Nasty babe gets cum load on her face sucking all the ejaculate

Nasty babe gets cum load on her face sucking all the ejaculate
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I woke up with my hands cuffed behind my back. A man walked in after paying off my pimp. He was tall, black, and strong.


He took off his pants, and I saw the biggest cock I've ever seen. It was about 11 inches long, and three inches wide, maybe even bigger. The man behind him had a camera. "This man will break you into the prostitution and porn world. He will decide what we will do with you." said my pimp. "Yeah we may have some offers on you, guys on the internet saw you taking all that dick and want to buy you already, whore." said the black man.

I got scared, he was over 6 feet tall with 11 inches of black meet. This wasn't the first time I had black cock, but this was the biggest. He took off my cuffs, and took out his bag.


Toys, chains, ropes, and lube. I was on my knees, and they started to film me. They took close ups on my tits, asshole, and pussy. The black man's name was David. He told me as he jacked off to the sight of my naked flesh. His cock made me wet, I wanted it to punish me.

He finally put his monster cock in my face. I liked the head and closed my eyes in the taste of a big black cock. I sucked on it, bobbed my head on it best as i could. I watched his black meet go in and out of my mouth.

I moaned and stared at his huge balls. "Look into the camera to your future customers while you suck this black cock" he said smiling.

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I looked into the camera, sucking and licking that black rod. He took my mouth off of his cock, and took out the lube. chaining my hands together, and putting my face into the ground. I moaned as he put lube on the tip of his cock, and rubbed it onto my asshole.

The camera man was filming my ass while I was looking into the mirror. His black cock went into my ass, and I screamed in pain. He left his cock inside, and took a cloth to keep me from making any noise.

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He fucked me in the ass so hard and so rough. I was being rammed into the floor every time he thrusted. My asshole was being destroyed. I was crying in pain but i loved to watch myself in the mirror.

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"Aw yeah you fucking whore, you know you love this back cock. Love to see little white bitches like you cry while I rip asshole. Take this black cock up your asshole, bitch!" He came into my asshole and i screamed. I laid on the floor with my ass oozing with cum.

I was in pain, but in pleasure.

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I wanted more and more cocks. I didn't want to be sold to someone, I wanted to be a real prostitute, like in brothels. I think my wish came true, because my pimp and David speaking of putting me in an apartment above a local strip club. Before they left, the camera guy got his shot at me. He chose my pussy. He was a good size. He had my hands still tied behind my back, with another in my mouth. -------- They dressed me up. Had a collar with a chain.

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My outfit was a leather skirt, and a see through top with no bra. My Pimp let me fix myself up for the night. They took some pictures for the costumers, and got me into a van. I didn't know where I was actually going, but I think I knew the strip club they were talking about.

It's actually three, with apartments above.

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They knew just as much as I, that I wanted to be a whore. They watched me suck and fuck those cocks, the things I said into the camera. I was put into a room with the door locked behind me: A bed with a chain above for my collar, mirror, air conditioner, some lube, curtains, and some more BDSM stuff.

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The small room was pink from the curtains. I looked at myself in the mirror, my skimpy outfit looked good on me. There was another door opposite of the bed. This door lead to a joint bathroom.

But the door opened, my pimp grabbed me, cuffed me, and chained me. He closed the door and began to touch me. I got wet. "My new whore…Look at these tits&hellip.You'll make me money.

I'll buy you more outfits and stuff." As he was touching me, I wanted to put my hands on his cock, but I was chained. He pinched and rubbed my nipples. "Today should be busy, pay checks. I won't give you the ugly ones, I'll give you the gang bangers and 'masters'" " I know you like that shit" He left me.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To the reader: If you like it, I will make a part three. Part three will be about her first client. IF you have any requests for a type of costumer(master, gangbang, etc) let me know.


I know I didn't do very well in this post, but the story line will pick up. Any requests will be considered and done to the girl in my story. Thanks! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------