Blonde sweat Latex woman fucks a goodi man her service was fine

Blonde sweat Latex woman fucks a goodi man her service was fine
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This is a story for the walking dead. 100% fake. Just read it and enjoy.


Comments and requests welcome. It was about midday at the prison and Carl Grimes is on watch duty up in the guard tower with a model 70 bolt action rifle with a standard hunting scope in his hands along with a .44 magnum on his right hip. Carl is 16 with long almost shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes. This kid is a real nock out.


He is about 5' 7" about 120 pounds. He was sitting there bored when he heard yelling and a gun shot.

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He stood up super fast put the rifle to his shoulder expertly and looked down the scope and he couldnt believe what he saw. He saw a kid about his age running naked with a 9 mm pistol with a holster in his hand firing at the walkers! Carl ran down the tower and unlocked the gate instantly drawing his own .44 magnum and started shooting.the walkers.

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The naked stranger boy ran in through the gate too out of breath to care he.was.naked and went straight to his hands and knees and started panting. Carl hurriedly closed and locked the gate and turned around to.see this naked kid on all fours and he couldnt help but to look at the kids perfect tight round.ass and get aroused at.the.sight.

just then rick, daryl and glenn all come running around the corner to.c what happened and what was going on. They all lowered their weapons.when.they saw the naked boy on.his hands and knees.

Before they could.say anything tho the boy jumped.up like he.just realized what had happened. He went.over to Carl and thanked him and for.the first time noticed he was naked.

Rick ushered him into the prison put a cell of.his.own unlocked and got.him clothed and.asked him what his name was was. The boy answered "Connor" " what happened Connor?" Rick was get the boy Connor answered him saying " my brother and I were bathing in the river.

Walkers came and he went one way I went the other. MY BROTHER I GOT TO.FIND MY BROTHER" connor said frantically. "Rick said dnt worry we'll find him u just relax.

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Carl stay with Connor and we will go searching." Rick glenn and Daryl all leave carl and.Connor alone. " im.Carl. im.16 how.old r u?" "16.

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I saw u looking at my ass earlier. Lucky for u my brother and I are bothe gay and debt" with that Connor was on.his feet kissing.carl while undoing Carls belt and pants and.with one yank pulled his pants and.underwear down at once and ended up on.his.knees.

Carl's 5" fully hard and perfectly shaved dick pops out and stands straight out in front.of.his mouth.

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Connor wasted no time. He stood up got.behimd.carl were.facing.each.other again and pushed him.on the bed and got on his hands and knees and started apassionately kissing carls lips sticking his tung as far.into.carls.moith as possible. Finally he moved down kissing.a.trail down Carl's body and began sucking.Carls beautiful boy cock so.hard he makes carl groan out loud.

Carl grabbed the back of Connors head and started thrusting wildly into Connors mouth before he shoves it deep downhis throat and spits his.cum down.connors.throat!

Connor greedily sucks it down.and swallowed it. Some.spilled out of his.moutb and landed on carls cock and.he.licked tht up and swallowed it too! Carl capture his breath again exclaimed " man whered u learn to.suck like that?" " thats how iv sucking and fucking." Then carl.amazed and.curios said " well I.cant let u have all the fun!" With that he pulled Connor tonhis feet and kissed him again while groping him over his new.clothes and carl got a hand full of Connors 5 1/4" cock and saggy balls!

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Connor.moans and start to.take his own shirt off and carl took connors pants off of him and began to ground with connors pants until.he was on his knees in.front of Connors cute boy cock dangling in.front.of him. He tentatively leans forward and licks Connors balls before he takes one in.his mouth and licks it.

Connor moans loadly at that in.pure pleasure. So.carl.goes the the other one.and.does the same spent about 10 minutes on each testicle. He starts to slowly stroke.connors hard boy cock while.licking between his leg and balls. He then pulls back stands up and walks over to the bed and tells connor " crawl up my body until ur dick is right over my mouth and ur on.ur hands and.knees." connor runs and does exactly that.

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Carl wolfs.down connors.meat intobhis.mouth furiously on his cock. He stops whit his head and uses.his tung for a while on his piss slit and reaches around grabbs connors ass andnwotks his.finger up.and down.his crack and uses the boys sweat as.lube and sticks a finger in the boys tight ass and wiggles it around.

Connor moans from.pure pleasure at the intrusion and carl just slowly until his.mouth his coated in connors thick white boy cum. Carl swallows as.much as he can.and.coughs a little. "Whered u learn that" asked connor. " from.u just now" answered carl. Connor.didnt.believe he never sucked cock before but he let it pass. Then out where they heard Beth at the door say " that was hot!" Please back. What u think.

Theres more to Cum. Does connor get Does beth tell or get in on the action? Open for.suggestions.