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Canadian mom eats her stepdaughter pussy
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*Note: This is a work of fiction and may not be accurate in all areas of ME lore or timeline, it's a smut, damn it. Samara had always been a curious woman, she had habits of sneaking off away from her family on a regular basis, and had nearly gotten herself kidnapped when she was just a girl. She had nearly been eaten by a thresher maw on a desolate planet during her maiden years, and she had become sexually curious at a very young age. She soon realized that what was enough for other women to get off was not enough for her, she needed much more.

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Before she was a justicar, she was Just-a-Cumslut Samara knew that men stared at her, she knew that before she even ventured out into the Traverse, but she wasn't prepared for the sheer volume of looks she'd arrived at a spaceport for the first time.

She was young, barely 150 years old, but her body had filled out very nicely, becoming very shapely indeed. Her hips had widened gradually to their current size, allowing her to get used to the swinging gait it forced her into. This wasn't helped by her bum, which was just plump enough to provide a cushion anywhere she wanted to sit down.

Her breasts had grown to a modest B cup but remained quite perky. Thessia is where our story begins. Samara had been wandering a poorer neighbourhood on the way back from volunteering her time for the bottom-feeders when she was confronted by a group of well armed asari. They forced her to drop her weapon, a small Kessler pistol, and blindfolded her. She kept tripping over her feet as she was led away from the alley and she could feel the warm hands of these asari gliding over her body as they prodded her along.

Even if she was being kidnapped, these women were trying to get her hot under the collar.

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Samara was led to a small shack, a prefab that would look more at home on a colony planet than on the asari homeworld. As the door slid open and her blindfold was removed, Samara gasped. There in front of her, on a sort of makeshift throne made from old pipes and a few metal sheets, sat a very large krogan.

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He moved aside a piece of cloth over his lap and she gasped yet again. The krogan's penis was longer than her forearm, and just as thick. The asari who had hauled her in dropped to their knees in reverence of the beast-man's massive phallus. It must have been at least 18 inches long, and 2 1/2 inches thick.

The krogan placed a pill from a package labeled "Fornax Enhancement" onto the slit of his penis, and Samara was lifted into position below his massive manhood.

The krogan laughed deeply, "Excellent catch my children, this one will make an excellent addition to our stock." The women blushed deeply and came up to kneel beside Samara. "Suck it, slut." He growled at her as he nudged her plump lips with his glans.

Samara kept her eyes and mouth closed and tried not to move, but eventually she had to breath, and that was her downfall.

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As soon as she took in a breath, the heavenly musky smell of the massive krogan's organ captivated her. When she opened her eyes to see if she was really still smelling his cock she couldn't help but gasp at his size, she had never seen or heard of one so large, even in the often ludicrously exaggerated school stories and rumours about the Ardat-Yakshi.


It was at that moment that the krogan acted. He pistoned his penis into Samara's mouth, his thick glans effectively acting as a beachhead for the rest of his maleness. Samara's eyes went wide as her mouth was filled with cock. She could feel pre-cum leaking down her throat and she knew that the pill had been ejected from the krogan's organ immediately upon entry, probably already in her stomach working its transformative magic.


The beast-man continued to force more and more of his penis into Samara's mouth, stretching her wide and forming her throat to accommodate him. She couldn't believe that this massive man's cock was actually in her throat, she'd never encountered anything of his size before, and it was really turning her on. Before she knew it, her slit was dripping natural lubricant and begging to be filled. Realizing that she wasn't going to get out of here before the krogan came at least once in her, and also beginning to enjoy the forceful stretching, Samara started pushing herself into his cock, sucking more of it into her throat.

"Good&hellip.good slut, keep going, you little asari whore." The krogan laughed, thrusting harder into Samara's throat. She began to moan through the krogan's penis, vibrating her throat and essentially making it into an exotic vaginal parody.


The krogan was visibly pressured now, his hips rising and falling erratically, his eyes glazing over, and his cock twitching and leaking pre-cum like a fountain. "Here it comes, whore.

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Drink it all down!" A deep grunt came from the krogan at this point as he hilted his penis in Samara's throat and held it there. She could feel his head expanding even further in her throat, blocking the passage for anything but his own cum to pass her throat.

She couldn't taste his cum, but she could feel it passing into her. Her belly expanded with the liquid weight of krogan semen, and just when she started feeling uncomfortably full he pulled out of her and began soaking her face and breasts with his hot, salty cum. The other asari beside her tried to take some of his cum as well, though it didn't seem like he had any intent on sharing.

He kept pumping out more and more cum onto her, glazing her face and breasts several times over. Some of his semen even shot up into her hair and glued the stalks of her hair together, something she would discover later. Finally, the krogan sat back down on his makeshift throne to admire his handiwork.

Samara was soaked, her face and breasts had been covered several times over with thick krogan spunk, though by now at least half of it had been licked off by the numerous other asari worshippers in the shack. Samara finally opened her eyes and, to her amazement, discovered the krogan to be still hard.

That was when the changes began. His semen must have acted as some sort of catalyst because only moments after having her stomach filled she began to change. Her breasts ballooned outward from a conservative B cup to a buxom DDD and retained all of their former perkiness. Two of her asari captors began to worship her newly stiffened nipples with their tongues as she started kneading her expanded tit-flesh reverently. Next, her ass began to swell until she was sitting two inches higher up than before and her heels weren't even close to touching her bones.

Samara reached one hand back to slap her now bountiful behind and found another already there, one of the asari bitches had already come behind to admire it. Samara's hips expanded outwards and her nipples grew a little longer, among some other smaller changes as well.

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She was almost unrecognizable from before. The only thing the pill hadn't changed was her facial features. Samara's turbocharged libido also seemed to be one of the pill's effects as she longed for more of the krogan's thick salty cream. She got on her hands and knees and slunk towards him, eyes glazed over and tongue hanging out to entice more sperm out for her.

"You truly are eager, aren't you whore? Very good choice ladies!" He laughed loudly as he stood up and circled around behind Samara's raised ass. "Oh goddess, this is so wrong of me, to be sitting here covered in this delicious spunk, yet it's so wonderful that I need more." It was at that moment that her thoughts were completely shattered… *Thanks for taking the time to read/fap to this. Please feel free to comment any suggestions you may find yourself with.