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White gay is fucking his pretty black boyfriend previous to cam
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Part 8 Rachael Reborn Michael lay on the bed in a thick terrycloth robe. He had showered, shaved and taken a little blue pill. Though an experienced lover, he felt nervous. He would be making love to a fragile, broken woman who had saved his daughter. He would have loved her for that alone. In fact, he loved her strength and determination. As he thought about it, Rachael was a contradiction, strong yet fragile, beautiful yet ashamed… His thoughts stopped as the door opened and Beth pushed Rachael through the open door.

Beth pulled the door closed, "Have fun kids," she said with a broad smile on her face. Michael rose and put his hands on her shoulders, "Rachael, you are breathtakingly beautiful!" Small in stature, she seemed more a doll than a woman.

Her raven hair fell past her shoulders stark against the long, white gown made of gossamer silk. Her almond, brown eyes, promised warmth and passion. High cheekbones, thin, delicate nose and full lips completed a picture of beauty. Her white gown contrasted with her darker skin. He pulled her close, lowering his mouth to her.


She lifted her head up, offering her lips, her eyes pleading. His lips touched hers softly. Opening her lips, she moaned into his mouth. Her tongue darted into his, the pointed tip curling upward to caress his palette.

Her nipples hardened. Her pussy began to leak lubricant that began dripping down her inner thighs. Still kissing her, Michael undid the single tie holding the robe together. He gently moved it off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. She pulled back, staring into his eyes, "Please, Michael." He bent down and lifted her into his arms, inhaling her delicate perfume and placed her gently on the bed.

He shrugged out of his robe and lay beside her. He kissed her again. She pressed her body against him. Her hand reached for his cock. She murmured, "Oh" into his mouth as she realized the size of the cock that would join them into one being. He began to work his mouth down her body, but she stopped him.

"I need you inside me NOW!" He dropped his hand to be sure she was ready. When he felt her juice, he knew she was. Still, she was so small, he worried that his cock would hurt her even though she had given birth to three children.

To be sure, he slowly inserted one finger. She was tight! It was difficult to get a second finger in! She was moaning with pleasure as his fingers twisted and stretched the delicate tissue.

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His mind registered for a moment. "C" section. He dropped his lips to her breast as he worked his fingers, his tongue circling the hardened nipple. He took his time stretching her open, her moans increasing as his fingers moved in and out. Her vaginal muscles began to relax. It also had the effect of bringing her closer to her climax. Her breath came in small gasps. He sucked her nipple into his mouth hard and bit down softly.

"I'm CUMMMMMMMMING," she screamed, her hands gripping the bedding. He quickly disengaged and got between her legs, finding her engorged clit and began sucking it while lashing it with his tongue.

"Oh my God! Don't stop. I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMING. Her words became unintelligible. She grabbed his head, pulling his face into her pussy with surprising strength for a petite woman. Her legs wrapped around his head. After her fourth or fifth climax, she pushed him away, "Too sensitive…," as her voice trailed off. He moved up the bed and took her into his arms, stroking her cheek with infinite kindness and love, gently brushing her plastered wet hair from her face.

She moaned into the crook of his neck, gradually emerging from the pleasure mist. She looked into those changeable eyes, finding only love there. "I think I'm ready for that monster between your legs," she said in a sultry voice. She lay back, opening her legs.

She wanted to feel his weight and taste their mingled sweat. He positioned himself carefully. He levered himself above her, looking into her eyes, "Guide me." She reached between their bodies and positioned his cock at her entrance. He thrust gently, forcing her inner lips apart. "Oh!" Her eyes showing pain.

Michael pushed her leg down and in a quick move, reversing their positions. She lay on top of him. "Take your time, Honey. Now you can really give yourself." She giggled, "It's been so long…" her voice trailed off as she slid down his body, slowly impaling herself, his cock bent upward, slowly stretching her clenching, narrow channel. Finally, he was almost in. He looked into her eyes, seeing raw lust mixed with triumph. She placed her hands on his chest and began to rotate her hips in a sensual pattern that became a dance of passion.

Michael felt his climax approach. He bent forward to suck an offered nipple, gently biting it. She began to shake. He changed nipples and repeated the nip. Her shaking increased. He continued switching while his hands descended to her ass. He bit gently on her breast while his finger gently penetrated her ass. She screamed her climax into the night. Her vaginal muscles fluttered, grabbing and loosening without pattern. He thrust into her, shooting his cum into her depths.

The door opened, the faces of frightened women framed by the light. Rachael collapsed onto his chest, oblivious to the spectators who had burst through the door after her scream. Lynne and Shoshana could see the girth of the cock buried in their mother.

Michael waved them out. Beth left last, blowing him a kiss before quietly closing the door. Rachael began to stir, Michael's semi-hard cock still between her distended pussy lips. Michael was caressing her face with his fingertips when her eyes fluttered open. Dark brown eyes found his green. "I never knew it could be that … spectacular," she sighed. His lips found hers in a soft, intimate caress. "You're still hard?

Didn't you cum?" she felt him still in her. "Oh I came alright. And came and came," he said smiling, "I just can't get enough of you." If it was a lie, it was in a good cause.

The little blue pill helped. She slid up his body, his cock popped out of her, releasing a large amount of milky juice and semen. Her body cried out that it felt empty, but her heart was filled with love. Something released inside her. She began to sob, to cry and then wail. He held her through it all, continuing to caress her arms and shoulders. She cried out her pain, terror and humiliation. She gave him her tortured soul.

Finally she stopped and snuggled against him, pulling his arm over her. She fell into a deep rhythmic sleep. After a while, Michael became uncomfortable.

He slowly slid from the bed and into the bathroom for a shower. While he did not mind sleeping with some drying fluids on him, the amount on his chest, belly and groin was just too much. He showered quickly, dried off, and retrieved his glass of wine and slipped quietly back into bed, making sure that part of him was touching her. He thought for a while about Peter. He knew he would have to confront him one day, but it was a problem for another day.

And what about Rafaela? And Alice? He slowly realized that he was now the nominal head of the Walsh and Shannon families and might add the Zapata family. He and Beth had been alone so long. He put the glass on the side table and slid down to spoon his new lover. "Good morning, Honey," He said looking down at Rachael. She looked a mess with hair plastered to her face, makeup smeared, eyes swollen from crying and smelling of raw sex. He kissed her forehead with love.

Her eyes squinted a bit as his face came into focus. She snuggled against him, reveling in his strength and kindness. Her nerve endings began to report to her brain. The smell of sex still hung in the air hours after they had finished. Outside it was dark. Her hair was plastered across her face. "Good morning Love," she replied. "Time to get up. We have a long drive today." Rachael insisted that Shoshana sit beside Michael on the drive. Beth offered to give up her seat next to her father, but Rachael said no.

She sat with Lynne in the third row of the Escalade. "I'm scared," she confessed softly to Michael, "When they did those things to me, they drugged me. I didn't know what was happening until it was over. Will it hurt a lot?" Rachael was behind them and leaned forward to listen, feeling the soreness in her groin.

She'd be sore for at least a day. She smiled at the memory of her impalement. "Shosh, I want you to think about six weeks or two months in the future when you and I will make love for the first time.

Think how you want that moment to happen. Think about how it will feel. Then create an image in your mind," he said gently, " an image with the new you.

Is some pain worth that image?" Shoshana smiled broadly and nodded enthusiastically. "When it hurts, hold onto that image and accept the pain as payment for the joy." Rachael sat back in wonder. She closed her eyes and imagined her ideal lover.

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She chuckled to herself. It would be Michael as long as she lived. Michael and Rachael sat together, hating the sterile smell of the hospital waiting room. Shoshana's one-hour operation stretched to nearly four. When the doctor came, Rachael and Michael were standing by the window, staring into the late afternoon sky, his arm around her shoulders.

They had registered Shoshana as Sandra Watts with Rachael and Michael her parents. A slender woman, no longer young, dressed in scrubs approached them. She had won great renown as a genital plastic surgeon. Her team included some of the best in the world. Her team did not come cheap and did not ask questions. She extended her hand to them. "I am Doctor Partain." "Michael and Rachael Watts," Michael said, reaching for her hand. The doctor nodded and led them to a couch and chair. "Mr. and Mrs.

Watts, I'm sorry it's been so long, but there was more damage than we expected," he said with a typical doctor's understatement, "She is sleeping now and needs to say for at least three days. We removed all the metal piercing except her clit ring. She said she wanted to keep that. That was pretty straightforward, except for her tongue. Whoever implanted it made it really difficult to remove without destroying nerves. That took a lot longer because of how it was welded, but I think we got it done without further damage.

Did you know they scraped her tongue to make it thinner and then cut the sides to make it pointed?" Rachael nodded, eyes dripping. "When we began the vaginal lip and floor reconstruction, we found an exposed blood vessel, probably from rough objects being used in her. If she had intercourse with that exposed blood vessel, it could easily have ruptured and she could have died.

As it is, we repaired the blood vessel and her vagina. We did a vaginoplasty and labiaplasty." "Her cervix was also damaged. That's why we called in an OBY/GYN surgeon.


There was a lot of scarring, so it was from repetitive trauma. We repaired that as best we could. She must have been in constant pain." "Her sphincter was also ripped, so we repaired that." "Some of the damage was from abuse, but some from plastic surgery.

I don't know who the doctor was, but I'd like a word with whoever did this to her," the doctor said with genuine passion." "She'll need bed rest for at least a week. Then she needs to have her stitches checked and taken out if she has healed sufficiently. The internal stitches should dissolve, but the labia and tongue need to be checked carefully." "We'll have to keep her on an antibiotic regimen given the wound environment. That may result in a yeast infection, but we'll give you instructions on how to minimize the chance of infection." Lynne and Beth had come to listen, Lynne gradually paling in the realization of the fate her father and brother had planned for her.

"How long before she can travel?" Rachael asked quietly. "How long a trip?

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What kind of a position will she be in?" the doctor paused to consider, "She can't sit upright for any length of time for at least two weeks. Then it will depend on how well she is healing and if she gets any infection." "Your daughter has been subject to systematic physical and medical abuse for several years.

Probably mental and emotional abuse as well. She adores you two, so you aren't the ones who hurt her. I just hope the ones who did roast in hell." "Questions?" "Will the damage effect her having babies," Beth asked softly. "Her uterus was undamaged and the cervical damage was pretty extensive, but not enough to force us to remove it, so she should be able to conceive, but it might be very dangerous.

She needs evaluation after she heals. However, I would not risk a vaginal delivery." "Her boyfriend…" Rachael started. The doctor held up her hand and said firmly, "No sex until she is cleared, not vaginal, anal or oral. Understood?" Rachael blushed and nodded like a scolded child.


"Hopefully he loves her enough to wait. If not, then he is not much of a boyfriend." "When can we see her?" Michael said softly.

"She's in recovery, but will be in her room in about 45 minutes, then you can go in two by two. I'll take her bodyguards in to the recovery room, if you like." Michael had almost forgotten them. He waved them over and sent two with the doctor. He turned to Rachael, "I've got to change our plans," as he strode off, taking his cell phone from his pocket. He called Tim for an update and to initiate a new plan, hoping there was nothing new to deal with.

The past 24 hours had been hectic. First, Michael told Tim about Shoshana's condition and asked him to identify the doctor that had mutilated her. Then he asked for updates.

The night before, one of Beth's attackers had been gang raped in prison. He was alive, but in the prison hospital, his sphincter ripped and his teeth smashed so bad they had to be removed.

Tim said the father was very angry, had contacted the father of another attacker. Together they were making inquiries about a hitter. All seemed quiet on the Zapata front, the threat having disappeared. Tim said he had more news about Peter, but said it just confirmed that he had been the leak to the Zapatas. They talked about security options. Shoshana needed medical care in proximity to the hospital and good doctors and couldn't be moved for at least 72 hours.

"Mike, I can't keep you safe in that city. Too many variables. You'd have to be locked in a vault. I'll do my best, but this is going to be tough." Michael thought for a minute. Tim never called him "Mike" unless he was really upset. "Do the best you can.

Stay out of the way of any Zapata people. They're friends now." "What?" "Stay out of the way of any Zapatas. Tell your men. Got it?" Michael used his command voice. "Yes sir." Michael hung up the phone.

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He opened his briefcase and assembled the transmitter. Rafaela My first time to try this little tool. I feel like I'm talking to your vibrator. The girls have formed a harem of sorts, but I think you already knew that. Last night, Beth read your letter, so everything is out in the open. Thank you for giving me the option to duck the issue. You're very clever with words, but they deserved the whole truth.

Beth was a little upset, but she's come around. She joked about me trying to expand my harem before I have made love to all of them.

The girls loved your gift and would very much like to meet you. I hope the missing pendant is around your lovely neck. I hope Alice is with you.

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She can fill in some of the details. I was rough on her for putting my girls' safety in Miguel's hands. Now I am putting Beth's life in yours.

Honey, we have some trouble. The fathers of two of Beth's attackers may have hired a hitter to kill Beth. He gave their names. We can't hide because Shoshana was just operated on for the things her father and brother did to her. She can't be moved and will need a lot of medical attention over the next weeks and months, so they can find us.

The girls will never leave her and Tim isn't sure he can protect her. You once said that fear is a tool. I ask you to use it to protect your sister without any real violence. My Love, I need you … in so many ways." He hit send.

Two thousand miles away, a red light flashed on the huge computer screen.

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Rafaela's cousin noticed and bolted for the door. He found Rafaela on the shaded veranda, deep in discussion with Alice. He whispered his message and she immediately excused herself and hurried into her bedroom to retrieve the message. Only her laptop had the decryption software. She listened to it several times, her heart racing each time he called her "Love". She called Miguel and explained what needed to be done. Then she walked out to find Alice, her eyes beaming joy.

She would respond to Michael in the privacy of the night, when she was just a woman. "Michael?" Alice asked.

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Rafaela's smiled in answer.