Adorable floozy gets her big tits out and takes a walk

Adorable floozy gets her big tits out and takes a walk
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The panties were tight. My legs and underarms were shaved, and the panties clung to my cock, smushing it between my legs where it was hidden and not in the picture. He met me at the door and led me into his room, walking slowly behind me, breathing heavily. I walked in and stood with my back to him, nervous, vulnerable, and dressed in pants and a baggy shirt.

Beneath my clothing were black satin panties and a matching black satin bra, and pantyhose. As I stood there, anxiously, he could sense my nervousness. I could sense his presence, as his panting drew closer and closer to me, and I began to shiver.

He quickly got up behind me and wrapped an arm around my neck and an arm around my waist, his hand reaching immediately for my satin patched crotch and rubbing it intently.

I shivered more and he turned me around and shoved his tongue sensuously down my throat, unbuttoning my pants and exposing my panties and hose. He kissed me deeply and pulled my hose down to get to my special place. I was shivering hard but in ecstasy. As he massaged between my legs I lost all inhibitions and succumbed to the feeling of him being my man.

I kissed back with zest, I ran my long painted fingernails down his back and drew him into me. I could feel his cock bulging through his underwear and I shyly reached down to caress it. As I touched it I felt it throb and when it did he kissed me deeper, pushing his cock into my panties and between my legs.

He turned and gracefully fell backwards onto the bed, pulling his boxers down and exposing his flopping and hard dick. I took off my shirt and walked towards him in only my bra, panties, and hose. I had put makeup on, but only lipstick and eye makeup. My hair is long so I was able to curl it up and make it fem. I fell forward on the bed, right between his legs and began to suck his cock.

He groaned in pleasure and caressed my cheeks as I did it, pushing into them enough to where he could feel his cock in my mouth through the skin on my face.

He would occasionally grab me by the back of my head and force me to take him in deeper, thrusting passionately into my mouth with his cock and writhing in pleasure as he did so. As I felt his cock widening my throat I noticed an amazing sensation. The harder he thrust into my mouth, I would feel a numbing sensation between my legs.

I could feel myself in what amounted to "opening up" for him, my back pussy would pulsate and quiver as he dominated me. He would whisper things like, "pretty little cocksucker" to me and I would lap and lick at his dick and balls like they were ice cream. This only lasted for a few minutes. He insisted I stop, saying, "I want to fuck you, baby, and I can't last much longer with your hot lips making my cock feel so good". I came up to kiss him and he kissed me briefly then threw me on my back.

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Oh my god, this was about to happen for the first time. I had dressed up countless times but never had been with a man. I had imagined it, had played with myself using a small cucumber and some lube, but had never had a man. I knew how to prepare for it, and had administered my own mineral oil enema the night before to soften up my "pussy". I had shaved every speck of hair off of my ass, taint, and around my cock and balls.

He authoritatively grabbed me and pulled me up to him to kiss me. As we locked lips I felt a cool and wet sensation go between my legs and through the side of my panties. He was kissing me deeply while getting me ready for him, as his fingers made their way to my ass and began to work lube into my pussy.

I kissed him back and spread my shaved legs as wide as I could get them to spread. He caressed outside of my pussy before rifling a middle finger into me.

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I writhed in pleasure and kissed him deeper. He kissed me back then sweetly pushed me to the bed. He turned me on my side and put his hand between my legs, rubbing nonstop. I was numb down there, in need of his cock now to make me feel better. He pulled my panties off to the side, bunching up the right ass cheek and pulling it up so it rested on my hip. He reached in, kissed me, and simultaneously plopped his cock into me.

He began pounding into me, breathing heavy, puling my legs apart and running his hands down my smooth frame. It hurt at first a little, but once he got in there he stayed tightly in there for about a minute, rubbing my tits and hips, playfully swatting my ass as he did so. He pulled back and I felt like the interior of my pussy would come out with his dick, but it did not.

Before he got fully out of me he rammed his cock back into me, this time with a little more force, all the while kissing me as he did so. He repeated this 3 or 4 more times before I felt a release come over me. All physical inhibitions had been overcome, I was his girl now, and I wanted to get fucked.

He began plugging in and out of me, thrusting his cock into me and breathing heavy to me as he held me down. I squirmed in pleasure as he pounded into me, he would occasionally get as deep into me as he could, then would thrust as hard as he could, letting me know that he controlled my ass.

He didn't have to do that. I conceded control to him and laid back to enjoy the sensation.

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I was being fucked, and it felt better than I had ever imagined it would, and I had imagined it would be heaven. He would drive into me and I would wince in pleasure, he would stay in me and give a series of short jabs as he leaned over to kiss me and I would open like a flower.

He drove harder and harder into me until I felt it happening. It was the feeling of cumming but knowing my dick wasn't being touched. I began to exhale, just like a girl does, as he drove into me.

I felt a numbing as he started to pick up his pace, and then it happened. Spews of cum started shooting out of my cock and into my panties. He sensed this and began to ram me with all of his might. Each thrust sent another squirt out of my dick, and I was yelping like a bitch.

He was subtly grunting and growling as he repeatedly poked my now wide open pussy. I was cumming uncontrollably, and as he neared his end he reached in to French kiss me. I was his, he had fucked me into submission. All I cared about at that point was making his cock spew. After 8 to 10 more hard pumps as hard as he could into my pussy, he pulled back, he ripped off his rubber and asked me where I wanted his load on me.

Before he could finish the sentence I twirled around and took his cock back into my mouth.


He tried to pull it out for a split second but I would have non of it. He accepted my gift and took the back of my head and forced my lips all the way over his cock. His first shot of cum was so hard that it went straight down my throat. His next several shots were experienced by my whole mouth, and he had several more shots to say the least. Each shot produced a loud moan from him and a huge gush of cum.

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I felt my mouth filling up. I felt some cum leaking out of the corner or my mouth. I quickly raced my tongue around my lips and took it all down.

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It tasted so good. What was so amazing about it and so liberating and feminizing was that I knew the cum I was eating and swallowing so willingly was cum that was created while fucking me.

Yes, my pussy had been used to bring a man to the point where he fed me more cum than I had ever seen or felt. I licked it all up and kept him in my mouth for the next 5 minutes, continuously sucking, licking and eating.


He never went soft. He stayed hard and every so often he would writhe in pleasure and readjust his hands around my head, pulling one down to caress my pussy through my panties as I kept sucking on his cock. I released him and he kissed me, rolling his tongue around in my mouth, almost seemingly searching for remnants of his cum behind my lips.

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He pulled me up to him and wrapped his arms around me, caressing my bra and tits, and kissing me while feeling between my legs until he settled. I lay there calmly, stroking with and toying with his cock and could have done so forever.

"Get your pants, baby" he said, "time to go". I put my pants on over my panties and quickly zipped up. I left my pantyhose there on the floor and quickly walked out.

I got into my car and could still taste his cum in my mouth. It tasted so good. My panties were drenched in my own cum and I reached into them and took a sample for my lips.

I used it like lip balm as I pulled out and hurried home to jerk off again and again, imagining him fucking me over and over again as I drank cum into the wee hours, every part of my body very sore, but never more satisfied than it was at that very moment.