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I fucked this Cheating Latina Wife on Hidden Cam
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The absolutely splitting headache came first. It was quickly followed by the intensely-bright early morning light. The gummy eyes. The unresponsive limbs. The horrible taste on the inside of my mouth and the stickiness on the outside.

I was… in a bed. It was soft and it was comfortable but it wasn't mine. The bed. The furniture, the pictures around the room. None of it was mine. Not my bed. Not my room. God, my head hurt. I was having such a hard time thinking straight. Everything hurt, not just my head, but that was definitely number one on the list. I couldn't remember where I was, how I'd gotten here. Why did everything look so familiar?

This wasn't my stuff. So why did I recognize it? Think, Justin. Retrace your steps. What do you remember? The weekend. It had been the weekend. Yes. Ssssssunday night? Yeah, that sounded right. Something about… a special occasion? Not a happy one, but… not a normal night, either. Mom. I remembered it had something to do with Mom.

C'mon, Justin, you can do this. Christ, what was wrong with me? Was I sick? Concentrate. Mom. Not… not a birthday. It was… A low moan, and definitely in a female voice, came from my immediate left. I froze. Oh, shit. Shit shit shit. What the hell was going on? What had I gotten myself into?

Moving my head as little as possible, I turned slowly, so slowly, gotta be quiet, gotta find out what's going on towards the sound. I was in a big bed. A big bed that wasn't mine.

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And there was someone else in it beside me. Covered with a blanket, couldn't see who it was. Had to be a woman; men don't have curves like that. And they were really good curves; she was on her side, facing away from me, and my eyes shit, they were so dry and itchy! couldn't help but follow the intriguing shape… down the slope of her side, into the valley of her waist, and then back up again over that nice round hip.

She must have one nice ass. Wonder if they matched the legs. Or the tits. What the fuck happened last night? Where was I? Who was this? My cock was responding to the sight of a woman's body and giving me a big helping of morning wood. And I could feel by the way it moved so freely about that I wasn't wearing anything underneath the covers.

I was naked. Oh, shit, I was naked in a bed that wasn't mine but that looked disturbingly familiar next to a woman who might or might not also be naked.

Possible naked woman beside me. Yeah, I'll bet she's not not helping! I didn't even know who this woman was. All I could see was her hair. Long, blonde hair, with a natural curl to it. Slightly frizzy. I knew that hair. Just as I knew this bedspread, that dresser, and those pictures on the wall. Goddamn it, think, Justin! Fuck, my head. My throat burned.

I tried to swallow and found my mouth was too dry; when I opened it to smack my lips and move my tongue around, the foul taste left there magnified instantly.


I made a face, tried not to breathe in. Jesus, what was that? Sour… burning… WINE. I remembered! Wine. I'd had wine last night.

Mom had given it to me. Said… I was only sixteen but she said it was okay as long as I was doing it with her. She… didn't want to be the only one.

Wanted someone to drink with her. I was the only one. The only one. Her friends were busy. She wasn't seeing anyone. She never saw anyone. Hadn't, ever since… The woman beside me moaned again, and stirred, and her foot slid under the sheets until it met my leg, and I lost my train of thought.

She was naked under there.


I knew she was. She had to be. Was she sexy? I bet she was sexy. Fuck, who cared, she was naked! Naked. I was naked, too. Did… did we…? Oh man.

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We must have. That wasn't my girlfriend. I winced, as I realized that I didn't immediately recognize that hair or that body, but they certainly didn't belong to Rachel. Sweet, shy, skinny Rachel, with the chin-length brown hair that she peered through with those piercing green eyes. Rachel, who I'd been seeing for almost two years. Who I'd had quiet, rushed sex with only a few times while parents were away and none the wiser.

I was naked, in a big bed that wasn't mine, hung over from wine, with a probably-naked woman beside me that wasn't my girlfriend. Fuck. I was in such deep shit. FuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK. What the fuck happened last night? I swung my legs down to the floor and sat up, and immediately regretted it.

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I clutched blindly at the headboard, holding myself up as the room swan. The blankets had come away from me, and I looked down at myself to confirm what I'd already known I was indeed naked. Any my cock, my treacherous, traitorous cock, was proudly swollen at almost-full attention.

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Goddamn it. I heard the woman in the bed groan once more, louder and deeper, and I felt her roll over. I didn't look back at her; couldn't. Jesus, I'd just had sex probably with another woman. And I didn't remember a thing. That somehow made it worse. Rachel was going to kill me. I'd have to tell her. I couldn't keep a thing like this from her. I'd just have to man up and admit that I'd gotten drunk and slept with… With… Who? I tried to remember.

Tried hard. I definitely remembered Mom, and the wine. I definitely remembered losing clothes. I was getting flashes here and there of that. How had I gone from one to the other? Where had I gone, where was I now? Her hand reaching for my cock, ooooo, yeah, I remembered that. Remembered her panties dropping out of her skirt, and then her spreading her legs so I could see her pussy.

Oh, man. Now that I remembered it the image was burned into my memory. I seemed to recall telling myself to memorize it, because I might not ever get the chance again. More and more images were coming, now, faster and faster. Like I'd held a box of puzzle pieces, and had slowly been tipping it. At first just a few had fallen out, here and there, but now gravity was taking hold, and they were all tumbling out. I snatched at them as they fell, tried like mad to fit them all together.

I remembered ducking my head under her skirt to nuzzle her bush and taste her pussy. Her back, as she knelt on all fours, rocking back and forth as I took her from behind. Mom, now, looking up at me from the couch with her wineglass in hand, as I stood with one foot up on the coffee table, shouting to the ceiling about… something. The woman, pressing me up against a wall and nibbling at my collarbones. My discarded left shoe. Taking a swig directly from the nearly-empty wine bottle.

Walking. Yes, walking! I told myself to concentrate on that. I was with Mom, drinking wine. Somehow, I'd ended up here. Focus. Where was here? Walking. Stairs. Discarded clothing, bare skin, shouts in the lamplight. Jesus, we really did have sex. Kisses and hands on my bare hips. Eyes. Eyes looking up at me, smoldering with lust, from beneath that blonde, frizzy hair.

Eyes that moved. Because her face, her whole head was moving. Bobbing. Back and forth. Because her mouth was around my dick.

Because she was giving me oral sex. A mouth, a face, eyes, hair, that I remembered, I knew. I knew that face. That body.

Just like I knew this bedspread, that dresser, that picture, this carpet, this room, that face… Oh, God. I felt a hand, warm from beneath the covers, settle lightly on the back of my hip. I heard a smile on playful lips as the woman in bed with me spoke. "Good morning, Justin." I turned, slowly, terrified at what I knew I'd see, but unable to stop myself. I turned, slowly, and settled my eyes into the ones I remembered from last night.

The eyes of my mother. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Oh God," I said. "Oh God oh God oh God oh God…" "Justin," said Mom, "Justin, honey, calm down, it's okay…" "Okay??" I nearly screamed. "How is it okay! I just…" I started breathing faster and faster. "I just… I just… I just had…" "Sex?" Mom finished. "With your mother?" "Oh God," I groaned, bending over with my head in my hands.

"Justin," she said, scooting closer and putting her hands on my shoulders, "sweetie, listen to me. Try to calm down. Do you remember what happened last night?" "No!" I cried without sitting up. "I don't remember anything! Just… bits and pieces!" "Okay. It's okay, sweetie," she soothed. "Just breathe. Calm down. It's not the end of the world." My eyes flew open. "Not the end of the…!" I stopped. Forced myself to take a deep breath, and release it slowly.

Then a second. I sat up, and twisted back around to look at my mom, lying behind me with concern in her eyes. "Tell me what happened. How on Earth did we end up…" I couldn't finish the sentence. Mom smiled a little smile; it seemed she was a little embarrassed about it, too. "Well… do you remember what night it was?" I tried to think.

It had been hard with just the headache; now, I was fighting a headache and the knowledge that I had slept with my own mom. "Some sort of… occasion. That's why we were drinking. You were sad.

Didn't want to be alone." "It was the, um, anniversary," she said quietly, her gaze dropping. Oh. Oh, of course. Now I remembered. Mom hadn't wanted to drink alone. Her friends were busy and she hadn't been seeing anyone… not since Dad left. Oh, Jeez, it was all coming back. Last night was the anniversary of the last time she'd seen him.

Eight years ago, he'd just up and left. No warning, no signs, no note, no goodbye, no explanation. He'd just taken a few hundred dollars out of their shared bank account and we'd never seen him again.

Mom hated to be alone on that night. Sometimes she was sad. Sometimes, angry. Once or twice, happy but not really; sort of a forced happy. She'd say things like "I'm glad he's gone," but with tears in her eyes.

Last night had been one of the sad nights. "You opened a bottle of wine but didn't want to drink alone," I said, in a daze. "I wasn't sure, but you said it was all right." Mom nodded. "We drank the entire bottle." "By ourselves?" Shit.

I didn't know much about alcohol, but that seemed like kind of a lot for just two people. Had we eaten anything? I didn't think so. Nothing to help mitigate the alcohol. Half a bottle of wine. Jesus. Mom nodded again, this time with a wry expression. "Yeah. We… got pretty drunk." I glanced significantly at the blanket covering her, and at my own lack of clothes.

"You think so?" She ignored it. "Do you remember what happened then? As we were drinking?" "We… talked. But I don't remember what about." I shook my head. "It all gets kind of fuzzy from there. I just remember…" I swallowed, felt myself blushing at the fragments of memory, and cleared my throat. "Bits and pieces," I repeated. "Okay," Mom said, "well, let me tell you what happened." She sat up against the headboard, modestly keeping the blankets pressed close to her chest.

"Yes, we were talking. We talked about all sorts of things. The conversation eventually came around to you and Rachel." Uh oh, I thought.

"I asked if you two were… well, I said 'intimate' at first but after you were reluctant to answer, I eventually told you that you wouldn't get in trouble, all I wanted was a straight answer, were the two of you sexually active. You said yes. I asked… I asked if it was good. If you liked it. If she liked it." She paused.

"And?" I pressed, apprehensive. Mom sighed. "You said that you liked it. But you didn't know if she did or not. I told you… I told you that of course she did. That you're so handsome, and so sweet, that of course she liked it." I dreaded asking, but I had to know.

"And then what?" Mom smiled, a little self-consciously. "Well, things get a little fuzzy for me, too, there. Somehow we got on the topic of… um… our…" She cleared her throat, tried again. "On the topic of our… parts." "Our parts?" "Well. Mostly yours. I… was curious." I didn't like where this was headed.

"You asked about… my…?" Mom nodded "You'd had a bit to drink by then, too," she said, almost defensively. "Because you didn't hesitate very much about that. You were pretty glad to show it off." I groaned. Oh my God, I thought. I showed myself to my mother. Holy crap. I was sixteen years old, and I was already swearing off alcohol for the rest of my life. I pieced together more fragments. The wine had made me… bold, I guess.

I… think I remembered showing my penis to my mother. Yeah, I remembered that, now. I was showing it off. I mean really showing it off.

I remembered stroking it a little, saying something about it not being worth it unless it was stiff, that she should see it when it was ready for action.

Fuck. What the hell had I been thinking? More started to come back. "It wasn't fair," I said. "Hmm?" Mom said, her train of thought interrupted. "That's what I said, didn't I? I said that it wasn't fair that you got to see mine, but I didn't get to see yours. That as long as we were on this subject we should be equal." "That's right. I have to admit that your attitude, and the sight of… you… made me very… adventurous, I guess you could say.

I started agreeing with everything you were saying. So I… yeah. You showed me yours, so I showed you mine." She'd worked her panties down her legs without taking off her skirt.

That's where that image had come from. And then she'd sat back down and opened wide. "Go on! Take a good, long look!" she'd said, giggling like a teenager. And of course, being a young, horny male and full of alcohol, I'd done just that. I'd stared, for what seemed like hours, at the most intimate place of a woman who was only too glad to show me. We were silent for a while. Eventually, Mom said, "I asked if I could touch it." "I think I remember that," I said.

"You said it had been so long. You'd forgotten what it was like." "And you agreed," Mom continued. "On the same condition. That you'd get to do the same." "That's how it started." "Yes. We touched each other. I was… very not myself, by then. Not thinking clearly. You were my son, my own child… but somehow that didn't matter. It had been so long since I'd touched a young man's… thing, so long since I'd even seen one.

It just didn't matter. I wanted to so bad. I started… saying things. Dirty things. You just smiled. Told me you thought I was pretty, that I was a good-looking woman, that any man would be lucky to have me and that your father was an idiot for leaving." Man, I didn't remember this at all. I let her keep going. "I said that I was looking at a fine figure of a man right now.

And that's when you…" She trailed off and I took a shot in the dark; it was one of the more vivid pieces. "I put my mouth on you. Down there." "Yes," she breathed. "It was… it had been so long, and it was so unexpected, and you were…" She cleared her throat. "Let's just say someone taught you well," she finished. "You said that," I blurted, suddenly remembering. "You said, 'someone must have taught you well!' But then… you stopped me.

You pushed me away." Mom started to look uncomfortable. "I felt so confused. Conflicted. You were my son, and what we were doing was wrong, but I wanted it so bad… I told you that we shouldn't, that I didn't think it was such a good idea." "And I said that you were lying." Holy fuck, I had said that, hadn't I?

She'd pushed my head away from her, but I'd looked in her face, and seen that look. The open mouth that couldn't take deep or fast enough breaths, the eyes that, in another situation, might have looked angry, but then I knew it meant that she was getting fucking hot.

She could say anything she liked, but it was clear that she wanted it. Wanted me. And fuck, who was I to argue? That's when I'd stood up, and put my foot up on the coffee table. I started… just talking. Or more like giving a speech.

Something about how it shouldn't matter who we were to each other. I was a man, and she was a woman, and we both wanted to do it, so let's just do it. God, it had seemed so simple! My logic was flawless! I ranted that all that mattered was that we wanted it. That people should be free to fuck whoever they liked, whenever they liked, for as long as they liked.

And that was that. Shit, I hadn't even bothered to zip up my pants during that; my dick had just flopped about the entire time. And Mom's eyes had been riveted to it, I remembered! That just made me go on, and on, because I knew that I was right, and that I knew she knew I was right.

I didn't remember all of what I'd said, but I got the impression that after a certain point both of us stopped caring, and then… Oh, man.

I looked up at Mom, saw her faraway gaze; clearly, she was reliving the same scene. "And that's when we came upstairs," I whispered. "That's when we came upstairs," she repeated. To her room. That's where we were, that's why it had seemed so familiar and yet unfamiliar at the same time.

"We just started ripping the clothes off each other. And we were on the bed, and naked, and…" She closed her eyes, and holy shit! I saw the tips of her breasts stiffen beneath the blanket.

"Oh, Justin, we did everything… It was so good…" Her hands slid down her body from where they'd been keeping the blanket against her, and pressed down on her abdomen. "I can still feel you in my…" "Mom!" My dick seemed to grow even harder at her words, at her tone, at her hands.

Jesus shit, she was getting turned on by this! I was getting turned on by this! This wasn't happening! She opened her eyes, and looked at me with what I call her "serious face." "I enjoyed myself last night," she said, calmly and slowly. "A lot. A lot lot. In fact, I think I'd go so far as to say that I haven't ever had a night like that in my entire life." She paused for emphasis. "I think you enjoyed it, too. Am I wrong?" I remembered… the abandonment.

The letting go. Where it really had been just a man and a woman. I remembered the warm, naked body pressed up against mine, pliant and eager, the lips and tongue that explored every inch of me. I remembered soft curves, murmured encouragement, urgent instructions.

I remembered thinking, "Oh my God, this is my mom!" And then I actually remember dismissing it as unimportant. And then I remember pushing my body beyond the point of exhaustion, because I could not get enough. I remember our sweat-slick skin rubbing and smacking against one another's, the moans, the cries, the screams, the utterly complete bone-deep weariness, and the decision that I was not through yet, that I still wanted more and so did she, and so I would keep going.

And I remember the pleasure, the satisfaction. Enjoyed it? Fuck yeah, I'd enjoyed it. That was actually something of an understatement. It was wrong and sick on so many levels and we both knew it, but God help me, I'd really fucking enjoyed it. Before I could answer, Mom slipped the covers off and, totally and completely naked, swung her legs off the edge of the bed, and stood up directly in front of me with her hands on her hips.

Hoooooly fuck. My mother was a fit, trim, full-bodied, gloriously-naked goddess. I mean, I'd seen her in a bathing suit. I'd caught accidental glimpses of her nude after a shower or whatever. I'd never really thought about her that way, but I knew she was pretty hot. Guy friends that had met her made repeated comments to this effect.

But I'd never really looked at her like this before; she'd never allowed me to look. Smooth, strong legs, pleasantly-round hips, a narrow waist and flat stomach, and big, heavy breasts capped with rosy nipples that were just a little bit erect. My gaze wandered over her involuntarily, stopping several times at her chest and between her legs, where her nether hair was matted with the evidence of our activities, before I forced myself to look up at her face.

She reached down and cupped my cheek in her hand, tenderly. "Listen to me very carefully, Justin," she said. "What we have done, to most people, is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Not just morally, but legally, too. We're talking major therapy, and jail time, and a lifetime of people judging us. But a lot of what you said last night made a lot of sense to me. And I think both of us had a very good time. We're not hurting anybody or anything by doing it. And so I don't see any reason why we can't keep doing it." I started to say something, but she cut me off. "Don't say anything. Let me finish." She stood up straight, and her gaze dropped briefly to between my legs. "You have a wonderful, gorgeous, healthy young cock, and you're a very attentive and skilled lover.

Let me remove all doubt from your mind on this: I would very much enjoy it if we were to continue with this kind of relationship. I would very much like it if you were inside of me again, and often. But I understand that this is a very strange situation. What I'm talking about is not normal. That's why I will understand perfectly if you were to decide not to do this. My feelings will not be hurt." She looked up at the clock. "We have a few hours before you have to leave for school, and I for work.

So here's the deal. I'm going to go to the bathroom. I will give you a few minutes so you can do the same, if you need to. If you are not here when I get out, you and I will get dressed and ready for the day, and go about our business as usual, and we won't ever speak of this again. We'll forget all about it, and we will pretend it never happened." She leaned a little closer, and her eyes those same eyes I remembered from last night, full of heat and lust, begging me, pleading me bored holes into mine.

"But… if you're still here, then I am going to call your school, and tell them you are sick, and that you are staying home. And then I am going to call my work, and tell them that you are sick, and that I am staying home.

And then you and I are going to fuck. All. Day. Long. Does it surprise you for me to use that word? Well, that's exactly what we will do. We will fuck, Justin. We will fuck each other's brains out. We will fuck until we can't fuck anymore.

We will not answer the phone, or the door, and we will not leave the house. We won't even leave this room. We will stay here, for the rest of the day, and we will fuck." She bent down and kissed me. Like a lover. A long, wet, hungry kiss; closed eyes, moaning, tongue, the works. "One last kiss," she whispered with her eyes still closed. "In case you don't want to. I just needed that last one." And then she stood up, strode across the room and into the bathroom, and shut the door.

I sat there for a minute, before getting up and going into my own bathroom, picking a path around our discarded clothes that littered the floor all the way down the hall and maybe even to the living room.

It had been difficult to judge, since I'd been erect almost the entire time I'd been awake, but I'd really needed to go. I did so, and then I leaned against the sink, and stared at myself in the mirror. Holy fuck. What the hell had I gotten myself into? I was naked in my bathroom because I'd just had sex with my mother!

My own mother! And she wanted more! At what point had I walked into the crazy universe? No. No other explanation. No scenario that belonged in an episode of The Twilight Zone. My mom and I had gotten drunk very drunk and through that intoxication had ended up rationalizing some very wrong and very incestuous sexual intercourse.

And it had been great well, the parts that I could remember were great, anyway. God help me, I'd fucking loved it. My boner was coming back to life just thinking about it. What was I going to do? So here were my choices. Option one was to ignore it, and go about my day, my life, as if this had never happened. Knowing the whole time that it had happened. Knowing, remembering, and knowing that Mom knew, too, and that we were both just pretending.

She'd never agree to it again if I changed my mind later. Wine or no wine. She had a problem with rejection; if I said no now, she'd take it hard, and she'd never come back around. Option two was to go back in there. And not only get a day off of school, but a day off of school that I'd spend in bed with a completely-willing sex-hungry woman. Not just a girl, but a woman, who had experience and knew exactly what she wanted and wasn't afraid to say so and who would be more than happy to receive each and every thrust that my sixteen-year-old cock could muster.

It was wrong. I didn't care.

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I could never tell anyone. I never had to. She was my mother. That didn't change the fact that she wanted me, or that I wanted her. We could get into a lot of trouble. We weren't hurting anybody. What had I gotten myself into? In the end, there was really only one choice. A few minutes later, Mom opened the bathroom door to find me standing just on the other side of it. I was a man.

She was a woman. And we both wanted it. Right now, that was all that really mattered. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Oh, Justin…" she sighed. We pressed our naked bodies against each other and hungrily devoured the other's mouth. I felt my cock rise, urgently if awkwardly pushing against her until we shifted enough to allow it to stand upright between our stomachs. One of her long, silky legs rose against mine, sliding up to hook around me.

She lost her balance a bit and fell back against the counter. I continued to press myself against her, and she lifted herself up to sit on top of it, and wrapped both legs around me, crossing them at the ankles behind me, squeezing me tightly, desperately. Our mouths began to wander around our faces, our necks, our ears, our shoulders. "Oh, baby," she whispered into my ear. "Oh, my sweet baby, you won't regret this.

I'm so ready for you. I'll always be ready for you, day or night, all you have to do is ask and I'll do it, I'll do anything you want me to…" She sat up a little straighter, and stiff-armed my shoulders, even though she kept her legs around me.

She was wearing her serious look. "Just a minute," she said, gasping. "Let me make some calls. Just let me make a few phone calls and then I promise you you can do whatever you want to me." She hopped off the counter and sat down on the edge of the bed, and picked up the cordless.

Dialing quickly, she sat back against the headboard, and with the fingers of her free hand began tracing slow, idle circles around her areolae, stiffening the nipples. I leaned against the bathroom doorframe, enjoying the show. "Hi," she said into the receiver after a moment, perfectly normally, "Jefferson High School? Yes, this is Cheryl Matthews, I'm Justin Matthews's mother? …That's right, yes. Well, I'm calling to let you know Justin won't be at school today.

…Yes, I'm afraid he's not feeling very well. …What? Oh, I'm sure it's nothing serious, but I'm taking the day off to look after him. …Yes, of course. I will. Yes, thank you. Bye." She dialed a second number, and then she judiciously licked her middle finger and put it between her legs, rhythmically stroking the lips of her pussy. "Play with your dick," she said. "What?" She still had the phone to her ear, I guessed it was still ringing.

"Play with it," she said, staring. "I want you to make it hard for me." I obeyed, wrapping my hand around the already-stiff shaft and stroking it slowly, synching it to the movements of her hand.

"Yes, that's it. Make it nice and big for me. Show me how much yo- Julie?" Her tone abruptly changed; someone must have picked up.

She never took her eyes away from my dick, never stopped stroking herself. "Hey, Julie, it's Cheryl. …What? No, I'm at home. Listen, can you tell Richard I won't be coming in today? My boy's home sick." Silence. Mom licked her lips and began rubbing herself a little faster. I matched pace. "Yeah, that's right. Okay? Oh, yes, I'm just looking after him.

If he gets worse I'll take him to the doctor. …Of course. …Of course. On my desk. Okay. Thanks. Oh, I will." She gave me a big smile. "I'll make sure to take real good care of him." Holy crap. "Okay," she finished. "Bye." She jabbed the disconnect button with her thumb, got up, pulled the nightstand away from the wall giving me a good view of her ass; I was right, it was nice and after a little fumbling, yanked the phone cord out of the wall.

Then she looked straight at me and crooked a finger. "Come here, big boy." I crossed the room to her, unable to keep the eager smile off my face. I grabbed her hips and pulled her body into mine.

Our mouths met, and she let loose a throaty moan. My hands crept up the small of her back, traced the spine, and came to her shoulder blades at about the same time I started to move my kisses down her throat and onto her chest. I spread my fingers wide and drew her to me, pushing her breasts up towards my mouth.

"Oh, God…" she breathed in a rising inflection, tangling the fingers of one hand in the back of my hair and pushing my head down in encouragement. I gave her big tits slow, wet, sloppy kisses, and I could feel Mom start to breathe faster. I lightly touched the very tip of one nipple with my tongue, while I squeezed and kneaded the other breast with one hand. I then closed my mouth around her while my fingers pinched and pulled, earning a gasp and a low "Ooooooo." I was really beginning to enjoy what this was doing to her and losing myself in my task, when I felt Mom's other hand brush over my hip and down the front of my abdomen.

The palm of her hand settled lightly against the rock-hard shaft of my penis, and her fingers lightly cupped my balls. I gasped, breathed hard against her breasts. I felt her lips, and then, lightly, her teeth, on my ear. "Do you like that?" she asked, rubbing me softly, teasingly.

I leaned my head back a little, reveling in the sensation. "Yes." "You like it when I touch you here?" she pressed. "You like it when I touch your big, hard cock?" "Oh, yes." "You ready, baby?" "Oh, I'm ready." Mom turned quickly, and with her hands on my hips pushed me back against the wall. She kissed me, hard. One grabbed my dick in one hand and my balls in the other, stroking them, rubbing them, massaging them.

I made a sound like "Guh!" and banged my head on the wall, my eyes turned up towards the ceiling but focused on nothing at all. Her mouth went down to my shoulders, my chest, my stomach. Oh, God, it felt so good. She got down on her knees. I looked down and watched her rub my dick against her face. And then, making certain I had her full and undivided attention, opened her mouth, and gave the entire length of my cock one long, slow lick.

"Hoooooh my God!" I breathed, and my legs nearly buckled underneath me at the electric pleasure that shot all the way up my body.

She continued to use her hands, massaging my ball sack in one while twisting her fist up and down my shaft with the other. Every few seconds, she'd give it another lick, and her hand would spread the saliva like warm, wet, sticky lube.

She stared straight up into my eyes the entire time, watching me watching her do this to me. She began to smile as she worked. "Does that feel good?" she asked, before placing her mouth on the very base of the shaft. "Ah! Oh, jeez, yes." Her smile got even bigger, and she gave me another really long, slow lick.

Fucking shit, this was unreal! When she reached the head she circled her tongue around it a couple of times, and then she opened her mouth, and slowly… slowly… took the very tip inside, and stopped. I could feel her lips at the edge of my head, sucking just a little bit. I was trembling, desperate for her to do it but unable to move for fear of lessening the sensations I was already feeling in any way.

Finally, in one, smooth movement, she opened wide and took my dick inside her mouth. Good God. I can't describe how good it was. That wonderful, warm wetness, the tantalizing caresses of her tongue. It was so fucking good. She kept two fingers around the base, and counter-synched it with the bobbing of her head, so that I was getting two opposing sensations at once. I groaned, I gasped, I growled.

Her eyes never left mine. Her hair, waving back and forth with her head, started to come dangerously close to her mouth.

Not wanting anything anything to interrupt, I reached down and gathered it up, pressing it against the back of her head, and then started trying to pull her harder against me. She slowed, and then, to my absolute amazement, removed her hand, and carefully took more, and more, and more of me into her mouth. My jaw dropped as my mother swallowed every last inch. Her lips came to rest against my body, and she held herself there, shook her head side-to-side a little, and then pulled away.

I cried out as my cock came out of her mouth with a slurping pop. "God damn," I panted. "That was incredible." She smiled up at me again, and that's when she really got into it. She closed her eyes and ate my dick again, and this time she meant business. She worked her mouth up and down the length of me like a fucking piston, faster and faster and faster. I tossed my head back, groaning. When I looked back down, I saw one of her hands between her legs, working furiously.

"Jesus Christ, Mom!" My hips started bucking; I couldn't help it. She slowed to match my pace, and we soon worked into a steady rhythm. With my hands still on her head, I thrust harder and harder, and she just kept up with me, never stopping, just letting me do what I needed.

It didn't take very much of this before I felt that familiar twinge deep down below. I slowed almost to a stop. "Mom. Mom, I'm gonna-" She wrapped both hands around me again, kissing and licking the shaft, stared back up at me. "It's okay," she said. She licked me again. "It's okay, I want you to. Gimme your come, baby, don't hold back." Oh, man.

I couldn't take it. It was just too much. I redoubled my grip on her head and shoved my cock down her throat, humping it faster and faster. I felt the pressure building, building… "Oh God. Oh, God. Fuck! Here it… here it comes…! Aaauuuugh!" With that last wordless cry I came. My whole body jolted, jerking my hips forward. I felt the tip of my dick let it loose, the whole shaft constricting, undulating, pumping out spurt after spurt.

Mom just knelt there, milking me with her hands, moaning and keeping her mouth tight around me. She stayed there for what seemed like forever, until she was sure I was finished, and then carefully pulled away, her lips trailing down my dick until the very end. Then she sat back on her heels, and swallowed, and gasped for breath. My legs finally gave out, and I half-fell, half-slid down the wall until I dropped heavily onto the floor. "Oh my God," I gasped. "Oh my God. Oh my God, that was so good…" I heard Mom laugh, a deep-throated, wicked little laugh, and she leaned forward and pressed her mouth against mine, inhaling deeply as she did so.

Her lips were feverishly-hot, and very wet. "It was good for me too, baby," she whispered. "You liked doing that to me?" She grinned. "Of course I did. I want to make you feel good. And I love watching the faces you make." I laughed a little, partly from embarrassment, partly from adrenaline. That had been… incredible! That had been the best thing ever! I let my eyes wander over my mother's Jesus fuck, I was really doing this with my mother!

my mother's naked body as I struggled to catch my breath. She looked like she knew exactly what I was doing, and just let me look. That had been so fucking good. I figured it was time to do the same for her.

"Want me to return the favor?" I asked. Mom drew a shuddering breath. "Oh, baby, I thought you'd never ask." I gestured with my chin. "Get up on the bed." She didn't hesitate. She smoothly slipped up onto the edge of the bed, and we quickly got into the same position we'd been in when we were in the bathroom, with her legs wrapped around me.

I gave her tits some more attention, which she clearly liked, before imitating her by kneeling as I kissed my way down her chest and stomach. She leaned further and further back to allow me to do so, until I finally just pushed her completely back onto the bed.

She sighed and spread her legs wide as my mouth reached her waist and skirted her bush. I nibbled and sucked inside and under her thighs. I watched her fingers grab handfuls of the sheets out of the corner of my eye. "Oooooo, stop teasing me, Justin!" she begged.

Hell no, I thought. I loved what this was doing to her. I gently bit the soft flesh just where the leg ended and the abdomen began, drawing a small chunk of it into my mouth and lashing it with my tongue. "Mmm!" she cried sharply. I felt her squirm and twitch, and her other leg pressed urgently against the side of my head.

I came within an inch of her pussy, breathing over it, inhaling its scent. Her hips bucked upwards, seeking further contact. "Oh, please, Justin, just give me what I want!" she wailed. I grinned and got more comfortable, then slipped my arms under and around her thighs. I spread my hands on either side of her hips, and pulled the flesh apart with my thumbs.

Her slit emerged, widened. The inside glistened she was already so wet! and the heady smell assaulted my nostrils. I took a deep breath, savoring it.

And then I reached out with my tongue and slipped it inside her. Her reaction was instant; all at once her body jerked, her back arched, and she gasped in a long breath. One hand clutched at the back of my head and her hips undulated, demanding more.

I was only too happy to comply, and slid my tongue up and down the length of her labia sometimes concentrating on the left one, sometimes concentrating on the right, sometimes right in between. The taste of her tingled on my tongue; I couldn't get enough of it.

I moved to the top of her pussy and wormed my way inside, seeking her clit; I didn't have to search for very long, the hot, hard little button rose up to greet me. I pulled her farther apart with my thumbs and put my whole mouth over her clit, sucking on it. "Oh, yes!" Mom cried. "Oh, my God, Justin, you've got no idea what that does to me…" She'd just sucked me off, so I felt like I had a pretty good idea, actually, but she was moving and moaning in a way to suggest that maybe I didn't, sliding her body sexily against the sheets and letting out guttural, wordless cries from deep in her throat.

My cock, spent from the blowjob, was already returning to full strength from this. I moved my head back and forth in time with her hips, keeping my mouth on her, going between sucking on her clit and flicking it wildly with my tongue. "Justin…! Mmm! Mmm!" Suddenly she bolted upright, pushing my face away. I looked up to ask what was wrong and was immediately assaulted by her mouth.

My lips and chin were dripping with her juices but she didn't seem to care; in fact, she seemed to enjoy sucking and licking them off me. "Did you come?" I asked, catching her eye. Her eyes slid closed, and she kissed me, long and deep. "Oh, my sweet boy," she whispered. "No. No, I won't get all the way there just with that.

But you're very sweet to ask." She kissed me some more. "Baby, I can't stand it anymore. I want your cock. I want you in me." The organ in question assured me it was ready for round two.

I grinned against her mouth. "How do you want it?" "How do you want it?" she countered. "I won't care as long as you put it in as far as it will go. You want to do it like this, off the edge of the bed? You want me down on all fours?


You said you really liked that last night. That you liked looking at my sexy ass." So I did do her from behind. There was another fragment from last night explained.

"I want," I said slowly, firmly, "whatever is going to make you come." "Oh, baby…" She kissed me some more, a little harder. "Get up on the bed, and lie down on your back." I did so, gathering some pillows beneath my head. Mom crawled over me, brushing the tips of her breasts against my chest. She slid one leg over my body and eased herself down.

I could feel the heat between her legs. Her pussy lips rested against the flat of my dick and she slid herself very gently along its length, teasing us both. "Last chance," she said, "if you want to change your mind." I just shook my head. "Okay…" she said in a warning tone, "you asked for it." She reached between her legs and guided the tip of my dick to the very entrance of her pussy. She pressed down just enough to get me inside her outer lips, readjusted her legs, and then slowly eased herself down.

My cock pushed into her, sliding farther, and farther, and farther inside. My hips rose up to meet hers, until I was all the way inside, all the way up to the hilt. "Ooooohhhhhh!" Mom tossed her head back and let out the sound of pleasure, of relief, followed by a gasping breath. It was so wonderfully hot and slick and so, so tight, I felt like I could feel each and every individual muscle in her vagina clamping onto me, squeezing my dick and refusing to let go.

Instinctively I tried moving my hips up into her, but she stopped me. "Nononono, Justin, not yet." Her eyes were closed, and she was biting her lower lip. "Just let me feel you, okay, honey? Just let me feel you inside me." We sat there for a minute, not moving.

Finally, she veeeery sloooowly leaned forward, raising her body and drawing me out of her a little. And then, just as slowly, pushed her hips back down, all the way down. She did it again, a little faster. And again, and again, and again. I couldn't help it, I grabbed hold of her waist and started thrusting up into her, and this time she didn't stop me.

"Oh my God!" she moaned. "Oh my God, Justin, that feels so good! Oh, it feels so good inside me! You're inside me! Oh my God!" "Yeah? You like that?" I asked, adopting her earlier teasing tone. We were still picking up the pace. "Oh, it's wonderful. Oh, God, yes!" She leaned forward, resting her chest totally on top of mine; I put my feet flat on the bed and bent my knees to maintain leverage.

She breathed hard and fast in my ear. "You like fucking me, Justin?" she begged. I turned my head to give her a kiss. "Yes." "Say it," she demanded. "I like fucking you!" I thrust myself into her extra hard to punctuate it.

"Ah! Yes! You like fucking your mommy, you naughty boy?" Whoa. I wasn't prepared for this. "Please," she begged into my ear. "I know it's wrong and it's sick but I need to hear you to say it." "I…" Man, I couldn't believe I was about to say this out loud… but it's not like I was lying. "I like fucking my mom!" God help me, I really did. "Ahh, yes!" She raised herself back up on her arms and started fucking me faster.

"Fuck your mom! Fuck your momma's pussy! Oh, I love fucking you, Justin! You're my only son and it's so wrong but it feels so damn good!" Our bodies met with a steady slapping sound.

Her boobs jiggled invitingly, and I planted my hands on them, and she groaned. I rubbed my palms against her nipples, rolled them between my fingers. "Oooo, that's it, touch me, baby. Oh, God, I love it! I love it when you touch my tits! I love having your big hard cock inside me!

Ahhhh! Give it to me, baby! Give me your big, hard, fat cock!" She sat more upright, leaned back, and started rolling her hips in hot little undulating motions, like a belly dancer, instead of simply going up and down. I loved it; I felt like I was getting just as deep inside her with less than half the work. "Ohhhh, I'm gonna come!" she moaned. "Ohhh, you're gonna make me come, you're gonna make me come! Your big cock is deep inside my pussy and it feels so good!

Fuck! Give it to me, Justin! Give it to me!" I tried matching her movements, and aimed for harder rather than faster. She started crying out at each thrust, each one louder and sharper and higher than the one before. She threw herself back down on me. "Harder, baby! I'm almost there!" I did as she asked. "That's it baby! Faster! Ohhhh, fuck, I'm gonna come! Faster! Fasterfasterfastuuuuaaaaaaaggghhh!" Her whole body clenched, every muscle contracted, and she squeezed me tight.

She held like that for a full second… two… three. And then she abruptly melted with a release of breath, collapsing on me utterly, her strength totally given out. I could feel the sweat that had broken out all over her skin. We stayed like that for a few minutes; my hands roamed her legs and sides and back, my cock moved back and forth just a little inside her pussy, and she breathed hotly next to my ear. "Ohhhh, God. Ohhhh, God that was so good…" "Mmm-hmm," I agreed.

"Come on, baby," she said, and she got off of me; my dick came out of her reluctantly. She lay down on her back, legs open wide, and beckoned me to her. "Come here. I know you're not done yet." I wasn't, and I didn't waste any time.

I got on top of her and pushed my dick back inside her, and fucked her. Oh, man, did I ever fuck her. I pumped my cock into her as hard and as fast as I could, and Mom just wrapped her legs around me again as she arched her back and thrashed her head from side to side and moaned and cried out and screamed.

"Fuck me! Oh, fuck me, baby, yes!" It wasn't enough. I wasn't in her enough. I had to be deeper. I quickly slipped my arms under her legs and bent her back on herself, shoving my shoulders underneath her knees.

She let out a long wail with a big smile on her face. "Oh, that's good! Don't stop! Don't stop!" Shit, I thought, she's gonna come again!

I got on my knees and kept her legs at the same angle, and pounded into her. "God yes!" she cried as I went faster and faster.

"God, yes! Do it to me, baby! Oh, God! You're so good!

Maestra borracha cogida en despedida de soltera

That's it…! Don't stop! Oh, don't ever stop, right there, right there, rightthererightthererightthererightthere ooooohhhhh fffuuuuuuck…!" Her body shuddered again with another orgasm, and that was enough to trigger a second in me as well.

It came out in one big burst, deep inside her pussy. I didn't even know if she wanted me to do that. I didn't care. I was so tired. So spent. My head was spinning. I flopped back onto the pillow, and Mom crawled slowly over to me and curled up beside me, resting her head on my chest.

We lay like that for… I don't know how long. It seemed like forever. Just lying there, panting and gasping and sweating and not moving at all. "Oh, man," I finally gasped. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm," said Mom, smiling weakly with her eyes closed. "That was wonderful." I just nodded. My mind drifted into a blank gray haze, and I was happy to let it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I may have dozed off for a couple of minutes, I couldn't tell.

But some time later, I jerked with a realization. Oh, fuck. Rachel! I couldn't believe what I'd just done.

I'd been so caught up in the whole thing that I'd completely forgotten about her. Not only had I just had sex with no, I'd fucked her. I'd just fucked my mom, hard. Not only was I a disgusting incest…er, or whatever, I was also a cheater!

Fuck! I was going to lose my girlfriend for this! "You're thinking about your girlfriend, aren't you?" Mom asked. Her head was still on my shoulder, and she was studying me intently. I just nodded. I didn't trust myself to speak. Good God, what had I done? What had I been thinking? But Mom just turned her face towards my chest, and gave it a series of slow, wet kisses. Despite myself, I felt my cock stir, and I felt my face burn with shame.

"I've been thinking about that, too," she said. Her hand rand down over my stomach and grabbed my cock, stroking it back to life. I could feel her nipples harden against the side of my chest. "Try not to worry about that right now," she said. "I'll take care of it. Mommy will take care of you. Mommy will take care of everything." I felt like I was trapped in a nightmare.

A delicious, sexy, horribly-arousing nightmare. My own mother kissed her way down my chest again, massaging my naked cock in her hand. "Mommy will always take care of you," she whispered, and put her mouth around my dick again. And I just laid back, my body shaking with the feel of her mouth and tongue, and let her work. What had I gotten myself into?