Extreme rough anal fisting lession

Extreme rough anal fisting lession
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Alice Helps Meg Do Anal 6 by Will Buster If you like any of my stories you can get my full length novels Enjoy! If you aren't into early teen frolics, please check out other stories. Meg was finished with a nice, long, soothingly warm bath and she lay on Elton's bed completely naked and shivering with anticipation.

She was now eleven and it was her birthday. She was a big girl now and tonight, Jamie had promised her he would slide his long, firm member all the way into her tiny shit hole. Alice had promised and assured her it would feel good. Sure it would hurt at first because she wasn't used to it yet. It was like when she'd first been fucked and she'd screamed from the pain when her delicate maiden head had been viscerally pierced. However once Jamie had poured his creamy seed into her little box, she'd been hooked like some frisky little fish at the end of that powerful erotic line of his.

She moved her small fingers between her splayed legs and started playing with her little cunny, easing out the rich juice and moving it into her bum hole to get it ready for that nice, big cock that she loved to play all those dirty little games with. Where other girls played with dolls, Meg played with that big, firm fleshy toy of his until it squirted off into her little itching cunt or gulping throat.

Yellow haired Meg had gotten really good at sucking that nice, big hunk of meat as well. She was able to suck down most of the warm gooey cream straight down into her throat. She knew how to make sexy little gagging sounds, stick her little finger into his own shit hole and then he'd erupt straight down her esophagus and directly into her warm belly. It was like a baby sucking down milk from a bottle almost. It felt so hot and naughty as his liquids were spewed down inside her. It was such great fun to be Jamie's indecent little whore.

Meg sometimes thought that she was the luckiest little wench in the county, maybe in all England for that matter. Alice was starting to increase now. She was five months along as a result of the vast amount of seed that Lord James had pumped into his lovely little concubine earlier that year.

Of course he hadn't slowed down. Every night and early morning, her pussy was stretched wide as Jamie pushed his big bone into the furthest reaches of her womanhood. Alice would cry out and say the filthiest things she could think of as his passion blended with hers. Meg snickered to herself because of her extreme youth, she wouldn't have to worry about that for quite awhile.

Already her anus itched funny from her finger that slipped in and out of it. She'd been practicing this for weeks, getting her little ass hole ready for the big night and tonight was the night. Her loving lord would take her and fill her tight empty ass until he groaned in delight as he shot his spunk into her eager little body.

She thought to herself that it was so much fun to be a playful little companion for her handsome patron. He was so big and strong and knew so much. There weren't any questions he couldn't answer and there was nothing he didn't know about making her teeny, little cunt feel so nice and tingly. Every evening when he was through fucking Alice for his initial warm up, he would stick that big thing of his into Meg's tiny cunt and sucking mouth before returning his attention to lovely Alice.

Of course Alice was an accomplished full service whore. She could fuck with her cunt and her little bum hole. It made Meg a little jealous at times because she wasn't a full service tart yet. Well tonight she would really grow up. She would pull her ass cheeks apart and open for him. He could fuck her rear until he squirted all that warm stuff into her stink hole just like he did to Alice.

Besides, Alice told her she would be married off pretty soon and Meg would have to provide every kind of carnal consolation to Jamie. Alice explained that he desperately needed their tight holes and cock licking mouths so he could relieve his constantly itching pecker.

Alice accompanied James to the bed. The young girl was just as naked as Meg and she climbed beside her sister, spreading herself open for his inspection. Lord Jim pulled off his riding boots, britches and shirt in quick succession, all the time looking at his brace of wanton play things. "How are my two sin sisters tonight? Hmmmm?" Meg giggled, "We're ready for your cock aren't we Alice?" Alice smirked, "Tonight, Meg wants you to fuck her little ass hole because she's a big girl now.

She's eleven and she's been waiting for this for months." "All right Meg, watch very carefully what I do to Alice first and be sure to put plenty of this grease on your little bum.

It will reduce the pain a lot." Meg didn't know what kind of grease it was but she quickly jabbed some inside her anus and slowly loosened the sphincter muscles as her sister had instructed earlier. Alice turned and presented her firm ass for Jamie's use. Carefully he applied some more grease to Alice's little dirt hole and then coated his own cock with the stuff. "Here goes Alice! Open wide for daddy!" "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaarrrggghhhhhh! Oh Shit! @ Yes! You're in me! Yes!

Fuck my ass hard! Show Meg how it's done!" Slowly Jamie stroked in and out while Meg watched her sister's rear end being stretched big time. That studding pole of his sawed into Alice, deeper and deeper until at last, his balls were flapping on her bare arse. By now Alice was lunging back, meeting his thrusts with obvious delight. The pregnant little tart gasped and yelped as passion built up in her groin like a forest fire gaining momentum. "Ahuh! Ahuh! Ahuh!

Aaahhh! Jamie! Fuck my shit! Fuck it harder! I wanna cum on your dick! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,oh, yes Jamie! Yes! Yyyyeeessss!" James wanted to make sure he was rock hard and well lubricated for Meg. Now he moved out of Alice and got atop Meg who dutifully copied her sister's doggie position. Alice moved close and whispered to her slutty little sister.

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"Try to relax and let him enter you quick. It will hurt less and once he's inside deep, you'll just love it. I'll lick his balls for him so he cums quicker the first time.

You're such a nice little whore Meg. Now spread wide and give him your sweet little ass hole. He likes it. He needs it." Gently Lord Elton nudged his prick against the little rose bud pucker.

The sphincter was reluctant but he didn't rush things. He let the grease and his pre-cum slick up her entrance and at last she relaxed and he slid in surprisingly easy. Meg squealed. "Ooooooooo! It's so huge! Aaaaahhhhhh! God!

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It's splitting me!" Lord Jim pushed it further until he was all the way into her anus. He then held it motionless to let his little girlish whore become used to the size, shape and heat of that itching member of his. At last he heard the tell tale moan and Meg's anus begin to clench him with her naughty little rim of hers. She was ready for a nice anal fuck! He held her slim hips in place and began to slowly fuck Meg's cute little rump. It felt so divine to enjoy that special tightness that only a young virginal little trick can possibly provide.

He shut his eyes for a moment, a little regretful that he'd become addicted to such illicit delights. However his cock had no conscience and it greedily slid into Meg, aching for that unique tingling, burning sensation that his cock now needed. He felt Meg clamping her vice like little grip on him.

The young bitch was now not only willing but growing used to the new pleasures of anal fucking. Jim couldn't believe that the young slut was enjoying the new sexual contact so soon.

It was amazing! "Oh yes Meg! You have such a pretty, tight ass! Jerk on my cock you little vixen! Grip it hard and fuck me! OH yes! Oh Meg! Meg! You're so beautiful! Work me you little pixie slut! Oohh!" Meg was whimpering and yelping as both pain and ecstasy burned into her new invaded ass. "Oooooo! Jamie! Fuck my virgin ass! Fucking fill it with cum! Do me like Alice!" Alice moved behind the rutting nobleman and began sucking and fingering Jamie's balls causing him to groan with the additional pleasure that Alice was now providing.

She knew precisely what she had to do. As his cock drilled Meg's little shitter, Alice moved down and slid her tongue into Jim's exposed ass hole.

It triggered an Instant reaction and Elton screamed as his seed shot deep into Meg's squirming little rectum. "God! God! Meg! You little anal whore! You're so fucking tight! Yes! You're perfect you fancy fucking tart! Take more! More! Yes!" He got out of Meg then, careful not to injure his pretty little tramp. Cum still trickled out of his cock and Meg quickly turned and sucked his oozing member into her succulent little mouth.

Alice moved up and started kissing him with her talented tongue and soft lips. "Is Meg a good little whore my lord? Are you going to keep her and fuck her tiny holes until she increases?" He grinned at his two saucy wenches. "Definitely Alice." ". Actually I'm sorry to have to marry you off, Alice but that's the way of it.

Her kiss was like sweet honey on his mouth and that little sprite, Meg was sucking so hard that he was getting rigid real quick.

After another minute or so, Alice spoke to him again. "Jamie, Meg needs you more tonight. Why don't you let her ride your big cock with her cunt and you can eat me out.

I'll sit on your mouth and you can just lie back and relax while we service you. Would you like that sweet Jamie?" He couldn't think of anything better. Meg's under aged cunt was still super tight and the girl knew how to fuck by now. He lifted Alice to his face and greedily sucked her clit and pussy hole.

Meg climbed on and slowly impaled herself on his bone. The younger sister moved her legs further apart and slid up and down, rocking on his manhood and leaning back expertly to increase the pressure on his staff.


Meg added to his pleasure when she wantonly gripped his man meat with her clenching slit and performed wicked staccato jerks as she bucked on every inch of that tingling shaft. Alice mentioned these important facts to her younger sister. Meg now knew about those expressive muscles that kept a man captivated and unable to resist the more intimate areas of the female anatomy.

Up and down Meg romped, making Jamie's cock swell and itch for yet another climax. The pre teen slut was gasping and squealing, unable to hold back the relentless approach of searing orgasms that were simmering inside her wantonly performing cunt.

Alice was supplying her own sensual magic, grinding her groin in just the right ways to increase the amount of contact with his tongue and lips. She cried out, aching for penetration. "Jamie! Fuck me with your fingers! Fuck my holes! Quick my sweet love! I wanna cum!" Jamie knew precisely what she needed.

He slipped two fingers up her anus and four others up her twat. Then he nipped and tickled her clit with his teeth or sucked it and lashed it with his tongue. Alice screamed and her body convulsed. Her musky ejaculation poured down into his sucking mouth. A moment later, he felt his balls swell and his cock reach that golden moment.

His seed erupted like the expansive release of a volcano into Meg's shuddering little box! Later as Lord Jim slept, Meg was still awake, thinking of her night's first anal fling. Yes it had hurt at first and she was certain it would hurt again but the pleasure!

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That indescribable ecstasy had soared through her very soul. Oh yes, when Alice left, she would stay with her lovely lord and serve all the needs of his body because in doing so she would reach her own fulfillment time after glorious time. Ever so gently she touched his limp manhood under the comforting darkness of concealing sheet and blankets. Even now in slumber, James was becoming hard as she carefully moved her little hand up and down on it.

Well if he woke up later and needed her she would spread open for him and guide his member inside her cunt or ass hole. She would play the little whore pixie until she was filled once again with that delicious creamy baby milk of his. Yes she was a big girl now because her handsome lover Jamie had shot his hot cum up her tiny virgin ass hole. She grinned to herself in the dark and licked her lips anticipating tomorrow's joys. ********* Meg woke sudden.

It was past dawn because she could see the opulent bedroom. But that isn't what grabbed her instant attention and that wasn't what had wakened her. Meg squealed with delight! "Yes Jamie! Fuck me!" She'd awakened to that exquisite fullness that was shoved between her bare legs. They were arched back because Alice was holding them wide apart and far back so Jamie could rut inside Meg at his pleasure. He was breathing hard and grunting as he buried and reburied himself into her mini-pussy.

His constant pounding into her cervix quickly drove Meg to rapture and she screamed loud as her body convulsed and rippled with the sheer delight of fucking. Lord Elton looked down at his naughty little girl-slut. "I'm going to have all of you this morning love! I've waited for this for months and now you're going to get it all over you superb little fox!

Now come on! Grip it harder and fuck!" Meg wasn't able to move very much but as much as she could, she arched her back to further engulf his slamming dick. She squeezed her little cunny just like she knew he'd like it.

Again and again she clenched on him with powerful and expressive jerks. Jim groaned, "You little bitch! You fucking hot little, steamy fucker! Yes!

Yyyyeeeesss!" The horny aristocrat gritted his teeth, tensed for a moment and released! A torrent of warm gism cascaded deep into Meg's pulsing passion pit. With each burst, she expertly gripped him, forcing him to drain it all, every fucking drop!

He lay on her for a few minutes, getting back to the planet and then he moved forward, slipping his semi hard cock into Meg's expectant mouth. She liked sucking his cock. Elton leaned forward and lost his depraved self as he ate out Alice's moist fuck hole.

The honey blond sister rubbed her labia and swollen clit hard against his face letting him know she wanted it as badly as he did. Alice's moans and whimpers soon filled the room, drowning out Meg's sucking noises. Meg fingered his balls, helping him get stiff and big in her mouth.

The young blonde knew what to do. She'd done it plenty of times before. She relaxed her throat muscles and guided him further and further down while her tongue flicked and squirmed all over his shaft, just the way she knew he liked it. Her spit swished all over him, increasing that special tingle and itch that he craved from her. For several minutes Elton fucked Meg's mouth, heedless of her gagging sounds.

Then Meg slipped her little finger right up his touch hole and sure enough, she was quickly rewarded by a hot jet of cum that clogged her throat and spewed pell-mell right down her gulping little gullet. Meg loved drinking his lust as it flowed down her esophagus. Each gulp she performed seemed to trigger even more of his warm juice into her for her to suck and drink until after five or six jolts of release, he finally slipped out of her mouth so she could breathe normally for awhile.

James grinned down at his other beautiful whore, Alice who he'd just hungrily eaten to completion. "Suck me Alice! I need Meg's pretty little ass next. Suck it hard quick!" Alice giggled, "You're getting carried away by my little sister. Does she suck cock good?" "Yes! Now suck it!" She opened for him and then her mouth was filled with the salty taste of cum coated man meat.

Expertly Alice twisted her tongue around his bulging head and underside, stimulating James to quick hardness. Meg was already getting prepared by slipping some grease up her tiny stink hole. Cum was still oozing out of her freshly fucked cunt and the taste of his leavings was overwhelming inside of her mouth and throat.

The aroma of him was keeping Meg at a sexual high. At last he was ready again and this time he placed Meg on her back and motioned for Alice to hold Meg's legs back once again. With a loud groan, Meg felt him enter her ass.

It was easier than last night's encounter and several seconds later he was fucking her tiny rear hole hard and deep. Meg cried out again and again as her rectum was urgently violated. It burned with the unfamiliar friction and yet there was incredible pleasure also.

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She felt it coming as certain as the dawn that had already occurred. Meg yelled, "Yes Jamie! Fuck my virgin ass! Fucking fill me! I want that big cock to fucking drench my ass! Yes! Fuck your little Meg!

I love it! Aaaarrrggghhhhh! Eeeeeee!


Jjjjeeeesssuuuussss! Again! Deeper! Ooooooo! Jamie! Squirt me! I'm cccuuummmmiiinnnggggg!" Meg's heart was pounding now and her skin was flushed from the increased blood flow and perhaps a little shame at what she was doing. Alice pulled back even harder on Meg's legs and Jamie slammed into Meg even deeper. He had to have every inch of this wildly rimming 11 year old anus! He had no choice! His cock had to have it, all of it! James couldn't believe it! The little bitch was actually wiggling her little arse, coaxing him to screw her even harder.

He drilled down into her, circling and twisting inside it, prolonging the intense interanal contact that was gripping and clamping hard on his slippery dick. Then he felt it happening! Yes he was going to shoot his seed into Meg's tiny rectum and he would do it now!

He screamed! "You fucking anal bitch! Yes! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! Jjjjjeeeeessssuuuuuu! Ffffuuuccckkkk! Take me! Take it all!" His body visibly shuddered from the power of his torrential ejaculation. "Fuck my cock you little witch!" Meg suddenly realized the sexual power she actually possessed.

At this critical moment, her anus controlled this great nobleman. He was at her mercy. She could extend his joy or release him perhaps not totally fulfilled. Meg gripped him harder and rimmed his squirting meat as if desperate to crush every drop out of him. The little vixen wanted to hear Jamie scream and swear and fuck her without restraint.

At this exciting moment she owned Jim's cock, every erupting inch of it! Meg squealed, again! Come on! "Fuck me all over again Jamie!" Lord Elton could not comprehend what was happening to his manhood. The little tart was actually forcing him to stay hard. His spurt pulses stopped and then there were dry heaves and still the little bitch rimmed and gripped, willing him to stay erect and vital.

Even Alice hadn't done that. He didn't want to hurt the young slut so he reluctantly pulled out and re-stuffed her cunt to the hilt. Then he fell on Meg and smothered her mouth with hungry kisses. His hands groped, pinched and fondled everywhere and his cock drilled Meg's responding pussy. Alice was still holding Meg's sexy little legs back, amazed at what her sister was doing to the lord of Kingston manor. Her younger sister was actually forcing the old rake from one sizzling orgasm to another.

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Because he'd already drained three times, his rapturous ravishing of Meg went on for an hour. The little slut squealed and whimpered and screamed as she almost was made senseless from a series of orgasms that her young, zesty body simply craved. She didn't know if Alice was frustrated and she didn't care. All that Meg cared about was keeping that vital flesh deep inside her.

She loved how it was slamming way into her box and she was cumming all over it like a filthy little whore in heat, which was exactly what she was and she didn't care. Now that she'd swallowed his cum and fucked his cock with both her little holes, she was beyond shame.

Meg was actually happy that her sister would be soon married off. It would mean she would have Jamie all to herself and she could fuck him and suck him to her little heart's content. In the afterglow of passion, Meg resolved to make Lord Elton forget Alice by using her young body to perfection.