Banana toyed pussy piss drenched

Banana toyed pussy piss drenched
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Milk of Desire, Book II By EFon Chapter 3 : The Return of Jake I slept fitfully all that night. I was curious and jealous and a queer ball of emotions all on edge. I was interested in if my plan worked, and hoped it did to see if there was any effect on Jake, but I also was insanely mad at the thought of Jake getting intimate with my sister Jen.

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It was weird; I know she'd fucked guys before, and that she'd had a boyfriend, but once I had gone all the way with her she kind of felt like she was mine. Like I'd claimed her and Jake was stealing from me.

Stupid and sexist, I know, but that's how I felt. Luckily today was Saturday and my Mom left early that morning for a twelve hour shift. I heard her leave, but it was still wicked early in the morning so I went back to sleep. It wasn't until I heard the door to my room creak open much later that I peeked at the world again. And what a peek it was. Jen strode into my room with Lisa and Katey closely in tow, but all of them were wearing only their bra and panties already.

They were all a matching set it seems, as they must have planned this. Jen had on a nice pale blue set that matched her eyes and held up her large breasts well. Katey followed wearing a cupid red set that was barely able to contain her huge tits. Finally Lisa followed wearing a light yellow set that obviously was padded to give her more bust since she's fairly small up there.

I sat up with a smile, "What's the beauty pageant for?" "You of course silly," said Katey. She was still technically my girlfriend, even though I'd been having sex openly with her best friend Lisa, and now my sister Jen, but since most of that all happened together while she was in the room, I guess it wasn't really cheating since she was a part of it.

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I guess it was cheating the two times I fucked Jen alone, but since she's actually my half-sister I think getting over the whole incest thing seemed more important to me at the time that it being cheating never occurred to me.

"Jen said you needed a little pick-me-up and that your mom was away and so we decided to wake you up with breakfast in bed," said Lisa who set down a tray over my lap with a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast. Then Jen set a glass of orange juice on the tray and said, "Eat up." I shrugged the sleep from my eyes and dug in while the three sat around me on my bed, Lisa on one side, Jen on the other, and Katey at my feet.

"So," Jen continued, "let me tell you about last night." "I thought you said a lady never tells?" I interrupted. "Russell, I haven't been a lady for quite a while now." she grinned and squeezed my cock through my blankets.

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The other girls tittered, but she continued, "So Jake was up hiding in the bushes at the top of Park Hill when I got there. I wore a white blouse with red bra that you could just see when the light was bright and my little red pleated polyester miniskirt, you know the one. I sat down by the bench under the light and waited a minute or two, then unbuttoned my blouse and started massaging my breasts through my bra like this." Then she ran her hands over her bra clad flesh and I couldn't help but watch her act out her sexy scene.

Now a little flushed, with her nipples poking out slightly she continued, "I tried to turn left and right a bit to make sure wherever he was hiding he would get some good photos, then I texted Russ with a simple 'rdy'." A minute went by, then I heard a little buzz and a whisper from my left, stood up and turned on my flashlight.

Jake was there with his phone and a camera, but his pants were pulled down and his dick was poking straight out of his briefs!" The other two laughed and started asking questions about his penis, and Jen answered, "It was hard and sticky from him jerking off looking at me. It was a little thinner than Russ's, but about the same length." The then talked for a while about other guys and theirs. I was happy after the comparisons that mine was considered above average for size and shape.

Not the longest or thickest, but solid. After that they let Jen continue her story. "So he is trying to pull up his pants, but I grabbed him right by his dick and yell, 'Jack you peeping Tom! What the fuck do you think you're doing?' He just stammers and sputters so I twist his cock making him yelp and squeeze out some of his ooze, but he starts talking how it was all Russ's plan to blackmail me back for the picture I took of him." I recoil instinctively at the pain Jack must have gone through and felt bad for him, but Katey asked, "What picture?" "Oh, I only took it yesterday and emailed it to myself so I'd still have a copy." She ran and got her phone, then loaded up the picture of me disheveled, half undressed, with my cock out and covered with cum after Jen had finally seduced me.

"That's so hot!," Lisa said rubbing the crotch of her panties. "Yea it is.

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What happened next?" Katey begged excitedly. Jen continued, "So then I swore at him for a bit, still holding his cock hard, and twisting it every now and then, making him whimper.


Then let go of him, took his camera and pulled out the memory card. It was actually a nice camera so I hope the pictures of me came out well." Lisa asked, "Did he take off running for home then?" Jen shook her head, "No. I was going on and on about telling his mom, and he was almost in tears begging me not to.


I gave him his camera back and told him I'd give him the memory card from my phone with the picture of Russ if he earned it." Then paused and gave us a wicked grin. "Earned it?" Katey asked confused. "And how exactly was he supposed to do that?" Lisa asked, sounding like she already knew. "Well," Jen continued lazily, "I sat back on the park bench and spread my legs like this." and she spread her legs seductively, "then told him to lick my pussy." "I bet he was down on his knees before you stopped speaking," Lisa laughed.

Jen giggled, "Almost. Of course there was something else I didn't mention. I wasn't wearing panties and my pussy was leaking with a big load of Russ's cum, but the little virgin just dived right in and ate me out happy as a pig is a slop." "Sounds like you sure had a fun night," Katey pouted.

"It was fun tormenting him, but he didn't didn't get me off. Maybe it was that Russ had already fucked me so well," she smiled and kissed me on the cheer.

"No fair!" Lisa protested with a pout, "You get to live with him!" and grabbed my arm possessively. "Sucks to be you!" Jen laughed back teasing. "Why can't we just move in here too?" Katey asked innocently. She's never been what anyone would call smart, but I'd never realized just how much of a ditz she really was. "I'm sure your mom and mine would just love that," I said finishing my meal.

"Well, my dad could care less where I am," Lisa muttered. "When he's not working he's drunk at the bar or at home." I didn't know anything about either Katey or Lisa's home lives. It hurt to hear and sounded like it was painful, so I said, "Well, if you ever need a place to stay, you can always come here." Lisa arched an eyebrow at me, "Cannot stand being away from my pussy every night?" I stuttered caught off guard, "I. I didn't mean it that way. I just meant." Lisa put a finger to my lips to silence me.

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"It's okay. I know what you meant. And thank you." Then she leaned into me and kissed me sensually. At least it started that way. After the semi-chaste kiss lingered into a playful kiss it then stretched into a passionate one. Then there was another set of lips on the side of my face.

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I turned and was instantly making out with Jen. As the two of them made out with me I felt the blankets shift and Katey pushed my legs apart and was quickly helping herself to my morning sausage.


It wasn't a frenzied sexual encounter, more a lazy and relaxed erotic massage or mouths and fingers and my cock. I couldn't keep my hands to myself and soon worked my nimble fingers into the panties of Jen and Lisa and started rubbing their button-like clits, getting them both nicely wet and sticky.

This must be what heaven feels like. Then of course it has to end with the door bell ringing. Katey pulled up, whacking her head through the blankets on the little table that had the remains of my breakfast. Jen and Lisa each fall off my narrow Single bed in the ensuing chaos, and I'm scratched by flailing girl's nails and assaulted with my breakfast.

After it all stops there is a bit of panic, "Who's at the door?" I asked. The girls are all silent and all the answer I got was the doorbell ringing again. Since I'm the closest to my clothes I move to get some pants and a shirt on saying, "Stay here, I'll take care of it," and take off down the stairs.

I'm quickly to the door at the start of the third ring and pop open the door. "Hey Russ! I NEED to talk with you!" Jake says and grabs me and pulls me right out my front door.