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Teen sexy naked boy movietures iraq man of big cock with gay sex
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Maria was exhausted from our fucking and her lack of oxygen, of course, but I could have cared less how she felt. I wanted more of her and I felt myself hardening again.

I reached for the tape covering her mouth and ripped it off. I laughed at the look of pain on her pretty face. I growled, "Kiss me, cunt, and make it convincing, it may save your life!" Maria did just that. She purred, "No man has ever made me feel like you do, Saud!" She laid a lip lock on me like none I had experienced in years. Our tongues danced the tango, then a waltz, then a classic fandango.

She was Ginger Rogers to my Fred Astaire! Yes, psychopaths and sexual predators like me watch the old movies too. I had a thought there should be a law against snuffing beautiful little cunts like Maria for a moment of insane sexual pleasure. Oh, wait, the laws are on the books, I thought, but evil, sadistic bastards like me ignore them. Before you condemn me, remember I had already breathed life back into Maria once that day.

Yes, I'm also the asshole who had beaten her unconcious, put tape over her mouth and the plastic bag over her head and suffocated her near death while raping her, but there's no need to be so critical. I had also given the little cunt the big O of her short lifetime that day, hadn't I?


While you're feeling so sympathetic toward me I will admit my next demand of sweet Maria was anal sex. "Maria, I want some of that fine ass of yours, " I told her. Her expressive eyes opened wider in fear. She whimpered ever so sweetly, "I've never done that, Saud." I whispered an incentive to her, "Shall I get another plastic bag, dear one? I said I want some of that fine ass of yours, cunt, and I want it now!" Maria began crying softly, but she knew by now I meant exactly what I'd said.

"You may want to wet my cock before you sit and spin, Maria. It makes no difference to me though.

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I'm going to fuck your sweet ass, wet or dry, dead or alive!" She took my helpful suggestion and shifted and leaned to take the head of my dick in her mouth and wet it as I allowed her slack in her rope. Her technique wasn't bad. She wet the head of my cock then she began to bob her head and suck. I could tell the bitch had some practice at this.

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She almost made me lose control and cum, which might have been what she was hoping for as a diversion, but I was saving this hard on for her ass. "Okay, cunt, it's time to sit on my cock!" She reluctantly raised herself over me and began to lower herself carefully. As soon as I felt my cock head penetrate her tight anus I grabbed both her legs below her knees and jerked, pulling her off her feet and plunging me into the depths of her bowels! Maria screamed in pain at my sudden penetration, exciting me even more.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulled her body to mine and bit one of her beautiful breasts, sucking and chewing on her nipple as I ass raped her. Maria was screaming oh so delightfully! I purposely didn't break the skin on her breast and nipple as I bit.

I was saving the treat of chewing them off and eating them for later, after I tired of her.


You see; I do have some patience despite my depravity. I raised myself to my feet, lifting little Maria easily and turned to slam her face first on the inclined apparatus I'd been lying on. I went down on my knees behind her and bit the delectable globe of one of her ass cheeks until I tasted her blood!

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I had plans for her meat, but what the hell; some damage and bruising of her flesh wouldn't hurt those plans. I moved forward to shove my shaft into her ass again. She was screaming nonstop now. Anyone would think the ungrateful cunt didn't appreciate my gentlemanly advances!

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I filled both of my hands with her breasts for inspiration as I repeatedly slammed into her ass. Those ass cheeks felt so fine as I fucked her, twisted her tits, and pinched her nipples hard! The damned rope I'd had her suspended from got in my way, so I lifted her head and wrapped it once, twice, three times around her pretty neck and tightened it.

Her tongue protruded between her full lips as she struggled to breathe and she clawed frantically at the rope with her hands.


She was so lovely in her desperation to live, I was compelled to slow my raping of her ass to kiss her cheeks and suck on her tongue, but I didn't loosen the rope. Her little body thrashed as she struggled for survival! Her face reddened, then she began turning a lovely shade of blue from lack of oxygen.

It was enough to make a grown man cry, I tell you.

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I felt the muscles of Maria's ass repeatedly clench my prick as she had another intense orgasm. I lost control of my prick as my testicles sent their load deep into the dying girl's ass!

My own climax slowed me as I hurried to relax the tension of the rope around Maria's throat. I felt her chest for a pulse, and found to my intense relief her heart was still beating. She didn't seem to be breathing though, so I repeated my earlier act of inflating her lungs with fresh air and she slowly began to come around. I was so glad she had survived again, I impulsively smothered her face with kisses!

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The little cunt was giving me some excellent practice and ideas to use when I got the blonde cheerleader, Cherie. (To be continued)