Purple bitch Anal For DVA

Purple bitch Anal For DVA
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Moms sold as a Cum Slut Jill was sitting in the kitchen talking to the football coach as her husband walked in, she waved to him and kept right on talking.

He motioned he was heading upstairs to unpack from his trip. She hung up happy with the results which just occurred. She headed upstairs to tell her husband the news. "Hi hon how was the trip"? He looked at her "long and tiring and next week I'm back out to the coast". "Wow that sucks for you". Al looked at Jill, he shrugged and continued unpacking. "I've got news about our son". Al turned and looked "what might that be"? "Evan is the new statistician for the football team they've asked me to chaperone the team when they play away games.

Since your traveling I thought it would be a diversion for Evan and I". Her husband a strange look on his face but after a moment he said "I guess it will be good for Evan to get out more often and as for you it will be a help while I'm gone".

Jill turned to leave the room as she walked away she thought you have no idea what a help it will be for me. At dinner, they discussed Evans role as the team statistician, as soon as dinner was over Al went into the den turned on the TV and within 20 minutes was fast asleep. Evan sat in the kitchen as Jill cleaned up, as she finished she smiled at Evan "want to go upstairs for a blow job"?

Evan laughed, "I'd love to but have you looked out the living room window in a while"? Without answering she went and looked outside. There parked across the street was Brutus's van, she quickly closed the drapes and hurried back to the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen Evan realized she was flustered. "Great now what do I do, the vans outside no doubt waiting for me and I can't go". Evan sat thinking about the situation for a minute then he spoke.

"Mom if you want to go I'll stay here and if dad wakes up I'll tell him you went to Mrs. Wilkens house for a while as she called. If you take too long, I'll text Brutus telling him you need to get back right away". Jill looked at Evan "it could work if we hurry". "Mom Brutus is going to take his time with you, besides he cums in quarts so you need to take clothes in the event you evening goes good". Jill walked over and kissed him on the lips, "when I get home I'll give you that blow job we discussed".

Evan gave her thumbs up, "get going mom". Jill scurried upstairs to get on sexy underwear for her meeting with Brutus. Evan texted Brutus she'll be out in 15 minutes you owe me $50 more ok.

The reply came back in seconds, done! Jill came down to the kitchen 15 minutes later she looked hot in her shorts and blouse with three of the five front buttons undone revealing her yellow bra. "Evan do you think Bru will approve"? He gave her thumbs up, "mom get going he'll need some time with you"?


She kissed him on the cheek and headed for the back door. As she approached the van she was giddy with excitement, about 10 feet from the side door she saw the door opened, there was Brutus and two other guys she had never seen all smiling with their cocks out standing straight up.

She smiled and hopped into the van as they closed the door. Jill kissed Brutus on the head of his cock, "hi their old friend".

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She turned to face the other two guys when she heard Brutus say "Jill this is Jim and Larry", she leaned over planted a kiss on each cock and sat on the floor.

Larry smiled at he "so Jill you are really the team cum bucket"? "Yup and just so there are no mistakes I have every intention of draining your nut sacks, now who's first"?

Before anyone could react, Brutus look at the other two guys. You guys should really fuck her first as she not ready to let me in without a little work. Both guys immediately went to work removing her clothes while kissing her all over. Once her tits were out they each had a nipple in their mouth while they kept removing her shorts and panties so her clit was exposed.

They stopped each one looking at her clit which was standing straight up and rock hard. Larry smiled "wow Jill your clit is really ready isn't it"? "You bet it is, I'm hoping you guys will DP me as I really love it". Both guys nodded, Larry pulled her on him she felt his cock slide in about half way. "Easy does it big boy I need a little time to adjust". Three more pushes and he was buried deep in her pussy. Immediately she felt Jim's cock at her rear, she moved forward a bit giving him easier access.

Within minutes they had worked up a good rhythm she was moaning they were grunting then she felt the cock in her pussy go deep she started using the muscles in her pussy to milk him. It only took a few seconds and she felt warm fluid coating the walls of her pussy. The sensation must have caused the cock in her ass to react as she realized he was flooding her bowels with cum.

She moaned with delight "keep pumping me full of cum babe I really needed this". The three of them lay still for a minute or so, then she heard Larry "I'd like to try that ass man would you like a really fine pussy"?

They changed positions she was once again stuff full of young cock. It didn't take very long for them to build up a rhythm.


She was rocking with each thrust, "this really feels great take you time guys" just then an orgasm overtook her, she put her mouth in Jim's neck to keep her screams of delight muffled. Again, her pussy milked the cock in it until it exploded again fulling her with cum, it took a while longer but after a minute or two her bowels were bathed in warm cum.

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The three of the lay on the floor Brutus smiled at her, "spread bitch"! She gave him a big smile and she spread as wide as she was able. He wasted no time sinking his large cock deep in her tight pussy. Her pussy walls were milking his cock. She kept repeating fuck that pussy baby, fuck that pussy.

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Brutus was getting ready, he pushed deep past her cervix and unloaded what felt like a quart of cum. The feeling of hot cum erupting from his cock sent her over the edge, she had a violent orgasm. Her whole body was shaking, "bru baby I love that big black cock, I need it badly". The other two guys got out their phones as they wanted to get pictures of cum leaking out of her but she quickly grabbed her panties pulling them on she smiled "would you like to get a couple shot of me in my panties"?

Both guys started shooting pictures "hey Bru how about a blow job"? He gave her a thumbs ups. She sucked all three of them dry over the next hour, when she was finished she was covered in cum. Larry looked at her "Jill you are certainly a great cum bucket, and a great piece of ass.

I can't remember a pussy ever being so hot". She looked at him "you're really great yourselves and I'm really looking forward to servicing the team". Both guys smiled, she kissed all three of them on their cock heads before exiting the van.

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She quietly came in the back door; Evan was sitting in the kitchen. She whispered "Evan where your dad"? "Still on the couch sleeping, wow mom you best get upstairs you are covered in cum". She smiled cocked her hips to the side "Evan I think this is a good look for me, do you"?

He chuckled "before you clean up stop in my room, there's a matter of a blow job owed". She giggled heading to his room. After giving Evan a great blow job she showered and fell asleep in minutes a content sleep The next morning as Evan headed to the kitchen her saw his dad heading to the bathroom.

Jill was in the kitchen getting breakfast, "hi hon want some oatmeal"? "Sure mom". Evan realized she was walking slowly, "you ok mom"? "I sure am just a bit sore from the van experience". He laughed he sat as his dad entered the room. They talked about his new job with the team, suddenly Evan realized he had to be at practice in 20 minutes.

His mother grabbed her car keys and they headed out to the field. Upon arrival as Evan got out Luther and Gary walked up to the car "hi Jill how's it going? We understand you may be a bit sore this am". She gave them a big smile, "sure I'm sore I've got to be careful not to spend too much time with Bru, if I do he'll stretch me out so you guys wouldn't have a tight hot pussy to work on".

"Yeah we'll have to talk to him about it, see you later". She drove off and they all entered the gym. Timmy the boy who had been doing the stats was naked in the shower with half the team standing around him.

Brutus stepped forward "Tim you are going to quit this morning or first we'll be giving you a piss shower, if you still refuse you will be butt fucked every day by two or three of us, do you understand"! Tim wasn't sure they were serious until he received a piss shower from 10 of the guys. Before he could say anything two guys held him and a skinny kid Evan had never seen before butt fucked him. Crying covered in piss and cum leaking from is ass he quit.

Later he told the coach he didn't want the job any more. After the shower incident, no one ever saw him again unless it was in class. Evan was in his room watching his mom being dp when his cell rang, it was Luther. "Hey Luther what's up"?


"Well a couple of things first any chance Jill can come to my house Saturday night for a little party"? Evan thought about it for a couple of minutes, "sure after all the following week is our first away game so we can tell my dad it's a meeting of the parents". "Great now second Bru wants to have his name tattooed over her clit". Evan was quite taken back by this "but Luther she". He was cut off in mid-sentence "Evan you saw Tim in the shower the other day, right?

Well you're not immune to that either so you best convince her to do it because Bru has decided only Gary and I will be poking her. He also wants bigger tits but we have time for that". The call went to dead air . Evan call Bru they talked about this for quite a while, finally Bru told Evan meet me around the corner from your house in 20 minutes. Evan told Jill about the arrangements for Saturday night, she sounded thrilled.

Then he told he was going out to see Bru for a half hour. Twenty minutes later the van pulled up as the door opened Evan was pulled inside by the skinny blonde kid he'd seen in the shower along with two of his friends. They had his pants off in less than 10 seconds. The van stopped in a shopping mall at the far end of the stores. Brutus swung around in his seat, "OK now listen to me you little shit.

These guys like boy ass, if by Saturday am she doesn't have my name on her mound then Saturday afternoon they get your ass". Evan was shocked, now the skinny blond looked into Evans eyes "ok cutie open your mouth for a drink of piss".

Evan Looked at Brutus "better do as they say or your ass is there's now". Evan couldn't believe it as the cock head went into his mouth and warm piss flowed down his throat. It was discussing, but he knew if he spilled any his butt was next, no sooner had the first guy finished then a second cock went in his mouth filling it with more piss.

When they had finished the blond turned to Brutus, "Bru I think he could give a wonderful blow job". Bru shrugged "not now".

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The van started and Evan found himself standing in the street. He walked home discussed as he knew he had just drank piss and if he was not careful would be a boy toy too these two guys . Jill was upstairs as he entered the house, he quickly rinsed his mouth out and walked into her room. "Mom I was talking to Bru today, you know he really has a thing for you, right"?

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She smiled "I think he does why"? "Well he wants to put a tattoo on your mound". She stopped what she was doing "Evan I'm fond of him but". Evan cut her off "Mom with the stamp on you only guys he said it was ok too would be with you, you would be his and his friends personal cum slut".

After quite a long conversation she was adamant about not being tattooed. Evan called Brutus with plan B. Saturday at four her and Evan got in the car and headed for Brutus house, before they arrived Luther and Gary intercepted them to say Brutus's parents had not left for their getaway weekend to hang out. In the back seat of Gary's car, they had wine, her's was spiked. After a bit, they drove to a tattoo parlor by six she had a tattoo above her clit which read Brutus's property.

At about 8 she could shake the cobwebs out; she could not believe what had happened. She stood up pulling up her pants and screamed for Brutus.

He came down the stairs with a huge smile "what up babe"? "You fuck you put this stamp on me". Before she could say another word, he picked her up like a doll, he started kissing her neck while fondling her left breast and nipple.

After a few more curses, then she opened her mouth their tongues were dancing together she was breathing heavily. He whispered in her ear "now I'm going to be the first cock in my pussy, is that ok with you"? She was melting in his arms, as he carried her to his bedroom she whispered in his ear "you're going to stretch me out just for your cock aren't you"? "Yes I am". He put her on the bed and removed her shorts and panties, a big smile came to his face she saw it, "we'll I guess it really is your pussy now".

The next thing that happened was his cock was on her lips she opened her mouth wide and started sucking for all she was worth. Her tongue licked the bottom as she tried to swallow it into her throat.

He smiled she looked directly at him taking his cock out of her mouth, "well I'll have to work on swallowing it but I know one place it fits". She laid back spreading her legs as wide as possible.

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He took the head and pressed it against her pussy lips, with a gentle push the head slipped in with 20 seconds the entire length was deep in her. All she could do was moan his name, Bru you feel so good please fuck me deeper". He did and after a couple of minutes having pushed way past her cervix she felt him stiffen as explode, cum flowed out of him like a faucet.

She hot cum filling her caused an orgasm that caused her entire body to quiver and shake. "Bru baby fuck me fill me with your cum please babe more cum". Finally, he grunted the cum stopped flowing, he pulled his cock out and rolled her over, His cock was covered with her juices and his cum, he took his cock and pressed it against her asses' rosebud, a slight push and his huge tool was in her.

Her eyes opened wide "Bru baby I don't think I can handle this". He pushed slow and steadily until the entire cock was balls deep inside her, all she could do was moan and cry. Several minutes later he grabbed her hips she screamed as an explosive orgasm ripped through her, she felt hot cum flooding her bowels. This sensation caused her to have to more orgasms. He rolled off her they were both sweating, he reached over the edge of the bed and handed her the green boy short panties she had worn.

She pulled them on leaned over and kissed him, "Jill go out and let the guys see where I've deposited cum". She nodded and started to leave the room, suddenly she turned "Bru baby what if Gary and Luther want some pussy"? "Give them what they want as very soon the only cock worth having in there will be mine". She smiled walked back to the bed kissing his cock head she said "I guess you're going to make both my holes for you only just so you know I'm ok with it as long as I get as much as I want".

She left the room her body making squishing noises as cum was leaking out of her, he chuckled wait till you get those tits enlarged bitch.