Pics of gay men having sex shower But albeit the fun commences in

Pics of gay men having sex shower But albeit the fun commences in
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After I got inside and ran up to my room, i slammed my door closed behind me. I went to my window and closed the curtains so I couldn't see outside. I laid down on my bed. Shoes and all. And began crying. I can't believe he did that. Everything, everyone said was true. Blake is a fucking whore. For all i know, i could have AIDS or HIVS.

Oh god please no. As i laid there, my crying had stopped and i was just whining now. How could i let this happen. It wasnt fair. I rolled over onto my back, staring up at the ceiling. Life is just complicated. Life is fucked up. Life is.well everything is wrong with life. Or is it just me? I sat up and looked around. Damnit.i forgot my clothes next door. Well I guess he could keep them. I didnt need them anyways. I have more. I stood up and kneeled down on the dloor infront of a cabnit like thing and opend it, pulling out some paper and a pencil.

No i'm not ginna write a suicide note. I would never hurt my family like that. But i was one for wrigting what i thought. Sitting down on my bed, grabbing a hard book and placed the paper on the book and began to write: Note to self, Never trust another hot guy like Blake. For all you know they could be whores. Getting what ever they desire. Using people like Blake used you. Man i thought we had something speacil. All those times he fucked me. Damn it felt good.

He is pretty big i will admitt. But seeing Steven fuck Blake, thats where it hit me. My jealosuy came into play. Damn i'm such a baby.

Well my bro Gabe went off to the Summer College Program. Which i am happy for him. Ohh which reminds me, Kyle should be coming home. Hes my best friend and he lives with us. He went out with my aunt on a vacation. I dont remember when he left, but i surely do miss him. No hes not gay, but hes bi.


His girlfriend, i will admitt. Is hot. But not for my likings. Only of she had a cock. :D. Well i hope he comes ho- I raised my head when my bedroom door opened. And there he was. Kyle. I knew it wouldn't be long. He smiled at me. But he has grown a lot. He looked like hes what 6'9.

Wait wasnt he just 5'10 the last time i saw him. Wow he has grown. His brown hair was a bit shaggy, his hazel eyes held excitement. As if he was happy to be home. I threw everything aside and pounced him, hugging him. "Oh my god i have missed you so much." i squealed happily. He smiled wrapping his arms around me. "I missed you too Jake." he said before pulling back to get a good look of me. "Haven't changed a bit. Besides, your still hot as ever." That made me blushed. Oh my god! Hes flirting with me!

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Does this mean.oh i hope it does. "So how was vacation?" i asked and he let out a sigh. "Depressing since Kelly broke up with me the day i told her i was leaving." he sighed softly again, then smiled "But it got better, and now i'm here with you." he hugged me again. Damn that bitch is gonna get it for hurting him. "What about you, what did you do when i was gone?" he asked and pulled away, going to sit down on our bed. "Heh, oh well.umm." i scratched my neck and looked and sat beside him.

"Cone on, tell me." he pleaded. So i told him everything. Blake. Me. The fucking. Then Steven and what I saw. And when i was done telling him everything. His jaw was clentched. His hands were balled up into fists.

"I'm gonna fucking slice him up." he said angerly. Damn hes hot when hes angry. "No.please dont, its okay." i whispered and looked down at my hands. He hugged he me. And kissed the top of my head. "Mmm well.we could get pay back. Sned him a video of us fucking like crazy." he smirked and i blushed deeply.

"Oh.I dont know Kyle. Wouldnt that just anger him?" i asked and he laughed half heartedly "Thats the whole point. Make him wish he never hurt you." He whispered and nipped my neck now, causing me to moan softly. "Hmm okay." i agreed.

I couldn't help it. I have waited years for this moment. To be fucked by my best friend. "Good, let me get the camera set up." he smirked and kissed my neck. Wait, what if hes just using me as well. I watched him search through the bag and pull out a nice looking Nikon camera. He set iylt up on tye dresser that was facing my bed on the oppisot wall. He pressed a button and a red light appeared. It was now recording. He walked over to me while pulling off his Follow my Lead t-shirt.

His he was toned and mustcled. He sat beside me on the bed and kissed him, pressing his tongue against my bottom lip and i granted access. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues were wrestling together. I felt his hand run up my shirt, rubbing my skin as he went. A shuddered ran through my body and he smirked softly. Pulling away i pulled my shirt off and tossed it aside and he leaned down, taking one if my nipples into his mouth causing me to moan.

My nipples was one of the sensitive parts on my body. His hands reached down, unbuttoning his jeans then mine. He pulled away and slid his jeans down.

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He wore black boxers. The outline of his erect dick could be seen.

He was maybe 7-7 1/2 inches big. We got the rest of our clothes off before he pinned me to the bed, kissing my neck and slowly kissing down my body til he got to my 6 inch cock and took me inside his mouth, bobbing his head and sucking roughly. I moaned out. His mouth wss warmer the Blake's.

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It felt better then Blake's. I ran my hands through his hair, as he bobbed his head faster, sucking roughly. My hips slightly moved, fucking his mouth softly.

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He grabbed my ass, pulling me deeper into his mouth, gagging softly. I hissed out in pleasure and he let me go, pulling up and flipped me over onto my stomach, pressing the tip of his cock into my asshole. He seeked egear. Slowly slipping inside me, we both let out soft quiet moans.

He started thrusting slowly, softly, passionately. I.groaned, gripping the blankets on my bed. He smirked and raised my ass up into the air, gripping my hips and thrysting faster.

His cock even felt better then Blake's, even though Kyle was a few inches smaller then him. But it seemes to fit perfectly inside me. Our breathing was harsh as he kept pounding into my ass. Then he smacked my ass, making me groan out a bit loudly. He rolled us over so i was ontop and i already began bouncing roughly ontop of him, my moans were loud and frequant. He was so deep.

He took ahold of my cock and began jerking me off. I kept bouncing roughly. Our bodies smacking against each other to the point the smacking sounds echoed around the room. He hissed and took his free hand and smacked my ass as i rode him. His eyes were closed, his mouth skightly open, as soft moans left him.

I ran a hand through my hair as i kept bouncing roughly, as he kept jerking me off. "Oh fuck." i moaned out and again he rolled us over, got me on my hands and knees, we were looking right into the camera. But my head hung low as he pounded my ass, his balls ans hips smacking against my body.


I groaned and jerked myself off. Man he was so good. It felt amazing. His cock pounded against my prostate causing me to moan out rather loudly, good thing my windows werent open.

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"Yea take this cock Jake, take it." he groaned and his hands gripped my hips, pounding me harder and faster like a jackrabbit it seemed.

I swear after this i'm not gonna be able to mive, or even walk. I looked up at the camera, biting my lower lip as he fucked me. My body jolted forward as he kept fucking me.


Every now and then he would have to drag me back so i wouldnt fall off the bed due to his poundings. He groaned. "Shit baby, I'm so close.

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You gonna swallow it?" he asked softly and i nodded and he pounded a few more times before pulling out and i turned around so my ass faced the camera and i stuck his cock in my mouth and bobbed my head a few times while sucking and his warm cum flooded into my mouth, i swallowed some but a bit leaked from my mouth. He ran his hands through my hair and tilted his head back. When i knew he was done cumming i pulled back, sitting on my knees and he grinned leaning down to kiss me.

Before he stood up, and turned off the camera. My ass stinged like hell. I could only smile though. He came back over to me and kissed me, tasting himself and pulled back.

"Now, i'm gonna go walk over and give him the film. You lay here and relax babe." he smirked and i nodded, laying down. He pulled on his boxers and oants and grabbed the camera and walked out of my room.

I hope he wasn't like Blake who was a whore. But now i felt like i cheated on him. It didnt feel right. I felt all dirty now. What was I gonna do now. Sureky Blake would get pissed off and seek revenge. I rolled over, pulling the blanket over my body and stared at the wall. Hopefully he wouldnt be too mad. As Kyle walked over to Blake's house, he knockes on the door. He had made the video into a cd. When the door opened and Blake stood there, he looked like he has been crying. "Heres a lil somethin somethin for ya." Kyle smirked and Blake took it and closed the door.

Kyle walked back home as Blake put the cd into the dvd player and watched what it had to offer. He inly grew angrier and more sad by the minuet. He stood up grabbed the nearest thing, which was a lamp and threw it at the all. He knew what he had to do know. Get revenge. Maybe kidnap Jake, keep him as his own, so no one wlse could touch him but him. Jake was his. Only his. To touch.

To fuck. To talk to. To hold. Everything.and he sat down, planning it all out.