Muscled straight jock gay massaged

Muscled straight jock gay massaged
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This story began more than 17 years ago when I was in my junior year of high school and it continues into the present. I had just gotten my driver's license, had a speeding ticket and a fender bender within three months so life was not going so well for me. My main problem, however, was with school. I was a very respectful and I would say even a smart kid I but just could not get good grades. But a few words first about my background. My parents had divorced when I was about nine years old.

They were both Catholic and really liked each other but Dad's forgetfulness and his "not listening" was too much my mother.

I realized later Dad probably had what we now know as ADHD. I don't think it was very well recognized then. He remarried two years later to a beautiful woman from India who became my step mother. We lived in a small Midwestern city where the majority is Catholic - German and Irish Catholic. When people socialized the first question often "What's happening in your parish?" Or, "How long is your priest's homily at St.

Patrick's?" Everyone was on the look out for the shortest boring Mass to attend. Although we were Catholic, Dad said we were only "socio-economic Catholics" in that our social relations werre with Catholics and we did business with our friends and acquaintances who we know in the parish but the stuff from Rome and most of the Medieval Church teachings we should ignore.

Dad said many times the churches idea of reason is "If you subtract 100 angels from the 1000 dancing on the head of a pin there would be 900 left." Or, it may have been 10,000 angels. We usually went to Mass and often respected the holy days. For example we did the ashes thing for "Ash Wednesday." However, I know my folks used contraception and thought there was is no reason women could not be priests.

My dad and natural mom did not hesitate to get a divorce and Dad was not going to do what he called a "buy out" for an annulment. Anyway, my folks did follow some of the Church rules like we never ate meat except fish on Fridays and we had a St. Christopher medallion on our car dashboard for safety. (The medallion did not work for me, by the way.) The two things my young male friends and I liked about the Church were the Confessional and the church education classes.

The confessional stories were fun because we made up stories about what we were dong with the Protestant girls we did not want to say Catholic girls since we feared the priest might check on us. We also enjoyed asking absurd questions about religion in classes: Which preposterous sin is worse: this one or that one?

One year my Dad got perturbed with the school and had me attend the public school. I found it to be quite a contrast. However, since my friends were at the parochial school he allowed me to return the next year. This is the time when the nuns would whack your hands with their rulers and priests would beat the crap out of you. One priest/teacher would find the toughest kid in the freshman class each fall and then beat him to a pulp to let others know he was in charge. This may be hard to believe but many of my friends when they became adults sent their kids to parochial schools so they could have the same painful and irrational experience they did.

Go figure. In spite of Dad's attitude toward the Church he later became a lay leader. The past fall semester was one in which I finally got good grades in my Catholic high school.

Until then, I had been what they call "a serious underachiever." The previous year there was only one subject in which I got a decent grade and that was in Spanish.

It was only a C+ but it at least it was not a D or and F. I was driving my dad and stepmother, who I call "Mom," nuts with a tested above average I.Q. and below average academic performance. I got the C+ not because I liked Spanish but I liked the teacher, Mrs. Gonzalez. She was a very attractive tan-skinned and dark-black haired Hispanic woman.

She had a beautiful face and an hour glass figure. Today they would call her ass a Brazilian one it had two big curvy buttocks. All the guys had what they called then "the hots" for her. Her body and sparkling brown eyes combined with her smile would melt me.

As for school, it was not that I did not find my subjects interesting but my mind would get ahead or behind the teachers when they were lecturing. I would be off in space. I had been smart enough in the elementary years and junior high to get by but no longer. With my spacing off and my procrastination I was doomed at school. I was a kid who misplaced all my materials and could seldom sit down to do my homework.

My homework was a lost cause. The few times I did manage to do the questions at the end of the chapters I forgot I had done them and would find them in my school bag or locker a month later. I was afraid my poor school performance would affect my Dad's relationship with his new wife. As I said, my Dad already had ADHD issues that drove off my natural mother.

Education was a priority also on my step mother's side in that her parents had been physicians in India. My problem was especially tough on my parents since I was an only child and a good part of their lives was focused on me. An Unusual Incentive Mrs. Gonzales first tried something different to motivate me in Spanish class that last spring semester. "Tim, we both know you can do better work. What grade would you like to get this semester and what would it take for you to get it?" "Mrs.

Gonzales, I gave up a long time ago I just don't do well in school." "Tim, again, what grade would you like to get this semester and what would it take for you to get it?" "Well, I just can't get motivated. I really like you and wish I could do well." "Tim, listen to me, what grade would you like to get this semester?" "Mrs. Gonzales, I heard you. I would be happy even with a C." "And, Tim would it take for you to get that grade?" "Well, I would need to be motivated but that is my always my problem." "Tim, what reward would get you motivated?" "You mean if I could have anything?" "Yes, anything within reason, I am not going out and buy you a new Ford Mustang.

I am open to anything you think would work. Don't be bashful. &hellip.Oh! I have seen you and the guys looking at me." At that she glanced down her front of her blouse and I did become alert. She smiled when she saw my response of opening my mouth and looking at her cleavage. "Okay then, if you get a least a C you can look but not touch a deal? And, of course this must be between us." "O oh okay, Mrs. Gonzalez, I stammered. " I still spaced out that semester.

When I spaced out it was often thinking of Mrs. Gonzalez' body. At the end of that spring semester of my grades had not changed except for the Spanish in which I got a C+. I was able to focus just a little better. "Tim, would you stay after class please." The other students thought I was in trouble. "Tim, thanks for staying. This won't take long. You met your part of the bargain getting a C grade this past semester and now you will get some individual Spanish vocabulary help." She moved to the door and locked it.

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She then slowly removed her colorful blouse. Then, "Unsnap this please." I sucked in some air and with my shaky fingers I unfastened the hooks. She turned around. I beheld the most beautiful full tan breasts with dark brown aureoles and brown/pinkish nipples.

She smiled and held her head back. "Now, Timmy, how do I look from the side?" "F.f. fine, Mrs. Gonzales." "Now, how about this side?" "They are … You're beautiful Mrs. Gonzales." "You don't think they are two big?" "Oh no they are perfect!" "Timmy, this of course is a private Spanish lesson.

The word for breast is "senos" y "pechos." You also may hear "Tetas" but I prefer you avoid that word. It is like saying tits or worse teats in English.

Also, as you can see mine are not "chichis," that is 'little tits.'" Of course I did not say so but we guys in Spanish looked up those types of words in the first week of class. I did not care what she called them in English or Spanish, I just wanted to suck them!

"Well you may note my right breast is a little larger than the left? "They look nice to me, Mrs. Gonzales." She laughs, "Oh you funny guys! This is common in women for one breast to be larger than the other.

Haven't you noticed that with the girls?" "Oh no. You are the first girl I mean woman - I've seen." (This was not completely true I saw my natural mom a few times and routinely see my stepmom in her lingerie and now and then get glimpses of her in the shower since she does not shut the door.) She stoops over.

I put my hands in front of jeans. "Thanks for noticing that I am a woman. Well let me erase the board and I will send you on your way. Okay?" "Sure, fine, Mrs. Gonzales." I barely got the words out because my throat was dry. Her breasts bobbed in a slow rhythm as she moved to the board. "Timmy, honey, move to the side here so you can see better and don't worry about the bulge in your pants.

That is normal." I gulped. A school bell went off and I was so startled my dick died. "That board looks clean enough. The janitor should be here soon so you best be off. Again, congratulations for getting the C+. Do you wonder what you would have got with an A?

Ha ha! Here, help put this back on." She folded her breasts into the cups. She pivoted and I snapped the bra back on. Then she put on her blouse, went to the door, opened it for me and gave me a big smile as I exited. I guess it is superfluous to add that was the highlight of my adolescence. Mrs. Gonzales' Makes a Recommendation Unfortunately a C+ in Spanish was only a blip of a success for me in school.

In the next semester of Spanish, Mrs. Gonzales, asked me to wait after class. Well, it was not what I hoped for. "Tim, I just recognized something about you and I must apologize for not having seen it earlier. Another student I worked with two years ago had some of organizational issues too.

She got on some medication and really improved. I would like to talk to your parents about this and if they agree, and I expect they will, we can get the ball rolling for an evaluation based on your teacher observations here." "I am ready to try anything, Mrs. Gonzales." I would do anything for her for what she did for me.

At least three times a week, I masturbate to her and my stepmother's images.


I had wondered about ADHD but never quite got around to ask about it. Some of my friends were on meds for it. The teachers' observations were sent to my family doctor and he put me on some mild stimulant which helped but it was the getting a long distance organizational coach that made the difference. She helped me work out my own plan and then supported me in a long distance phone call every other day. The trick was to help me break down each of my projects into more simple tasks so I could get started.

Once I got going, I was okay. Eventually I did get the grades I wanted 4 As and 1 B that semester. One of the As was in Spanish. Needless to say my parents were more than delighted. That evaluation, that Mrs. Gonzales had suggested, turned my life around. As I said, my parents could not have been happier. One weekend, Mom said: "Timmy, your teacher Mrs. Gonzales, suggested we consider a vacation to Mexico this summer so you can practice your Spanish.

This would also be a reward for your great grades this semester and the effort you put in with your organizational coach. Your dad and I are so proud of you and appreciate Mrs. Gonzales discovering the ADHD." "Sounds good to me, Mom. My (soccer) team can get by without me for awhile." I did not tell her I already received a reward from Mrs.

Gonzales last year. My grades continued to be good and I no longer needed the help of an organizational coach. The only downside, a major one though, I no longer qualified for a creative reward from Mrs. Gonzalez. A Second Reward: a Summer Vacation in Mexico That summer our family went on vacation to the small village, Mrs. Gonzales recommended, about 30 kilometers outside of Mexico City. After seeing some sights during the day we head for the restaurant. Our first evening is warm but not uncomfortable.

Dad is wearing a white Arrow short sleeved shirt and I am in simple T-shirt with my soccer club team logo on it. Dad is a handsome man, 5'10", 185 lbs, black hair, quiet, and glasses. He is always pleasant just not the best organized guy and sometimes outspoken.

Again my natural mom could not live with that part. My stepmom is a few years younger than Dad, attractive, with curves, and flirty. At the table she is wearing a wide brimmed tan hat, with yellow ribbon straps that fall just above her deep cleavage. Both the hat and the black low- cut cotton blouse she bought today at one of the shops. It sits so low it has been a magnet for the eyes of for some men at table as walked into the restaurant.

With all three of as a the table Dad opens with: "I am surprised that Mrs. Gonzales recommended this small village. I have counted only one restaurant, one movie theater, five stores, a dance hall and the one motel. And, of course a church. So here we are staying in the one motel and eating in the only restaurant.

It does not seem to be much of a village. I can't understand why Mrs. Gonzales suggested it. By the way, honey, what is that scent you have on?" "I bought it today.

It is called gardenia and the shop girl told me it is popular here. I thought it suggested the outdoors. …&hellip.Well, honey, I do love the variety of colorful handicrafts that are sold in the stores and on the streets.

The prices are a steal look at this hat I got. Also, the people are so pleasant and come up to talk with you. I think with a couple of hikes in the countryside it may be rewarding." "I think so too Mom." As the conversation continues I am happy because my folks are talking more freely than they do at home and they are treating me as another adult.

Dad: "Well the best part of the day was when we walked by the dance hall where those Mexican girls and young women were in a dance class. I am glad we followed your lead Timmy and snuck in. The sound from those castanets and the stomping of the wooden floor with their black stilettos was a blast. "In my opinion women from India and the Hispanic women must be the most beautiful in the world." (My stepmom had grown up in India.) "Why sweetie thank you!" Mom said putting her hand on Dad's arm and dipping to reward him with a nice view of her cleavage.

Even I could see the top part of her one of her areolas Dad follows, "Any of those senoritas can leave their shoes under my bed." Mom laughs and then I. This definitely was not typical conversation we have back home.

We Meet Consuela "Buenas noches. My name is Consuela. Can I serve you?" The waitress offers evidence for Dad's just stated opinion. This Hispanic woman with her big smile is a knock out. She is about 5'3", 30 years of age, curvaceous, dark tan skin, and long black eyelashes; pitch black hair, sparkling brown eyes and fire- engine red nails. They are just like Mrs. Gonzales' back home except for the finger nails. Mrs. Gonzales' are usually blue or silver. This Consuela is wearing a frilly colorful low cut flowery blouse, like Mom's, exposing a small silver crucifix between her bulbous breasts.

Later I learn she has significant Aztec heritage. My dad is even unsettled by her sexy looks. "Si.

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Gracias." My Spanish is not great but had greatly improved after the inspiration from Mrs. Gonzales and my new study skills. The waitress gives us colorful clean menus. Dad: "Tres chelas - Modelo Especial .". He is pleased that he gets to try out about the only Spanish phrase he knows - three beers.

" "Now, hubby, remember it is important that we let Timmy do all the talking in Spanish so he can improve his skill." Dad adds, "And, we as a family should do everything we can to immerse ourselves in Mexican culture to appreciate the differences." "I'm going with these things called burritos." "Me too." "Okay all for burritos." We continue with our conversation and it was awhile before the waitress returns.

We had read in our travel book to be patient because Mexicans are in no hurry and like to savor life. Consuela arrives with the beer. Mom smiles at me as I pour my beer into a glass. It overflows. I am too young to drink in the States and I do not like the taste of beer but I am not letting on. "Tim, tell her we are visiting the village for the week and it had been recommended to us by your high school Spanish teacher in the States." I comply.

The seductive waitress responded, "We are happy that you visit. We don't get a lot of 'strangers' but the ones who come here always leave satisfied. Our village is poor but as you can see we have wonderful scenery, crafts, entertainment, and friendly people." We are served a hearty but not a fancy burrito meal.

The charm of the waitress really adds to the meal. "Hey hubby, keep your eyes in your head!" Yet I hear her whisper to Dad, "Though she is a cute little slut. "Tim, ask her why she speaks English so well compared to others here?" I say in Spanish, "Your English is good but my parents want me to practice my Spanish on this visit so do you mind if I translate for them?" "Si!" She turns to my parents and says, "I talk to my sister in the US and she speaks good English and when she visits every year she helps me practice my English.

We don't have a lot of 'strangers' come here" I gently corrected, "Tourists." "Oh, of course, tour-eests. The ones come here are from the US or Canada." I compliment her in Spanish saying her English is much better than my Spanish. She changes the subject, "I work here at the restaurant only once every few months or so because I earn most of my money by entertaining.

I have to take a few months off after I work each time because it is demanding. My sister in the States owns the restaurant so I can take time off anytime I need. My English is good because my entertainment work - I meet people from US and Canada.

Gracias." My parents look at each other and then tell me to ask what she does in entertainment that she has to have breaks afterwards. I about died when the waitress answered but I dutifully translated, "She ignored your question but she asked me if I had sex yet?" Dad choked on his burrito and looked at my mom.

I turned to the waitress and said, "Si. Dos veces." "Timmy, what the heck did you tell her?" mom demanded. Even though my brain went numb, I was fascinated to see where this was going. "I told her twice." "What?! Who with?" "You won't be mad or tell anyone else?" "No, but we want to know." "Remember, Mom, last Thanksgiving when my cousins Emily and Tess stayed over?" "Oh. Oh!" That is enough. Ah, ask about her entertainment." Consuela patiently waits with a smile as we have our family discussion.

Consuela's Offer She is coy about her show. "I would be glad to entertain you later this evening. My show is not like what you will see in America.

My costs vary from 50 to 200 dollars. I guarantee 100% of your money back if you aren't completely satisfied." My folks whisper to each other and then Dad asks me, "See if it involves a donkey." That perplexes me but I ask. "No burro," she answers. So that seems to assure them and they agree that she should come to our motel after she gets off work at 10 PM. After we pay our bill and as we are walking out Consuela catches us at the door and gives Dad a small brown paper sack.

"Por favor. There is a weeping willow in the back of the motel.

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Please cut down about 15 to 20 thin branches about four feet in length. Hasta la vista. Buenas noches." Once outside Dad opens the sack and shows us a pair of small plant clippers. As we walk back to our nearby motel Dad frowns and says the obvious, "This is a mystery." My folks are edgy but anticipatory. I have no clue but I am excited. Back at the Motel "Timmy, why don't you go out and get the branches while I talk with your father." I expect they wanted to discuss this adventure and I am sure I was their primary concern.

Upon my return with the branches, Dad says, "Tim, we are not so sure this may be the best thing for you someone your age so maybe you'd like to go for a long walk this evening when she comes?" "Hey, this was to be a family adventure and a reward for my good grades.

Besides you wanted me to be immersed in Mexican culture so how can I get that by walking around here in the dark the rest of the night? That may not be so safe. I have to be treated like a young adult some time. " I sure as heck was not going to miss whatever was going to happen. Dad trades glances with mom. "Okay. All right." Our motel room has only one room but it a comfortable one with two beds, a dresser, a night stand, air conditioner, a small Motorola TV and a slowly rotating ceiling fan.

To kill the time before entertainer arrives, we watch a movie on the Motorola TV. It is "Mandingo" with James Mason as a plantation owner. It is dubbed in Spanish. Although I can not understand a good part of the language I help my folks follow it the best I can.

Mom rubs her legs together when a rough looking white woman inspects a hunky black man on the slave block and reaches into his pants to feel that he still has his testicles. I wonder if she wanted to insure he could breed other slaves or it was for her own pleasure or both. Later, James Mason's wife, in an act of revenge toward her husband, forces a slave to have sex with her. When Mason finds their new baby is black he tells the midwife not to tie the baby's cord, suffocates his wife with a pillow, and has the slave thrown in a large cauldron of boiling water.

This is a movie we will all remember! Definitely not "Gone with the Wind." Consuela Arrives At 10:45 PM, Dad announces, "Hey guys I think we have been stood up so let's get to bed. These people aren't reliable like in the States. There is a knock on the door. Dad opens it to find a smiling fresh Consuela in a different dress this one colorful too, a black low cut blouse and a hand painted sequined skirt of red, green, blue and yellow flower pattern. She has a red flower in her hair.

Her appearance glows, "I ready for you. My sister in the States also owns this motel so there does not need to be any concern that we might disturb anyone. "I not like other women around here. I was married to a man here but I been divorced a long time. Since I don't have a Mexican boyfriend but I go only with Americans or Canadians.

They are clean and like to have good times. But I entertain only a four times a year. "I be devoted to your pleasure. If you follow instructions I will also be receiving my deserved punishment. You can have any or all the dollars back if you are not happy with my services for the evening. That includes el muchacho too [points to me]. We look at each other, punishment? "For the $50 you each can whip my backside until "Una gota de sangre' [a drop of blood].

For another $50 you each can do the same to my front - again until Una gota de sangre.

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The other rule is no hitting above the nipples. I wear low blouses so there can be no marks there. For $200 all of you can do both and whatever else you want with me for the evening" My parents look at each other. To my astonishment Mom turns to Dad, "Give her the $200 hon." "Gracias" The woman puts the money in her bag and places it on the stand next to the TV. We can't but help but to stare at her. "Uno, dos, tres…diez," she selects ten branches from the ones I had cut from the tree in back.

With the clippers she makes just a few swipes and strips all the stems and leaves off each branch. She cut them of an even length each a little over a yard long. She then takes the rope and what look like two gold thimbles out of her bag. She also pulls out a little patch of brown leather about 5 inches long and a couple inches wide. Next she used the clippers to cut the rope into four pieces each about two feet long.

She gathered the branches together and with some more rope she winds the rope around one end of the branches tucking in the ends to make what looks like a tight handle. What she does next shocks us. "You get good time and I get punishment for being bad girl. I have impure thoughts and not love Jesus enough. I not good Catholic." She turns away and starts to remove her blouse. "I hope you like." She unhooks her black silk bra and finally the black nylon panties and they fall to the floor.

She turns around and displays full magnificent breasts and a protruding large cunt with a small strip of black kinky hair above the labia. The rest of her body is hairless including her arm pits. She is stark naked except for the little silver crucifix on a leather string between her mammaries.

I feel my cock surge. The image of Mrs. Gonzales back home comes to my mind. Mom looks at me and I do my best to look nonplussed straight at this Mexican beauty.

I know it is crucial for me not to appear too excited so I can stay for the evening. My step mom is very attractive with her Indian features and her own full breasts and wide hips. However, I'm sure few women anywhere can compete with this one who has walked in. From the corner of my eye I see dad's face is frozen.

Consuela asks. "I okay?" Heads nod. Again, I will translate with better English than this woman's Spanish. "Por favor, remove your clothes." Consuela said with such authority we all do so after only a brief hesitation. Dad and I keep our briefs on and mom her panties and white half bra. She moves to the bed and as she bends over to get onto the sheet the ripe breasts droop and the round buttocks follow.

"Manos." She signals to mom to tie her hands and feet to the short posts. Mom does as directed while the woman adjusts the crucifix to the side of her neck. After each wrist and ankle is secured mom goes back to check the tightness of each one. Although Mom is embarrassed, I can see her admiring the woman's firm body.

Although we feel awkward dressed nearly naked we appreciate now what cool air the air conditioner and ceiling fan was offering. The slight breeze cools us off while it seems to be getting warmer inside. Yet temperature soon becomes minor thought because our attention is on the stark naked tan woman who moves to the bed. She gets on a white sheet and spreads. We can see what is now referred to as her camel toe it's magnificent. "Vamos a empezar." She said telling us to begin. Dad stands sideways with the shiny slippery yellow willow branches in his hand.

He looks at Mom and then back at me. He then flips the nasty instrument back. It comes forward. Swissssh whack! Indents her buttocks. Swissssssh - whack!. He pauses and looks at mom and me again and but we could not remove our eyes from the nude body flat on the bed. Swissssssh - whack.

The pace and force pick up. Whack! &hellip. Whack! The body writhes. "Golpe fuerte." I move my hand up and down to demonstrate to Dad she indicates he should hit even harder. Shhhhhhhhhh whack! Dad starts with the lash from a position further behind him and it adds more speed to the branch. Her bottom is turning red. White welts are beginning to crisscross her cheeks. The senora target makes muffled sounds but we can not tell if they are of pain or pleasure.

Mom steps to the top of the bed and bends over to look at the face of the bound victim. In doing so give us males an eyeful of nice cleavage. She shrugs her shoulders as if to say the woman was okay and maybe even enjoying it.

She steps back. Whack! The branches come down on her tan back. Still no scream but an: "Ohhhh! " Being nervous Dad goes back to her buttocks. After about five more firm whacks Mom sees a small line of blood. She walks over and takes the even more limber willow whip from Dad and gives it to me. I then move to the side of the bed and take a deep breath. I snap the bouquet of branches and swat her very swollen red and white streaked cheeks.

Swissh! - whack! Swisssh! -- whack! A minute recovery pause is given to the supple slut yet it seems to heighten the next impact. Whack! The woman moans loudly and turns on to a side for a few seconds showing us the roundness of her breasts and emphasizes her wide hips.

Whack! Whack! Finally another small line of blood forms on a raised welt. Mom takes from me what is now a very limber but completely intact willow branch whip. She then walks to the bathroom and brings back what she says is Cocoanut oil which she spreads on the woman's red and white blotched bottom and back. "I don't know if this helps her but she deserves something." Consuela says, "Take rope, por favor," Mom unties the rope from her wrists and ankles.

Mom is glad to contribute something to our activities. As the exposed woman stands we see tiny beads of sweat and the minute pores on her shiny body. We know her splotchy bottom and her back must be aflame. Still the woman winces as if she was giving our family a precious gift and acts if she may be savoring the pain.

There must be a very fine line that divides pleasure and pain. A nude Consuela with the little crucifix walks over to Dad.


She stops and looks into his eyes, bends over as she yanks his briefs down. Dad jumps back but keeps his eyes on her pendulous breasts. He has an exposed semi-hard penis. She walks toward me.

"Like father like son" she says and pulls mine down too. But they are stuck due to my young spiking cock. She reaches in releases it and the briefs go to the floor. She holds my cock and pulls me toward Dad. She then grabs his and compares them both briefly. Ours are similar: both cut and about 7" long hard with large diameters. Dad's has a few more blue veins showing. He is semi erect and mine is fully erect. With her hand on them they are both hard as rocks. Dad is surprised to see that I had trimmed off most of the hair around mine and even more surprised when he notes his wife and I are not flinching seeing each other nude.

He does not know that Mom and I never bother to close the bathroom door when we shower when he is not home. We also never close the bedroom doors.

Mom "accidently" cracked the frosted shower sliding door and I replaced it with a clear one. Not only that, when Mom happens to find me masturbating she usually stays stay to watch. A few times I have seen her using some of Dad's and her toys. We have never talked about this but it is just understood that we don't want it to go further than just some family fun.

"Fellows, I want to be fair here." Mom jumps in and with both hands pulls each of her grapefruit sized tits out of her strapless bra, rotates it around and unsnaps it. She then removes her sheer bikini panties to expose a beautiful shiny shaved cunt. (This was in an era before shaving was in style.) The bra and panties fall to the floor. My cock jumps at this. Consuela offers a smile that goes from ear to ear.

Dad is agog. The intensity in the room is becoming even more palpable. Consuela takes out of her bag a longer piece of rope and what looks like two large gold thimble-shape pieces of jewelry and a short narrow strip of leather. She puts a little clay paste-like substance into each gold thimble. To our amazement, she fixed one to her right nipple and then another to her left.

She is still is able to force a smile. The two shiny gold jewelry pieces are separated by the little silver crucifix just above her tan globes. She spreads her legs in front of us and then applies some paste to the brown leather strip.

She places the leather strip over her protruding clit hood. So now we see the purpose of the thimbles and the leather they protect her nipples and her love button. She motions for Mom to pick up the rope and tie her wrists. Then Consuela moves to the center of the motel room and nods for the rope to be tied to the ring on the end of the ceiling fan. "I can do it," mom readily volunteers and secures her wrists then drags a chair over.

Consuela reaches into her bag once more and removes a black cloth. She folds in lengthwise into a narrow band and lifts to her eyes. She then gives it to Mom who ties it on and insures that it is snug. Consuela states the rules which I translate: we can do anything to her but she wants to be able to walk out of here on her own. Also, nothing is to touch her face or above her nipples. And finally she says "Vamos a empezar&hellip.Una gota de sangre." We must stop if we see a drop of blood - Una gota de sangre." The Mexican beauty is now hanging from the ceiling fan; hands tied over head, toes on the floor and with her knees slightly akimbo.

The open stance emphasizes a welcoming trimmed black bushy cunt. This time I have the willow whip and look down at the handle and see to the side some beads of sweat on my erection. I draw the whip back and let it rip aiming for her bush.

"Swisssssh -Thump!" The branches hit the leather clit protector but the tips hit the flesh. "Owwwwwwwwww! A minute pause is filled with crying and whimpering. "Whack!" Her fingers with their red nails spread but the rope on her wrists does not give. As I continue to hit, my penis begins to tire a little and starts to flop with every lash.

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The tan skinned woman begins to cry louder. Mother looks at me and then the woman - I can't tell which she is more focused on the woman's pain more or my flapping cock. Then the hapless female murmurs something which sounds as if it may be from a poem or song "sauce llor?-a weeping willow weeping for her. She seems to be in a self- induced trance. I continue with the target of the flesh just above then below the leather hood. Swisssh!" A branch breaks so I pause and I remove it from the bundle.

I look at Mom again wondering if I am too harsh. She moves to the woman who has turned away from the lash. She positions and with a fierce smile stares at the slut's streaked globes. I get the message and aim again for the just below gold thimbles "Ohhhhhhhheeeeeeeech" The strike hits the areole.

I try to aim just below it, Whack! Whack! Mom shouts "Sangre!" as she now knows that Spanish word. I see the small line of blood that Mom notices forming just below the right areola. Mom then takes the sinewy whip from me and passes it back to Dad. We follow his lead and both grab a chair to relax. Dad and I penises are now dangling between our legs. It is the first time I have been totally slack since seeing my step mom's cleavage at the dinner table.

Dad waits a couple of minutes to let us all get some air and collect ourselves. The Mexican whore now and then swivels and whimpers. Mom goes to suitcase and retrieves some bottled water and gives Consuela a drink. She accepts another. During a break, I compare the nude females the native Hispanic and my Indian step mother. Both have sparkling brown eyes, black hair, and full tits with large areoles with dark brown spots.

I think the Hispanic's nipples may be a quarter of inch longer. They both have wonderful smooth skin with the Mexican's, I think, tanner. She also has the black small trimmed bush.

In a word they are both so "fuckable." My member begins to rise again. Dad's still is fully extended but hanging. The wide open eyes of Mom look at us males and the woman. I see my Mom is in the moment. Although it's not that warm in the room there is a little stream of sweat running between her tits.

Mom's nipples are erect. Dad stands up, pushes his chair away and resumes the punishment. "Shhhhhhhhhaasshh!" He quickly gets carried away. After just a couple of stinging swats Mom spots another small streak of blood. Mom stands on a chair and unties the voluptuous whimpering slut. She steps down and then steadies the woman.

Mom leads her to the bathroom. When they return Consuela is no longer wearing the gold thimbles or the leather strip just the crucifix.

The Mexican whore then stiffly walks to the TV stand and pulls something small out of her bag. "Condon?" She gives packet to Dad and then looks at mom as to whether I should be given a safety too.

Thankfully, Mom nods yes. The Mexican motions for Dad so Dad rolls his condom on. He does not even glance at Mom. I learn later Dad has had a vasectomy so he is using it only for caution for disease.

Consuela takes the rope from the stand and has me move the chair to below the ceiling fan. I climb onto the chair and tie her wrists to the ring on the bottom of the ceiling fan.

Mom moves to steady her yet can't take her eyes off my penis. I step off the chair and Dad moves in. Mom takes some oil out of the dresser, applies some to her palms and transfers it to her fingers.

She then rings Dad's penis. Dad is then ready to mount the dangling body but we realize it needs to be lowered a few inches. I pull the chair over again to the ceiling fan and then make the adjustment. Once again my brain sends a message to my cock to make it stiff as I can be as I stand on the chair in front of Mom's face.

With the adjustment Mom spreads the woman's legs thus requiring that I lower the woman's body a little more. Dad then guides his cock into the inviting orifice. Mom's slippery ringing with her forefinger and thumb fingers has done its work and his penis is solid now. With Mom's help the woman continues to steady the woman as Dad thrusts. One. Two. Three. "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" The cunt is so wet and wide there is no resistance. He is done and backs off. Both Dad and the senora rest for a couple of minutes.

The Mexican woman looks at me, "el muchacho" [the little one]. I looked in Mom's direction and I see a thin liquid streak streaming down her thigh. I lift up the safety packet up a few inches and she nods. Fortunately the year I had in the public high school I had a health class in which all students were taught together how to use prophylactics. Each of us had to put one on a banana. Plus, the experience I had with my cousins readied me for this moment. I move to the native woman with my erect member that is ready to explode.

I want to suck her tits but her hands reach my penis first before I can even fit the rubber. I turn to Mom and she shrugs her shoulders as if to say "Forget it." "Here, muchacho." Both her hands surround my dong and she quickly slips it into her cunt.

"Jesus Christ!" She stops. "No Jesus Christ! Jesucristo is mine!" "Oh sorry." She relaxes and grabs my buttocks to get me quickly into a rhythm. She wants it badly even after all the pain. I am amazed she still has the energy. Mom moves in to hold the woman's buttocks so I can have some resistance. As my cock enters her pussy I feel the pressure of her pussy lips grabbing my cock like if she did not want to lose the penetration. I begin in/out, in/out and with the action on every in she made a noise like saying keep it up.

she is so encouraging me to take her sex". I still try to see if can reach to the back of the cervix. On my third thrust I think I hit it. "Ooooh I'm cumming, cuuuuuuuuuming! I can feel my penis pumping the sperm forward, and then "Oooooooooooh" out of the tube.

"Jesucristo!" the Mexican senora shouts. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I feel a combination of pain and pleasure that result in ecstasy! After a few minutes to recover from the thrusting, I think "My first adult woman." Contentment. I'm totally spent. Mom helps me settle into a chair. We are surprised as Mom takes the whip and moves around to the woman's front. She eyes her pelvic region. All of sudden: "Whack!" right on the glistening pussy. Whack! "You fucking Mexican cunt!" Whack! Whack!

"Fuck my son and husband will you?! Whack! My wide-eyed mother then steps in to the woman and yanks off her little leather strips.

The victim yells "No! no! nooooo!" and then changes to "Owwwwwwwwwwwwww! As the sticks find its target." Mom slashes again aiming for the clit. The target is struck and the bitch screams Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" and twists away putting her knees together the best she can. Mom steps back and sucks air. She nods for Dad to untie the hands of the sweat covered tan body with its crisscrossed red and white welts.

Tears now stream down the se?'s cheeks.The room is permeated with the scent of the cunt juice and semen balanced with the sweet gardenia perfume. Anyone who walked in to this room would feel the need to fuck. The freed woman slowly removes her gold thimbles, cleans out the paste, and puts the tube of the paste in her bag. I pick up her leather hood protector off the floor and give it to her. She wipes the beads of sweat off her face with the back of hand.

She kisses her crucifix saying haltingly, "No pain no pleasure. No Jesus no ecstasy." Mom goes into the bathroom and returns with a fluffy wash cloth and soap. She helps clean the woman mostly by dabbing. She gingerly applies the cloth to her sweat beaded tits, buttocks and pubic area. Unfortunately Mom has to stop as the woman winces from the sting caused by the soap.

Mom then assists her in putting on skirt and blouse. They leave off her bra and panties and put them in her bag. They fasten only a few buttons on her blouse so it would not rub on her skin. The skirt is held together with just a few buttons. Mom puts the jewelry into her bag but puts the whip off to the side on the stand. We each kiss the generous slut before she readies to leave. The word "whore" is too harsh she will always be Consuela the beautiful Mexican slut.

Mom motions to Dad, "Give her a $50 tip, dear." [This would be worth about $150 in today's value.] Consuela manages a weak mile at Dad, Mom and then me. Before exiting, the Mexican woman says "Buenas noches" and looks at me and manages a wink. After the door shuts I think it has been a great night and I am so happy that I was there.

I feel like I am really a member of the family now. I was certainly going to sleep well tonight when I hear: "Okay Timmy, you and Daddy can now tie Mommy to the bed posts. Until Una gota de sangre.'" 17 Years Later After that first summer in Mexico we continued as a family on annual vacations to this Mexican village each January break in high school and college. After that we all scheduled our employment vacations in January.

It is important for the reader to know that what our family does in Mexico is not what we do here in the Midwest at least to the degree we do south of the border. Like today's ad says "What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas." Same with our lives in Mexico: What we do as a family in Mexico every January stays in Mexico. However, this experience with Mexican culture did result in some liberalizing of our lives in the sex area.

Upon returning, Mom and I extended our boundaries for family fun when Dad was gone. We started to use our hands and mouths but we still didn't do penetration until I reached the age of 18.

Mom suggested a sesenta y nueve [69] to the music Bolero on my 18th birthday and we enjoyed it so much we continue with it on special occasions. That was the first time she let me poke her when we were in the States.

We feel it is important for families to have as much mutual fun as possible but still boundaries must be maintained. Of course, on our annual trips to Mexico then no holds were barred. Since that first family trip to Mexico our family started to visit some nudist family gatherings a few times a year. Dad found he was not as interested and he only went twice.

My step mom and I both enjoy seeing families as nature intended. What we really enjoy is our spin off small nudist "paddle" (ropes and whips are also allowed) clubs. We do those about every few months. We usually do in members homes but we also found a couple of sound-proofed motels. The camp we go to in the summer is secluded and there is a special area for those into pain.

But again we only do this a few times a year because we don't want to diminish the anticipation for our annual January Mexico trip. As interesting as those changes have been the biggest change from that first trip to Mexico was that I got a son and a daughter out of it.

Consuela produced Imelda, and my step mother, Tommy. Consueala and Tommy both in fact will be 16 years old in September almost to the day. You see with my ADHD and my folks excitement I did not use a safety that night with Consuela.

Also, since Dad had had a vasectomy and my step mom wanted a child she did not allow me to use a rubber that night when her time came. It was a very unusual phenomenon but it has worked out well for all of us.

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Maybe the extra astute reader has realized, which came as a big shock to us, that Consuela's sister in the States was my former teacher, Mrs. Gonzales. So that explains her recommendation to visit the particular village outside of Mexico City. Mrs. Gonzales was the sister Consuela always referred to who owned the restaurant and the motel in the Mexican village. Eventually Consuela bought the motel and restaurant from her sister, Mrs.

Gonzales. I still run into Mrs. Gonzales, once or twice a year here in our city. We usually have some small talk about her former students and how her Mexican family is doing. But of course we are very discrete about Mexico in our conversation. Every time my parents see her they profusely thank her for discovering my ADHD and recommending the trip to Mexico. Mrs. Gonzales just retired and she called us last week which is a first because to date we only communicated when ran into each other in the city.

The Recent Phone Call "Hello, this is Tim." "Hi Timmy, this is Mrs. Gonzales, your former teacher." "Of course I recognize you Mrs.

Gonzales. This is the first time you have ever called me." "Well Timmy, I only did so because I wanted to update you on some things. I retired from teaching this year. By the way, I think you can stop addressing me as "Mrs. Gonzales." I am no longer your teacher." "Mrs. Gonzales, I am sorry, please don't expect me to change. Every boy needs a Mrs. Gonzales in his life and I don't want to lose that part of my life." "Okay you win. Ha ha!" "I knew you were considering retiring." "Yes, I thought I had been at the school long enough.

I just wanted to let you know that I am moving back to my old village in Mexico and I was wondering if it would be okay to visit you there when you come in January?" "Oh, of course!

I would love to see you. My wife would love to meet you. She has heard about you from me and Tommy. Tommy says you were so friendly to him at school." "Well he is a handsome and neat kid but he did not get the private lesson you got." "Ha! I am sure he didn't or his grades would have been better," "Say, Timmy, did Consuela tell you how her daughter - your daughter, Imelda, decided to follow her into the entertainment business?.

Well, Imelda, as you know is not as religious as her mother- to say the least. In choosing her vocation Imelda flipped a coin with heads she would be a wet nurse and tails she would follow her in mother's footsteps. If the coin landed on its edge she would become a nun! The coin landed on tails. So you lucked out and get to see her show January." "Consuela told us that Imelda will be our entertainer but I did not know how she selected that vocation.

It sounds just like Imelda." "Timmy, did you hear Consuela removed a wall between two of the rooms at the motel?" "Yes, I did. In fact she did for this for our January visit when the kids are getting together with us for the first time. There needs to be enough room for all of us to be in Imelda's show. Not only will it be Imelda's first show but Tommy's first time to participate with his sister, my step mother and his own mom.

My wife had decided to avoid penetration until he reached his 16 th birthday. His birthday was in September but she is holding off until January. She feels this would be the best time where it is more natural in Mexico and we will all be doing it. She can barely contain herself Dad is staying home this year because of his church activities." "Oh it sounds like great fun.

I can't wait to see little Tommy and Imelda. I guess they aren't so little anymore! It was amazing Imelda did not have any kids by now. She physically matured so quickly plus in that part of Mexico the mantra is "old enough to bleed old enough to breed." "Yeah, I know.

Consuela has done a good job keeping her a virgin - especially with Imelda's outgoing personality." "Lovely! And now, Mrs.

Gonzales, your being there will make it an event to remember. Maybe I will find out what it would have been like if I had gotten an A in that Spanish class?" "Oh you will! God I'm creaming my panties thinking about it. But I am wondering if it would be possible that instead of my attending the big gathering in the motel I could have my session with just you and Tommy a couple days later in a room. I am better in small groups. I think it would be good for you two guys to have a day to recover too.

Do you think it would be okay with your wife?" "I'm sure it will be fine with my wife as long as you will give her some private time with you." "Love to!" "Done deal. I know from what Tommy said he'd love a threesome with you so I am sure he is game." "Great! Oh, also, would it be possible, Timmy, to bring your hickory paddle with the holes instead of the willows?

I have a friend who was at one your nudist paddle parties and she loved it." "Si. Se?!" "Wonderful, Timmy! Last thing - you have told me that I am often in your dreams. I want to match your image of me the best I can though realizing I'm older now. What does my pussy look like in your image of me shaved or hair?" "A think a vertical narrow strip would be perfect." "You got it.

You will be rewarded for those As you later got in Spanish. Can't wait! Hasta la vista!" ------------ As you can imagine, we are all excited about the January trip. I think there are several lessons that can be taken from this story. But the most important one, I believe, is that although a person may have a disability such as ADHD if they get the right assistance, they can still have a happy life.

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