Card dealer nailed by nasty pawn dude at the pawnshop

Card dealer nailed by nasty pawn dude at the pawnshop
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Tommy & Molly were bored so they decided to play truth or dare. After a while of some boring questions the game got interesting. I dare you to kiss me - said Molly Ill do it!, so don`t dare me!

- said Molly`s brother Tommy Then do it! - said Molly Then without any hesitation Tommy kissed Molly. The kiss lasted `bout 4 seconds then they separated, as Tommy pulled back from his sister`s face, Molly grabbed him and pulled him back to her. Their lips conected again only this time she tongued him. As Tommy felt Molly`s tongue swirlin around his mouth he closed his eyes and kissed her back.

They kissed for so long that Tommy needed to catch his breath. we just kissed - said Tommy Well yeah but don`t tell anyone - said Molly Don`t worry sis, lips sealed. - said Tommy Then they heard a car pulling over. It was Karen they`re older sister and the one that took care of them since they`re mother died years ago. Hey guys im home. - said Karen The kids ran down the stairs. Hey Karen! - said Molly and Tommy Hey! - said Karen Yeah, well theres the food you guys go ahead and eat Im exhausted.

- said Karen Ok! - the kids said As they were eating Molly said to Tommy: Hey Im not hungry lets go to my room again. As Tommy heard that he said: Yeah me neither lets go. Molly and Tommy ran up the stairs and into Molly`s room. So you wanna make out again?? - said Molly Yeah thats why I came sis. - said Tommy Ok. - said Molly As Tommy got closer to Molly`s lip she stopped him by putting her index finger on his lips.

Wait a minute lil bro - said Molly What? - said Tommy You think this is free?? - said Molly Ahhhh, I don`t have any money!. - said Tommy Hehehe.Its not money what i want. - said Molly Then what? - said Tommy Well you got a little mission, you must go and enter on big sis room and steal the carton of cigs that shes got. - said Molly What?!

Thats too much! - said Tommy Then forget about making out. - said Molly Ooo.alright, Ill do it. - said Tommy Good bro, now go. - said Molly Tommy stepped out of Molly`s room and walked very silent and slowly to Karen`s room. He noticed that the lock was open, he entered the room and saw that Karen was taking a shower in her bathroom. He saw the carton of cigs on the bed next to the laundry and grabbed them. He noticed that she had leaved a crack-opening on the door, he got closer to it and saw his sister Karen naked massaging her pussy, he knew she was masturbating since he had seen a porno movie at a friend`s house.

As she rubbed down there she was bitting her lip and letting small moans out.He felt his dick getting hard, he wanted to masturbate, but the chances of getting caught were very big, but since this was a once in life time oportunity he didn`t care and started to masturbate.

He pulled his skin back and forth while peeping on her own sister, he felt weird but didn`t really care. As he masturbated he felt that little shock on his spine and came right in to the mirror of the bathroom, he was scared that she may have noticed but she didn`t she just kept fingering and rubbing.

He putted his cock back inside his pants and slowly went back to his sister Molly`s room. What took you so long?! - said Molly Sorry I couldn`t find them, but here they are.

- said Tommy Cool!! alright heres your reward!

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- said Molly She french-kissed him. Tommy kissed back too and held her in his arms, they kissed for minutes, then their sister Karen walked in. What the.?, what the hell were you doing?! - said Karen Ohhh.we were.umm. - the didn`t knew what to say. Look just don`t do it again guys, its wrong.

- said Karen Were sorry sis we were just fooling around. - said Molly Well don`t ever do again ok.

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said Karen Yeah alright sis - they said Well get ready to go to bed tomorrow you guys got to go to school. - said Karen Ok sis, goodnight Molly. - said Tommy Bye Tommy, -said Molly Well goodnight Molly. - said Karen Then Karen and Tommy went to their rooms. Big bro you awake??? - said Karen Ummm.yeah why??

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- said Tommy Well I need you to come to my room really quick. - said Karen Tommy tiredly went to karen`s room as he walked in to the room he remembered of what had happened earlier, he was a litlle scared. Well what?

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- said Tommy Oh just go in to the bathroom and look into the mirror. - said Karen Suddenly Tommy felt so ashamed and said: Well Im sorry ok. Well why did you do it?

- said Karen Well I saw you naked and I just couldn`t resist. Karen was shocked hearing this from his own brother but at the same time she was a little happy knowing that men still wanted her. Well next time don`t do it here, do it in your room. - said Karen Ok, im sorry now im gonna go to sleep. - said Tommy What?!, I don`t think so!, not until you clean that!

- said karen O ok ill clean it. - said Tommy He was looking for a napkin or any kind of paper but he didn`t find any. With what im supposed to clean this? - said Tommy Use your hand, haven`t you ever touched your own cum? - said Tommy Tommy then swiped his cum with his hand off the mirror. As he was gonna open the faucet his sister stopped him. No no no, lil bro, i don`t want to have a cum-smelling sink. - said Karen Well then how will I clean my hand? - saod Tommy Well use your tongue - said Karen What?!, you are crazy!

I wont eat my own cum! - said Tommy Well then you are grounded! - said Karen Ook!! Ill do it! - said Tommy Tommy then licked the now cold and salty cum off his hand. Well i hope you learned your lesson bro! - said Karen yeah.

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- said Tommy Tommy then walked up to the bathroom and started to brush his teeth. Then his sister Molly walks in. Oh sorry. - said Molly Its okay im just brushing my teeth. - said Tommy Oh well is it okay if I take a pee?? - said Molly What?.Umm okay. - said Tommy Molly dropped her panties but since she had a nightgown Tommy couldn`t see anything.Molly started peeing and Tommy looked at her.

hey don`t look! - said Molly Sorry. - said Tommy Well you can look since you did me that favor. - said Molly Tommy then looked at her. Molly raised her nightgown so he could see her pussy.Tommy got an instant erection as he saw his sister`s pussy. Then Molly finished peeing and wiped her pussy with her nightgown, she walked up to Tommy a kissed him, while she was kissing him she placed her left hand on his big buldge, Tommy left a little moan out.

Molly then whispered with a sexy voice on his ear: thanks again for the cigs bro. She then realesed her hand off his cock and walked back to her room. Tommy still with his cock urging for more ran to his room and jacked off.

He came all over his pajamas and dozed off. Morning came and Tommy still was sleeping. Molly always had to wake him up, she walked in to the room and saw Tommy still sleeping only this time it was different, Tommy had leaved his cock uncovered. Molly seeing this was getting a little hot, she then placed her shoe on his cock and started to massage it, his dick started to get hard and Molly kept on jacking him off, Tommy`s dick got dirty since Molly was wearing the ones she always use to go to school.

Molly then heard a noise coming from the hall, it was her sister karen comig to check if Tommy had woken up. Molly quickly exited the room and Karen stepped in, the first thing that she saw was her brother`s dick. She couldn`t stop staring at it since it was a little more bigger than her last boyfriends. She then got closer and saw that it had dirt on it, and it had mixed with his precum and formed kind of a blak & gray gel around his cock.

She then got even more closer to see what was that thing that was covering his head, and suddenly Tommy`s dick spurted cum, wich landed on Karen`s chest, chin, lips and face, she felt how warm it was and tasted the one that had landed on her lips, she had always loved that warm taste of cum., She then felt shame & disgust and quickly ran to her room and locked the door.

Molly saw that her sister had ran off Tommy`s room, so Molly went to see Tommy and saw his dick limp. She didn`t knew what had happened but she really didn`t care, so she jumped on top of Tommy with his wet cock pressing on her leg she kissed him and then Tommy woke up. What.??. - said Tommy Nothing just waking you up. - said Molly Tommy then felt the breeze and noticed that his cock was out in the open.


Hey what did you do to me?! - said Tommy nothing just tease your lil friend. - said Molly What the.??!!, its so dirty! how?!. - said Tommy well i can fix that for you.

- said Molly Molly then lowered herself to his cock and putted it in her mouth, since it was limp she could put it all the way in. She was licking it so good and using so much saliva that it started to squeeze out of her mouth, she was using her hands to caress my stomach and chest, she then pulled her head away from my cock while sucking at the same time. She then kissed me and gave my own dirt and taste from my cock, I didn`t felt disgusted or repulsed since it didn`t directly came from my cock.

She then got up and fixed her uniform and said: Now your dick is clean. She then walked down the stairs.


I just lied there on my bed with my cock out and I didn`t really care since I was still thinking on what had happened just seconds ago, i closed my eyes and relaxed.

Then Tommy`s sister Karen walked in and saw his cock again only this time it seemed clean, she walked up to him and grabbed his while she closed her eyes and rubbed her pussy, Tommy thinking it was Molly he kept his eyes closed and relaxed even more.

Karen then noticed that his cock was gettin bigger, then she got one leg in the bed and grabbed his cock by the head, at this point Tommy was ready to cum, Karen then rubbed Tommy`s cock against her pussy, when Tommy felt that warm wet surface he instantly came. Karen feeling this whispered to herself: Ooohh that was good.

With this Tommy knew that that wasn`t Molly. He then opened his eyes and karen was shocked, she felt ashamed and didn`t think of any good excuse to say, Tommy then saw that his cock was kind of glued with his sister`s panties on cause of the cum and wetness. Karen then lowered her leg and apologised, Tommy didn`t know what to say so he got up and hugged and said: Its okay i want you too.