Mom catch son fuck his sister

Mom catch son fuck his sister
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My journey into Satanism My name is Simon, I am married to Louise and have two lovely children Jessica aged 14 and Kieran aged 12. You might think my life was perfect and it would be apart from my sexual perversity, I am bi-sexual with a desire to be the submissive party in rough gay group sex. I am employed by a property consultancy to manage empty and derelict buildings. That was my reason for visiting the run down area of the town and led me to St Luke's Church. I was surprised to see a church in an area that would not sustain a congregation and even more surprised to see the massive front doors open and light spilling onto the grey street.

I felt an overpowering desire to enter the church and confess my sins. Inside the quality and condition of the decoration was amazing, I am not a regular church attendee, but my few forays into religious premises for weddings and christenings had never taken me into such a superb building.

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A gentle cough behind me caused me to turn and I found myself facing Father Damian, my first impression was of a good looking man in his early 40's, tall and athletic, the sort of man my dreams revolved around. "Are you looking for something my son"? "No father, well yes, I have a need to confess my sins; I don't understand why, it's just a feeling that came over me when I saw your church".

Nodding the kindly priest said "I understand, many men see this wondrous building and feel the need to unburden their mortal soul, come and sit so that we may talk". Following the priest I sat beside him at a pew near to the altar, the white cloth, candles and familiar cross giving me a strange comfort.

"What do you feel you need to confess"? He asked as he patted my thigh in a fatherly manner. "Father, I have many sins - I lust after men hoping they will dominate me" "My son many men do that, you should not worry, it's not such a bad thing" "But father I want it to be many men at the same time" The priest did not flinch or look appalled at my outburst; he calmly continued "That may be a bit difficult for you, what are you going to do about this problem"?

Before I could stop myself I continued "I have this urge to put myself in danger with the hope of being raped abused - I masturbate nightly at the thought, it fills my every dream". "So my son how many men have you been with at one time"? I looked at the priest unable to understand why I had revealed my inner thoughts and quietly uttered "Three men father but I have a craving for more". "And in your dreams how do you get used by these men"?

Words spilled from my mouth, words that I could not stop. Father the men who dominate me in my dreams well they are the priests and high priests of Satan - They hold me down as they chant their mystical spells and slowly disrobe allowing me to marvel at their enormous phallus. I have to kneel as they take turns at filling my mouth with their monsters before laying me on the black altar of lust and roughly taking me - two cocks fill my mouth as the other priests jostle to take my ass".

I expected the priest to recoil in horror or reach for his crucifix, strange Father Dominic did not appear to wear one, his only response was to proclaim in a loud clear voice that reached the very rafters of the church "Hail Satan, the true master".

This strange priest scared me, I made to stand but his hand pushed down on my thigh, a burning sensation spread through my legs paralysing them. "You are a sinful one, when did you first sin"?

"I have been sinful since I was young, I allowed a priest to, you know, to touch me, well I begged him to" Looking down at my crotch and the developing bulge the priest let out a guttural laugh saying "And what is that my son"? "Father, that is my sinful cock, it betrays me, and it shows how excited the thought of being used by the priest has made me". I did not move as the priest unzipped my trousers and expertly sipped my aroused penis from my shorts, he gently rubbed my erection saying "I must taste it to see if you are truly worthy".

I did not resist as the priest opened his mouth and encircled my penis with his lips and I obeyed his instruction to push it deep into his throat. As I sat there the priest deeply sucking on my rock hard penis I was taken back to the time that I was twelve and Father Benedict had done the same thing.

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Pausing in his ministrations Father Damian said "You are an evil man and must be punished" "Yes father I expected nothing else, that is what my childhood priest told me when he sucked my cock and told me how bad I was". Following the priests instruction I stood and removed my clothes, standing naked before the now kneeling priest I repeated the words Father Benedict had drilled into me all those years ago "I offer you my penis for your blessing, bless me father".

"Fuck yea Hail Satan" exclaimed Father Dominic as he sucked on my cock and slowly worked one and then two fingers into my ass "This is a sinful cock that is dirty and filthy for the glory of Satan" "Yes father - Father Benedict always used three fingers- he said my ass was possessed and he had to drive out the demons". I let out an uncontrolled moan as the priest sucked my cock and fingered my ass.

I offered an apology but was cut short. "Do not apologise for your lust, just do it with all that is within you and I enjoy hearing your pleasure". And with those words the priest worked his third finger into my ass. Pulling away from my cock the priest announced "My cock is leaking with pleasure on hearing your confession".

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"But Father Benedict said my moans were sinful, which is why he had to punish me. Father, do you need me to clean your phallus as I cleaned Father Benedict"? "You cannot be forgiven my son because you don't want to be forgiven; you are enjoying this. Tell me do you really want forgiveness" "I know its wrong father; I need your absolution, no matter what it takes" "Then we must continue, however your sin is so great I shall need the assistance of my brethren".

Instructing me to kneel in prayer the priest left me alone in the church. As I contemplated all that had happened I felt the atmosphere within the church change, a mist appeared to be seeping into the building raising from the crypt; without warning a chill blast of air rushed through the church extinguishing the alter candles and causing the large doors to slam shut, the locking bar dropping into place. Previously the church had the pleasant scent of incense, but this was replaced with the overpowering stench of sulpha.

Then he was standing in front of me, Father Damian was no longer dressed as the genial parish priest, he now wore the black patterned robe of a satanic high priest, mystical symbols embroidered on the chest and arms, a reversed crucifix around his neck.

Father Damien's demeanour had completely changed, he presented as the rapist that had abused me in my dreams. Behind him were standing two hooded figures in the grey robes of the Demonic Brotherhood. Pointing to the altar steps he instructed "Stand there and bend over bitch, show the brethren you ass, let them decide if you are worthy of their attention" "Yes father I know this position well".

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I bent forward and reaching behind pulled my ass cheeks apart revealing my well used hole. Father Damian considered me for several seconds "Lord Satan has desired to possess you and we his obedient servants are going to show you the true path. Your asshole is opened you hungry bitch; Lord Satan desires that you accommodate two cocks". "Father, your words fill me with lust and wonder; but two cocks father surely that is too much for a man to take".

"You will take them; you will devour them in your boi pussy, you will rejoice in the power of Lord Satan". "Yes father, my sinful cock is betraying me yet again; may I suckle on the cocks that are going to empower me" Father Damian slowly shook her head; "No my son to become a true follower you must be raped by the Demonic Brotherhood and that rape shall take place on the high altar in the presence of the dark lord".

The two brothers removed their robes, I recoiled in horror, these were not men; they were true demons, the most striking feature being their 18 inch thick, bulbous phallus that hung down between their muscular thighs. I was dragged to the altar and positioned on my hands and knees facing an upturned crucifix. Both demons positioned themselves behind me.

"Fuck Jesus Hail Satan" intoned Father Damian as the rape of my ass began. As the first demon cock ripped into my ass I screamed and begged for mercy "Your words are like divine song; to be raped on the high alter by the masters disciples is a great honour". My screams intensified as the second demon cock was forced into my already stretch hole.

"Lord Lucifer is pleased, behold he is here" I look to where Father Damian is standing, I shudder. Standing behind the satanic high priest is a monster, a monster that is over 10 feet tall, a monster that is best described as a cross between a lizard and a man, a monster with a phallus over 3 feet long and dripping pre-cum.

The monster bends at the knees and lifts the priest's robes exposing Father Damian's ass and his engorged cock. Having positioned his enormous cock against the priest's anal opening he thrusts forward. The power of the thrust lifts father Damian off his feet "Hail Satan, fill me with your seed, make me the instrument of your will".

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I watch mesmerised as the coupling takes place, I barely feel the rape of my ass as I watch the blinding white light that emanates from the dark lord, I watch with amazement as Father Damian's penis grows to an unbelievable size. "Breed me Lord Satan, breed your true follower, impart your wisdom in me" As father Damian utters the last word the monster lets out a blood curling howl as he ejaculates inside the priest's anus.

This was the signal for the tow demons raping my ass to cum, the force of their jets of cum exploding inside my bowels causing my own orgasm. Father Damian his robe discarded is standing at my head "Tell me you want Lord Satan's giant cock, tell me your boi pussy is so loose you want more" "Would the master find me worthy"? "Oh you are so worthy but you must beg for his cock and pledge yourself to him and denounce your Christian god as I have done" "Yes father I pray unto Lord Satan and renounce all others, please allow me to suck on your wondrous phallus and receive the blessing of the master" Gripping his cock and thrusting it at my mouth he chanted "Suck me, suck me, suck me.

Worship my cock worship Lord Satan" I stretched my mouth wide to accommodate the high priest; I worshiped his majestic cock and heavy balls, I uttered a silent prayer to Lord Satan as he relentlessly pushed his cock deep in my unworthy mouth. Unable to speak due to the size of the phallus, my eyes are riveted on father Damian's as the divine light shines through. It is the light of hell piercing through I am aware that Lord Satan is again standing behind the priest, his phallus again engorged and throbbing.

The dark lord again enters the priest who screams out "FUCK ME I AM THE BITCH OF SATAN; FUCK MY WIFE TO HELL FUCK THE CHURCH; TAKE ME SATAN TAKE ME". Lord Satan again fills the priest with seed and with a flash of light accompanied by a strong sulphurous odour disappears. "Father if you are Satan's bitch, will you make me your whore; make me your instrument of torture; give me the divine seed and then breed me until I bleed" I beg.

"Yes take my cock whore" demand the high priest as he stands behind me and rams it into my ass. "Fuck me like the dog I am" I demand "Use your powers to delay spilling your seed until I am exhausted, I will do whatever you command in Satan's name".

"I will rape you again and again; I will rape the shit out of you and piss in your ass" "Yes master, make it rape, do not have any feeling for me; oh yes give me your piss and let your minions piss over me" "Take it; take it all; take it deep you bitch feel my piss warm your insides" I lean against the alter as a mix of cum and piss escapes from by bruised and battered anus "I want you to give me your wife; I will turn her into one of Lord Satan's whores; I will take your children's virginity and dedicate their defilement to our Lord Satan" I feel the power of the true one course through my bowels "Yes master she is yours as are my son and daughter" "They will be raped in front of you and you will enjoy it every minute of it.

You will see the pleasure on their faces as the fear departs". "I promise to bring them to you so that you and your followers may show them the true way" "You will fuck them as well, you will use your son's boi pussy and your daughter's cunt and ass, and you will spill your seed in your off spring" "Oh yes master - I have lusted for my daughter's cunt for years.

I will not let you down" "We stop now; you must prepare your wife and children for the journey into discovery". As I stop to retrieve my clothes Father Damian hands me a small bottle containing a colourless liquid. "Sprinkle this on their food, they will not resist when you bring them to the Lord Satan. Do not fail me, do not try to hide them from the Lord, we will hunt them down and make you watch as a thousand demons rape them".

I dress and leave the church, on reaching my car I think it was all a dream, but the severe pain in my ass and the sensation of cum leaking from my bruised hole and seeping down my leg tells me it happened.

I turn to look at the church, I must be dreaming, the magnificent church is a boarded up derelict building, but I know that when I return with my family all will be well. I return to my office and use the shower, given the condition of the premises I access on a normal day this is nothing unusual and I always keep a change of clothes in my locker.

I check out St Luke's on the web and discover it has been derelict for over twenty years and that it is only its listed building status and uncertainty over ownership that is preventing its demolition. I leave work at my usual time and endure the slow crawl home in the rush hour traffic; I am relieved to find both my children are home and that we are due to eat as a family.

I wait until my wife has prepared the meal and surreptitiously sprinkle a few drops of Father Damian's liquid on three of the four plates. Initially there was no change in the demeanour of my family and I thought the drops had not worked, had I used enough, how could I administer more? Then one by one their eyes glazed over and I was sitting at the table with three zombies.

In order to test the effectiveness of the drug I asked Emma, my wife to pass the salt, she instantly complied whilst retaining her glazed expression.

I decided to test the effectiveness of the liquid further. "Jessica I want you to unbutton your blouse". Jessica did as I commanded and I sat staring at my daughters budding titties encased in her tiny bra. I looked at Emma who was oblivious as to what was happening. "Jessica, come here and stand next to me" Again there was total obedience from my daughter and when I lifted the hem of her short skirt and worked my fingers into the leg of her panties there was no reaction.

I slowly fingered my 14 year old daughter's pussy and even contemplated bending her over the table and using her as my slut; but I recalled Father Damian's words "I will take your children's virginity and dedicate their defilement to our Lord Satan". Leaving Jessica standing I turn my attention to Emma. "Emma you are a filthy slut and you deserve to have your ass fucked, bend over the table bitch". Again there was total obedience. I stand behind my wife and pull her skirt up exposing her long tanned legs and her firm buttocks; I am pleased to see she is wearing a thong.

I pull the skimpy material to one side and pit on my fingers working the moisture into Emma's tight ass. Anal sex has always been a total taboo; well tonight it is going to be the norm. I slide me cock into the tight opening and slowly anal fuck my wife, not stopping until cum explodes deep inside her ass.

"Kieran I want you to eat my cum from your mom's ass; Jessica you will suck my cock clean". I ejaculated again, this time inside my daughter's mouth as the sight of my 12 year old son slurping cum from his mom's ass and the unexpected proficiency of my daughters oral skills took me over the edge. Telling my family we had to have an early start the next day I sent them to bed, making sure I added some more drops of the fluid to the drinks I instructed them to consume.

Once alone I sorted through my porn collection looking for my favourite prison rape scene, the one where the white warden is gang raped by ten black inmates. Yes life is certainly looking up. The next day I instructed Emma to dress herself and Jessica as sluts before bundling the family in my car and driving to St Luke's.

On arrival I was gratified to find that the church was again restored to its former glory. Outside the church I checked over my family; Emma had really excelled at making herself look a slut. Her long blonde hair was tied up, she had overdone the make-up, thick black mascara coated her eyelashes and flame red lipstick enhanced her already large lips. A red silk blouse barely contained her 38DD titties, the erect nipples straining against the sheer material; the top three buttons of the blouse were undone allowing me to see the red lace bra that enhanced her boobs.

A short black skirt that was really Jessica's and black fishnet stockings completed the effect. The skirt was so short I could see her red lace thong every time she moved. Emma is already 5'10" and the 5 inch heeled stiletto shoes made her tower above me, the sight of her long tapered legs tormenting my aroused cock. Emma's efforts with Jessica's appearance was amazing, she had managed to combine school girl and whore, the result being every red blooded man's wildest desire.

Jessica's long blonde hair had been twisted into two perfect pig tails, a tight white blouse, two sizes too small covered her budding titties and tiny white bra. Round her swan like neck she wore a black leather collar, a gift I had bought Emma many years ago when we were exploring our darker side, a gift she had never worn.

The blouse was tied exposing Jessica's pale midriff. Like her mom's her skirt was much too short and her little white panties were clearly visible. Knee length white socks gave the school girl impression but a pair of her mom's stiletto heeled shoes provided a strange contrast.

Emma had been especially particular about Jessica's make-up, just enough to make her alluring, but not so much that she looked a tramp. Dressing Kieran had been simple, a ripped T shirt that exposed his boy nipple, a pair of his mom's red silk panties and a red ribbon round his neck I walk my family to the open doors, the divine light radiates from the building. A guard of twenty Brothers of Satan are standing inside the doors, the hoods of their grey habits drawn over their heads.

We are directed to kneel before the altar steps, the females nearest the altar with Kieran and me kneeling behind. One of the brethren roughly pushes us into the correct position; we are kneeling with our foreheads touching the floor, our asses slightly in the air. The brother lifts both Emma's and Jessica's skirts so that their thong covered asses are visible to the other brethren who have formed up behind us. Although I am left alone the brother pulls Kieran's panties to one side exposing his anal opening and freeing his small cock.

Satisfied with his efforts he instructs us not to move and takes his place with the brethren. As the church doors are closed I sneak a view of my daughters exposed cunt and feel the lust course through my body. I can here rustling behind me, I realise that the brethren are masturbating at the sight before them.

A blinding white light emanates from the altar and the strong smell of Sulphur returns. The brethren chant in unison.


"Hail Lord Asmodeus, Lord Satan's most dedicated disciple; hail Lord Asmodeus Lord High Priest of the Brotherhood of Satan". I raise my eyes and can see Father Damian standing before the altar, Father Damian and Lord Asmodeus are one and the same.

Lord Asmodeus raises his arms and his commanding voice rings out "Goddamn the God of heaven! Hail to our Lord Lucifer! Lust is in the air of this temple". Walking to examine my family he stands next to me and asks "What are your limits for these pretty gifts you have presented to Lord Satan"? "I have no limits for them Lord; I purely wish to serve the true lord in any way he desires" "Then if this is true I want you to kneel before the young boy and take his cock in your mouth and make him erect while you put the index finger of each hand in the assholes of your wife and daughter".

Lord Asmodeus and the brethren form a loose circle around us, I am pulled into a kneeling position and my son lifted to his feet so that he is standing in front of me, one of the brethren removes the red panties and hands them to Lord Asmodeus who sniffs them and then licks the crotch. He brother has not finished with Kieran; his thick finger is probing my son's tight ass causing the boy's tiny penis to twitch. I am roughly pushed forward and am sucking my son's cock.

Emma and Jessica are divested of their short skirts; my arms are grasped by members of the brotherhood, my fingers pressed against the pantie encased cunts. Lord Asmodeus intones "Do it as the fucking Jesus Christ watches and our Master Satan gazes upon this wondrous scene". Lord Asmodeus watches for some time then shouts "I did not say their cunts I said their ASSHOLES!

Can you not follow my directions"? "I am so sorry Lord I got carried away". I quickly turn my attention to the thong covered asses "Slave, you will pay for your lack of attention your time will come to pay".

Stepping forward Lord Asmodeus removes his black robe and stands naked before my still drugged wife and grasping her blouse rips it open, buttons hitting the floor; he roughly pulls the red lacy bra up releasing my wife's titties; he pinches and tweaks her nipples until they are standing erect.

He passionately kisses my wife on the lips triggering a reciprocal response. Looking down at me as I continued to suck my son's hardened cock he continued "Your wife's eyes are fixed upon my giant cock while you are fingering her; she is not repulsed with what is happening to her children, she is a true slut". They return to the passionate kissing and Lord Asmodeus reaches out and fondles Jessica's small titties over her blouse.


I watch dismayed as my wife reaches a shuddering orgasm. "Is that jealousy I see on your face slave"? "No Lord, I could not be jealous of the chosen one". "I am glad to hear that slave". Turning to the brother who had removed my son's silk panties Lord Asmodeus continues "The boy's ass is yours to use as you please, use him badly; make him one of Lord Satan's boi sluts". Kieran is roughly dragged away from me and positioned on the altar steps, his hands are placed on the altar rail as the brother stands behind him.

The brother removes his robe exposing his 10" thick, throbbing cock. Bending at the knees he positions his cock against Kieran's anal opening before standing and thrusting hard. Kieran lets out a shrill scream; Lord Asmodeus looks to me for a response to my son's rape. "My son's screams and his lost virginity are a worthy gift for my Lord Satan".

The cock head goes in and Kieran continues to scream but he is pushing back wanting more. "Slave, your son is a cock whore already and at such a young age; and your wife's cunt is dripping fuck juice at the sight" Without being instructed Emma drops to her knees and takes Lord Asmodeus's cock into her willing mouth. "Oh Lord I am so jealous now as I watch her hungrily suck on your phallus" Lord Asmodeus spreads his arms wide "Fucking Jesus Christ I HATE YOU and RENOUNCE YOU" Emma redoubled her efforts sucking hungrily on the massive phallus that fills her mouth; the lust clearly showing in her eyes "Eat your daughter's cunt slave, make her cum, prepare her to receive Satan's blessing".

This is paradise, the things most taboo in my life are coming true in one day, and I devour Jessica's teen pussy. "Today this family is dedicated to the true GOD of ALL, Lucifer and Satan". I turn and see that Emma is now kissing Lord Asmodeus's ass, her tongue delving deep inside. The high Priests cock is unbelievably long and thick, thick strands of pre-cum coat the bulbous head. "Your bitch must be a cunt eater slave; she is making my cock so hard; maybe she eats your daughter when you are out at work"?

Without warning Lord Asmodeus spins Emma around so that she is kneeling on the altar steps and violently thrusts his cock into her tight ass. He fully penetrates her in a single motion and I watch amazed as the cock seems to swell inside her.

She screams with the pain causing Lord Asmodeus to become even harder. "May she scream as she receives your gift Lord, may she take all 15" Lord" Lord Asmodeus ferociously fucks Emma calling her a slut, a whore, a bitch, each utterance resulting in an even harder thrust as he ploughs my wife's ass. I look around and see Kieran in a circle of four naked brethren, he is sucking their cocks in turn, he sees me looking and a smile crosses his face, his eyes are clear, he is no longer drugged, he is doing this because he wants to.

He shifts round the circle and I see the cum oozing from his bruised ass, the first brother must have cum deep inside my son; as I watch another brother kneels behind Kieran and easily slides his substantial cock into the 12 year olds ass; oh my God, I watch as Kieran ejaculates on the church floor.

Lord Asmodeus is aware that Emma is no longer as responsive to his fucking, and immediately orders that her wrists are tied to the altar rail and a nose fixed round her neck and also secured to the rail. He continues to fuck her ass as her screams and protests become louder. I am made to stand before my wife and watch her being anally raped She looks me in the eyes "How could you do this to us!

You are a monster". Then she hears Kieran scream as a second brother mounts him two cocks forcing their way into his small ass.

Emma managed to turn her head to witness her son being double penetrated in the ass as another thick cock fills his mouth. Her howls of despair ring around the church. I smile and wank my cock at the sight of my wife and son being violated, Jessica has remained relatively untouched, but I sense she is being spared for something special. Then it is my turn to feel the power of the brethren's cock.

A massive black brother punches me hard in the gut, I fall to the floor onto to be grabbed by the hair and my mouth pulled onto a massive black cock. "I am allowing you to fulfil your wildest dreams" stated Lord Asmodeus. "Now fuck the slave's ass till he bleeds".

My clothes were ripped from my body as the ebony brother positioned me to receive his mighty weapon; another brother seized the opportunity and thrust his cum coated cock into my mouth, I was cleaning the demonic brother who had been the first to rape my son. I gasp as the black cock penetrates my anus, pushing through my sphincter muscle and burying its self in my bowels. As the brethren use me as their slut Jessica is dragged before Lord Asmodeus, her torment is about to begin.