Funcionaria fudeu com o amigo no banheiro da escola Officer fucked his friend in

Funcionaria fudeu com o amigo no banheiro da escola Officer fucked his friend in
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"Hey Tracy," I said, as I was walking up to my friends house. "Where's Mike?" "Oh, hey Jon, he just went to work and his parents are working too, I'm staying at his house this week since we're on vacation from school." Now, Tracy was tiny, she was about 5 foot and skinny. Not really skinny, but healthy.

She had a nice ass though, even if she was small. She had nice small tits, but it seemed like they were perky. I always see her nipples poking through her shirts.

She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She has brown hair that comes a little past her shoulders. She also wears glasses; in fact, I don't think I've ever seen her without them. "Oh, well, I just needed to grab something out of his room, do you mind if I get it quick?" I ask, looking down at her legs.

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"No, go right ahead, I was actually just about to jump in the pool." She says. I follow her into the house and head for the stairs, out of the corner of my eye I see her take off her shirt and jeans, unveiling a white bikini. She walks into the kitchen towards the back door as I go up the stairs. I go into the room and quick grab what I need and look out the window.

There's Tracy, sitting by the pool with her feet in the water. I go back downstairs and go out to sit with her for a bit. "Hey Tracy" "Hey Jon, did you get what you needed?" In my mind, I'm thinking to myself, no, I want my hard cock in your tighter than hell pussy.


I want to cum all over your face and have it drip off your glasses. "Yeah, thanks, figured I would keep you some company." I said. "Oh well thanks, care to join me in the pool?" She asks. "I would, but I didn't bring my trunks." I reply. "Well just strip into your boxers, no ones looking" she says with a giggle, and jumps in the pool. My heart starts racing, this is wrong, I shouldn't be here. But that body, oh God that body. That small body that I can pick up and fuck till my hearts content.

That small face that would look so beautiful covered in cum. My cum.

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Fuck it, Mike's a douche bag anyways, he doesn't deserve Tracy. I slowly take off my shorts and shirt and jump in the pool. "Hey, you finally decided to make it Jon!" Tracy says as she splashes me. "Why wouldn't I?" I reply, laughing.

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We swim around for a couple of minutes before I realize she's getting closer to me. Before I can react, she has her ass against my dick and grinding it.

God, her ass feels so good on my crotch. I start to get hard and she does it a little harder before turning to me and placing her lips on mind.

"Jon, I want you to fuck my tight pussy, Mike hasn't been fucking me lately and I need a good, big, cock to fill my holes." She whispers. That's all I needed to hear. I grab her ass and start grabbing at her chest. "Not out here, lets do it inside, more privacy" she says, pulling away. I watch her get out of the pool, her ass looking incredible. I quickly get out and follow her into the house. Up the stairs we go, into Mike's room. She quickly turns around and gets on her knees.

"Fuck my mouth Jon, I need to feel your cock down my throat. God, its making me so wet just thinking about how good your cum is going to taste.

I need to swallow it, I need it Jon." She moans. She pulls down my boxers and starts licking the tip of my cock. Her tongue feels so good against the head of my penis.

She slowly goes in deeper and then stops.

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"Tracy, why did you stop, it felt so good." "You're much bigger than Mike, and I have such a tiny throat. I don't know if I can take the whole thing, I may gag a lot. I mean, you could always force it down, I'm sure I can get used to that." She says with a smile. I grab her head and slowly force more and more of my cock down her little throat.

She starts gagging but it feels too good to stop.


I force it all the way down until its down all the way. I pump in and out of her throat continuously, feeling each time my cock hitting the back of her throat.

She looks up at me with her tiny pretty eyes. I pull out and she gasps for air. She then grabs my cock and starts sucking it again. "Tracy, I'm going to cum soon!" I yell.

She just pumps harder and harder until I can't take it anymore and start cumming. She lets her whole mouth fill up and some slowly leaks out of the corners of her mouth. She gulps it down and rips off her bikini, bending over in the process. Her tiny pink asshole and her wet tiny pussy waiting to be fucked by my cock. "So much tasty cum, all for me. Thanks!" She says smiling. "Now fuck me!

Fuck me as hard as you can.

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I want you to ruin my pretty little pussy." She says. I go up behind her and slowly stick my cock in her pussy. Who would have ever thought of a pussy being this tight. Even with her wetness, its still tighter than hell.

She screams out in pleasure or pain, or both. I don't care, it feels too good to stop. I pound away and away at her tight cunt, grabbing her hair in the process for leverage. I turn her around, pick her up, and slam my cock in her pussy. She screams again and digs her nails into my back. I stand there, fucking her pussy hard for quite a while. I put her back down and pull out, lining my cock to her asshole.

"Do you want me to fuck your tiny asshole Tracy?" I ask. "Oh God yes Jon, I've been saving it for someone with a big cock like yours. Not even Mike has fucked my ass before." She says.

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I slowly guide my cock into her asshole. I can barely get it in, its just so tight.


"Oh God, it feels like you're tearing my ass in two Jon, it feels so good." I slam my cock in deeper, until my balls clap against her skin. She screams my name and I keep going. I'm destroying Tracy's asshole.

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I pull out just to see how stretched it is. I quick slam it back in and tell her I'm going to cum soon. "Cum all over my face Jon, I want to feel that hot, sticky cum on my face." I quickly pull out and she turns around and gets on her knees. I cum load after load after load on her face.

She moans as it sticks to her glasses and slowly drips off onto her cheek. We get dressed and I start heading for the door, a smile spreads across my face knowing that I just wrecked Tracy's holes.

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