Exceptional petite kitten gets her narrowed twat and small asshole plowed

Exceptional petite kitten gets her narrowed twat and small asshole plowed
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My next door neighbors and I are good friends. He is about 20 years older than me, is married, and has a son, Jason, and daughter, Christina, both around my age, from his first marriage.

His wife has two daughters from her first marriage. Their names are April and Jane. Jane is going into middle school and April just graduated high school. April is about 5'8" tall and has developed nicely over the past three years that I have known her.

She sports about a 34-C bra and is in great shape. She was a cheerleader at her high school.

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She is always darkly tanned and has dark brown hair. I often see her and her friends tanning in their back yard. A few weeks ago James asked me if I wanted to go to the lake with them and hang out on their boat. I told them that I would, and he said to meet them out front at 8 am that Friday. I woke up early that day, around 6 or so.

I let the dogs out, did a couple of chores, went and got my bathing suit on and met James and his family out front of our houses. "Hey James, thanks for inviting me." "No problem, Ryan. With your wife out of town, you need someone to hang out with right?

Plus, we can get some sun and drink a few beers. Jason can't go because he finally got a job, but the rest of us will be there." "OK, that's fine," I smiled, and climbed into his truck. I was sitting in the front with him, while Christina sat in the back. James' wife drove their other car with April and Jane, towing the jet-ski.

We got to the lake and I helped James get the boat ready while everyone else walked down to the dock. As James backed the boat down the ramp, I unhooked it from the trailer and held it to the dock as everyone else got in. We sat in the boat, talking about random stuff and congratulating Ashley on her graduation. James got to the boat and we drove across the lake to the beach where we usually set up our stuff.

We unloaded the stuff out of the boat and set it up. James started the charcoal on the grill, Christina and I set up the canopy and the rest of the girls took care of everything else. Once we were done setting up, James asked who wanted to ride on the tubes first. Jane yelled saying that she wanted to and that she wanted Christina to be on the other one. James and his wife got into the boat hooked the tubes up and they were off with Jane and Christina yelling and screaming behind them.

Ashley and I were sitting on out towels on the beach just soaking up the sun. "So, congrats again on your graduation. What are your plans now?" I asked April. "I don't know. I kind of want to be a nurse. I might go to college for that, I don't want to leave home though.

I like my family and I think it would be hard to go far away for school." "Yeah, I don't know if your mom would want you too far away either.

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Actually, don't tell her I told you this, but she said that she wants you to at least stay in state if not in town for school." "She told you that?" April asked me.

"Yeah, she said that a while ago at one of our bar-b-ques. You know how moms are." April smiled and in a sarcastic voice said, "Yeah, they don't want their babies to grow up. I know." We sat for a little while longer, and then April stood up and said, "I wonder where they are? They should have been back by now. I'll try calling them." She got her phone and called them. April came over to me and said, "They forgot to fill the boat up with gas. They had to put it back on the trailer and go to the gas station.

They won't be back for about an hour. Oh well, you wanna go for a swim? I'm hot." 'Yeah you are' I thought to myself. "Sure, that'll cool us off a little." I stood up and took my shirt and sandals off. I could see out of the corner of my eye that April was staring at me.

I turned to her and asked, "Are you gonna swim in your shorts and shirt?" "Oh, no, sorry, I was just thinking about something." She bent down and slid her shorts off revealing her bikini bottom that barely covered half of her ass.

She stood back up and peeled her shirt off. She had a very tight fitting black string bikini with white tie-strings. Her tanned body glowed in the sunshine. She tossed her shirt on her towel with her shorts and we both walked into the water. We splashed around a while. April went under the water and came up with her face looking up, brushing her hair back with her hands. I swam out a ways turned around and came back in.

When I got to where I could stand, April came up behind me, jumped on my back and pulled me under the water with her. I reached around behind my head, trying to grab her shoulders and pull us both out of the water. My hand went to the back of her neck and while I grabbed her neck to pull us both up, I accidentally grabbed the tie string of her bikini. As we came out of the water, I let go quickly, but April must not have noticed it right away.

We stood up, I turned around and she was standing there, breasts fully exposed to me. I quickly turned away, she grabbed her top and pulled it back on, saying, "Oops, sorry about that." "No, I think I did that on accident.

I'm the one who should apologize." I could feel my face turning red from the embarrassment but I could also feel the blood flowing into my cock from the sight of her great tits. "I really didn't mean to do that April." "It's OK Ryan. We were playing around. That stuff happens." She sounded pretty mature saying that. We walked out of the water and went and sat on our towels.

I made sure April went first so she didn't see my partially erect penis sticking out…and so I could watch her wet ass walking up the beach. With all the moving and jumping we did, her bikini bottoms had ridden up a little, almost creating a thong look. April got to her towel and sat down. She still had one hand on the back of her neck to hold her bikini on.

I was almost to my towel when she said, "Hey Ryan, before you sit down, would you mind tying this for me.

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I mean, since you untied it anyway." I could hear the sarcasm in her voice. "Yeah, sure, I can do that, smart ass." I walked over behind her, knelt down behind her, grabbed the strings and tied them. "No, it's gotta be a little tighter than that. Are you trying to make me fall out of this thing?" I wanted to say yes, but I said, "OH, sorry, no I don't know how tight you want it." She grabbed her breasts, and pushed them up and together a little. "Here, now pull the strings so they're kinda tight." I pulled up on the strings.

"There, now tie it." She let go of herself and said, "There, that's a lot better. See?

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They don't flop all over now." She shook her chest back and forth a little to make sure. "Sorry, I've never tied a bikini on before.

Not really my thing you know?" I quickly sat down hoping that she didn't see my semi-erect cock. April turned toward me, and lay down on her stomach. She picked her head up, looked at me and asked, "Would you mind rubbing some sun screen on my back Ryan? I don't want to burn." "Yeah, I can do that." I grabbed the sun screen and squirted some into my hand.

I started rubbing it on her back, holding the strings up with one hand and rubbing the sun screen into her back with the other. "You know what? You can untie that so it doesn't get in the way." "Its fine, I can work around it." "No, please untie it.

I also don't want to get any tan lines." I grabbed the strings in each hand and slowly untied the knot, putting the loose ends on the ground next to her. I finished with her back when she asked, "My legs too? Would you mind?" "Of course not, I don't mind." I said, thinking 'actually I would love it.' I rubbed sun screen into the skin on the back of her legs starting at her feet and moving up to the back of her thighs.

April reached her hands back to her bikini, pulled it even more into her ass, and asked, "Here too?

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Please?" In a sarcastic tone of voice I said, "If I have to I guess I will." I put more sun screen on my hands and began rubbing it into her ass. I wasn't thinking about anything besides rubbing her ass. I was staring at my hands as I made circles around her butt.

She had a very firm and toned ass. I was so focused on her ass, April had to stop me and say, "I think it's good now Ryan. I think you got it all rubbed in." "Sorry, my mind wandered off a little there." I got up and moved back to my towel.

I lay down on my towel on my stomach, pressing my now almost fully erect cock into the ground. April reached up to the back of her neck, untied her bikini and moved her hair out of the way. She was looking at me the whole time she was untying her top, ensuring I saw her and knew what she was doing. When she finished, she kept her eyes on me.

"What?" I asked her. "Oh nothing. Thanks for rubbing the sun screen on me." "No problem, you are welcome." She laid her head back down as did I.

I laid there listening to the waves for what seemed like forever, I looked at my watch and it was only about ten minutes. I heard April say, "Ryan, do you think you can put some more sun screen on me?" "Already, I think you should be ok. It's only been ten minutes." I replied, not opening my eyes. "Yeah, but you didn't get all of me." I sat up and looked over at April. She was sitting up, facing me, and was completely topless. "You missed a couple spots. Specifically, here and here." She pointed to her breasts.

I quickly turned my head, saying "April, don't you think you should put your bikini back on? Your parents could be back any time." "They told me an hour which usually means longer than that. Now, please, come over here and put some sun screen on me.

I told you that I didn't want to get burned…or tan lines. This is the best way to not get tan lines, right?" "Yeah, I guess you're right." I stood up, and walked over to her, trying not to stare at her beautiful chest. "Um, I guess, lay down." April laid down and I grabbed the sun screen, put some onto my hands, and started rubbing it into her stomach. "I already put it on there; I wanted you to put in on here." She grabbed my hands and brought them up to her chest.

She put my hands on either breast and started to move them in circular motions. "See? I need you to rub it in here." She said as she released the grip she had on my hands. "Yeah, that's the spot. Right there." She started to moan softly.

"April, are you sure this is OK? I mean, I'm married." I felt my hard on growing bigger so I moved a little to try and hide it. "Ryan, if I didn't want you to do this, I wouldn't have asked.

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Besides, no one will ever know besides us." Somehow that was reassuring, I don't know why, but I felt better. I continued rubbing and massaging her breasts. "That feels good Ryan." She closed her eyes and started to breathe a little heavier. "OK, I think it's all rubbed in Ryan." "So, maybe I wanna keep rubbing your beautiful breasts. It seems like you are enjoying it and I know I am." I started to pinch her nipples a little as they became erect.

April moved her hand up to my leg, and ran it up to my hard cock. "Well, I guess you are enjoying it. See? Aren't you glad I asked you to rub the sun screen on me now?" She started to massage my cock through my swim shorts.

It felt so good I started to close my eyes. Her other hand reached up to my shoulder and she slowly pulled me down to her.

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I opened my eyes as I got close to her; she was looking directly into my eyes and said, "Ryan, can I kiss you?" Without giving me a chance to respond, she pulled me closer and kissed me.

Her lips were so soft and she tasted like strawberries from her lip gloss. She opened her eyes and stopped the kiss, "Wow, Ryan, you are a good kisser." "Thanks, but that was nothing." I kissed her again, this time opening my mouth and sticking my tongue into hers.

I slowly moved my tongue around inside her mouth playing with her tongue. I still had my hands on her breasts, massaging them and pinching her nipples.

April started to moan more as she started to move her tongue around with mine. She took her hand off of my hard-on, reached up and pulled the tie-string on my shorts. "Is this OK?" She asked sheepishly. I nodded as we kissed. She slid my shorts down, letting my hard cock 'snap' off of the waistband of my shorts.

It stuck out facing her now. "Wow, Ryan, your wife is a very lucky lady. You have a nice big dick. Is that OK if I call it a dick?" "Yeah, you can call it whatever you want April." She grabbed it again and started to stroke the length of it with her hand. Her eyes fixed on my cock, she said, "Wow. I just can't believe the size of it.

I mean, it's a lot bigger than the boys' I have been with from school." I was wondering how many boys she had been with. She returned her lips to mine and with her free hand, she took one of my hands off of her chest and guided it down to her crotch.

"Will you rub here too Ryan? I think I need some attention down here." I started to rub her mound right above her pussy. She let go of my hand, went to either side of her hips with her hand and untied the strings on her bikini bottoms. She pulled them off revealing her completely shaven young mound to me.

She grabbed my hand again, moving it farther down, "Down here Ryan." I ran my fingers up and down her slit which was partly moist. I felt her juices on my fingertips the more I rubbed it. April started to moan louder now, especially after I started alternating back and forth between flicking each nipple.

She dug her tongue into my mouth and stroked my cock faster. "April, that's getting a little rough." I was referring to my cock as she was stroking it faster. "OK, so what? I don't have anything to put on it for lube. But I can do this." She stopped stroking me, leaned up on her elbow, and inserted my cock into her mouth. "Mmmmmm." Her lips were stretched to the limit as she took my cock into her mouth.

She pulled her head back, "Damn, that's big. I imagined that you'd have a big cock, but not that big. It barely fits in my mouth." She re-inserted my cock into her mouth, moaning as she slid her lips down my shaft.

I moved my fingers up and started to rub her clit. She started to moan more now. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and said, "Ryan, will you, you know, will you have sex with me?" "You mean you want me to fuck you? Uh, April, I…" "Don't worry," she knew what I was going to say.

"My parents aren't going to be back for a while still and NO, your wife will never know." "I would love to do that. I have been thinking about doing you since I met you.

I just never thought I would have the opportunity." "Really?" She asked excitedly. "I have been thinking that too. Can I tell you another secret?" "What's that?" "I have masturbated many times thinking about you fucking me and about you fucking your wife. I saw you two messing around in your kitchen one day when I was home from school. I heard you laughing, so I looked over to see what you were doing, and you were standing between her legs as she was naked on the counter. I tried to stop looking, but I just couldn't.

I'm sorry Ryan. Please don't be mad." "Oh, I am far from mad. Actually it turns me on more knowing that you were watching us. I like that." I moved over so I was kneeling in front of her open legs, my hard cock pointing at her awaiting pussy. "April, I don't have a condom, I don't think we can do this." "It's ok Ryan, I'm on the pill just in case something happens. I told my mom that it was so I got more regular periods, but it's not really for that.

You might have to go slow. Actually, you know what? How about you lay down? That way I can control how deep and far your dick goes into me." "I would love that.

I would actually prefer that." I didn't tell her I liked to be on bottom. "I want you to be able to control it so I don't hurt you." I lay down on her towel as she stood up and straddled me. My cock standing erect, pointing up at her pussy, she squatted down, grabbed me and positioned herself over me. She pressed the head right at the entrance of her opening and began to take me in. She put both of her hands down there and pulled her pussy lips apart. "This'll help." April started to push herself down onto my cock.

As the head went in, she gasped for air. Her eyes opened wide out of shock, but she kept pushing. I felt the head of my dick pop into her and April let out a loud moan. "Mmmmmm that feels great!

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It's definitely big, but it feels so good." She kept lowering herself into my prick. I could tell she was in pain, but she didn't stop. She closed her eyes, held her breath, and pushed down onto me as far as she could take it.

"Oh my God Ryan. That feels so good." "Yeah it does, your pussy is so tight. I can't believe I'm doing this. I love the feel of a tight pussy on my cock." I reached up and started to massage her breasts as she relaxed a little and started to move herself up and down on my cock.


I took one hand down to her crotch and started to rub her clit again. "Oh my God that feels so good." She mumbled something after that. "What's that?" I asked. "Oh, I was just asking myself if I was really fucking you right now. It feels great." As she loosened up more, she started to move up and down easier. I pinched and twisted her nipples with the one hand that was still on her tits, which made her scream a little.

"Do that again. That feels great!" I continued to rub her clit and pinch her nipples as she started to bounce up and down faster on my cock.

"Damn April, you are so tight I don't think I am going to last too long," I told her. "I'm trying to hold it back as long as I can, but it's not doing much." "That's fine. Just do what you do and we'll get used to each other more. I won't last long either. I've never had a cock this big before." She reached up and grabbed her breast that I wasn't pinching and started to rub it.

She leaned her head back and moaned even louder. I could feel the temperature of her pussy heating up. She was getting ready to climax. As she heated up, I felt my balls start to pump my cum into my shaft. I twitched my cock in her and she let out a small scream of surprise.

My thumb was moving faster on her clit now and my fingers pinching her nipple were working at the same speed. "I think I'm gonna cum April. I can't hold it any longer." "Do it, go inside me. I want to feel your cum in me." She started to bounce up and down faster, but now she added a back and forth movement which sent me over the edge.

"Here it comes. Holy shit!" I yelled as I pushed my cock into her, releasing shot after shot of cum deep into her young pussy. I tightened up my cock, making it swell more, and pushed and held it in her. "Oh my God that feels so good. I didn't know it would go in that deep Ryan." I looked down and saw that I was entirely inside of her wet pussy. I could feel her juices dripping out of her and onto the area around the base of my shaft.

April started to shake as she let out more moans and screams. She went up and then came back down on my cock. When she got to the base again, she stayed there, started to shake more and leaned down to kiss me. Our lips met and it was like heaven. My cock inside of this teenager I have longed for for a while. April's breasts pressing against my chest and our tongues dancing around each other's.

I broke the kiss, "It's been a while and I think your parents might be back soon. We should probably get dressed. But, if it's ok with you, I definitely want to do this again." April stood up, letting my softening dick slide out of her dripping pussy and said, "Hell yes I want to do this again…obviously.

Your cock is amazing." She grabbed her bikini and started to put the top on. I reached up to her crotch and flicked her clit. She jumped back, "Don't. That's too sensitive right now.


Later." She put the rest of her bikini on and, with my cock subdued now, I put my swim shorts back on.