Blond lovely teen hitchhiker stacie andrews picked up hardcore and blowjob

Blond lovely teen hitchhiker stacie andrews picked up hardcore and blowjob
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Will was very unhappy when he got home. He made the mistake of walking. Foolish boy. It took him about an hour to get home from school if he walked. About ten minutes if he took the bus. "Shit" He moaned. He sat down on his steps and threw his bookbag to his side.

He rang the doorbell before he sat but to no avail. He knew his parents were at work. He had no siblings. He looked down to his feet and twiddled his thumbs. He saw his hair in front of his eyes. His dirty blonde, straight hair was something that ran on his fathers side of the family. Although his green eyes were on his mothers side.

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Standing he was about 5 feet tall six inches. He wasn't in any sports but was muscular. He was fifteen years old. 'How do I not have it? I brought it this morning!' He thought. He dug his hand in his right pocket. "Son of a bitch!" He yelled. He felt a hole in his pocket. 'It fell through!' He sat and rubbed his eyes with his fingers and thumb. Today was a stressful day for the teen. He was failing his algebra class and was getting a letter sent home.

His parents were strict with his grades. He was glad he had time to relax with them not being there. He just wished he was inside to enjoy it. He opened his bookbag and pulled out some work he had gotten that day. It was his strong point, World History. He had a girl that lived by him that was in that class. Her name was Lydia. He hadn't seen her yet. He secretly had a crush on her but hid his feelings from her. Within minutes he finished the work.


He sighed. He was bored, hot, and tired. Not to forget hungry.


He opened his bookbag again and put away his book. He pulled out a half drank bottle of water. He sipped from it and closed his eyes. He leaned back on the railing and opened his black, button up shirt.

He glanced at his watch. '4:00. Three and a half hours. Son of a bitch.' He thought. His eyes began to close and droop. It wasn't long before he was asleep. SLAM! Will snapped awake. 'What the--' He stood and looked around. A door slammed. He looked to his right and saw Lydia, sitting on her steps crying, her arms wrapped around her head, her face on her knees.

He saw he had only slept a few minutes. He decided to call out to her. "Hey. You okay?" Will asked. She shuffled a bit. And raised her head. Her eyes widened at his muscular frame. "No." She said. "You wanna talk about it?" He asked, hoping she would invite him in. "I don't care. You can come in and try to help, but all boys are the same." She said with disgust.

She had a small smile on her face. "You're locked out, aren't you?" She asked. Will managed a laugh. "Yeah. I decided to wear my pants with a ripped pocket" He said rubbing the back of his head. "You also wore a shirt that isn't closed" She said, staring at his chest.

"Oh, fuck" He cried out. He turned and tried to button his shirt. Lydia laughed at him. She showed her smile that Will loved to see. He stood and picked up his bookbag and water. "I saw you sleeping, but I didn't want to bother you" She said through a sniff.

He got to her steps and began walking up. "You can talk to me for anything" He said. "Anytime." She smiled and opened the door. The feeling of walking through that door and feeling the cool air was like heaven. "Ahh, Yeah!" He said with joy. She managed a smile. Her slightly red eyes and nose showed she had been crying for awhile. He set down his bookbag and walked to her. "There's nothing worse than seeing a beautiful girl cry. Why are you crying?" He asked. He stared deep into her eyes. Lydia was a fox.

She stood at five feet two inches. She had brown hair to her shoulders, usually tied back into a pony tail. She had a curvy hourglass figure, and perky 32B cups. She had striking blue eyes. Usually filled with confidence, they now showed sadness. She was also fifteen. She stared back into his eyes for a moment.

"My boyfriend," She groaned. "Or my ex-boyfriend. Asshole. He cheated on me for that Cindy bitch in our World History class." "Ew.

She's nasty. I bet she has something" He said with disgust. "Well she can have him. I'm not taking back a cheater." She said.

They had gotten to the living room and Will sat on the left of the couch. Before Lydia sat she spun and faced Will again. "Would you like something to drink?

I'm about to go into the kitchen, so, I can bring you something." "Do you have any Mountain Dew?" He asked. "Yessir!" She said, sounding happier than before. She came back a few seconds later with two, cold cans of Dew. She opened hers and sat next to Will giving him a can. "Mmm" She said after a sip. "My favorite." "Mine too" He said opening the can. They talked together about school. How much shittier it was then middle school. They went to the same school in middle school, but never had any classes.

They had talked maybe once or twice during the summer but that was about it. They sat for a minute until Lydia asked for help on the World History homework. "Of course! I'd be glad to help!" He replied. He easily guided her through the homework. It was the class he was best in. He helped her with the ten questions they got for homework. "Told you it was easy" He said with a smile. "I get it now. It's not so hard, I just have to stop falling asleep." She said with a laugh.

She didn't seem so sad anymore. "Thanks" She said and hugged him. Will hugged back and loved the feeling of her in his arms. When he pulled away she "accidently" brushed her hand on his cock. He also "accidently" gently brushed her breast. "Sorry" They both said, a little red faced. Both turned for a second. Lydia had both hands on her can of soda and began using both index fingers to tap the tab nervously.

Will did the same using his thumb. "Hey, umm. I'm goning to change into something more comfortable." Lydia said, standing up. She put her can on the coffee table in front of the couch. "Oh, alright" He said. His voice shakey. "I'll be here." "Good" She replied with a smile. She walked past him and put her thumb on his bottom lip.

She walked to the right and into her room. "Holy shit" He muttered under his breath. He set his can in front of him and reached behind him to fish out his wallet.

He opened it and saw his condom, safe and sound. He immediately put it back into his pocket. He heard a crash and a yelp. He stood. "You okay?" He shouted. "Yeah! I tripped on a shoe!" She yelled. Will laughed and sat back down. He lifted the can to his lips and took a long slow drink.

He heard her door open and looked to the right. He nearly choked. She stood wearing only a spaghetti strap tank top and an extremely short denim skirt. No bra. "That's better" she said. She sat next to him again. She was turned a little towards him.

She reached forward and grabbed her can. When she did she spread her legs just a little. But enough so Will could see she wore no panties. 'Oh fuck' He thought. He had an erection, almost as if her pussy was viagra. It was shaved and looked clean. He saw her pussy lips, barely opened. She leaned back, and took a sip, closing her legs. She put it back down and showed him again, this time wider. "Do you like what you see?" She asked, spreading her legs even more as she leaned back.

He didn't answer. He was in too much shock to be able to breathe for a minute. He kept staring though. "From the way you're looking, I'd say yes?" She asked opening them up alot wider. Her clit was visible now. "Uhh, yeah" He managed, and groaned. He nodded slowly. "I think you would like it better if there was something in it." Lydia said, slowly sliding her fingers down to her pussy and began rubbing slowly.

"Mmm. How's that? Better?" WIll eyes were unimagineably wide.

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He felt his cock get more and more excited with every moan she let out. He began moving closer to her and wrapped his right arm around her. He began kissing her deeply. She moaned in his mouth when he moved her hand away from her pussy and replaced it with his. He began moving his fingers in and out of her pussy feeling the tight warmth.

She pulled away and moaned "Keep going right there" and kept kissing him. He had found her clit. He used his thumb to rub the enflamed part of her pussy and kept pushing his fingers in and out of the vice grip like hole. He moved his right hand around from her back and to the strap of her shirt. He moved it down her arm and pulled away. She pulled her arm out helping him. He began to rub her right breast. It wasn't too large and it wasn't too small. Just a perfect hand full.

Her nipple was standing large and proud. He pulled away and began sucking her nipple now. He continued furiously rubbing her pussy. Soon she exploded in an orgasm. "Oh!! Oh fuck!!" She cried out. He rubbed faster and sucked harder as he felt her pussy clench. He felt her steamy sex gush out of her pussy.

He continued to rub and suck and sent her into another orgasm within seconds, something he had never done before. They both pulled away when she was finished with her orgasm. "Holy, fuck!" She cried out. "That was the most incredible I've ever felt!" "Glad to be of service." He said, still in slight shock.

He still had his erection and it was begging to be free. "Ooh what's this?" She asked grabbing it. He gladly let her rub it through his pants. "Can he come out and play?" "Fuck yes he can" He said with enthusiasm. She unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them. She pulled them down and she saw his cock standing at full mast in his boxers. She pulled them down as well and showed off his seven inches long and five inch round penis. "Oh, my!" She cried out. "What a nice one!" She said whilst rubbing him.

He began unbuttoning his black shirt again.

He opened it so she had better access. "Lay back" She said her palm open right under his bellybutton. He did as she asked and used a pillow to keep his head up to watch. He watched her as she stroked it and called it big and happy. Soon the stroking ceased and she opened her mouth to form a little O.

She went down and sucked on the head. "Oh, fuck yes" He moaned. She went down 4 inches and began moving her head up and down. She sucked expertly. During the blowjob she would occasionally go down all the way with a little gag and come to the tip and swirl her tongue around it.

This drove him mad. He loved the feeling. "Oh. Oh my God" He cried out. "I'm gonna cum!" She came up and stroked quickly. "Fuck my face!!" She cried and went back down to the base of his dick. He began fucking her mouth with his pelvis.

He thrust in and out as fast as he could. Her mouth was open now extremely wide and she took the abuse. The sound of his dick hitting her throat was what sent him off the edge. He came in an explosive blast of six squirts. The feeling got more and more pleasureable with each shot. He moaned one last time and the orgasm was over. "Oh, shit" He moaned. "That was the best blowjob ever!" He said throwing his head back.

Lydia came off his cock and swallowed his cum. "Thank you!" She said. Her voice cracked a little. She took a drink of her soda and sat back down on the couch. They heard a screech and a door slam. "Fuck! That's my mom!" She cried out. Will pulled up and buttoned his pants and ran to his bookbag. "Backdoor!" She yelled and she ran into her room.

Will ran as fast as possible to the backdoor. As soon as he opened it he heard the front door open. He ran outside and ran around.

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He threw his bookbag over her fence and jumped it. He picked it up when he got to the other side and ran home as fast as he could. He waited for few minutes and looked at his watch. 7:00. He had thirty minutes until his parents were home. He set his bookbag on the stairs and walked back to her house. He stood at her doorway and rang the doorbell.

He was anxious. Lydia answered the door luckily. She walked out, wearing the same attire before, except now with a bra. "Did you get caught?" He asked his eyes filled with worry. "Almost. She noticed the extra can and the door but I told her that I was outside for a minute and had one can to drink outside. She bought it." "Thank Christ," He moaned. "I'd feel bad if I got you in trouble." She leaned forward and he leaned in. They kissed for only a few seconds until they heard a knock on the screendoor.

"Come in lovebird" Her mother said. "Dinner is almost ready." Lydia pulled away and smiled. She hugged him and had her mouth close to his ear. "Come tonight at about midnight. I'll have something special waiting. Meet me in the back yard." She pulled away, smiled and went inside. She waved bye as she went in, and closed the door.

This wasn't such a bad day after all! He waited patiently for his parents to arrive. When he did, he was starving.

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They let him in and they had a nice dinner. They talked and they asked what he did when he was locked out. He just told them he slept.


They continued eating and at about 10:30 Will was sent to bed. He occupied his time by, pacing, going to the bathroom frequently, and reading a book.

He was ready, but nervous. Soon the time came. He got his wallet out and took out the condom. He put it in his pocket and headed to her house. He jumped her fence and stood and looked around. He saw Lydia in the moonlight on the porch. She stood and leaned on a wooden pillar, holding the deck up above. "Hello, you're right on time." She said. She turned. She wore a blue and white silk robe.

"Good. I'm glad to be here." He smiled. She smiled back. "Here is the something special." She said and let her robe fall. She was now in the nude.

Will immediately had an erection. "Wow. That certainly is special," He said with delight. He took his shirt off and walked to her as she walked to him. They met in a passionate kiss. Their hands roamed eachothers backs. Lydia's hands came to the front of Will's jeans. She unbuttoned them and pushed them down.

Will was not wearing any under wear. He stepped out of his jeans and pulled away. He pulled out his condom and put it in between his fingers. He began kissing her again, and she pulled away this time. "I'm ready now. I need you" She said almost urgently. His cock was now rock solid and at full mast yet again.

He opened the condom and rolled it down his penis. She came closer to him and grabbed it. She gently pulled him forward with it and stuck it at the front of her pussy. "Here. Slowly. please" She said, her blue eyes looking into his. He nodded and backed her up onto the wooden pillar she was on earlier. He slowly went in as he felt her tight pussy around his cock. He barely had his head in when Lydia used her hand at his chest to stop him.

"Hold on" She said. Her eyes were closed. Not much later she took her hand off his chest and told him to go. He went more in, but slowly. Every few seconds another inch was in until he had filled her all the way up. She cooed, and told him to hold it. A minute later she gave him the okay.

He pulled back and went in. This time quicker. She sighed with pleasure. He went again but this time faster than that. She moaned now. He kept going faster with each thrust. She cried out as quietly as possible. "Ohh fuck, yes! Faster, faster!!" She said with glee. He began to go fast and harder now. Her arms were around him, her fingers digging into his back. She cried out, "Pull my fucking hair!

I love it!" He had his hand around her back and pulled a little hard on her hair as he continued to thrust. "Harder!" She moaned. He pulled harder now and began to fuck her harder. He went furiously in and out of her tight pussy. He pulled her hair and she began to moan. "Mmm fuck!!" She moaned.

"I'm cumming!" He felt her pussy get tighter and felt her cum flow from her and get on his pubic hair. "Ohh, jesus" She cried and leaned on him. He waited for her to stop panting before he started to go again. The feeling of her pussy was now slicker than before.

Soon she was moaning for him to go faster, and to pull her hair. "Oh, I fucking will" he moaned. "I fucking love this!" He began fucking her much harder than he did before. He began feeling his balls tingle soon and heard her pant again. "Oh!! I'm cumming again!!" She cried.

"Fuck!! I am too!" He moaned. He began to rub her clit and fucked her hard. They both erupted at about the same time. He shot his load in the condom and she came around it. He leaned on the pillar with his arms, she lying on it. After they recovered he pulled his cock out of her and tied up the condom. He picked up the wrapper and he put them on the ground.

"Thank you for tonight. Today was wonderful as well" She said, her hair a mess. She began putting on her robe as he put on his jeans. "You too. I had an incredible time." He walked to her and kissed her passionately for a long time.

His tongue danced with hers in her eachothers mouths. She pulled away after a few minutes. "I have to go." She said sadly. "Me too" He said. He leaned in and kissed her one last time with his tongue in her mouth again, and pulled away. He picked up his shirt.

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She took the condom and wrapper and walked inside. He jumped her fence for the last time that night, and went home exhausted. He collapsed on his bed with his shirt off, and fell asleep within seconds. Part two?