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Horny BBW with big boobs gives perfect blowjob
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Corey and I were stocking the produce section again for the third day in a row. I hate that section and all those fucking boxes that need to be opened, broken down, and then wrapped on pallets; it's a bitch driving a bitch-bus in bitch land. "Dude Corey, have you heard back from that guy at Window World about hiring us yet?" I said. "Nah, not yet… besides what the hell do we know about selling windows Mitch, cmon dude," he replied. I opened yet another box of bananas and put my shitty dull cutter back in my pocket.

"Well man, I have to say, it'd be better than this day in and out ya know?" I said. "Dude it's not that bad, I mean at least we have a job that takes absolutely no brains to do and that pays us to stand around and say shit like 'dood this and that and shit blah blah'." "I guess… I just want more than this man." "Dude you will have more, you just have to be patient.

Isn't that book gonna make you bank anyway?" "Ya except for the fact that I can't write…" "Ya that's a pretty big problem Mitch" I bent back down to get another box while mouthing the words "fuck my life".

I arranged the bunches of bananas neatly and subconsciously while trying to think about my book. It was a sci-fi fantasy type deal, very cliché, but I thought I was being original with the characters. I shopped the idea around a bit and people seemed to like it, but I'm stuck halfway with no inspiration in sight. On top of everything, this job is melting what's left of my diminishing brain tissue.

Corey nudged me in the arm and said, "Dude see, I told you this job isn't all bad." He pointed over to the service counter. He was most obviously pointing at the new girl who worked the afternoon shift. She transferred from another location. I think her name was Vicki or Vanessa, or something like that. "Mitch, that girl is fucking tops man," Corey said. He wasn't lying either, she really was something special.

She was about 5'5", 120lbs, C-cup or so tits, and an AMAZING ass attached to two very shapely legs. However, what really set her above the rest was her eyes.

They were wide, piercing, luscious, green, and everything in between sexy and goddess; both framed by her exotic long jet black hair, which nicely contrasted her milky white smooth skin.

I could feel my cock twinge just looking at her. "Yeah man, she really is…" Corey and I looked at her; she giggled at a customer and half-smiled. She had a quirky, crooked smile that exposed her cute prominent canines. I could have her bite my cock with those all day long… Our attention was torn away when we spotted our supervisor glaring at us. We quickly finished up, broke the boxes down, and went in the back. I couldn't seem to wash the image of that girl from my memory.

The next day I came in to find Corey sitting in the break room yelling at someone on the phone. I put my shit away and sat down next to him after he was finished. "What was that about man?" I said. "Oh nothing dude, this stupid bitch I've been seeing is accusing me of stealing her purse." "Whaa?? Did you dude?" "Yeah Mitch, I have it in my locker right now… NO of course not man, she's fucking crazy.

She probably just left it at the bar again last night. If she wasn't so damn good I wouldn't bother." "What do you mean?" I asked. "She's a mean vix in bed man. She knows what's up and then some. It's that angry sex man, nothing like it. Anyway, I gotta go bro; I'm already late for my shift and Jack is gonna skin my balls today if I give him a reason." "Wait, aren't you coming with me to the produce again?

That's what Rhonda told me yesterday." "Ha so you didn't hear… well it's your lucky day Mitch. You get to work with the new girl today at the counter.

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They want her to train you I guess." "Get outta here! Who says?" I said in astonishment. "Straight from Jack dude. He told me to tell you." Corey got up and stuffed his phone in his pocket. "Good luck man," he pat me on the back, "you'll do fine." He made for the door when I stopped him, "Wait dude!" "What's up?" he said. "What's her name?" "Valerie." He winked at me then left the room. Valerie… pretty. I walked out onto the floor and towards the customer service counter.

It's right near the produce section and is used to sell cigarattes, lotto tickets, rent movies, receive money and shit like that. I was so nervous and excited that my heart ached from changing its pace so often. I rounded the corner and saw her there… Valerie.

She had a little red flower in her hair today and was smiling that crooked fangy smile of hers. She was so hot and I got to stare at her all day long. I gave myself a final mental pep talk and walked behind the counter. After she was done with the customer she turned to me… "Who are you?" she said.

"Umm… Mitch hi, I'm Mitch… I was supposed to work with you today. You're gonna train me right?" She was so pretty it almost hurt. My cock was twitching as I looked at her eyes and body. On top of it, she had a sexy voice; a little whiny, but silky and feminine with a little coarse bite at the end. I wanted to fuck her right then and there. "Train you?

No that's not right… hold on." She walked over to her phone and dialed the call line for Jack, our store manager. I felt so awkward and was pissed.

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Was Corey playing a joke on me or something? That had to be it. I was gonna kill that asshole.

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I cussed at him under my breath as Valerie hung the phone up. "Well um…" she pointed at me with a blank stare. "Mitch," I said. "Yeah, Mitch. Looks like I am going to train you. So let's get on with this," she said, sounding a bit irritated. Well it looks like Corey wasn't fucking with me after all, but she didn't seem real happy to have me here.

I wondered if I said something, or maybe she overheard something. I wasn't sure why so I just focused on paying attention. After about 10 minutes of her walking me around the area and 10 minutes of me trying my best not to stare at that perfectly shaped plump ass of hers or her tits pushing on the buttons of her white shirt, she explained that today I would just be watching her and handing her things.

Cool beans, I thought. "Okay dude, are you ready? Any questions?" she asked. "Nope, I'm good. I got this handled," I said as I smiled at her with confidence. "Okay, whatever" She turned around; we had a customer. "Mitch, take one of those checks and throw it in the printer. Just press the red button when it's in." "Got it!" I reached for one of the yellow money transfer checks and placed it in the printer tray.

After it was all marked, I handed it to Valerie. "Mitch! What are you doing? This is a transfer check!" she said. Before I could react, she pushed me aside and reached for the blue paper. She didn't really specify which one was the right form; they looked identical except for the color.

Maybe she did and I didn't listen… I was pretty sure I took in every word though. After the customer left, she really let me have it. "Do you not know how to pay attention?" she said, "I don't know what you did before Mick, but I don't want to have to carry you." "Hey I'm sorry, but cmon I just started… and it's Mitch" "Whatever!

Look, just pay attention!" Why was she being such a bitch? It's not like I asked her to train me and I had only made one minor mistake.

I tried my best to ignore it and prevent myself from making further ones. I caught myself tracing my eyes up her legs again. She had shapely calves and curvy thighs. They were pretty long too; her ass was high up and tight as all hell.

"Mitch, go in the back and get me a small stack of envelopes. Hurry," she said. At least she remembered my name. I came back with a stack of envelopes for her. They were the only type back there and I double checked. "Wow, did you need to get THIS many?" "What? This is a small stack," I said confused.

"Dude, I only needed like 3." "Well then you should have just said 3…" She turned around to the customer, absolutely peeved at me, but smiling at them like I was never here. This girl was a grade-A fucking bitch. I couldn't believe this shit. She was literally picking apart everything I did.

Near the end of our shift, I got the hang of doing the lottery tickets, money orders, and rentals.

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I was just a little slow with the computer but I was doing alright. Valerie never let up though. She just kept on harping on every single mistake no matter how minor. "Well dude, I'm outta here. Just hand the keys to Carol when she comes in." She turned away after throwing the keys in my face and walked out.

I starred at her ass the whole way out; couldn't help it, but I was so fucking mad at her. What nerve. I knew I'd have to work with her again. At least she was something to stare at, but I'd never fuck her… not that bitch.

Later on when I got home and I was sitting on the edge of my bed, exhausted, I couldn't help but still think of Valerie. She was such a colossal cunt.

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I'm not even shy about attacking the thought of her with the C word. She was being a right cunt. I threw my vest down and lay back on my bed. I closed my eyes and tried to rinse my scrambled thoughts away with some peaceful ones.

All of a sudden, Valerie was back in my mind; it was like she was now invading my very thoughts. I could hear her voice bitching and moaning… "Fucking hurry up!", "UGH!

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You're such a scrub", "Jesus Mick, way to screw up…" It was absolutely mind numbing. Then without notice, she started to get quieter. She started speaking more softly to me. She started getting giggly. Before I knew it, I was imagining her naked.

I was envisioning her perfect body rubbing against mine, I was imagining her wet between the legs, and I was listening to the sweet symphony of her girly moans in that sexy voice of hers. I reached down and noticed that I now had a massive hard on.

My cock was standing up full and curved. It was huge, throbbing, and ready to burst. My thoughts raced around Valerie yelling and cussing at me and then back to her moaning gently in my ear. I imagined her soft feminine fingers (which I got to touch briefly when she handed me paper) wrapped firmly around my cock while she whispered dirty thoughts into my head.

I imagined her freaking out about my work and then punishing me by making me eat her wet cunt. My thoughts cascaded into a vision of her taking my cock all the way in while I pulled the fuck out of her hair and called her a stupid bitch; her loving every moment of it, cumming and cumming.

Finally after about fifteen minutes and lots of stroking, I shot six or seven good long streams of hot cum about 3 feet in the air. My balls were drained thinking about that crazy bitch. I hated her but I wanted her… When I came into work the next day, Corey was in the break room again, this time making a pizza in the microwave instead of going shitball crazy on his cell phone.

"Morning sunshine," he said to me. "Hey dude, how's it going?" "It's going and it won't stop… good times. How was your day with hotcakes yesterday bro?" "Ah man, where to fucking begin," I sat my shit down on the table, "It was fucked up beyond ALL recognition; FUBAR to the max dude." "What??" he was surprised.

"Yeah, so she was a total fucking bitch… all… fucking… day…" I filled Mitch in on the details and eventually got to the part when I was at home thinking about her. "Ah so you angerbated, nice," he said. "What the fuck is 'angerbated'?" "Angerbating, or 'angerbation' as it's called, is the act of jerking off to the thought of a girl who totally pisses you off beyond believe but who is also hotter than the fires of hell." "I've never heard of that before, but I'll tell you what dude, I wouldn't fuck that girl with a 2,000 foot pole if we were the last two on earth," I said.

"Whatever Mitch, I guarantee you that if you had the chance, you'd bang her bitchy little brains out… fuck I would. Angry sexy man, I'm telling you." "Ooh speaking of that," Corey continued, "I have to go, gonna meet Jade at the bar." "What? Dude you got off work early?" I asked. "Yep. Good luck today dude… try not to smack her in the ass with your boner when you hand her a wad of cash." "Fuck off," I said jokingly.

I gave Corey some dap and collected my things. I put my vest on and prepared myself for yet another day with the bitch. Maybe she was just having a bad day yesterday. Who the hell knows… When I got to counter, Valerie wasn't even there.

What a bitch I thought, doesn't even show up on time. I then noticed that she left her purse on the counter. She must have been in the bathroom. She also left her cell phone out as well. I decided to take a bit of liberty with her privacy, not beginning to feel bad about it after what she put me through.

I grabbed her phone and opened it up. She had a cat as her background; typical girl stuff. I opened up her text messages; no guys, so I guess she didn't have a boyfriend, either that or she was a lesbian. That would have explained a lot. Maybe she just hates men in general. I opened up the last message; it was a long conversation with some chick named Trisha. I scrolled through it: Val: Girl it was a long ass day.

i had to train this idiot named mitch how to do my job >< Trish: that sux, did he fuck up a lot? Val: Omg ya! He couldn't get anything right… was like working with a monkey Trish: lol do u have to do it tomorrow 2?

Val: Ya… but you know what, it wasn't all bad Trish: how so? Val: Well to be honest, he was kinda cute… had a nice body too. I saw him checkin out my ass too ;) Trish: LOL really?

Ooh… some naughty thoughts up there. Val: Ya he got me a little wet :) I went home and fingered a bit, then got a toy out. Trish: Why don't u ask him out or something? Val: Cause he's a fucking spaz, he barely said anything all day long except "Sorry Valerie" Trish: Well he's prolly just nervous around u. u did say he wuz checkin out ur ass Val: and other things, his mouth was basically watering at me rofl Trish: lolol like a little puppy Val: No, more like a 6'1" puppy with a nice face Trish: See!

Ask him out Val: Fuck no, I'm just gonna fuck with him a bit today then go home and play with my pussy :P Trish: haha whatevea girl Val: I gotta go. Late 4 work. L8ter girlie… <3 Trish: <3 <3 I closed her phone and put it back down on the counter. I couldn't believe this! She had the hots for me?!

After all of that bullshit yesterday she ended up doing the same thing I did when I got home. I got a big hard on from reading that too.

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Just imaging her laying her on bed spread eagle with a big toy in her tight little cunt was so hot. But man, what a thing to do to fuck with me and get off on it… bitch. My thoughts were broken when the devil herself walked around the counter.

"Just standing there huh? How about CLEANING the counter Mick?" She knew my name was Mitch, she was just fucking with me like she said.

I'll play along, I'll play along good… "Sure thing," I said obediently. I quietly retrieved a spray bottle and some towels, and begin to scrub the service counter. Valerie gave me a spiteful smirk as she turned around to count the till in. I starred at her long jet black hair, her perfect ass tightly framed in her work slacks, and then noticed a little hole on her ass cheek.

I could see her creamy white skin and upon a closer look, noticed she wasn't wearing underwear. I started to get hard again thinking about the fact that her tight cunt was only three feet away from me with nothing covering it but a quarter inch of black fabric. She shot me a look… "See something down there idiot?" "Nope." I quietly went back to scrubbing the counter as she finished the till and started on the customers. The day dragged on slowly at first, but as it neared 3pm we started getting long lines.

"Dude… HURRRY up! I need more forms!" she fumed. "Here ya go." I handed her a stack of the right paper, with the right format, and just enough. Of course she bitched at me as always, but she was in for a surprise when she tried to log into the computer. "What… my password isn't working," she said. She snapped to me, then back to the computer. "I am so sorry, it'll be one more minute," she said to the customer in front of her.

She frantically tried re-entering her information until she finally gave up and had to call the shift supervisor for help. There was a long snaking line of customers with very angry expressions standing right in front of her.

I had changed her password when she went on break after deliberately being slow on the computer all day long, making her believe I was the "spaz". Near the end of the shift, she was absolutely stressed beyond believe.

She looked exhausted and worn to the bone. Her hair was frizzy, she was sweating, and her face was getting red. She looked a little sexier like that, I have to admit. As I was counting the forms for the next shift, we got one last customer.

"That'll be $2.00," said Valerie. The customer handed her a hundred and she asked me to go change it for her. It took me about five minutes to remember the safe combination. When I finally got back, she looked even more pissed.

"Here's your change sir," she said to the customer. "Yeah thanks, nice how it only took an hour or two," he said to her. "He spit in the waste bin beside the counter and walked off." I half smiled and half felt bad for her, he was an asshole after all. Before I could get back to my work, she turned to me. She got up right near my face and was absolutely furious. I could see her green eyes burn with rage only inches from me.

She was so sexy up close that I could burst; I could smell her sweet sweaty skin as it entrapped my senses. "Mitch, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?! Can you FUCKING do anything right? No you can't because you are fucking moron.

You can't use the computer, you can't count money, you get the wrong forms, and you take NINE FUCKING YEARS to change a fucking hundred dollar bill!" My anger took hold, mixing with my lust. "You know what Valerie, you are a FUCKING CUNT!

Working with you has got to have been the worst fucking thing that has ever happened to me PERIOD! You can't stop being a bitch for five minutes." "Yeah and what the fuck are you gonna do about it? ASSHOLE!" she pushed me back and stood there with tears beginning to run down her cheeks. I could see those fangs of hers protrude as she was almost growling at me.

I was furious, but I would never strike a girl, ever. Even though she was the most colossal bitch, I kept my hands clear. Instead, I tore my vest off and threw it against the wall. "Valerie. Go fuck yourself!" I walked away from her and made for the break room. I turned back briefly to see her standing there crying. Good… fuck her. No sooner than I got my shit out of my locker, did I see Valerie standing in the doorway of the break room.

"Oh now what? Haven't you busted my balls enough for one day?" I said to her. She didn't respond, but instead she casually closed the break room door behind her and locked it. For a brief moment, I thought she was going to murder me in here. She walked over to me very casually with a sultry sway to her hips. She was now inches away from me, barely coming up to my face. I could smell the sweet scent of her sweaty body, I could see the beads of sweat and tears drip off of the ends of her chin and her disheveled hair.

Her luscious green eyes were locked directly to mine, still misted over with the remains of her tears. "Mitch, I don't know what got into you, but you really made me lose it. I cried so hard and I was so angry at you! I think half the store heard you." Before I could speak, she put one of her arms around my neck and reached for my right hand. She then passionately shoved her lips to mine, her tongue inside my mouth, and bit my lower lip on the way out.

"And look what you did to me you fucker." She guided my hand to her crotch; I could feel her warm pussy through her pants. She was absolutely soaking wet with juice. She moved her hands down my chest and to my now raging stiff cock. She moved slightly lower and firmly grasped my balls.

Her lips moved to my ears. "You are such a fucking moron, and I hate you," she said gently in my ear, "now, I want some of that cum in there.

Can you even give me that?" I grabbed her hands away and raised her arms over her head. I firmly set her against the wall of lockers. "Valerie, you bitch… you just can't say one remotely nice thing, can you? You can't spew anything out of that little bitchy mouth of yours that is even vaguely courteous." I kissed her with an amazing thrust of passion and she kissed me back yielding even more force.

Our bodies locked into each other as our physical lust wrestled wildly. She wrapped her long luscious legs around my waist as we entwined in a rage of passion.

I bit her neck, it was so soft and sweet tasting; she moaned in pleasure. After a minute or two of tongue fucking each other's mouths, she unwrapped herself from me and kneeled down on the floor.

Her lips were inches away from my cock and I could feel her warm breath through my pants. She unzipped me and tore my pants down, my boxers following soon afterwards. My cock snapped out and hit her in the face; she obviously didn't expect it to be 8 and half inches long.

"Wow, I thought you'd be at most five inches or so…" she said in complete surprise. "This thing is pretty long; and thick too! You may be a dumb fucker, but you're pretty well hung. You're lucky I practice deep throating my toys." Before I could say another word, she shoved my cock all the way into her mouth and then pressed her hands against my pelvis.

I could feel her throat open up; I could feel my cock slide deeper into her as her warm saliva soaked my shaft. I could feel her cute fangs grind on my cock as it slid in. I watched as she forced down every last inch and placed her tongue, which was surprisingly long, on the underside of my balls.

All of my nearly nine inch cock and part of my balls were now down Valarie's throat. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I supported myself against the table behind me. I moaned in pleasure as she let me throat fuck her for five or six whole minutes.

She barely took a breath. She sucked my cock down with increasing rapidity until she got a good motion, and then she held it down while her tongue attacked my aching balls. They were full of hot cum and she was doing her best to get it out of me. Suddenly, she stopped and ejected my cock from her mouth.

She stood up, threw her vest off and ripped off her white button-up shirt, revealing a see-thru black bra which was discarded next. What remained were two of the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. Both natural shapely tear-dropped tits dotted with large rock hard pink nipples.

I kneeled down and started viciously sucking on her tits, making sure to grind my teeth on her nipples.

She was moaning that girly sexy voice that I loved, but then she stopped me and pushed me a way. "Enough of that shit, put that big fucker in me right now… Mick" "It's Mitch, you cunt." She smiled at me with her crooked fangy grin that I love and then bit her lip as she let off a slight giggle. I swung her around, slammed her against the lockers, and ripped open the small hole that I saw in her pants earlier.

Her pussy was wholly exposed now in all of its glory. I felt my cock pulsate and stiffen to the bursting point at the sight of her juicy damp cunt. It was so tight and pink, just waiting to be split. "Mmm your cunt is ready." "Quit wasting time and fuck me already you asshole," she said. I grabbed my cock and shoved it inside her waiting pussy. With a smooth motion, I thrust my hard shaft all the way inside her; and despite being so staggeringly tight, it slid in with ease on account of the flood of juices her pussy was producing.

She let out a deafening moan of pleasure as I slid completely in and out of her. I leaned into her and with one arm I locked her wrists up against the lockers.

I shoved my cock in and out of her as she screamed in orgasmic ecstasy. I moved my hands down to her plump ass as I was pounding her, which gave me even greater grip. I spanked her ass a few times as I pounded her. "Mmmm, fuck you're tight. You stupid fucking bitch!" "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OH MY GOD… FUCK ME! FUCKKKK MEEEEE!!! GIVE ME THAT FUCKING SHIT!" She was going wild.

She was moaning so loud that my ears were hurting. It was fucking amazing. I felt the intense motion of her body collide with mine. My balls were getting soaked slapping against her wet cunt as she plowed on my cock. I started pulling her hair after a bit, which made her bend and tense even more. Eventually she started to violently shake, her pussy tightening around my cock even more, and warm juice started oozing all over her legs. She arched up one last time and threw her hands against the lockers as she came in a maelstrom of screaming and moaning.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMFUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!" I was pretty sure everyone in a five mile radius could hear her cum.

She was crying now with pleasure; tears running down her face as she was telling me not to stop. She felt so tight around my cock that I felt like I was gonna lose it soon, but no… I was gonna make that bitch cum more before she made me.

Suddenly without warning, she slid me out, flipped around and kneeled to my cock again. She thoroughly cleaned all the juices off before she stood up to kiss me once more. "Taste me. I want you to fucking taste my cum." I could taste her sweet juices swirl in my mouth, I could taste her delicious wet cunt.

My cock was surging with heat. I grabbed her by the waist, flipped around, and threw on the table. I leaned her back, kneeled down, and spread her legs apart. I ripped open what was left of her black pants, exposing the entirety of her pussy and ass. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" she said.

"Shut up Valerie!" I buried my face into her wet cunt, lashing her throbbing clit with my tongue. I drank her sweet juices as she grinded her pussy into my face and grasped the back of my head. "MMMmMMMM Oh. OHHH… OooHH MMM… FUCKKKK!!!" She was going wild.

She came at least three or four more times with my face in her cunt. Tears were rolling down her beautiful angular face. I bent her up a little further, her legs resting over my shoulders.

I started to trace my finger around her sopping wet ass hole. "MMMM … Mitch, what the fuck are you doing now??!" she screamed. I put my finger in her ass and twirled it around as I continued to eat her out. "Ooh Mitch&hellip. Noo… mmmMMMMM OH MY GOD… MMMM… YES DON'T STOP BABY!" My face was soaked with her cum. She went crazy for the asshole tease. I was making her cum once for every time she yelled at me.

Eventually we got into an upright position again. This time I threw her long legs over my shoulders and fucked her on her back. I pounded her so hard that I was getting a strain in my legs, but I didn't care, I was going to make her cum harder than she ever had before.

"OHH… MY… GOD… MITCH… BABY YOU'RE SO DEEP… I CAN FEEL YOU IN MY STOMACH… MMMMMMMMMM FUCK MEE HONEY." She was screaming, crying, cumming, and shaking with pleasure. I felt like I had won and now it was time for the big finish. I started feeling the precum seep out as I was pounding her and then I knew it was time. I pulled out quickly, snapped her legs apart and pulled her up. She was now sitting on the table in front of me. "What the fuc." She started to say… My cock exploded all over her luscious body.

Her tits, her face, and the rest of her front end were all being blasted with my white hot cum. I must have shot fifteen long streams of cum all over this girl. She was covered.

She wiped the cum from her beautiful green eyes and lay back exhausted.


After about 30 seconds, the cum spattered bitchy angel looked up at me. "Fucking holy fuck dude, did you have to cum THAT much? Look at me!" "Fuck off you little slut, you love my hot cum" She gave me a cute fangy grin, "Yeah, but your aim sucks." She snapped herself up and passionately kissed me one last time before walking over to the sink and cleaning herself off properly.


I followed her and did the same. I lent her a spare pair of pants I had in my locker and we both got dressed. "You work tomorrow Mick?" she asked me as we stood there. "Yeah, I guess I'll have to deal with you again." "I guess so." She winked at me and bit her lower lip. She walked out of the locker room, leaving me to clean the cum and juices up. What a sly bitch. I came in the next day to once again find Corey in the break room on his phone.

After he hung up, he came over to me. "So how was day two with the bitch queen?" he asked. "It was fucking terrible, but it ended well enough." "Oh yeah, how so?" "Well, lets just say I got my aggressions out on her." He snickered and put his phone in his pocket.

He started to walk out but then turned around to me. "Oh hey dude, I meant to tell you. That guy at Window World called. He said we can both come in for an interview but the pay is the same as it is here. I'm gonna stay but I figured you'd definitely want to get out of this place, if nothing more than to get away from Valerie." I smiled at him as I closed my locker.

"You know what Corey, I think you were right after all. I think I'll just be patient and stay here for a little while longer." He smirked at me and left. I fixed my vest, clocked in, and started out to the floor. Here comes Mick baby.