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Ficken im stroh
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This is a story done by me ThePac and if you have any requests, ideas or people you would like me to write about pls e-mail me and if you have any feedback on my story [I would really like some feedback on my story] what u liked, didn't like, my email is [email protected] All characters storylines situations and celebs in stories are all made up none of what I write really happened so no one can sue or say I stole a real idea cause I didn't This was a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas from wwekiller Team Pink Take Out Trish And Ashley A young ring hand makes his way into a locker room backstage a few hours before Raw.

He found a note telling him to go into this locker room and when he goes in he sees WWE Diva Candice Michelle standing wearing a small blue towel. The towel barely holds her big boobs in and is so small the ring hand can nearly see her pussy. "Hi Keith thanks for coming you see I need your help," Candice purrs pulling up her towel a bit exposing more and more of her tanned thighs.

He gulps loudly as he stares at Candice's body clad in a tiny towel. "You see this black bag Keith," Candice says pointing with her foot to a black leather bag on the bench. Keith nods his head trying not to stare too much at Candice's body but he can't help it. "I need you to take this bag Keith and leave it under the ring for me can you do that Keith," Candice says opening her towel slightly allowing her big tits to drop out of her towel.

Keith is sweating badly as he gazes at Candice's rock hard nipples standing out in front of him before she points to her bag again and without thinking he picks it up and leaves the room carrying the bag to the ring. Candice wraps herself back up in the towel as Victoria and Torrie walk out from the shower area and all three of Team Pink start laughing as their plan comes together.

Backstage Ashley is helping Trish to lace up her black leather top in preparation for there 3 on 2 bra and panties match later that night. "You know Trish," Ashley says as she finishes lacing up her top, "I just wanna thank you again for coming back to help me sort Team Pink out." "No problem honey," Trish says checking to make sure her bra covers her boobs before looking back up at the 2005 Diva search winner, "You know ever since I've been away those 3 think they can just take over my show well no way so I'm back and ready to kick their butts." "Cool," says Ashley then with a little nervous edge to her voice says, "Trish we have got this right?" "Oh course we have," says Trish a little to quickly for her own liking so she picks up her Woman's title, "Of course we have got it." Ashley grins at Trish's confidence, "Oh course we've got this I mean Woman's champion duh," Ashley says pointing to the golden belt on Trish's shoulder.

"Yeah right I didn't become champion by letting girls like that beat me up and strip me to my bra and panties," Trish says with confidence then with a sly look at Ashley asks a sensitive question. "I mean just in case you are all covered aren't you I mean nothing's going to drop out is it," Trish quizzes the blonde. "Oh yeah I'm pretty well covered I mean look at the bra," Ashley says pulling her torn black top down allowing Trish to get a good view of her lacy pink bra.

"Oh good," says Trish, "I was just checking cause I mean in your first bra and panties match you don't want something dropping out do you?" "No way," Ashley replies, "I mean you should see the panties they are totally covered." "Ok let me see the panties," Trish says looking down Ashley's cargo pants at her lacy pink panties, "Very nice undies Ash they look good on you." "Thanks Trish I mean you want me to check your panties," Ashley asks the Diva of the Decade.

"Urrr Ok Ash take a peak," Trish says pulling out her tight leather pants letting Ashley have a peak at her brown thong. "Cool so we're all covered just in case," Ashley says breathing a sigh of relief. "Yeah but girl we got this now lets go strip some Divas," Trish smiles and hugs Ashley round her arm and the two Divas leave their locker room and make there way to the ring.

It's Raw's Homecoming and it's now time for the Divas Trish and Ashley against Victoria, Torrie and Candice in a three on two-handicap bra and panties match. Torrie, Victoria and Candice are out first to loud boos from the sell out crowd after they had spent the last mouth beating up Ashley and Trish.

Victoria is wearing a black top with black shorts with her trademark knee brace and black wrestling shoes. Torrie has on a black sparking top and light pink pants with black and white training shoes on her feet.

The final member of Team Pink Candice is wearing a black see though robe with only one button holding it to her chest with a white mini skirt and black wrestling boots. They walk to the ring looking cocky and confident as their opponents make their way to the ring. Trish and Ashley get loud cheers from the fans as they walk down the ramp.

Lifting up her woman's title Trish smiles as the camera focuses on her outfit. She has on a black leather top tied tightly around her chest and a pair of tight black leather pants and brown boots.

Ashley competing in her very first bra and panties match has on a small black top cut to show off her tight abs with a pair of green cargo pants worn very low down on her hips and finally Ashley has on some black sneakers. Ashley and Trish climb up the ring steps and already Trish's brown thong is sneaking out the back of her pants. Getting into the ring Ashley is jumped by Torrie and Candice as Victoria charges across the ring and knocks Trish off the ring apron.

The blonde is sent tumbling to the outside as Torrie and Candice kick and stomp on Ashley keeping the Diva search winner on the ground. Victoria knocks off Ashley's baseball cap before Candice uses her wand prop to choke Ashley from behind.

Ashley is on her knees being choked by Candice as Victoria and Torrie crouch down next to her. They both grab and handfuls of Ashley's shirt ripping it clean down the middle exposing Ashley's lacy pink bra. As Team Pink celebrates Ashley is slowly able to get to her feet and delivers a sharp elbow to Candice's ribs. This breaks the choke Candice has on her and sends the dark haired Diva stumbling back into the ring corner. Torrie and Victoria both advance on Ashley but both get boots in the gut for their troubles.

Ashley is now doing a good job fighting off all 3 members of Team Pink before booting Victoria in the gut again but leaning over her and grabbing the bottom of her top. With one simple pull Ashley strips off Victoria's black top exposing her orange bra with a pink bow in the middle of it. Victoria looks down in horror at her exposed bra before getting angry and charges at Ashley who bails out under the ring ropes.

Following her to the floor Victoria gives chase holding her bra tight so the fans don't get to see her boobs bouncing. She chases Ashley around the ring before running round a corner right into Trish who gives her a hard clothesline knocking her down.

Now Trish and Ashley as a team slide into the ring only for Candice and Torrie to meet them with stiff boots to the back keeping the blondes down. Torrie and Candice, who then look at each other and nod, kick to Ashley and Trish opposite corners. They grab their arms and try to Irish whip Trish and Ashley into each other but are both countered as Trish boots Torrie in the gut sending her backwards and Ashley whips Candice into the back of Torrie sending them both down.

Torrie and Candice are now lying on their fronts in pain as Trish and Ashley sit on their backs and make grabs for their tops. Trish unties Candice's rode and easily pulls the light fabric off her arms exposing her black and pink bra.

Ashley just grabs the bottom of Torrie's vest top and yanks it up and over her head showing off her pink and black bra. Candice and Torrie scream as they are stripped and both crawl towards the bottom ring rope. Trish and Ashley swing their opponents tops around their heads in celebration before turning back to Candice and Torrie. They both stomp on Torrie and Candice's exposed back before leaning down and try to take off their bottoms.

Fighting back however Candice and Torrie both use their legs to kick Trish and Ashley off them. Pulling themselves up with the ropes Torrie and Candice look up only to see Trish and Ashley leap at them hitting two in time dropkicks sending them both crashing back down to the mat. Turning around Trish sees Victoria is back to her feet on the outside so the blonde leans out and grabs Victoria by her hair and drags her back into the ring.

Torrie knocks Ashley down as Victoria whips Trish into a corner. She nearly runs into Candice who is still hurt and curled up in the corner but Trish bounces back but walks right into a big right hand from Victoria. She pulls Trish back to her feet and whips her towards the corner but Trish counters sending Victoria back first into the turnbuckle. As Trish charges in Victoria gets her elbow up right into Trish's face knocking the blonde back allowing Victoria to climb up and sit on the top turnbuckle.

Trish sees Victoria on the top rope and goes for the Stratussphere a move where she does a handstand on the bottom rope and wraps her legs around the head of the opponent on the top rope. Normally Trish uses her leg strength to flip her opponent off the top rope but this time Victoria counters grabbing Trish's legs and placing them under her arms.

With Trish's legs out of action Victoria reaches forwards and grabs the waistband of Trish's pants and starts to pull them up. The fans cheer and Trish screams as her light brown thong becomes more and more exposed as Victoria strips down her pants.

Victoria however can't pull the pants down further because Trish's legs are spread around her so she moves her legs to try and strip Trish but still upside down the blonde takes her chance and flips Victoria off the top rope with the Stratussphere. Victoria struggles to her feet holding her back and Trish comes up from behind and rolls her up in a schoolboy pinning move. Before the ref can even shout and say there are no pins Trish grabs Victoria's shorts and pulls them down.

Victoria's pink panties are exposed and Trish takes off Vicky's shorts eliminating her from the match. She gets to her feet confused and trying to cover up when Trish walks over to her and boots her in the mid section sending Victoria backwards though the bottom rope and out to the floor.

Trish pulls her own pants back up before turning around and getting caught with a big dropkick by Torrie Wilson. Torrie now has Trish against the bottom turnbuckle and is stomping away on Trish whose thong is still creeping up high out of her pants. Candice and Ashley counter each other's Irish whip before Ashley is able to whip Candice into a corner.

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Ashley charges at her but Candice uses the ropes to jump over to top of Ashley's charge and lands cleanly on her feet. Proud of herself Candice raises her hands in the air allowing Ashley to sneak up from behind and grab her skirt. Ashley yanks the skirt down but nearly takes Candice's panties with them so Candice fights to pull her underwear back up allowing Ashley time to strip away her skirt and eliminate her from the match up.

She even uses Candice's black and pink panties to help throw her out of the ring making the material wedgie up Candice's ass cheeks exposing them to the cameras. Torrie is now stood on the second rope towering over Trish driving her fist into the blonde's head time after time.

Again Ashley from behind drives a forearm into Torrie's back stopping her from hitting Trish then another forearm allows Trish to grab Torrie's legs lifting her up. They drop her on the top rope and smile at each other as they have hold of the waistband of her pants. Victoria from behind with clotheslines right to the back of Ashley and Trish's head knocking them both down. The camera moves to the outside where an underwear clad Candice pulls out a black leather bag from under the ring and places on the apron.

Torrie gets off the top rope and boots Ashley a few times keeping her grounded while Victoria has Trish's arms in a full nelson. The blonde struggles and fights but Victoria is too strong when suddenly out of nowhere Candice boots her in the ribs and applies a damp cloth to her face. Zooming in on the bottle Candice damped the cloth with the camera sees the label on the bottle reading Chloroform.

Trish breathes in the fowl smelling liquid and she groans and tries to fight it off but Victoria and Candice have too good of a hold on her. The cloth is clamped over Trish's nose and mouth and the smell reaches inside Trish's head making her weak. "MMMMMM UMMMPPPPP OHHHHHHHHHMMMM MMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHH," Trish moans into the cloth as she swings her body around trying to break Victoria's grip on her but no luck.

Candice presses the white cloth tighter into Trish's model face and the blonde's legs start to weaken. Her eyes start to flick open and closed as the chloroform starts to take effect knocking her out.

Victoria screams with joy as she feels Trish going limp in her arms and Trish moans one last time before her eyes close and her body slumps. Now it's Victoria that is holding Trish on her feet and Candice checks Trish's eyes taking her time making sure that Trish is out cold. She is out cold so Candice nods to her friend and Victoria lets Trish drop to the mat and the fans gasp in shock at an unconscious Trish hitting the canvas.

Ashley looks up and is in shock at seeing Trish lying out cold on the mat head tilted to one side with Candice and Victoria standing over her. She turns and tries to run but Torrie has grabbed her foot and drags her back into the centre of the ring.

Torrie drops her body onto Ashley's back weighing the blonde down and as she screams and fights Candice and her special cloth walks over towards her. Grabbing Ashley's arms Torrie pins the blonde's arms behind her back before lying on her back pinning Ashley down. She now can't move and can only shake her head from side to side as Candice sits down in front of her.

Begging Candice Ashley pleads with Team Pink but Candice leans in and whispers in her ear. "You little bitch you try and strip off my panties and now I'm going to make this even more embarrassing for you slut so night night," Candice chuckles with a evil grin before pulling on Ashley's dyed blonde locks lifting her head up and placing the cloth around her face.

Ashley's eyes widen as the cloth is wrapped against her mouth and nose forcing the blonde to take in the smell of the chloroform.

Torrie keeps Ashley pinned to the mat as her partner in crime Candice pushes the cloth further into Ashley's face. She tries kicking and screaming but they only come out as muffed sounds against the cloth and her eyes start to flutter as the chloroform takes effect. Candice has one hand on the cloth and the other one rubbing her pussy though her lace panties. Ever since they came up with this idea Candice couldn't wait to take out Trish and Ashley and now with Trish out and Ashley going under the next part of their plan could come into action.

Ashley groans into the fabric as the fowl smell flows inside her head making her feel weak. She tries raising her arms but has no strength left and after one last groan Ashley's eyes cloth and her head drops. Candice removes the cloth letting Ashley's head drop onto the mat and slowly Torrie gets off her. Victoria strides over and gives Ashley's prone body a kick but she stays lying there unmoved. This causes all 3 Divas to yell in delight and they have a big group hug in the centre of the ring with Trish and Ashley knocked out cold on the mat.

Candice puts away her chloroform cloth and watches Victoria standing over the body of her most hated rival. Trish's head is tilted to one side and her eyes are shut her chest moves up and down softly as she takes a breath. Victoria has waited so long to get Trish Stratus in this vulnerable position and she is going to take her time and enjoy ever last second of it.

She roughly pulls on the black string that keeps Trish's top together. After only a few seconds of pulling the string rips and tears away from Trish's leather top.

Without any strings to hold it together Trish's top falls apart exposing her tits in a light brown bra which makes the crowd scream and makes Victoria giggle at the evil things about to be done to Trish's body. She yanks the leather top off Trish's arms and throws it away before walking over Trish's downed body and grabbing her pants.

No teasing from Victoria as she rips Trish's leather pants down her legs showing off her light brown thong again but this time Trish can't fight back.

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Roughly Victoria takes off Trish's boots allowing her to cleaning take of her pants leaving the woman's champion in her bra and panties. Torrie is sat on the top turnbuckle untying her trainers kicking them off followed by her pink socks. Walking over to her blonde friend Candice kisses Torrie's pretty feet before moving back over to Ashley.

She finishes tearing off Ashley's black top as bits of it were still hanging around her back and with that torn off she turns to Ashley's cargo pants. Candice sits her near naked ass on Ashley's flat stomach and pings off the gold button before teasing her hands into the waistband. Pulling slowly Candice exposes Ashley's small lacy pink panties to the delight of the sell out crowd as Victoria moves across pulling off Ashley's shoes and socks allowing her teammate to take of her pants.

Candice throws the pants away and jumps when a bell rings and the ref who all 3 of them forgot about is standing around them saying they won. Torrie giggles and walks up to him pushing her big boobs up inside her bra drawing his eyes towards them.

As soon as Chris Kay's eyes are on Torrie's rack Victoria springs into action catching him right on the jaw with a well timed superkick.

The young man drops to the mat like a bowling pin and Victoria pushes him out under the bottom rope as Torrie and Candice go back into there bag of tricks. Torrie pulls out 3 large pink strap on's each looking about 9 inches big and they are at least 5 inches wide.

They are monsters and Team Pink share a quick three way kiss before strapping the plastic cocks around their waists. Torrie slides down her pants showing off her pink and black panties to the crowd who are all sat there shocked at what Team Pink is doing. Trish and Ashley are still out cold as the Divas walk up to them and standing in between them Candice points to both asking which one.

Without missing a beat Torrie and Victoria both point to Trish as both woman have outstanding feuds with the big tited blonde. Candice grins and the 3 strap on wearing Team Pink members stand over an underwear clad Trish. Victoria grabs Trish under her arms and pulls the blonde up to her feet holding her steady as Candice and Torrie stand in front of her.

Each of them grab a cup of Trish's light brown bra count to three then completely tear Trish's bra from her body. Trish's large brown tits bounce out into the open and the whole arena is stunned into silence at finally seeing Trish's tits totally bare. Candice, Torrie and Victoria all burst into laughter at seeing Trish's boobs exposed live on Monday Night Raw.

Thousands of people in the arena now go wild in shock and flashes start up from all over the arena. Victoria swings Trish to all 4 sides of the ring making sure everyone gets a good picture of Trish's bare tits.

Candice now walks up to the unconscious blonde and grabs hold of the front of her thong and before the arena can catch it's breath she tears Trish's thong clean off. Trish Stratus is in the middle of the ring completely naked, it is every male fan's wet dream and now it's happening Trish's pussy is out in the open and everyone gasps as Victoria spins her round showing the whole world that Stratus shaves.

Torrie's eyes are wide and she is licking her lips rubbing her 9-inch strap on as Victoria parades around the ring with Trish's naked body. Dropping Trish to the floor Victoria looks at the lust on Torrie's face. "Here you go babe one skinny blonde slut right for a good hard fucking," Victoria says with her trademark evil grin on her face.

"But," Torrie says in a confused voice, "You hate Trish, you came up with this idea to get back at Trish it's you who should be fucking her. Victoria's face twists like she's just smelled something rotten, "Fuck that plastic slut not a chance in hell, I'll beat her down and strip her naked but she's done far worse to you so you should break her slutty body anyway I wanna break in 'Miss Diva Search." Torrie grins at Victoria before grabbing her in a tight hug, "You are awesome Vickie thank you so much." "Hey I'll take both of them," Candice says joining in the embrace in the middle of the ring.

"WE KNOW," the other two say in perfect unison before Torrie breaks the hug and kneels down in front of Trish. Slowly sucking on two fingers of her right hand Torrie smiles at her fellow teammates before ramming her two wet fingers deep into Trish's cunt.

If she had not been knocked out with chloroform Trish surly would have screamed from that rough invasion but she lies still on the canvas head cocked to one side out like a light. After seeing Torrie dive right in Victoria and Candice make their way over to bra and panty clad Ashley.

Victoria lifts up her upper body allowing Candice to yank and break her bra straps before tearing off the flimsy pink lingerie clean off her body. Ashley doesn't have better boobs than Trish but they are nice and round and Candice can't help but give them a quick grope before turning to watch Victoria. The raven-haired vixen grabs the two sides of Ashley's panties and without any fan faire yanks them all the way down to her feet leaving Ashley butt naked in the middle of the ring.

The fans are going crazy not just one but two Divas stripped naked and from the looks of things it looks like they are going to be fucked as well. As Torrie works her two fingers in and out of Trish's pussy Candice and Victoria stand over Ashley's naked body wondering what to do to her first.

The very horny cameraman in the ring zooms in for a close up of Ashley's pussy, which has a thin strip of blonde pubic hair running down it. Victoria and Candice roll Ashley over onto her front then lift her out cold body to her hand and knees.

Candice holds Ashley tightly round the waist to stop her from falling over while Victoria lies on her back. Grabbing hold of Ashley's face Victoria slowly lowers the blonde's face onto her bright pink dildo.

It easily slips into her mouth and Victoria carries on dropping Ashley's mouth down on her huge strap on. Once Ashley's face is resting on Victoria's hips after swallowing all 9 inches Victoria wraps Ashley's long hair around her hand then like a puppet moves Ashley's head up and down on her plastic dick using her hair.

It looks like Ashley is giving Victoria's strap on a good blow job and of course Victoria is getting no pleasure from this but one this will be totally humiliating for Ashley when she sees it again and two her salvia is helping lube up her strap on for later on in their plan.

Candice is giggling like a school, girl watching Victoria slide Ashley's face up and down her fake cock so she decides to get in on the fun pointing her 9 inch pink weapon of mass penetration at the entrance to Ashley's pussy. Still with her arms wrapped tightly around Ashley's stick thin waste Candice pushes inch after inch of strap on into Ashley's pussy.

With all her experience of fucking pussy Candice is surprised that Ashley is so tight then again from the way she easily took 9 whole inches into her mouth Candice guesses she is more a blowjob type of girl. Candice groans as her hips touch the back of Ashley's thighs after squeezing all 9 inches into her pussy. Ashley's dead weight is now behind held up by two large strap on's so Candice moves her arms from Ashley's hips and instead digs her freshly manicured nails into the soft flesh of Ashley's ass.

Her ass feels smooth and soft and Candice can't resist giving it a little spank before rocking her hips back and forth fucking Ashley's tight pussy. All three of Team Pink's strap on's are custom made and have a small two inch wide circle on the inside of the strap on so as they fuck there chloroformed victims the little circle pushes into their pussies giving them pleasure as well. 12 thousand dollars well spent thinks Candice as the small circle presses into her pussy for the first time nearly making her cum just from the first touch.

Not only is the little 'pleasure circle' making Candice wet but the pure fact she is knelling in the middle of the WWE ring fucking their fan favorite Diva Search winner from behind. The pure feeling of power Candice is getting from fucking Ashley's pussy while the blonde is helpless and out cold is such a major turn on for Candice.

Torrie watches Ashley being fucked in two holes and a small damp patch appears on Torrie's pink panties before the blonde turns back to Trish. She removes her fingers and licks Trish's juices off her fingers and instantly she tastes like a proper little slut. Torrie has tasted a lot of pussy and she can nearly tell who's a slut just by looking and even since she met Trish back in 2001 she knew the blonde was a cock hungry gutter slut. Now that cock hungry gutter slut was naked and out cold in front of Torrie and a giant strap on.

Reaching behind her Torrie unclips her pink bra letting her own large tanned breasts out into the open. Aiming in between Trish's spread wide legs Torrie pushes 6 inches of her strap on into Trish's pussy in one go. No screaming, crying or begging from Trish as the chloroform is still taking effect and even better for Torrie is she can't feel anything.

Excited but this new sense of power Torrie pushes the final Three inches into Trish's pussy and starts to fuck her at a good steady pace. Torrie is pushing her body into Trish's and the angle of the tall blonde's body means she is leaning over Trish's famous boobs.

Reaching out Torrie grabs Trish's right breast in her hand and crushes the silicone implant between her fingers pushing her large pink nipple forward. Torrie takes the soft nipple in her mouth and sucks on it like a baby would suck on a dummy.

Spitting it out Torrie grins an evil grin, as the sucked nipple grows erect in front of the world and Torrie's eyes. Torrie always knew Trish was a slut and now proof for the whole world to see even when knocked out and fucked by her rival Trish the slut still gets off on having a large object shoved between her legs. Torrie wishes she could see Trish's face as she fucked her but that was not part of the plan well not yet anyway.

Over on the other side of the ring Victoria loves her new toy when she pulls up and down on the young sluts hair her mouth slides over her big fat dildo. Victoria hasn't had this much fun since the night after Wrestlemaina 19 when in her own hotel she broke Jazz the world famous bitch and make the powerful black girl bend down and kiss her feet.

She still gets an amazing sexual rush from thinking about that big black Amazon with tears in her eyes getting on her knees and licking her feet clean. There was nothing Victoria loved more than breaking a woman watching their face as the fight then cum and finally total submission.

She had made so many women her little sluts and now she and her two new slut-breaking friends were hoping to add two more names to that list of broken sluts. Face fucking the precious little contest winner Ashley was making Victoria creams her own panties. Watching her face sliding up and down her dildo having no idea that she will be remembered by this moment for the rest of her life is making Victoria moan and groan.

The sell out crowd here in Dallas and the now hundreds of millions watching around the world [thanks to the net news travels fast] are watching Trish and Ashley being fucked like cheap ass sluts in a Seymour Butts vid.

Seeing two Divas they loved and respected taken out, stripped naked and then fucked is soul breaking for some but for everyone else this is the hottest scene in history. Famous no nude wrestling tease Trish Stratus with a Playboy cover girl sucking on her tits and fucking her pussy while Ashley the woman they all voted to win the Diva Search is having her face and pussy fucked by two sexy female wrestlers.


This fantasy few ever thought possible and now live on Raw's homecoming it is happening before everyone's eyes. Even the Mc Mahon's don't want to cut the broadcast, there ratings are breaking all records and even USA Network want the lesbian fuck feast to stay on the TV screens. Torrie Wilson is spreading Trish's legs wider and wider pushing her pre cum coated strap on deeper into the blonde's cunt. Of all the ways Torrie had thought about getting revenge on Trish this is the best way by miles.

Moving her hips faster and faster Torrie is really staring to fuck Trish's pussy hard. Her hips are hitting Trish's with such force that the blonde's unconscious body is shook on each and every hit. Sweat rolls down Torrie's forehead as she bucks her hips faster and faster driving her strap on deep into Trish's wet pussy. Trish's body shakes with each thrust and her big boobs shake from each hip on hip collision giving the fans some killer pictures and the rock hard WWE camera guys amazing shots.

Candice has also increased the speed of her fucking as Ashley's pussy is leaking with pre cum Candice is determined to make the out cold blonde cum from a bit of strap on fucking. To Candice Michelle cum was everything and she prided herself on being to make nearly anyone cum no matter what situation or how ugly or how much they didn't want to she could always make them shoot gallons of sticky cum.

Banging Ashley harder and harder Candice can feel Ashley's juices drip out onto the mat and even onto her own toned legs. Changing the angle of attack Candice thrusts hard into Ashley's cunt hoping to make the contest winner cum. Victoria lets go of Ashley's hair and takes the blonde's mouth away from her strap on and just watches Candice pounding her cunt.

Her bra straps slipping down her sweaty skin Candice drives her nails deeper into Ashley's ass as she unmerciful fucks her tight pussy with her monster pink strap on. Pre cum is flowing like a river but Candice wants the full orgasm making Ashley look like a proper slut by cumming in the ring after being fucked by her enemy with a fake cock.

Raising one finger to her mouth Candice sucks slowly on her index finger making Victoria slide her fingers into her cum soaked panties watching this erotic display from Candice. After making sure her finger is nice and wet Candice shoves the whole finger clean into Ashley's asshole and instantly the knocked out blonde shakes like mad and cums all over the ring mat and Candice's legs.

Nearly everyone in the arena could tell Ashley had just had a pretty powerful orgasm and even though they were denied a porn star like scream just watching Ashley cum in the middle of the ring after being fucked by Candice has all the men in the crowd supporting painful hard on's and most of the women are like Victoria in having cum stained panties.

Victoria removes her fingers and walks over to Candice giving her a short but sweet kiss on the lips. Candice smiles and allows Victoria to help her up and as the pink strap on slides out of Ashley's pussy the whole world can see all 9 inches are coated in white cum.

Ashley had cum all over the mat and all over the dildo not to mention the drops of cum on Candice's brown legs. Kindly Victoria unhooks the cum soaked strap on as Candice wipes all of Ashley's juices off her legs and onto her palms. To her delight Victoria licks one of her hands clean allowing Candice to clean off her other hand.

Now with a ring mat stained with cum and a 9-inch strap on covered in cum Victoria takes control and tells Candice just what to do next. The Go girl rolls Ashley off her face and onto her back giving the fans another chance to take pictures of her nude body. Handing Candice the strap on Victoria steps back and Candice Michelle wearing only her black and pink lace bra and panties sits on Ashley's perfectly flat stomach.

With the cummy dildo in hand Candice winks at the nearest camera before rubbing the fake cock all over Ashley's tits. It's an amazing sight that has everyone in the arena on their feet and everyone at home reaching for the tissues.

Candice is rubbing a strap on covered in Ashley's cum all over Ashley's chest covering her nice round boobs in her own cum. Cleaning the strap on over Ashley's tits has the 9 incher nice and pink again while Ashley looks less like a WWE Diva and more like a cheap ass hooker who lets men jack off over her chest. While the whole arena takes pictures of Ashley lying there naked and covered in her own cum Candice pulls down her bra straps and unclips her bra.

Anyone with the Internet will have seen nude shots of Candice but still when she drops her bra to the floor cameras flash all around her aimed at her large breasts. Candice dares to give her tits a shake for the fans delight before grabbing onto her panties and tugging them down her legs.

The whole arena gasps, as Candice stands naked in the ring as Victoria gets to her knees and helps Candice with taking off her boots and kneepads. Stood in the middle of a WWE ring 100% naked is such a turn on for Candice but she controls her lust and goes back over to an unconscious Ashley.

Standing over Ashley's face Candice slowly twirls around with her signature Go dance before lowering her pussy right onto Ashley's face.

The roar of the crowd is immense as Candice pushes her bare pussy lips into Ashley's face rolling around a bit Candice is trying to find the most comfy part of Ashley's face. Candice is now perfectly on top of Ashley's face her own shaved bare pussy pushed right into Ashley's mouth and nose.

Candice shivers as she feels Ashley's steel lip ring rubbing against her wet pussy lips. Feeling an even greater sense of power and knowing how much embarrassment this will cause Ashley, Candice starts to rock her body back and forth rubbing her wet pussy all over Ashley's pretty face. Moaning softly Candice runs her hands though her curly black hair then cups her left nipple as she pleasures herself using Ashley's face.

Not wanting to be left out of breaking in Ashley Victoria moves down and spreads Ashley's legs out as wide as her muscles will allow. With Ashley's legs spread Victoria gets a bird's eye view of the Dirty Diva's clit and Victoria can't help but grin seeing her little pink clit with juices still trickling down onto the canvas.

Victoria moves in between Ashley's legs before reaching back and grabbing Ashley by her ankles. Lifting her legs up in the air Victoria rests Ashley's legs on her strong shoulders wrapping them around her neck lifting Ashley's ass a few inches off the mat making her cunt and even bigger target. As Candice brings herself off using the rookie's face Victoria spits on her pink strap on and pushes it down deep into Ashley's cum stained pussy.

All her juices act as a lube and Victoria is easily able to slide 9 inches easily into Ashley. To every observer in the arena it looks like a scene from a porno movie as a blonde is on her back legs in the air being fucked by a large dominating woman while another one rubs her gleaming wet pussy into her face.

Victoria has her muscley arms wrapped around Ashley's thighs holding her legs in place allowing her to piledriver her large strap on into her pussy. Across the ring Torrie is fucking Trish's pussy as hard as she can her hips becoming a mere blur of tanned skin as she slams her big dildo into her rival's cunt. Not just the sexual rush of fucking another woman's pussy but the fact this is little miss clean cut Trish Stratus is turning Torrie on more and more with each thrust.

She knows this is the most humiliating moment of Trish's life stripped naked in front of the world and being fucked by another woman. Torrie knows Trish had just reluctantly agreed to a lesbian angle with a Diva from OVW, a Diva Torrie had already broken in and she knew that Mickie was a good fuck and worse for Trish was bi so she will probably love the angle of feeling up Trish's body.

Not that there is much mystery to Trish's body anymore as Torrie and her teammates have her lying naked and being degradingly fucked in front of thousands of people.

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Torrie has never felt this horny in her life her panties are flowing wet with her own juices and the more she fucks Trish's knocked out form the more her body gives in to a deep building orgasm. Reaching out Torrie gives Trish's boobs a fresh squeeze feeling the firm plastic of her worst enemy's bust. Twisting Trish's nipples Torrie groans as she feels how wet Trish is. Feeling how damp Trish is from her forced fucking turns Torrie into a wild woman as she starts banging the strap on in and out of Trish's cunt.

The blonde knows exactly what she wants, she wants Trish to cum she wants the greatest female wrestler in history to have an orgasm in the middle of the ring live in front of the world.

If Trish wouldn't be embarrassed by being stripped and fucked losing control and having an orgasm would be the worst moment of her life. 9 inches is driven in and out of Trish's cunt at break neck speed and the harder and longer the fucking goes on the more Trish's body betrays her. She is leaking juices onto Torrie's dildo and her nipples are firmly erect and standing up tall. Deeper and deeper Torrie pushes until Trish's body shakes and the 6 times Woman's champion cums all over the ring mat leaving an embarrassing puddle near her feet.

Torrie had pulled out just in time to see Trish cum all over the mat and the blonde explodes in tears of laughter as she watches the great Trish Stratus out cold and naked have a orgasm in a wrestling ring during a live sell out show. Just the idea of Trish's utter humiliation is enough for Torrie but so see some of the fans in the front row with their hands over there mouths in shock is like an early Christmas present to Torrie.

Ideas of yet more bitter humiliation springs into Torrie's mind but first the blonde must settle her own issues. Pulling her panties down to her ankles Torrie groans as cold air hits her soaking wet ultra sensitive pussy. Torrie goes to kick the panties out of the way when she sees the really large wet patch in the centre of them.

Looking back over at Trish Torrie smiles before picking up her disguarded panties and walking up to Trish's head. Lifting the blonde's head off the mat Torrie moves away her sweat stained hair before forcing her own cum soaked panties into Trish's mouth gagging the KO'd blonde but more than that Torrie is making her smell and taste her own soaking wet panties.

All of Trish's fans are passed shocked as the powerful blonde is made to cum and then gagged with another woman's dirty panties. Anyone who still had any respect for Trish Stratus just turned off the TV leaving the rest of the horny masses to watch the next stage of Team Pink's plan. Victoria's bra is slipping down her sweaty chest as she pounds Ashley's pussy with her large strap on. If Ashley was still as tight as she was after this hard fucking then the blonde is not human as first Candice now Victoria pound her cunt with reckless abandonment.

Driving the strap on deeper into Ashley's cunt Victoria can feel the blonde getting wet again and the raven-haired vixen can't help but smile.

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The first time she saw Ashley she was almost sure she could see a cock hungry slut standing in front of her and now here live on Raw Ashley's pussy is soaked wet as Victoria pounds her with a giant pink dick.

As Victoria's hard fucking turns Ashley's on Candice Michelle is moaning loudly on top of Ashley's face. Feeling the blonde's pretty face beneath her as she grinds her pussy into it is making Candice moan like a proper slut.

The cold lip ring acts every one in a while digging into Candice's pussy making her open her eyes and gasp loudly at the sudden temperature chance. Candice grabs onto her own big tits rubbed them softly as she rubs her pre cum covered pussy over the face of the Raw Diva Search winner. Every time Ashley's nose slips into her cunt Candice nearly crushes her own tits as Ashley's nose in her clit sends pleasure shivering along her spine.

To help Candice even though not meaning to Victoria's hard thrusts are rocking Ashley back and forth as Candice pushes her hips across her face. This friction makes Candice super hot and she can feel her own orgasm building so she grabs onto the blonde's hair and pulls on it hard as she grinds her pussy hard into Ashley's facial features.

"Go on Candice cum all over that little slut's face that's what she wants," Torrie whispers into her friend's ear making Candice moan even louder.

Candice is moaning and rocking her hips back and forth as her soaking wet pussy lips rub against the knocked out face of Ashley and with her sexy little helper Torrie whispering in her ear Candice loses control.

Her cries and groans fill up the entire arena as the crowd is in a hushed silence as Torrie holds her friend steady as her orgasm hits. Cum flows from between Candice's legs like a river has just burst it's dam. It gushes out hitting Ashley right in the face covering her eyes, nose and mouth as the sticky cum flows over her cheeks and down her chin. Cum splashes into her blonde hair and when Torrie helps Candice off Ashley's face a cameraman zooms in to find Ashley has on a mask of cum.

Every single bit of Ashley's pink skin on her face is covered in cum and when Torrie and Candice see her cum covered face they both break down into fits of laughter. To see her sexy model face not just sprayed but also more or less filled in with cum is a sight that makes slut breaker like Torrie and Candice smile. Torrie gives Candice a quick peak on the cheek as a thank you before pointing to Trish.

Nodding Candice points to the black bag where earlier she hid the chloroform that knocked out Trish and Ashley in the first place. Like a little schoolgirl Torrie skips over to the bag and roots around it for a few seconds before finding two shiny pair of handcuffs.

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Yet more loud cheers from the horny fans in the arena that still can't quite get over seeing this kind of sex in the centre of a wrestling ring.

As Candice is still recovering from her massive orgasm Torrie snaps the two handcuffs onto the top rope before picking up the limp body of Trish Stratus.

Torrie hangs Trish's nude body over the top rope meaning her big ass is stuck up and on show before snapping the cuffs in place meaning Trish is tied to the top rope. The only problem is as Torrie tries to make Trish stand the out cold blonde simply falls down being held up by the cuffs, which are digging into her wrists.

Candice comes to the rescue by pulling out a flat wooden board from her bag of tricks. It has two holes in it and it's a few seconds before Torrie sees it's a pair of ankle cuffs. The board is snapped around Trish's ankles then a small hook is pulled out from the front and Candice sticks this small metal hook straight though the ring mats.

Amazingly with her feet trapped together the board and little hook hold the pressure of Trish's dead weight keeping the blonde upright. Torrie stands back and applauds her dark haired friend for having such a neat little trap to keep Trish on her feet.

Trish Stratus the current Woman's Champion is totally naked dripping in her own juices is handcuffed to the top rope and her ankles are trapped together with a wooden board.

Even worse than that she has a stained pair of panties in her mouth as Torrie and Candice walk round there capture admiring her from every angle. Pulling Trish's legs away from the ropes a bit Torrie grins as Trish is going no where tied to the ropes in a bent over poison meaning her much lusted after ass is fully bent over.

Fans looking that way are having a great time taking pictures of Trish's bent over booty but for those fans sat in front of the ropes Trish is chained too don't have it so bad as a bent over Trish means her big tits are hanging down creating an awe inspiring bit of cleavage.

Torrie and Candice relax for a bit letting the fans take their pictures knowing most of these pics will end up all over the Internet further adding to Trish's humiliation.

Torrie walks over to Trish's ass a gives it a few quick spanks giving her a great rush of power. "MMMMM babe you look like your enjoying spanking her ass," Candice purrs as she walks past Torrie rubbing her hand across Torrie's boobs. "Her ass feels so good Candy I just love giving her a good hard spanking to show her what a big slut she is," Torrie tells her partner in crime.

Candice giggles and moves her hand down Torrie's flat stomach towards her hot pussy and she feels Torrie shiver. Torrie groans as Candice cups her hand over her pussy and slowly teases a finger inside her. Grinning at how wet Torrie is Candice rubs her soft palm over Torrie's pussy making the blonde cry out in sexual pleasure. Spinning round Torrie plants a firm kiss on the lips of Candice and cameras flash all around the arena as Torrie and Candice are locked in an embrace.

Not only is the sudden lesbian kiss but the fact they are doing it stood next to the bound and naked body of Trish Stratus.

Breaking the kiss Candice moves down Torrie's body untying her trainers allowing the blonde to kick them off. She then removes Torrie's pink socks before giving her painted toenails a quick kiss. Torrie grabs her friend by the hair dragging her up to her feet then kisses her softly on the lips once more. On the other side of the ring Victoria is still driving her big strap on into Ashley's cunt.

With no Candice sat on Ashley's face allows Victoria to use all her power to fuck her dripping wet pussy. Smashing her hips into Ashley's cunt Victoria seems determined to break Ashley in half by fucking her harder and harder.

Victoria's panties are wet but the only thought in her mind is breaking her new toy by fucking her with her big dildo. Moving Ashley's legs off her shoulders Victoria wraps her arms under Ashley's body grabbing onto her bony hips. With her arms firmly around Ashley's hips Victoria has total control over Ashley's unconscious body. Bucking her hips back and forth at a fast speed bouncing Ashley's skinny frame backwards along the mat.

Striking Ashley's throbbing clit with the smooth end of the strap on and once again pre cum is running down Ashley's inner thighs. Seeing the sight of Ashley's cum Victoria somehow upper her pace smashing her hips into Ashley's driving the blonde's body along the mat.

Her cum covered face thrashes around sending her dyed blonde hair splashing around sending drips of Candice's cum flying all around the ring. Ashley's body is being fucked harder than it ever has before and it's by a female wrestler armed with a monster strap on. Victoria slips a finger into Ashley's cunt and feels how wet she is and feeling her clit Victoria knows it can't be long still Ashley will cum again. Looking behind her Victoria stares at the now dried patch of cum Ashley left on the mat.

Victoria drives her powerful plastic dick into Ashley's cunt and the young woman's body shakes madly as she cums for the second time today this time it's Victoria's strap on that is covered in Ashley's juices. Torrie and Candice have stopped playing with each other and are back playing with their chained up toy Trish.

Candice is pulling back on Trish's right ass cheek while Torrie spreads the left cheek and both Divas give the crowd a very personal view of Trish's asshole. Putting her middle finger out Torrie groans as Candice sucks on her finger then helps guide the blonde's finger into Trish's ass.

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As Torrie pushes her finger into Trish's asshole Candice watches as a small drop of pre cum rolls down Trish's legs. Now Torrie removes her finger and Candice pushes her own middle finger inside Trish feeling who tight her asshole is. Candice pull out her finger and walks over to her bag while Torrie leans her head in and flicks her tongue against Trish's sour tasting asshole.

To Torrie's delight Candice walks back over to her with a 6 inch pink vibrator in her hands. Wiping the head of the penis shaped vibrator against Trish's pussy Candice turns on the vibrator and watches Torrie spread Trish's big ass cheeks.

Candice rams the whirling Vibrator in between Trish's big cheeks and more or less breaks clean though the blonde's anal cherry.

A few weeks ago Candice was talking to Maria using the dumb girl to pick up all the gossip backstage when the ditsy brunette let slip she loved anal sex and carried on to say she asked Trish about it and the stuck up blonde said she would never ever let anyone into her ass. In front of thousands of people in Dallas and the millions of people watching on TV or online see Trish Stratus losing her anal virginity by having a 6 inch vibrator rammed into her ass.

The only thing Candice regrets about taking Trish's anal cherry is that the dumb bitch is unconscious so didn't feel a damm thing. The dark haired Diva can't wait however for Trish to wake up and fell the special gift she left in her asshole.


Torrie doesn't care if Trish can feel anything or not just the simple fact that she is butt-fucking Trish live for the whole world to see. Trish will never ever show her face again so the blonde grabs the shaking vibrator and pulls it and out of Trish's ass making her but muscles relax and contract every few seconds.

Candice moves down Trish's bound body stroking her finger over Trish's washboard abs then moves her hand over Trish's firm breast.

Victoria is on her feet and is wiping her cum covered dildo onto Ashley's chest like Candice before leaving most of Ashley's upper body coated in cum. Cum is dripping down her face while there is two layers of her own cum coating her big chest. Victoria looks down at Ashley and the blonde's head moves slightly and a soft groan escapes from her lips. She must be waking up the chloroform must be wearing off so Victoria moves to the team pink toy bag and pulls out a few lengths of clean white rope.

Victoria carries the rope over her shoulder as she drags Ashley by her hair across the ring over to a corner. Picking Ashley up Victoria easily picks her up and leans her face first on the top turnbuckle. Ashley's hands are stretched forward towards the black steel ring post that holds the ropes up.

Taking a bit of rope Victoria quickly and effectively binds Ashley's hands around the post in front of her body. Going down Ashley's body Victoria gives the blonde's ass a quick spank before spreading her legs and ties her ankles to the bottom rope keeping her feet apart. Ashley is now bound up like Trish her big ass sticking out at Victoria but unlike Trish Ashley's body weight is resting against the turnbuckle keeping her upright.

Victoria gives Ashley's untanned booty a few spanks for her own enjoyment but when she hears another dazed moan from Ashley and quickly the leader of Team Pink jumps into action.

Removing her orange bra Victoria blushes as the fans loudly cheer when her nice round tits come into view. Never being a exhibitionist like Torrie or Candice Victoria is slowly becoming more at ease with her own body thanks to her best friends.

Now standing in the middle of the ring topless Victoria can feel her own pussy juices leaking in her panties as fans take pictures of her bare breasts. Bending over Victoria unzips her boots and kicks them away before removing her massive knee brace and then grabbing her panties. The cheers from the crowd are deafening as Victoria tugs down her pink and orange panties exposing her bald pussy to the world. Now all 5 Divas are naked but the main difference is that Torrie, Candice and Victoria chose to take off their clothes while Trish and Ashley were forcibly knocked out and stripped naked.

Victoria forces her own panties into Ashley's mouth then uses her own bra to tightly secure the gag meaning Ashley groans have now been silenced. Looking at Ashley's body all tied up then over her shoulder at Trish Stratus her greatest enemy naked and tied up being fucked and groped. Seeing these two bitches tied up and at the mercy of Team Pink is really turning Victoria on.

Moving her hand down her body Victoria slides her fingers into her soaking wet pussy and starts to finger fuck her own clit. Ashley's pretty pink body tied up with her nice firm ass sticking out is what Victoria focuses on as her works her fingers deep inside her.

Rubbing hard on her clit Victoria lets out a low groan of joy before dropping to her knees. Her hand is still working fast rubbing her pussy as cum leaks out all over her palm. As Candice Michelle continues to play with Trish's large breasts, Torrie pulls the vibrator out of Trish's ass before pushing 6 inches of vibrating plastic dick into Trish's pussy.

As her legs are cuffed quite close together Torrie has a hard job fitting the vibrator in between Trish big thighs but when she finally gets her vibrator into Trish's pussy Torrie knows that thanks to her big thighs pushing up on the strap on Trish's pussy is getting a proper fucking. Candice flicks her fingers against Trish's rock hard nipples as she watches Torrie force the vibrator into Trish's cunt.

Torrie now bends over picking up her big strap on and wraps it round her waste as she sees Victoria doing the same. Both Divas wink at each other, as they know what's going to happen next. Victoria wipes her cum covered hand over the fake cock before placing it softly against the entrance to Ashley's ass.

Thanks to the vibrator Trish's ass is broken in a bit allowing Torrie to get the first 6 inches of her unlubed dildo into Trish quite easily. The final three inches take a big hip thrust from Torrie making Trish's body jerk in pain and to Torrie's joy and surprise she heads a low moan. The chloroform is now starting to wear off on Trish and both Torrie and Candice beam with delight knowing in a few minutes Trish will wake up to find out what has been happing to her while she slept.

Slowly Torrie moves her strap on a few inches in and out letting the blonde's sore hole get used to such a thick, large object sliding inside. Candice is standing right in front of Trish her greedy hands all over Trish's cleavage squeezing, caressing and loving the power she gets from touching Trish's much sort after rack. Millions of men and a fair few woman would kill to be Candice right now getting her hands on Trish's large boobs.

As Victoria slowly inches her strap on into Ashley's tight virgin ass Victoria can't help but hear the blonde's breathing though her underwear gag. Knowing she only has a few more minutes of fun with her unconscious body Victoria moves her hands around Ashley cupping her wet pussy one more time.

Slamming her powerful hips into Ashley's ass Victoria loves hearing the sound of flesh on flesh as Ashley's moans grow louder though her gag as the chloroform clears from her system and she becomes conscious again. Driving her strap on harder into Ashley's ass Victoria can't wait as the plan is going perfectly. "Hey Tor I think our little slut is waking up," Candice says as she watches Trish's eyelids begin to flutter.

"Good I can't wait to see how much she freaks out," Torrie says as she slowly down her hard butt fucking ready to take in the moment of Trish's utter and complete humiliation.

Trish's eyes open and the first seeing she sees is Candice's face a few inches in front of her. Going to scream Trish finds there is something in her mouth and when she looks down she sees a tiny bit of pink material sticking out of her mouth.

Putting two and two together quickly realizing to her horror it's a pair of panties gagging her.


The smell and taste of the panties is odd to Trish as well until she works out the taste. Trish screams into her gag and forces herself forward at Candice only to be stopped suddenly.

Looking up Trish cries as her arms are handcuffed to the top rope. Her legs are also trapped together as the chloroform wears off all the feeling starts to return to Trish's body. She looks at Candice with pure hatred only to see the dark haired Diva is totally naked.

Trish could have smiled until Candice put her hands out grabbing her boobs touching the ultra soft skin. Trish's whole world speeds up as the bits and pieces fall into place and she looks down to see her own naked breasts hanging out.

Candice moves out of Trish's eye line and the blonde is nearly sick with shock when she sees the first few rows of fans staring at her naked boobs.

She could not be more horrified as she is bound and naked in the middle of a wrestling ring. All those years of teasing, carefully making sure not to show too much had been blown clean out the water by Team Pink.

To make things even worse for Trish Candice Michelle is taking great pleasure in groping her breasts like many of her fans would love to do. Trish wants this to be a bad dream when she hears something buzzing loudly and also she feels very horny.

Pleasure is leaking though her chained up form and Trish moves her legs a little when her thighs push against the vibrator driving it deeper into Trish.

"MMMMM MHHHHHHHHHH ERRRRRRRRRRRR MMMMPPPPPPP," Trish screams in terror, as she knows what has been shoved up her cunt. Even worse than being naked in front of the world is being fucked like a cheap slut and this is what's happening to Trish. The vibrator is buzzing away in her cunt and Trish is too weak from the chloroform to fight the effects off. As Candice teases her erect nipples with her tongue Trish feels her juices flowing down her legs and the blonde hangs her head in defeat.

Her head is only down for a few seconds as Torrie thrust all 9 inches of her strap on into Trish's sore asshole. Trish feels like her insides are about to pop out as Torrie starts to fuck her big ass. She screams loudly into her cummed panty gag but it drowns out the sound enough to make it sound like she is enjoying it.

This is the lowest moment in Trish's life tied up and fucked by two women she just cannot stand. Her asshole is on fire as that big strap on pushes itself deeper and deeper inside her as Torrie shouts out in joy swatting Trish's brown asscheeks.

With Candice's hands exploring all over her upper body and the big vibrator having Trish on the verve of orgasm nothing could be worse for the blonde.

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She hears a muffed scream, a loud scared scream and it takes Trish a second to work out who is screaming when it hits her Ashley. The Raw Diva Search winner is wide-awake and pulling wildly at her bounds and screaming against her gag. Every single thrust of Victoria's powerful strap on into her ass is bringing Ashley unbelievable pain as her ass hole is being fucked raw. Tears are flowing down Ashley's face as she is naked and getting her asshole fucked while the tears mix in with her own cum stained on her face.

Trish tries turning her neck to see where Ashley is but her chains hold Trish to tightly in place. Torrie loves fucking Trish's firm round ass hearing Trish cry out into the gag while Candice moves her hands around Trish's big boobs. The blonde is trying to get Torrie's cum stained panties out of her mouth but Candice Michelle is quickly around to Trish's face.

Pushing the spit covered pink panties back into Trish's open mouth Candice kisses the blonde's upper lip. Trish mumbles into the gag moaning from the humiliation of being kissed by a naked Candice Michelle. Candice breaks the kiss and stares Trish dead in her big brown eyes and smiles at the scared blonde Diva. Where as Trish is thinking of the humiliation and the consequences Ashley is just screaming and screaming into her lingerie gag.

As Torrie enjoys her time slowly butt fucking Trish Stratus, Victoria is just slamming all 9 inches of plastic pink cock inside Ashley's tight asshole. Victoria who is merciless fucking her once virgin hole is just breaking Ashley's ass.

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Ashley is just screaming and crying into her gag, as she is getting no pleasure out of this anal fucking from Victoria. All it is doing is causing her more pain than she ever thought possible.

Victoria loves the gagged cries and screams of Ashley as her hips move like lighting sending the strap on deeper into Ashley's ass. Out of nowhere Candice Michelle appears behind Victoria stroking the raven-haired Divas muscley back before reaching her hand down.

Cupping Ashley's worn out crotch Candice works her fingers inside Ashley's pussy lips and rubs her clit as Victoria continues to pound her ass hard. Ashley still screams into her gag from every thrust from Victoria but every time Candice rubs her fingers over Ashley's clit the blonde can't help but moan. "You like that don't you," Victoria shouts at a screaming Ashley, "You love being fucked like a dirty little whore." "MMMMMM UUURRRRR MMMMPPPPPPPPP," Ashley screams into her gag as Victoria and Candice fuck her tied up body.

Trish wishes her ears were blocked as she is forced to hear every single gagged scream from Ashley. She feels so guilty for getting Ashley into this match but then Torrie drives her strap on hard into Trish's broken ass. More pain rushes though Trish's body and the tired blonde screams once more before the vibrator in her pussy sending pleasure though her bound form.

Candice has all 4 fingers inside Ashley's pussy pumping them into her wet clit making Ashley's body shake and her knees go weak.

The strap on is still being thrust in hard and fast to Ashley's ass and the mix of pain and pleasure is too much for her body to handle. Ashley's body is a mix of sweat and cum as her body is forcefully fucked around the bright white ropes the only thing holding her in place.

Soon her body betrays her mind and her juices start leaking out onto Candice's soft hand making the Diva drive her fingers harder into Ashley's cunt. The screams are turning into moans and Ashley's battered asshole gets used to the giant plastic cock inside her. Victoria has a massive smile on her face as she feels Ashley's rectum relax allowing her even deeper access to the blonde's hole. They have broken Ashley, as she is feeling nothing but pleasure as she moans and groans into her gag.

Reaching forward Victoria rips away the bra straps of Ashley's gag making Victoria's stained panties fall out of Ashley's mouth. The first sound out of Ashley's mouth is a loud porn star moan that has most men in the arena running to the nearest bathroom to cum. Hearing her moans Candice quickly works her thumb into Ashley's pussy meaning her whole hand is now inside of Ashley.

"OHHHH OHHH GOD OHHHHH MORE GOD MORE DON'T STOP PLEASE DON'T STOP," Ashley cries in pleasure, as she is double penetrated by her two rivals. Candice works her whole hand in and out of Ashley quicker while Victoria grabs hold of Ashley's bony hips and slams her own hips into Ashley's ass driving the strap on deep into her anus. Pleasure is running though Ashley, as her breaths get shorter and shorter. Her mind is clouding over she forgets she's in the middle of the ring tied up and naked, she even forgets the two people fucking her all she wants is her orgasm.

Pushing her cum covered fingers deeper Candice rubs her finger tips against Ashley's clit till the blonde's body starts to rock and shake. Ashley's scream fills the entire arena as the blonde tilts her head back as an ultra powerful orgasm her third of the night fully hits her. Cum flows out of her pussy like a dam had just burst it's banks and Candice's entire arm is coated in Ashley's juices. Victoria keeps her strap on inside the screaming blonde's ass till she stoops shaking then slowly pulls out.

Ripping the strap on off her body Victoria's hands move to her own hairless cunt wiping up some of the pre cum she has leaked out while fucking Ashley's virgin ass. With her fingers covered in her own cream Victoria pushes two fingers inside Ashley's stretched out ass cheeks spreading her cum around the entrance of her asshole.

Like a dog marking it's territory Victoria leaves traces of her own cum in Ashley's asshole as a way of showing she had broken in her ass. Candice wipes Ashley's cum off her arm and watches cum drip out of Ashley's cunt and into a small puddle on the canvas. Victoria pats her best friend on the shoulder and nods before walking over to Trish leaving Ashley alone with Candice.

Ashley is barely awake her third orgasm had really taken all the strength out of her body and being tied up in this bondage had more or less sapped her stamina. Her face is bright red and all Ashley can think about is how humiliated she is having just cum on live TV in the middle of a wrestling ring.

Candice now unties Ashley's ankles and hands and the blonde just slumps onto the turnbuckle before falling face first onto the mat. Taking her time Candice goes back into her bag bringing out that white cloth and a bright green bottle. Pouring a good amount of chloroform onto the rag Candice pulls Ashley up by her long blonde locks before wrapping the bad smelling bit of fabric.

Ashley has nothing left to fight off Candice and when the wet rag is pushed into her face again Ashley instantly submits to the fumes and lets the chloroform send her to sleep.

With no fight left in her Ashley is knocked out once again and Candice puts the cloth away and rolls Ashley onto her back leaving her in the middle of the ring. Meanwhile Trish can no longer cope with her painful butt fucking and an unstoppable vibrator pounding her pussy. She tries not to think of cumming but the vibrator is being pushed in deep by her bound together legs and every time she moves her thigh the plastic cock pushes right up against her clit.

This is the final public humiliation being made to cum in front of the entire world is a line Trish is trying so hard not to cross but Team Pink has her naked and tied up. She is helpless to them and hearing how Ashley screamed and begged then moaning for an orgasm has let Trish know she is fighting a losing battle. Victoria walks behind Trish kisses Torrie on the cheek then gripping the vibrator she shoves the whole sex toy into Trish's pussy. "MMMMMMM URRRRRRRRRR ARRRRRRRRRRR MMM MMMMM," Trish forcefully yells into her gag as an entire vibrator is shoved inside her.

Having the whole thing in her cunt vibrating at top speed it's not long before Trish like Ashley stops screaming and starts moaning. Torrie pushes the strap on harder into Trish's ass hearing her muffed moans and groans. Victoria is grinning as she looks down at a near orgasm filled Trish tied up and naked in front of billons. Trish is crying as she can feel herself losing control and a powerful orgasm builds up inside her.

She tries bucking her hips and moving her legs trying to do anything to get the buzzing vibrator out of her pussy. All she does however is move the pink dildo right up against her throbbing clit and the very second the full power of the vibrating hits her most sensitive area Trish lets out a loud cry.

She cums all over the vibrator and her own juices run out down her legs and drip onto the mat. Victoria is laughing her head off as the cameras zoom in on Trish's orgasm face which makes her look a lot like a amateur porn star. Once her orgasm has finished Trish is sobbing holding her head down in shame as Torrie pulls out of her ass.

Taking off her strap on Torrie watches Victoria undo Trish's ankle cuffs then removes the handcuffs. Trish's sweating, naked body falls down to the mat to tired to do anything. The orgasm and the long time bound up has made Trish's once powerful muscles turn to jelly and the blonde doesn't even have the strength to spit out Torrie's panties. Candice and Victoria each grab hold of one of Trish's arms and drag the blonde on her knees over to Torrie.

Torrie is stood proud and naked over the red, sweaty form of Trish Stratus and to prove her dominance she slaps Trish hard as Candice and Victoria restrain her arms. Trish doesn't really have the strength to fight back; Candice and Victoria are merely holding her upright so she doesn't fall down. Picking up Trish's thong taken off her a while ago Torrie rubs the tiny brown fabric over her wet pussy lips. The whole arena is silent as Torrie rubs herself with Trish's panties.

Torrie's gleaming cunt is just a few inches away from Trish's barely conscious face as Torrie plays with herself. Trish's thong is already getting a large wet patch on it from Torrie's pussy juices as Torrie is sexually overwhelmed by the power she has. Never in her life did she think she would have the great Trish Stratus buck naked in the middle of the ring having already cum on live TV and down to be on her knees as Torrie fucks herself with the blonde's own panties.

Victoria reaches down pulling out the cum coated vibrator and wipes it clean on Trish's big chest. That image of Trish's own cum rubbed onto her chest makes Torrie's hand move faster over her pussy till she cries out in orgasmic pleasure. Quickly Candice and Victoria push Trish's face right into Torrie's snatch and watch on with delight as the blonde's pretty face is covered in Torrie's cum.

They throw Trish onto her back allowing the whole world to get a good look at her naked body with her face and chest covered in cum. She is lying right next to Ashley who is also naked and covered in her own cum. With that perfect picture Candice grabs her trusty cloth once more and wraps it over Trish's mouth and the blonde is out cold in ten seconds flat.

Team Pink stands naked and victorious over the cummed over bodies of Trish and Ashley. Torrie, Candice and Victoria leave the ring after their greatest ever match knowing they had given the two Divas a moment they would never forget or live down. Both chloroformed divas Trish and Ashley are just left lying on their backs in the middle of the ring cum dripping down their athletic bodies as all the fans in the arena and around the world watch on amazed at what they had seen. Team Pink takes one last bow before leaving knowing they had just broken in two more bitches.