened one day that my dad called home and informed us that he will be late for dinner and so we should not wait for him at the dinner. As usual, my sisters went to bed by 8 and Ana got to her books. I was in my room lying on my bed restlessly. I was thinking about the beauty and the sex appeal in Ana when suddenly Ana called me for dinner.

I walked to the dining space thinking about my helplessness to fulfill my desire. Ana was preparing the dinner table; every time she bent to place something on the table her robe would part and give me ample opportunity to watch her milk pots. To bring me more luck she started serving me food standing opposite to me instead of standing beside me and all the time she served me I stared her globes. I was rock hard by now and was dying to jack off, my dick was steel hard, and it started giving me pain.

I had to leave dinner in between to jack off before I resumed dinner. While I was having dinner my mom was standing by the window looking at people having walk after dinner in the colony premises.

As I wanted some more food I gave her a call. She turned in a scurry and to my utmost and happiest bolt from the blue, got her robe entwined in the window clip. This left a fraction of her robe hanging on her body while the most of it preferred to hang by the window clip. For a moment she was thoughtless but the same moment for me was full of anticipation.

It sent a shiver down my spines. I was seeing her standing strip naked in front of me. Moments later, embarrassed, she covered her cunt with the remaining piece of the robe and started walking quickly to her room. While she was walking her boobs visible under her more than translucent bra were moving up and down with every step. I was unable to take my eyes off her mounds and she surely noticed me doing so. She was looking like a whor, a perfect slut I always dreamt of fucking.


As if in a state of unconscious dream, I called her and this time it was not "mom" or "mommy" but it was "ANAMIKA". I was calling her by her name; she could not understand what came out of my mouth and froze at the door of her room.

All this had rushed a lot of blood down my brain I was hard again. I was walking towards her slowly. Meanwhile she turned to determine what was happening.

Seeing me walk down to her staring continuously at her milk mounds she started taking steps backwards into her room. I closed in to her warm proximity; I was feeling her heart beating faster than normal. With every heartbeat her breast jumped a distance. I ad my eyes glued on then when suddenly a shaken voice reminded me what I was doing. I looked up and saw Ana looking straight at my eyes I knew what I had done so there was nothing to hide nor I was left innocent to deny.

I gathered the devils dare and looked straight into her eyes. I said how sexy she was looking in the piece of net she was wearing. She gave me a cold look but it did not bother me.

The only thing I was worried about was the return of my father but I knew he wont be back before the sunrise so I was getting naughtier.

I was standing inches close to Ana. She was shivering in anticipation of what was going to happen. I held her hand softly walked with her to the mirror. While she looked at herself in the mirror I gently guided my hands up to her shoulders. I was giving a gentle massage at the inner parts of her shoulders, around her neck. She was trying to resist my every movement but she failed every time. I knew I had almost seduced my mother. The only thing left was to screw her. I held her face in my palms and brought my lips close to her luscious red lips, I was feeling her breaths.

As soon as I locked my lips on hers I could feel her hands pushing me away from her. My tongue was trying hard to intrude her mouth but somehow she managed to defer the "tongue-of-war" for a few moments. I finally succeeded in taking my tongue inside her. In all this time my hands were slowly making way towards the mounds of milk, her "MAMME".

Before I could reach her boobs she gave me a hard push and this time I slipped a couple steps backwards. She started frowning at me, she gave me a bullshit lecture on moral science she wept for a while and started explaining me the eminence of cultural values. But nothing was going to kill my lust for now. I only told her that I was in an age when I needed sexual pleasure nothing else could do anything for my desire.

She was silent for a brief moment then tried to walk away from me. I stretched my hands to get hold of her fist.

I pulled her to me and begged to fulfill my desire. I was begging like anything. I knew I could make it. She was already hot after a 15 minutes lip-lock. I stood in front of her and looking straight into her eyes took my hands to her boobs. She gave a little jerk and asked me to promise her that this would be the first and the last time this is going to happen.

It did not take long for me to affirm her question. I quickly took my hands to her bra and did not even care to unhook it. In a quick second I pulled her bra off her body. She was standing bare breast before me. Her milkpots were ripe. They were of the size and shape of mango. It did not take long for me to catch hold of her boobs. I was squeezing them hard.

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I took the nipple between my thumb and my middle finger and started playing with it. This made my mom moan Ooooohhh aaaaahhhhh aaaahhhhh aaaaaraaaaam seeeee dhire ooo maaaa dhire aauuuuuurrrr dhireeeee karooooooo in pleasure. I took my mouth to the other milk pot and started sucking it. I took my time in playing with her milk mounds. All the time I played with her milk pots she moaned aaaaahhhhh oooeeeiiiiiiiii maaaa in pleasure.

What I never expected happened the next she suddenly caught my dick over my shorts. I did not wanted to loose the opportunity so I did not wasted any time and dropped my shorts immediately. My dick quickly got into position. Mom was surprised to see my man hood. Her looks appreciated my rod. Not too long but definitely thicker than the average dick it was tickling the cunt of Ana. She was now holding my dick in her hands and was doing the in and out movement. I held her head by her hairs and guided her mouth to my dick.

Before taking my dick in her mouth she tongue cleaned my dickhead. She took the entire length of my dick within her mouth in one go. Her tongue was rolling around my dick inside her mouth. Holding her head tight with my hands I started moving my hips to and fro. I was mouth fucking her while she was giving me the Blow Job of my life. I managed to get hold of her boobs in between and massaged them very hard.

With every stroke of my dick on her throat she responded wildly. She took her hands to her cunt hole in the meanwhile and started fingering her pussy. While I was fucking her mouth, momentous moans escaped her mouth. I could feel the pressure building within my sacks. I knew I was moments away from cumming.

I was trying my hardest to extend this session of her mouth fucking but it was getting unbearable. I couldn't have held any more. Almost after 25 minutes of fucking her mouth I blasted inside her mouth. Her mouth was filled with my love juice and she was enjoying every drop of it. We were totally dog-tired. She was starved of breath for the entire period of mouth fucking.

While trying to breathe some extra volume of air she naughtily spoke about the experience she just had. She was talking bitchy. She told me that this was the best mouth fucking she ever had.

I was planning my next attack while we rested after the exhausting round of sexgame. But before I could have executed my plans the door bell rung, it was dad back home. I walked to my room and had a sound sleep after weeks of sleepless nights. The following morning started normally. Dad was getting ready for another week long tour.

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I was excited in anticipation of a fun filled week ahead. My sisters were ready to leave for school.

The only thing rather unusual was that Ana was not ready till now. She was still in a robe but this time it was more skimpier and she also did not wear her bra beneath.

Her nipples were prominently poking out from the robe and that was giving me a yet another hard on. Well anyways dad left on his tour. Ana asked one of her co-worker to drop kids to the school, she said she was not well to do outdoors today. After about an hour or so I was about to leave for college when Ana asked me to stay back home as she wanted to talk to me about the yester night happenings. I naughtily commented asking her whether she wanted a replay.

She was silent. It hardly mattered to me. I stayed home. After around 45 minutes Ana called me to her room. I could not have expected anything more when I entered her room. She was sitting on the bed wearing an off-white semi transparent sari. As usual her blouse was of a low-low neckline.

The wonder bra was doing wonders. Her boobs were defying both gravity and the clutches of the lingerie. The push up bra had pushed them so up that there was nothing left to conceal. 60% of her milk mounds were visible. The size was making it troublesome for the blouse to hold the ample boobs within it.

She had wrapped her sari way down her naval button today. Infact one inch down was the partition of her ass cheeks. Without wasting another second I rushed to her, sat beside her, and started kissing her all over. Starting from her cheeks I got down to her neck I planted numerous kisses on her mounds, I kissed her stomach, licked her naval button.


I was kissing and licking her and she was moaning in pleasure. Her oomph was exciting me even more. The oooouuuu aaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmm oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh wwooooooowwwwwwww was killing me. After kissing her from top to toe I returned to her lips. I locked my lips on hers, started a tongue wrestle inside her mouth.

She was responding wildly, her vigor was double in intensity than yester night. While I kept her busy sucking my tongue I started kneading her milky boobs from over her blouse. She was getting heated up. I had a harder hard on than ever before. Compared to yester night this was Ana's move so it excited me more. When we finished playing with our lips I started pulling off her sari.

As I pulled her sari she rotated as if on an axis. 5 rounds and gone was her sari. She was left with a skimpy blouse and a matching net panty. Something came to my mind and I excused myself for a moment and appeared again with an icebox in the room. I saw Ana playing with her boobs and moaning.

She reacted like a whor when I entered the room. She licked her boobs and gave me an invitation sight; her eyes were like begging me to get into her. I reached her took my hands behind her and untied the strings holding her bosom.

The blouse came out effortlessly. She was wearing a skin color mesh push up bra which matched the shade of her skin exactly. It was hard to differentiate. I played with her balls for a few second, on which she said tear them off honey!!

Let momma feed u with milk again. Again from the same breasts. She was getting nasty. She said "aab aaur bardasht nahi ho raha hai Amit meri bra utar do, meri chuchio ko azad kar do, dabao unhe, masal do chod do meri chuchio ko.

chod do inhe". Before I took off her bra I teased her boobs for a few moments, I pinched on it, bite them with my teeth, I tickled them. This made her moan even more violently, she was moaning uuummmm aaammmm mmmmaaaa aaahhhhh aaaaaooooo oooiiiiiiiiiii aaaahhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaammmmmmm.

Finally I took off her bra and let loose those precious assets of my mom which now hang before me. I licked one of the nipples while my hands started playing with the other one. For a second I removed my hands and got away from ana and brought the icebox closer to us.

I took out an icepack from the icebox and started rolling it over ana's choochi. As I rubbed the ice over her she moaned in pain. Both her boobs were getting harder as rock.

The shade of the boob was changing to pink. After a few minutes of ice rubbing I asked her to push her boobs from both the sides. As she did so, both her milk mounds pressed against each other, I sat on her tummy and forced my already rock straight dick between the mounds. I started making a slow to and fro movement. Mera lund uski dono chuchio ke bich me chudai kar raha tha.

As I increased my pace the entire length of my cock was passing between her boobs. Often it touched the chin of Ana. This was giving her immense pleasure. Ana ki chuchio ki chudai ana ko behad pasand aa rahi thi.

Uske muh pe takrate mere laude ko wo apne jibh se chatne ki koshish kar rahi thi. Uske muh se uuuhhhh aaah ki awaze pehle se tez ho gain thi. After a few minutes of fucking her chuchi I said she can remove her hands but she insisted that I should do more of this as this was the first time she was doing something like this and she was enjoying it. She said "Honey this is really fun." I was not inclined to proceed so I pulled out my dick and stood from her stomach.

Took a few steps back and reached her thighs. I took her legs and placed her knees at my shoulders. Her love hole was wet. She was discharging pre cum.

I positioned my dickhead on her opening and made a hefty thrust. She yelled in pain. My dick went in total inside her. I don't know about her but it pained me a lot.

I started making a slow in and out movement. Ten slow strokes and I would make the eleventh a strong and fast one. My dick balls thumped the entrance of her love tunnel.

I sometimes twisted a little which gave her pleasure. She was making statements no ones mom would ever make. Ana spoke "Cum On Honey. Cum In Me . Yeahhh Yyyyuuuuu Caaan Doooo Itttt Ooohh Yeeahhh Ooooo Uuuuh Aaahhh Ooo Yesss yesss aaahhh Fuck Meee harder Honey Harder Fuck Ur Mom Harder Make Hur A Slut… Sell Her To A Dog .Uuhhh Aaahh Aaahhhh Oooiiiii Maaaaa Chodooo Aauurrr Tezzz Meri Boorrrr Phad Do…… Meri Boor Kuttee Se Marwaoo… Aaahhh Chodo Mughe… Meri Gand Mar Lo… Come On Honey … Come .

On. Oohhh Uuummmm Aaa Oooiii Maaaaaaaaaaa Thelo Aaur Thelo… Mai Tumhari Kutiya Huuunn Aauuur Chodo" I increased the pace of my fucking to the maximum. She was responding my thrust in ratio and rose her hips when I pushed her.

This made the impact double. At this pace she could not control herself. She said "amit I am goin to cum honey aahh honey aaahhh uuumm aahh honneyyyy bring me to an end aaahhh yeeahh ooohhhhh aaaaaaaaiiiiiii ooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahh hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm fill my tunnel . seed me seed my vagina. meri bor bhar do… aaahhhhh uuuuuuhh aaaaaahhhh" I was also at the verge of climax and with one huge push I exploded inside her the same time she came to a climax I ejaculated loads after load of cum inside her.

She was motion less and I bent down to her breasts. Took one nipple in my mouth like a kid and started sucking her and the door bell rang. The time now was 1:30 after noon. We had fucked each other for more than 2 hours now.

Ana hurried to the wash room and I put on my shorts to check the door.