Smalltit ladyboy assfucked after tugging hunk

Smalltit ladyboy assfucked after tugging hunk
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My biggest mistake I'm an older white male, retired from the Army after 21 years and also from an animal clinic after 28 years. I still do volunteer work at the clinic one day a week. One evening about 7:00 as I was driving home I had a flat tire.

I pulled over to the curb and planned to change it. When I finally was able to get the spare out it was flat too. It was still quite warm and I had started sweating so I took my shirt off to cool down. As I stood there bare chested a tall black man stepped from a nearby alley. He asked what I was doing in his neighborhood. I explained I had a flat and would go home and call for assistance.

Then 2 more black men stepped into the street, another tall and the other short. The shorter of the two said "I'm Alex. What the hell are you doing her whitey?" He came closer before I had a chance to answer. He said, "Ooh, you have nice tits, whitey." He reached out and grabbed one of my nipples and pinched it. I have sensitive nipples and asked him to stop. Instead he reached out with his other hand and pinched the other nipple. I again asked him to stop since I was frightened.

I think he knew I was slightly aroused and he asked if I would like him to suck on them. I said no but he said all whiteys like niggers to play with their tits and suck the nipples.

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The first black referred to as King, told him to stop. He asked where I lived. I told him about 6 blocks from there. Then he said if I had something for them to drink they would escort me home. Since I saw quite a few more blacks on the street I thought it might be a good idea. When we got to my house I was going to give them a bottle and have them leave but they pushed their way into the house.

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King asked what my neighbors would think if I had 3 niggers in my house. I made the mistake of telling him my neighbors were on vacation. He said that was good and it was time for me to fix them a drink. I told him I had beer and bourbon. He said he would like a bourbon and coke, Greg the other big black said the same for him, but Alex wanted a beer. I got the drinks for them. King asked if I was going to have a friendly drink with them.

I thought I better not, but Alex insisted so I fixed myself a bourbon and coke. They finished and asked for another, so I made us all a drink and Alex had another beer. Soon they were asking for another. I could feel the first two giving me a little buzz. Greg pulled a reefer from his shirt pocket and lit it. He offered it to me but I had never had any before so I said no.


King insisted taking it from Greg and putting it in my mouth. He held my nose so I had to breath through my mouth and I inhaled some of the smoke. I could feel it's effects immediately and I liked how I felt. I took another drag on it and Greg said to inhale and hold it. King let go of my nose and I took another drag before Alex took it away and took a big puff on it. By this time, between the liquor and reefer, I was feeling quite light headed.

I had put my shirt over my shoulders but not buttoned it. Alex came over and started lightly pinching my nipples. They started getting hard and Alex knew he was getting me turned on. I leaned back on the sofa and he started sucking a nipple while playing with the other. His free hand went to my crotch and he laughed when he felt my hard cock. He said, "whitey, you're really enjoying this.

Do you want me to suck your hard cock?" He was rubbing it inside my pants. Without thinking I said yes. He immediately unzipped my pants and my cock popped out. He took it in his mouth and started sucking. King suggested I take my pants off so Alex could lick my balls and maybe even my ass.

I asked Alex if he would do that for me.

When he said yes, I told him to undo the belt and button and pull them off. Soon they were around my ankles. He took my shoes off and pulled my pants free. Instead of removing my briefs Greg took out a long knife and cut them free.

There I was, naked except for my socks with 3 horny blacks. Alex immediately started on my balls, licking and sucking them into his mouth while he stroked my cock and fingered my ass. Then he told me to turn over and get on my knees. I could feel his warm breath on my ass and as he spread my ass cheeks I could feel it on my asshole. When his tongue touched my hole it was like an electric shock. My whole body shook with anticipation. He laughed and said whitey likes his ass licked.

Soon he was trying to stick his tongue into my asshole but I was too tight. Then I could feel his finger penetrating me. When he got it all the way in he moved it around until he found my prostate. I thought I was going to cum right then. He took his finger out and stretched my ass a little more using 2 fingers. I was hoping he would never quit. He looked at King and said whitey is ready.

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Can I fuck his white ass? King said not until I was flushed out and we would have to go to his house to do that. He told me to put my shoes on because sometimes there's glass in the street. I reached for my pants but he took them and said I was going naked. I shuddered but thought better than pissing anyone off. When we got on the street there were several scroungy looking blacks standing on the sidewalk.

As we walked I could hear them saying King has a white ass to play with. Some wanted to know if they could have some. I was close enough to some that they reached out and grabbed my ass. I was ashamed that I enjoyed the attention but having all those black studs admiring me turned me on and my dick was actually hard. Several told King they wanted some when he was finished with me.

I didn't like it when he said they could work out some sort of deal. That sounded like I was going to be a white bitch for more than the ones I was with. We finally arrived at King's house and went inside. They took me to the bathroom and had me bend over. King ran some water until it was warm then stuck a hose in my ass. The warm water entering my ass felt good. Then it stopped and King said to wait 4 or 5 minutes before I emptied it out.

It was done two more times and King said I was to be the star of their show. He asked if I had ever seen a nigger cock. I said just a couple in school but not close up. He had all 3 line up and told me to undress them removing the shirt first then the pants starting with Alex. As I unbuttoned his shirt Alex started pinching my nipples which got me aroused.

Greg started fondling my dick while he waited to be undressed.

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I thought I was going to cum but then he stopped. Alex's dick was only slightly longer than mine but much thicker. I could see why he called mine skinny white meat. As he stepped out of his pants I unbuttoned Greg's shirt and it fell to the floor.

He was wearing shorts with no belt. I unbuttoned them and slid the zipper down. As the pants slid down I saw the biggest dick I had ever seen. It was at least 8 inches long and thick. As I stared at it he asked if I wanted to touch it. I said yes and reached for it but King said no that it was his turn.

I didn't want to piss King off so I started to unbutton his shirt. He was huge, probably 6'5" and 250 lbs.

I was fascinated by his massive chest. With his shirt on the floor I started to remove his pants. As it slid down more and more of his dick appeared. The only dick I had seen to compare to it was on a great dane that was breeding a bitch at the clinic. I just stood and stared at it licking my lips. He said go ahead you white whore, feel it. I took it in my hands and it took both hands to cover it. It must have been at least 10 inches long and seemed as thick as my wrist. I stroked it and was going to take it in my mouth when he stopped me and said he wanted a drink first.

He mixed each of us another bourbon and coke and a beer for Alex. When I was about half done with mine I felt really light headed. I asked if he put something in my drink. He said no, I was just hungry for some nigger dick. I thought maybe he was right until I wasn't able to stand. As I fell to my knees King told Alex he was first since he was the smallest and would stretch my virgin ass.

Alex got behind me and pushed me down. he smeared lube on his dick and my ass and I could feel his cock sliding between my cheeks. Everytime it touched my hole I moaned it felt so good. Then he started pushing it against the home trying to get in.

When the head got started it hurt like hell. He stopped and waited then pushed again. He got in a little more and stopped again. By this time the pain had stopped and I was starting to enjoy having my ass fucked. I pushed back against his cock and King laughed and said I was a natural born bitch.

As his dick got deeper and felt better I agreed with him. Then Greg got in front of me and stuck his dick in my face. It was covered with precum and I started licking it. Then he told me to open my mouth that I was going to have a nigger cock in both ends. I thought I was going to choke but it was soon half way in my mouth. As Alex fucked my ass he would push me against Greg and his cock went deeper in my mouth.

He called me a white whore and told me to do a better job sucking him or I would be sorry. I used my tongue as much as possible and tightened my lips around his massive cock. Alex was fucking hard and fast and I thought he was about ready to cum. I wanted Greg to cum too so I started massaging his balls while I sucked him. Soon Alex let out a loud groan and I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass as he filled me with his cum. Then Greg suddenly shoved hard and I could feel my mouth filling with his hot cum.

To my surprise I loved the taste and feel of the cum he was pumping into me and I didn't want to stop sucking and swallowing every bit. King said I was a real cum lover and would be known as King's bitch from now on. Like it or not I was King's property and he could use me any way he wanted.

Now it was King's turn at me.

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He asked if I wanted it in my mouth or ass. It only took a second but I told him in my ass. I thought he would choke me if that monster went in my mouth. He told Greg to put me on the table. It must have been made special because my ass was at one end and my head hung over the other end.

I couldn't understand why at the time but it was soon to become apparent.


King told me to raise my legs. That left my ass vulnerable but I was trembling in anticipation for what was to come. Alex had already loosened me up some but I was still tight.

King started shoving one of his big fingers in my ass, then two, and finally three. He spread my asshole open and sprayed some lube inside and lubed his dick. Then he started rubbing the head between my cheeks like he was trying to find my asshole. Then it stopped moving and pushed against my hole.

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I didn't know what would happen to my poor ass when that monster finally got inside. I felt the first rush of pain as the head penetrated me. King waited until I settled down then pushed a little more in. His huge dick felt like it was going to split me in two. As he slowly pushed into me it started to feel better. Then Alex came over and started playing with my nipples, gently biting on each and pinching them. Through glazed eyes I could see Greg was getting hard again.

He moved closer and I stroked his big dick. He moved to the end of the table and I could see why the table was built like it was. With my head tilted back I was in perfect position to be mouth fucked.

He grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs higher and gave King more access to my poor white ass. Then he stuck his dick in my open mouth.

King had his dick about half way in my ass moving in out slowly. Each time he pushed it a little deeper. I never had this sort of pleasant torture before. Soon Greg was deep in my throat and King had his dick deep in my ass. He started pulling almost all the way out then shoving it deep in me again. I had King in my ass, Greg in my mouth, and Alex nibbling and biting my nipples. I was a real nigger's bitch and loving it.

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Soon King started moaning and pumping harder. My own dick was hard and I knew I was about ready to cum. Alex started stroking it and soon I let fly. That made my asshole squeeze on King and he gave out a grown and pumped his cum into my ass. That made Greg cum in my mouth about the same time. I was being filled with loads of cum on both ends. It was time to rest. Since I was King's property I lay at the foot of his bed where I belonged.

Next morning when I woke up, I couldn't figure out where I was. Soon it dawned on me and my sore ass reminded me of what took place the night before. When King woke up he called me a white whore and said it was time to start paying him for a new tire for my car. I said I thought I had already paid him, but he said I enjoyed it so it was an even exchange.

He asked when I had to go to work and I said in 6 more days. He said plenty of time but I didn't know what he meant. We had breakfast and he whispered something to Alex. He left immediatley saying he would be back soon. He returned about 10 minutes later with four nasty looking niggers behind him.

I was sitting at the table naked. King told me to get up and go to them so they could examine me. All four were fondling me at the same time and their hands on my naked skin felt good. They grabbed my ass and nipples and one of them spread my ass cheeks and fingered my hole.

Another told me to open my mouth and he looked inside. They asked King how much. He said $10 for his mouth and $20 for his tight white ass. They complained and he said he might make the ass $15 but it had to be cash.

I was dismayed that King would pimp me like that but I was his property. Soon it was arranged, three for my poor ass, and one for my mouth. I was hoping the one in my mouth wasn't huge. I didn't have to be put on the table this time. King told he to get on it and I did. The four had stripped and all had big dicks but not as big as King. The first pushed my legs up and was going to fuck me. King said not dry and gave him a jar of lube. I could feel the cool lube on my hot ass and soon his dick was pushing against me.

He wasn't as gentle as King and just shoved his dick deep in my ass with one thrust. It hurt and I was about to cry out when another put his dick in my mouth stopping me from making any noise.

My ass was taking a real beating and I hoped he would cum soon. To my surprise Alex started fingering his asshole and he unloaded in my ass almost immediately. He filled my ass with his cum which would make it easier for the next one.

He didn't waste any time and was in ball deep in two hard thrusts. I was still getting fucked in my mouth. His dick was pumping in and out and I thought he was going to cum soon. He gave me a full load and I couldn't swallow fast enough. Some seeped out of my mouth and nose. He finally pulled out and I still had one in my ass. Then he shot his cum deep in my ass and the last one took his place. I was well lubed with cum and loose by then and he didn't have a problem getting deep in my ass.

When they left King said part of your tire is paid for. If you want to go home you may but be back this evening at 7:00. I asked for my clothes but all he gave me was a cap that said I belong to King. He said wearing that, even a white naked bitch would be safe. He was right. As I walked the 6 blocks home there were several comments about King's white whore bitch. I didn't mind. I was sort of looking for all of the niggers on the block have a turn with me.