Gay twinks take a big ramrod

Gay twinks take a big ramrod
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Well, I wish I could say it was the first time my mother caught me masturbating. But, it wasn't. And, it's not like I was always walking around the house, pulling my crank out and flashing it around, either. I wasn't trying to get caught, but, she had this uncanny ability to want to barge into my bedroom, or need to talk to me when I was in the shower, and as a result, she periodically caught me with my hand around my crank, pumping it toward orgasm.

On top of that, I don't know how many times I'd be lying in bed, enjoying a nice early morning wank, and she'd open the door on me. Each time it happened, she'd always apologize in her knowing, motherly sort of way. She'd make a hasty exit, leaving me alone to finish what I was doing. I fully expected her to pull me aside, and in her kind and thoughtful way, lecture me about what I was doing, or about being more discreet, but she never once brought it up or mentioned it in any way.

It was almost as if she simply paid it no mind at all. Of course, like any teenager, I learned a valuable lesson each time she caught me.

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For instance, I learned to lock my bedroom door when I was jacking off. I learned to lock the bathroom door, too, and, I found better hiding places for my nasty magazines. I started paying attention to the kitchen calendar to know what her working hours were, when she was going to be out, and when she might be home.

However, when she caught me this time, she didn't walk away.

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And, when it happened, my feeble, nineteen year old brain had no idea of the profound effect it would have on my life. I didn't even realize she was home yet! I thought I had the house to myself for at least several more hours, and as such, I felt confident it was safe to raid her clothes hamper for her worn panties, a practice which I recently started when I discovered, quite by accident, the feel and smell of her soft, feminine underwear.

I was actually looking for toilet paper the day I discovered the wonder of her panties that very first time. I'd found the toilet paper roll empty in my own bathroom, and walked back into Mom's bathroom to get a new roll from under her bathroom sink. As I walked in, I saw a pair of her panties lying open on the bathroom floor.

They were black, silky panties, and, they had a very shiny and obvious stain on the crotch panel. "Jeez, did Mom pee her pants?" I asked myself as I stepped over the silky garment and bent down to reach under her counter searching for toilet paper. But, as I bent down, curiosity caused me to reach out and pick her panties up from the floor.

Wow, they felt heavy. Damn, the crotch was wet, and I do mean very wet. I got an immediate sexual rush holding my mother's panties in my hands. I examined them fully with the knowledge they'd been against her private female parts. Sure, I'd seen her panties tons of times before. I'd seen them folded up neatly in a stack on her bed after they'd been washed, or, mixed in with the rest of the laundry on the floor next to the washer.

But, in all those times, they were just her 'clothes', and they didn't hold any special significance to me what so ever. But, I'd never had an opportunity to see her panties like this! But now, holding them in my hands and staring at the exact spot that touched her pussy.

my own mother's pussy, I couldn't stop myself from shamelessly moving them under my nose and smelling the crotch panel. Almost instantly, I experienced something so stirring and so immense, it could only be described as "life altering". I will tell you this: The moment I held her panties to my nose and smelled her smell the very first time, I immediately knew this was something very special something that excited me like nothing else ever had.

the smell of her vagina.

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I mean, this was the actual smell of a real female's vagina and even though I knew it was horribly wrong to want to push my face into her panties, I couldn't resist my desire to do just that. It was like my brain completely disengaged and my hormones took over, and within a few seconds of the time when the crotch of her panties made contact with my nose, I couldn't put them down.

I couldn't believe I'd been using magazines and the internet to conjure up the excitement to pull my pud when I could have been using her panties! I could have kicked myself. All this time, the best sex aid I could ever imagine was right here in my own house, and I could have it anytime I wanted it. I knew Mom did laundry about once a week, and that meant I'd have virtually non-stop access to her panties.

Ironically, up until that time, I'd never thought about my mother as a sexual person. I couldn't remember seeing her naked. For that matter, I couldn't even remember seeing her in her bra and panties.

I mean, she was my own mother, for heaven's sake!

I just figured she didn't have any interest in men since her divorce from my useless father. She seemed too busy with her job, the house and me. It never even occurred to me that underneath her clothes was a female, with a female body. What a fool I was. But, her panties had this smell. this aroma that was unbelievably addictive. I couldn't get enough of it, and I'd get a massively hard boner holding her panties in my hands and opening them up to see the spot that touched her pussy.

My hands shook each time I opened the lid to her hamper to look for a new pair. The excitement I'd get as I pulled them out was so high, my young cock would throb with the expectation of the upcoming orgasm. Sometimes, when I was lucky, I'd get to the hamper and find her panties soon enough to find them a little moist, or maybe find a pair that had a sticky wet spot. And although I was initially hesitant to actually put the crotch of her underwear in my mouth, that hesitancy soon passed, and I spent many wonderful masturbation sessions sucking and licking her panties clean of her slippery juices.

Say whatever you want about it, but, the raw female taste and smell. directly from her vagina, had the ability to solicit a sexual and physical reaction from me, and I soon admitted to myself that my mother's panties was all I needed to ensure a quick and very satisfying happy ending.

There was no turning back, either. Once I discovered the feel and smell of her panties, that's all I really wanted. Yeah, I suppose she had a good body, and she was cute for someone 'that old', but, quite honestly, it was her panties that fueled my erections and my frequent jerk-offs.

Each day, I'd fish through the hamper for the best three or four pairs of panties I could find, and proceed to have the time of my life licking, sniffing, sucking and stroking myself until it was time for her to get home from work. Sometimes, I'd even keep her panties in my bedroom so I could enjoy them again that night after I went to bed, and then again the next morning.

After I got up, I'd casually put them back in the hamper, and I swear, she never knew. So, the day everything changed the day she finally caught me brazenly masturbating with her panties - was a nice summer day, a week or so after I'd finished my first year at the local community college. I'd gotten up early to get the trash out on the curb for pick up. I was just coming back into the house as she was leaving for work. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, mumbled she was late, and then she was gone.

I fixed myself some cereal, and, kept my promise to pick up the patio and the back yard. It took longer than I expected - about two hours, and it was starting to get hot. So, being happy with what I did, and knowing she'd be at work until late this afternoon, I decided it was time to reward myself and check out Mom's clothes hamper for new panties.

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What I found was unbelievable, and even though I'd come across several pairs of especially choice panties in the past, these were undeniably the very best, ever. They were incredibly wet, and the crotch panel was saturated with her slimy, sticky and fresh juices. She must have worn them to bed last night and played with herself this morning before she got up. But, honestly, the details of how they got this wet didn't matter to me at all.

What mattered was they were almost sopping wet with her secretions and they were super fresh. And. they were in my hands.

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Realizing these panties were clearly something extraordinary, I decided to go all out this time and do something I did from time to time. And that is, I found another pair of her panties in the hamper a pair I could wrap around my cock while I masturbated.

The feeling of the soft and slinky fabric as it glided up and down my cock, combined with the aroma of her panties, would take me to a level of sexual excitement I could barely stand. I'd have a mind blowing orgasm feeling her silkies going up and down my cock, and, enjoying the crotch of her panties plastered against my nose.

I don't know how long she was standing in my doorway watching me. She could have been there one second or thirty minutes and I wouldn't have known because her wet panties were draped across my face, covering my eyes.

The wet crotch was lying over my nose and mouth, allowing me to smell her feminine aroma as well as taste it. And, the instant that I finally saw her, I immediately knew she wasn't going to turn and walk away. I was lying there on my bed. I'd just had a thunderous cum sniffing and licking her panties while I jacked my panty wrapped cock. I'd started and stopped several times trying to draw it out and make it last as long as I could.

The smell of her pussy and the thick, tenuous remnants of her juices that saturated the crotch of her panties provided me an incredible amount of pleasure as I sniffed and licked. I'd wrapped her other panties around my cock in such a way that each stroke felt like silky heaven on my engorged member. In the end, I came so hard I was gasping and moaning as I licked, sniffed and sucked the panties I'd draped over my face. I literally drenched the pair that was wrapped around my cock, almost completely saturating it with my teenage seed.

So, thoroughly exhausted from my orgasm, I was lying motionless on my bed, trying to catch my breath, when I heard her. "All done now?" Instantly, I recognized my mother's voice. All at once, my head flew up off the pillow, I pulled her wet panties from my face, and tried to cover my panty sheathed cock. She was standing there with her arms crossed, and as our eyes met, I expected to see anger in her face, but she didn't look angry.

Holding her hand up, she said, "Just relax, Scottie." Then taking a step toward the bed where I was laying, she added, "Don't get up. I'm not mad." I can't express the intensity of shame I was experiencing as she walked over to my bed and sat down next to me. Combined with the feelings of fear and extreme remorse, I was ready for her to lower the boom on me.

I think mom could sense my anxiety because as she sat down on the bed, she said, "Settle down, Scottie. I just want to talk to you." I saw her eyes move from my now deflated cock, still covered by her cum soaked panties, to my hand, which was trying to conceal the wet panties I'd taken from her hamper.

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After a minute, she looked up at my face and finally said something. "Look," she began, "I know you've been taking my underwear. I've known it for a while." Then, taking a deep breath she said, "I know boys your age have raging hormones, and you probably have to take care of yourself. I've always tried hard to be understanding and considerate about it." "And," she continued, "I completely accept the fact that you're probably curious, excited and interested in the female body.

All boys are. I know that. But," she paused for a second and looked up at me, "I think you're getting too old to be sneaking around and stealing my panties." "Wow." I thought. She's incredibly calm about this. She'd just seen me masturbating into a pair of her panties while I sniffed and licked her pussy juices.

Where was she going with this? I watched in fascination as she reached out with her right hand and unwrapped the cumlogged panties from around my now flaccid cock and held them up. "I don't necessarily mind this, either." She said, softly. "But, you've stained several pairs of my nicest panties.

I've already had to throw a few pairs away because of the stains." I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say, but, when I started to try to apologize, she gave me 'that look' to tell me she wasn't done talking yet, so I settled back into the pillow and held my tongue. "Scottie," she said, "I'll be honest with you. It's very flattering to know my panties interest you so much and you've made me feel good about myself. But, we're going to have to come to an understanding about this, okay?" Now I was really confused.

But, looking up and nodding my head to her, I saw her smile her motherly smile. "Good." She said. "You're not a kid any more, Scottie." She said further. "You're nineteen years old now. practically a man." Mom looked away for a moment and then looked back at me.

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"What I mean is," she added, "since it's just you and me in the house, I think it's time we made a few changes." "Huh?" I answered, not having a single clue what she was talking about. "First off," she replied, "You have to stop this childish act of sneaking around behind my back to get my panties. Scottie," she paused for a moment to reach out and pat me on the leg, "It doesn't bother me at all if you have them.

Like I told you before, I know you're curious and interested in the female body. But, all this sneaking around just makes you look foolish and immature.

From now on, if you want them, just take them and put them back when you're done." Now, trust me on this. I would have never imagined this kind of response from my mother actually giving me permission, or, offering her panties to me.

And, as I lie there naked on the bed with her sitting next to me, all I could do was nod my head up and down in shock. "Next," Mother said, with a soft smile on her face, "I'd appreciate some respect for my underpants.

If you're going to use my panties like this," she said, holding up the cum soaked panties, which she unwrapped from around my cock, "then, you're going to have to replace the ones I've already had to throw out.

And, in the future, as soon as you're done, get yourself into the bathroom and rinse them out immediately so they don't get stained. I don't think it's too much to ask that you have some consideration for my lingerie." She explained to me that wrapping the panties around my cock, the stroking action and my eventual ejaculation stretched and stained her delicate panties.


"Hey," she said, completely serious, "these panties aren't cheap. The way I see it, you probably owe me five or six pairs. So, to help you learn your lesson, I'm going to take you shopping, and you can replace my panties out of your own money. Agreed?" Still unable to speak, I simply nodded my head up and down again, silently agreeing with what she said.

Unfortunately, though, when she started talking about the two of us going panty shopping, I felt myself starting to get hard. I got this vision of her leading me by the hand into the lingerie section of a big department store and telling the sales girl I was being punished for stealing her panties, stretching them out and leaving cum stains on her silkies.

I could just see it now. I'd have to stand there while my mother explained to some innocent looking sales girl how I'd been wrapping her panties around my cock and then jerking myself off into them. The sales girl would smile, watching me squirm, as my mother told her what I'd been doing to her panties.

She'd probably snicker at me, and then Mom would tell her how she was making me replace the ones I'd mistreated. "Maybe he'd learn his lesson better if you made him wear panties for a while, as well as replacing yours." The sales girl would say. "Naughty boys that play with panties should be punished appropriately. Don't you think, ma'am?" "Oh, my!" My mother might reply.

"I hadn't thought about that, but, it's a good idea. Would you have time to help me pick out some cute panties for my son? Maybe something frilly.

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with ruffles and lace? And, definitely pink?" I'd have to stand there, listening to the sales girl and my mother plot my punishment.

How the sales girl was going to have to take me into the fitting room and measure me, and make me try on panties for an hour until my mother was satisfied. I'd be totally humiliated and embarrassed in the middle of the store with other women and their daughters shopping all around us. They would all be looking at me and whispering back and forth. It would be horrible! Yeah, okay - the whole idea of that happening was ludicrous, I know.

But as all that flashed through my mind, and I thought about being with my mother in a place with literally thousands of pairs of panties, my mind went off the deep end and I started to dream up all kind of weird scenarios. And as a result, I couldn't help but get hard.

At first, she didn't notice it. But when my cock began to lengthen, and lurch as it got harder, she actually stopped lecturing me and openly stared at the way my member was getting stiff. I knew she probably wasn't done with her panty sermon, but, she just stopped cold - and her eyes focused in on my cock.

After about a minute, she looked up at me with a blank look on her face. "It's been so very long since I saw a man's penis like this, Scottie." Mother said, almost breathless in a very soft voice. "I mean, go from soft to hard. You're getting excited again, huh?" "I guess so." I said, turning red and feeling extremely embarrassed.


"What brought this on?" She asked. I started to turn red, blushing down across my face and chest. How could I answer that question? Was I supposed to tell her the idea of going shopping for panties with her made my cock get hard?

"Was it what I said about taking you shopping for my panties?" She asked, looking down at my erection. "Is that what did this? Going to lingerie store?" Silently, I nodded. Mom gave me one of her all knowing smiles and patted my leg again. "Don't be ashamed, Sweetheart." She said, looking up at me and speaking in a comforting tone. "It's completely understandable. I've accepted the fact that my panties are arousing for you." "I actually take it as a compliment." She added.

"Like I said before, it's flattering. Just knowing something about me can still make a man's penis hard is quite a comfort, Scottie." Then, silently turning her attention back to my hardening rod, she dropped the cum soaked panties that were wrapped around my cock on the floor, and tentatively reached her hand out toward my member.

"Uhm. can I. touch it?" She asked with a hopeful look on her face.


"Do you mind?" Truthfully, my head was in total melt down mode and my brain was receiving commands directly from my cock. By the time I figured out what she was asking, her hand had already wrapped itself around my shaft and she was gently squeezing me.

The look on her face was one of tenderness, fascination and wonder. "This is amazing, Scottie." She said, in a yielding voice. "I can feel you getting harder in my hand.

I can feel you getting bigger and thicker!" Oh man, my head was swimming and I was definitely not thinking of her as my mother anymore. Her eyes were trained on my cock and she was gently squeezing and feeling me.

When a drop of precum appeared at the tip of my cock, she let out a little gasp and looked at me. "You know, Scottie," she said, softly, "I'd love to watch you do it. You know what I mean, don't you? Letting me watch while you take care of yourself?" "Maybe," she went on, as her hand began to slowly stroke my cock up and down, "we can relax our dress code here at the house.

Since it's just the two of us, maybe I can wear just a t-shirt and my underwear when we're home together. That way you could actually see me in my panties before you got them out of the hamper. Would you like that?"