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Cute teen deepthroats huge dildo
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It takes only a few moments for Rachael to fall asleep next to me in the back of the RV, I lie with her for a little longer before separating and exiting the sole bed before closing the door behind me. I can see the girls are all working on getting settled in and we start to go down the list of what we have and getting it put away.

We decide to put clothes away later since Rachael is sleeping and I get my assessment of what the RV has and can do. We got a shower toilet which we can use however there is only enough for maybe three decent showers unless we stop and get the water changed out.

The toilet will need to be done every few days as long as we don't eat a lot of fiber or Mexican food.

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There is a booth and table, a microwave and sink for basic cooking and cleaning and finally the long couch and some open floor before we get to the driver.

Vinnie has a bag of his own and Imelda got the info on him that he's driven long distances before and we'll be getting a stop overnight round about the southern half of Nevada but we're not seeing Vegas which is good because I might get roped into a couple marriages and that's too soon. I settle in on the couch and it doesn't take long for Kori to start with trying to do more planning than I care to when we're supposed to be having fun.

"So about the Presidency at school," She starts in getting a groan from me," I think you should do it so that we can do everything officially and even get some of the teachers to help us." "I am thinking that I need to not care about it and focus on relaxing and having some fucking fun," I reply killing the topic.

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"I want us to go to a few meets while we're down here," Imelda says trying to plan some fun. "I am fucking down for that," Katy agrees looking up from the clothing craft project she's working on. "Okay but I'm not a good crowd person and Rachael is, well she's Rachael," Mathilda says playing devil's advocate. "Which is why we all go together and I wasn't a crowd person either and I did fine," I tell Matty sitting with her on the couch," Besides we're all together and we're staying that way." My last words get me smiles all around the room and I let Matty lay her feet in my lap while she reads.

I as we drive and the hours start to pass I get to do two things that I don't ever seem to get to do, sit and think. I watch my girls at with their busy work while I go over ideas for the vacation in my head. Getting out to the weekly parties at the abandoned airfield would be great, I know I have to get some date time in with all the girls but it's my tattoo that I need to get updated that I'm looking forward to the most.

It may not seem like much to some but the longer Rachael is around me when I don't have a shirt I can see her looking at where her 'tiger' would go. I am lost in my thought when an odd feeling coming from my leg distracts me. It's Matty rubbing me with her feet while she 'reads' her book, I take one of them in hand and start rubbing the arch with my thumbs. I keep a little pressure on and take my time working on the bottom of her foot and after a few moments she stops reading her book and is laying with her eyes closed in foot rub bliss.

We get down the road for a few hours after Rachael finishes her nap and the six of us just sit and relax while we talk and the girls work on their projects. Kori and I chat with the others in the bus and Devin and Masha in the U-Haul. We offer to let Devin and Masha change out with people but they say they're perfectly fine with their quiet alone time and Devin is having fun just driving.

A quick question takes me out of my texting. "So how are we going to do the sleeping arrangements," Rachael asks getting a look from everyone. "We all sleep in the bed," Katy responds first. "Okay but we all will barely fit. We could just sleep in shifts," Rachael replies trying to make some peace that isn't needed. "I have a better question, who gets to cuddle who," Imelda asks as everyone turns their attention to me.

"I want to cuddle my girls," I say being less than helpful. "Well we can take turns cuddling Guy, but do we want to have a cuddle buddy for space or something," Kori says as all my girls look amongst each other. I just chuckle and shake my head, either they'll figure it out or we'll just all jump in bed and make room for each other. It gets to after mid day when we finally see that we're leaving Washington State and the girls and I feel that bit of freedom that comes with being on our own.

We settle down and get back to trying to keep entertained when I get pulled up off the couch by a very determined Matty and led to the bedroom in the back to the chuckling of the other girls. We get inside the room and I'm glad I'm only in a t-shirt and my jeans right now as my Amazon pushes me down onto the bed and starts to strip me down.

My clothes get left in a pile on what little floor the 'bedroom' has and I sit up off the bed and help Matty strip down. Once we're both naked I'm backed up the bed and made to lay there while my Amazon starts kissing and nibbling down my body.

She's more aggressive than I've ever seen her as she finally gets down to my hips and flips her body around giving me her ass in my face, I am slightly hard as she starts to work me over hard and fast with her mouth. I lean my head forward and start aggressively licking her slit and finally start lapping at her wet hole. "Oh you bastard I want to feel it," Matty says almost growling as she pulls her hips away from my face. I watch as she slide down my body and taking me in her hand puts me against the entrance of her folds and slams her hips down hard.

My Amazon is tight with excitement and wastes no time take my whole member in long hard slams against my hips with her own. I grip her hips and mostly hold on for the ride as she continues to face away from me and ride hard. I sit up a little taking my hands off her and get her into a long grinding motion up and down my length.

Matty's tight and very receptive to me inside her as I hear her groaning as she keeps control of me inside her with her still hard grinding. I get a wicked idea and wait till she's pulled away with barely of me inside her and back up causing me to fall out. The reaction isn't what I expect which would have been a moan of disappointment; instead my Amazon turns her body all the way around and glares at me. I don't smirk at the glare, I recognize the look from times with Imelda and realize this is gonna get hard fast.

Mathilda and I almost attack each other in a grappling frenzy for dominance as when I finally get her fully sat in my lap and buried back inside her warm folds. We grip each other tightly as I push myself up into her and she down onto me in a hard and frantic bucking. I'm not even thinking about my orgasm as a hand grips my face and turns my attention to her eyes, determined and intent is the only thing in her eyes as she speeds up. I lean my head forward and latch my mouth and teeth lightly on my Amazon's firm breast.

Her hand immediately grips my head at the back like a vice and I feel her start to contract on my member inside her. "Oh fuck, just cum with me dammit," Mathilda growls as she goes from bucking against me to grinding hard. I'm close enough that I just let go and when I feel my orgasm come I move my mouth and bite down lightly on her neck, I feel Matty clamp down like vice and even feel teeth against my head as she's almost gnawing at me lightly while she groans.

It's all enough to set me off but before I can finally release I get shoved back onto the bed and I'm in the cool air for only as long as it takes my Amazon to move her mouth down and start bobbing her head up and down frantically on my member. I lose all control and grip the blonde hair on Matty's head and hold her in place as I shove myself into her mouth and release my load into her mouth.

I am tense but she powers my hand off and continues to milk me for my orgasm till I'm limp. I am catching my breath when I feel the bed shift and Matty start to get up, I grab her hand and pull her naked body back into the bed with me and let her rest against me while be both come down from our sex high. "I can honestly say I'm glad to see you have a sexy aggressive side," I more think out loud that say.

"Well I like being a girl but you keep calling me your Amazon and I'll show you what an Amazon can do," Matty says with a smirk from my chest. "So you're not going to press me for decisions or anything since you have me here," I ask almost jokingly.

"Nope, you'll do what you want and I'll be there right next to you. I just like to remember that over a year ago guys didn't pay much attention to me, now I have a Guy who will give me what I crave when I crave it," Mathilda tells me with some gratitude. I kiss her on the lips lightly and we resume our resting when a light knock stirs our attention, its Katy coming in to rest from her project.

Mathilda helps her out of the majority of her clothing and the two of us cuddle Katy on either side as we three chat lightly and relax.

Its a few hours later and almost dinner time when we get notice from Vinnie that we just crossed the Washington/Oregon border. A few messages between vehicles come and go but generally we're all starting to realize that while we're gonna be free and able to relax the trip is looking at boredom with bouts of sex.

I head up to the passenger seat to talk with my driver. "Hey there chief, need something," Vinnie asks me as I sit down. "Yeah man, I got all these plans but I gotta be honest we've never been on a road trip before and I get this feeling that one stop isn't going to do it for us. I mean my girls are cool but they'll go stir crazy if we just drive the whole way only stopping for gas and the one rest night you said you guys needed," I half explain half ask my question.

"Okay well regardless of what you thought we'll stop once or twice a day to stretch and relax a little when able. Also kid, consider spending some of the travel cash on food, microwave is fine but we're going across country and real food is best," Vinnie tells me without looking away from the road.


"Thanks man, we'll do that. Just let us know when we're going to be stopping for an extended period," I say before turning back to the rear of the RV. First night on the road with the girls in the RV is a decent one. Aside from the rocking of the RV from time to time and the second day goes by uneventful aside from getting through Oregon and Idaho by the corners and finally into Utah.

Anyone who says Utah is a tourist area lives in a hut in Outer Mongolia, we pull into a truck stop with some food options for refuel and to stretch our legs and aside from the food there is nothing around to even look at.

Even the truckers are all staying inside and my girls and the whole crew head in and get more face time considering the division of vehicles. I get something from the burger place while the girls all head over to a sandwich area before the whole group sits down and goes over our 'trials' of the journey.

"Personally I'm loving driving the big truck," Devin starts in," I get to sit and relax with Masha and she's teaching me Russian, I'm having fun." "It's been pretty cool in the front as well, we're all getting adjusted even though I still don't know how we all fit comfortably on that bed," Rachael adds with a shrug.

"It's because Guy's face is like this the entire time," Ben says doing a Joker grin and getting a laugh. "So we get through Utah and then into Colorado, then we get a rest stop for the drivers somewhere in there then a few more days to Texas," Jun says going over the time plan out loud.

"Sorry he's been like this since about an hour into the trip," Lilly says smirking.

"Why are you not having sex with him," Katy says getting a laugh from everyone and snapping Jun out of his 'calculations'. As much fun as we're having I catch Natsuko again sitting away from everyone and looking depressed. We all finish eating and mill about while the driver's get the vehicles taken care of, never thought a road trip would take so much time in a stop but with fuel and septic it's kind of needed before we all start smelling our own shit.

I watch Natsuko head off and give Kori a heads up that I'm stepping away for a bit and head after her. I find her around an empty side of the stop away from people just standing when I walk up and set up opposite of her by a couple feet. She isn't looking at me at all and her hands are holding onto a binder as I wait for her to address me. "Are you doing okay," I ask my sidekick concerned.

"I'm here," my Asian sidekick responds quietly. "Could have fooled me, you've been distant and quiet the entire stop and from what I can tell your about a thousand miles away waiting for something bad to happen," I say closing the distance.

"I'll be here when you need me," Natsuko says finally looking at me with a little hesitance and fear. "What is it," I ask confused as to her fear. "Nothing I'm just homesick I guess," Natsuko replies getting distant again. I reach to take the binder gently and watch as Natsuko goes into full defense mode cringing at my attempt to touch or get near her.

It causes me to back off immediately and as soon as I do she rushes back to the bus to get inside. I am stunned and slowly head back to the RV and as soon as Kori sees me she pulls me inside and to the bed so I can sit down. I let her get me out of my coat and all the girls sit in a circle on the bed with me.

Kori is concerned and the rest of the girls are following in suit as I sit and try to figure out what is going on. I explain what happened during my brief conversation with Natsuko and I get odd looks from the rest of them when I sum up. "I think I've finally started to scare my friends," I tell my girls quietly as we head down the road. "Baby if that were the case everyone would be afraid of you," Rachael reassures me. "Yeah and they'd be scared of Hard-Kori too," Imelda jokes getting a chuckle from everyone except Kori.

"Hard-Kori? Is that the best you could come up with," My first girl asks in retort. "Honestly girl that was the exact moment I knew we all could be sisters for real," Imelda says smiling," when someone other than me stabs a bitch." We enjoy the moment and the rest of the girls disperse to continue their busy work save for Kori who still sits with me.

I don't normally worry about things but someone as close to me as Natsuko being afraid of me has me more concerned than I care for. Kori lays me down and pulls the blanket over us just holding me and helping me feel better but I'm still concerned as we roll into the night. Morning of day three on the road trip and all of us in the back of the RV are woken up by my phone going off, it's Lilly saying that her and I need to talk privately when we get to the breakfast stop. The girls wake up slowly save for Matty and Katy who are up and more active when it comes to the mornings and are with me as we stretch out in the main section of the RV.


"So you think something is wrong over there or is it just Jun not relaxing," Katy asks stretching her legs. "Knowing Lilly it's something important, she did text Guy directly and she only does that when she its necessary," Matty says working her shoulders.

I listen as they debate and the rest of the girls catch up with the conversation. I'm just hoping it's not a pregnancy Jun told be months ago that she's been thinking about starting a family early and it's making him nervous, I laughed about that but in close quarters shit escalates quickly. The girl's debate and I have to lay down the law about Lilly and I talking alone. They understand but want details if possible.

We get pulled into a rest stop and everyone piles out and I'm about ten feet away from the RV when I see Ben beeline it for me with Lilly and Hanna hot on his heels.

"Dude don't flip out but it's cool right," Ben says confusing me. "You're a moron Ben, it's Guy's sister," Lilly growls angry. "I swear I thought it was okay," Hanna says confusing me further.

"Whoa, time the fuck out," I tell the three of them holding up my hands," If this is about Ben and Liz then I'm talking to Ben first. You girls stay here." I walk away from the vehicles leaving everyone behind with Ben trailing behind me and finally get far enough away that we can talk privately. I watch him sit down on a bench while I stand there waiting for an explanation as the sun starts warming up the area fast.

"Alright man, Lilly texts me saying she needs to talk to me and now I have you and Hanna bringing up my sister so can you please tell me what's going on," I ask trying to discern the problem.

"I am all alone out here and she's not so I spoke with her before we left and she said it would be okay if I slept in the group while we were apart," Ben says trying to explain. "Slept in the group, what the fuck are you talking about," I ask pissed and confused. "I talked to Hanna and we were bored so we had sex last night, Lilly saw us this morning and now she's throwing a fit about it but it's cool with Liz man," Ben says pleading.

"You cheating on my sister and you think I don't know better as to whether or not she'd give the okay with it," I reply growling," Did you use the same fucking line of bullshit with Hanna when you roped her into this?" "Dude it's not bullshit, Liz and I are cool I swear," Ben says holding his hands up defensively. "Okay, if she's cool I'll just call her right now and we'll ask her on speaker phone," I tell him pulling my phone out.

First bad move of the morning, Ben grabs my phone and tries to take it. I know he's fast but I'm just as fast and much stronger and I use my free hand to grab his wrist. We lock eyes and I see desperation in his face. "Okay, I wanted to come and when Liz couldn't I figured it'd be a good time to use the rules," Ben says letting go of my phone. "What fucking rules," I ask still pissed.

"We're in different area codes so it's not cheating," Ben says getting a 'Are you fucking serious' look from me before continuing," The rules on having a fling when you're in a relationship." "That is bullshit, unless she says it's okay then it's cheating," I reply getting a slightly confident look from Ben. "Then I'm asking for a solid from my Bro, I don't want her to find out and I want you to help me keep that from happening," Ben says smiling hopefully," Bros before&hellip.

Well girlfriends in this case. Its Guy code, pardon the pun, I need you to help me so that this goes off fine during the trip." Guy code, is he fucking serious?

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The smirk on his face says he is but this is too much for me to hold onto alone. I can see he's waiting for an answer along with Lilly and Hanna off in the distance. I can tell the girls have spoken with the rest of the group and are waiting for me to give my verdict. I point him back to the rest of the group and when he's far enough away I sit down and make eye contact with Katy who rushes over to me.

I relay the situation to her to check and see if she knew anything about an agreement between Liz and Ben. "Fuck no, she was very adamant about neither of them sleeping around," Katy tells me before turning on her softer side," I mean I can understand where he's coming from but she's our sister.

What would Dad do?" I get a big menacing smirk and Katy is showing it back to me as I have her send over Lilly and Hanna after telling her to keep it to herself. Lilly and Hanna both stare at me tentatively as they wait to find out what I'm gonna say. "Hanna, you didn't do anything wrong so I've got no problem with you having sex with Ben so no worries and if anyone in the group gives you shit you have them answer to me," I tell her getting a smile from her but a glare from Lilly.

"Guy are you really serious about that," Lilly says as I send Hanna back to the group. "For Hanna yes, he lied to her and she shouldn't suffer because of what he did but you need to keep this shit to yourself. When the other's find out you tell them that I have it handled," I tell Lilly darkening my mood and tone.

"But what are you going to do about him cheating on your sister," Lilly asks pressing me for answers. "I'm not going to do anything to him, yet. You need to just trust me and it'll work out," I tell her as we head back to the vehicles. Everyone get's loaded up and I see how Devin and Masha have been surviving in the U-haul; they switch drivers in a weird seat change. It makes me smile a bit as I head into the RV with my girls, I turn my head and see Ben grab Hanna's ass a little which she likes and they get on the tour bus.

As we head down the road Katy makes sure that I have the bed to myself so I can call Liz. It's only a few rings but I get a groggy Liz on the line. "Guy what is going on? It's like, nine in the morning and I'm trying to sleep," Liz says over the phone. "Hey sis I would normally text but we have an issue and I needed to do this talking," I tell her in a serious tone.

"Oh crap are you guys okay? Did some shit happen and do I need to get Mom and Dad," Liz asks waking up and getting concerned. "No Liz we're all fine but there is a problem. Ben got caught by Lilly this morning having sex with Hanna," I tell her getting silence from her end," Liz are you there?" "Yeah bro, I'm here," she says quietly. "I spoke with Hanna and he told her that you had given it the okay but when I confronted him he told me the truth," I tell my sister as I figure her world is crumbling on the other end of the line," I can take care of this Sis, just say the word and it gets handled." "Isn't there some guy code or shit about telling a girl that her boyfriend is a cheater," Liz asks quietly.

"Family comes first, you cheat on my sister and I talk to her before I handle business," I reply stating my facts. I sit in silence staring at my phone imagining my sister on the other end crying quietly. She'll tell Mom and Dad and I'll have to talk to them later cause they'll expect me to be the big brother. I almost think she's hung up when my phone comes to life with her on the other end. "No, I'll be fine over here and I'll handle it when he gets back. You understand," Liz asks with a calm confidence.

"Hold on sis, you want me to just let him do what he wants," I ask confused. "Yes and No, you tell everyone that it's fine and tell everyone to back off. Also we didn't talk about it and you will tell me every sordid detail about who he does and what he does if possible when he does it," Liz explains as I make a mental note," You let him have his fun and don't let anyone get in the way of it." "Alright Liz, you say let him play I'll let him play.

You sure you'll be okay," I ask before we end our conversation. "Just do what I asked with this please. I'll be fine and don't talk to Mom or Dad about it either," Liz says before hanging up. I sit on the bed quietly for a moment before my brain kicks in and I head out to my girls.

All eyes save for Vinnie at the helm as I sit down on the couch next to Kori, Rachael is making us some cold fruit breakfast from the fridge when I get questioned about what is going on. I explain everything in detail including the 'Leave Ben Be' clause that Liz laid down for everyone.

Kori and Katy are not happy about it and my Amazon and Latina are prepared to break some rules and deal with the consequences when I decide to lay down some knowledge to them. "Alright you're all pissed off for Liz and I get that, she's pissed too.

But here's the thing you all need to understand, this is her and Ben's relationship. She says leave him alone and let him play then we let him play, she never said she was fine with him doing it however we're going to do what she asked," I tell my girls as they look at each other concerned.

"He's right, Liz can handle it but personally if he tries to sleep with any of us I say that we put his ass down hard," Katy says getting agreement from me and the rest. The remainder of the morning is passed in quiet thought and I get a text from Jun asking about Ben fooling around with Hanna and I tell him to let Ben do what he's gonna do unless the other party says no.

He's not happy with the response but I tell him that it's under control and he gives me an affirmative before ending the text conversation. We spend the majority of the day getting through Salt Lake City aka Mormon Capital of the US. It's pretty but we're not here for the sights as we plow through and into the evening on the back half of Utah and into Colorado.

The girls are having fun entertaining me with a board game that they're playing with words making jokes about each other and me.

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It's playful but I can tell Imelda is getting bored and has been staring at me intently for a decent while when Rachael leaves the table and sits down on my lap side-saddle rather unexpectedly. "I want some good boyfriend time," Rachael says sweetly with her arms around my neck. I grip her waist and get a quick kiss on the lips before she gets up and I start to lead her back to the bedroom.

I get to the table and Imelda bolts up and puts me up against the wall with a fierce kiss.


I'm feeling her tongue in my mouth and I lose my hold of Rachael's hand as Imelda starts pawing at me. We grip and grope each other tightly for a few moments when finally Imelda breaks the kiss and looks to Rachael.

"My turn girlie, I'll let you have him tomorrow," Imelda says pulling me by my shorts into the bedroom. I can hear the girls snickering and once I'm in the room Imelda puts me on the bed hard, I can see Rachael's face before the door closes. She's a little upset and hurt but my attention is taken by Imelda who starts stripping down in the dark of the room.

I watch as she takes her time getting her tank top and jean shorts off showing me a tiger print bra and matching g-string, I get out of my shorts and shirt and marvel as she crawls up the bed next to me.

"She'll be fine, I have been wearing this most of the day waiting for a good time and I would like some… appreciation for my efforts," Imelda almost purrs. I smirk and roll her onto her stomach before moving on top of her straddling her ass. I undo the bra and when she starts to try to take it off I place my hands on her shoulders keeping her down. I pull her long black hair out of the way and start to rub her back and shoulders, I'm applying pressure and moving slowly along the muscles just enough that I can feel her start to relax under my touch.

It's a soft and sensual thing that she's not used to us doing but it's something I'm trying to get better at with each girl, body rubs that is. I get her muscles worked loose when she starts to roll over and I let her only to have her slide down the bed underneath me and pull my boxer briefs down a little freeing my cock before she greedily starts to engulf me with her mouth.

I am enjoying the sensation and as Imelda bobs her head up to take more of me in her mouth she pulls her bra off before throwing it to the foot of the bed. I pull myself out of her mouth and roll onto my back, Imelda is reading me and pulls my shorts all the way off before devouring me again with a need I haven't seen from her in a while.

The intensity of her blowjob is good and after today's stress it's a welcome relief as my Latina tigress takes my whole member in her mouth hard and fast getting me to full length in a matter of moments. I pull her mouth off of me by grabbing the hair on her head lightly and moving her up face up to mine before jamming my tongue into mouth.

We tongue wrestle and I feel her shifting her hips to get the g-string off which I stop her from doing and she breaks kiss to look at me before getting a wicked grin and we roll over with me ending up on top of her. It takes only a moment to move a thread of fabric out of the way before I push my cock deep inside Imelda's wet pussy.

We both groan at the feeling of being reconnected and where I want to lie down on top of Imelda she has more animalistic ideas as she wraps her legs around my hips. I push off the bed with help till I'm on my knees and the only thing holding Imelda in the air is my hand, her legs wrapped around me and my cock buried inside her warm pussy. Hard and slow we start grinding against each other, My bad ass Latina's pussy is warm and slick allowing me to slide in and out of her easily. "Wearing this thing has made me wet all fucking day," Imelda tells me in between kissing my lips wildly.

I smirk a little at my girls going out of their way to entertain me and I let her drop a little pushing more of me inside her. Imelda groans with pleasure at the deeper invasion and harder I feel her grinding her pussy against me. Moments like this I'm glad I work out often because holding a very fit mechanic with a true Mexican level ass and near C cup breasts on your cock would be a strain but I've got her helping me and I get to enjoy as she uses me like a fucking post.

Her pussy being as wet as it is when she speeds up there is no need for a slow change in pace and I can hear her muttering in Spanish in my ear as a small orgasm hits her. I let her grind against me hard a last time before I let her relax, laying her on the bed with me still inside her. I can see her sense start to come back to her as a pull my knees up under her legs and pulling her ass up off the bed I begin to jackhammer her pussy hard and fast.

The back room fills with a wet noise as she starts leaking onto my cock as I fuck her hard. I can feel my orgasm it'll get her soon if I keep at this pace, I have my eyes closed and I can hear Imelda spurring me on.

"Fuck me baby; fuck your girl good and hard! I want to walk funny and leak cum all day tomorrow," Imelda moans loudly almost hitting the switch in my head. I get a weird feeling but tune it out as I continue to pound hard and as soon as I start to hit my home stretch I'm shoved out of Imelda and we separate with a suddenness that has me confused when I get a warm body in my lap and lips that are definitely not Imelda's kissing me with a lot of earnest before the lips trail down my body and I feel a mouth start to take me in slowly and deeply.

I open my eyes and see Imelda starting to sit up on the bed shocked as we both look down and see Rachael in some bright green boy cut panties, I can make them out in the dark that bright working me over with her mouth. It's softer than I was just getting from Imelda's pussy and the shove and shock threw me off my orgasm but Rachael is giving it A+ performance as she gets me back into a hard form when I can see Imelda's face twist with anger and while it's not at me I know a fight is brewing.

I can only watch as Imelda crawls forward and taking Rachael by the head pulls her off of me shoving her to the other side of the bed. I'm reminded that the bed here takes up almost the whole bedroom in the RV save for the foot of it which is good considering any other time Rachael would be on the floor and I'd be checking her for injuries but Imelda cuts me off with a glare before turning her attention to her now upset sister.

"You little bitch I was working him over and about to get my reward when you stopped us," Imelda almost growls at Rachael. "Well I was going to get some quality loving from him when you cut us off, I sat on his lap and asked first I'm just taking my turn now since you tried to steal it," Rachael retorts with more heat than I've seen in her in well ever.

"I was making eyes at him and you knew I was wearing something special for tonight," Imelda counters and gets within striking distance of Rachael. "Okay you two this needs to stop before…," I start to get out. "You stay out of this," both girls say before turning back to each other and glaring about the same comment said. "Yeah well about underwear so am I, you know I feel embarrassed about wearing lingerie," Rachael says pointing out her boy cut panties.

"Don't make me do something we're all going to regret," Imelda says balling up her fists. "Don't think that just because you're tough I'm gonna back down. It was MY turn and you had some fun now I'm getting mine," Rachael says ready for the onslaught.

Now while women fighting isn't a turn on for me which has caused me to lose my erection, I was about to cum just moments ago and that is so far not a concern right now it's kinda weird.

I am about to say something when in a flash I watch Imelda grab the back of Rachael's head and kiss her on the lips hard. I don't know who is more shocked, me or Rachael as I can tell that Imelda is working her tongue around in Rachael's mouth while grabbing her ass.

My blood is pumping and my cock is standing at attention with the sight of the two near polar opposites of my girls kissing as Rachael starts to relax and wraps her arms around Imelda's back and is getting into it.

I move up behind Rachael and take her hips in my hands and my erect cock finds a spot at the cover ass right in the middle of the cheeks. I hear Rachael yelp at the shock of me right behind her and as I trail my left hand down her stomach and under the band of her panties.

Sure as my aim is I get to the top of her slit and start to rub Rachael's clit slowly with light circles I can tell they've stopped kissing and I can see Imelda in the dark licking Rachael's nipple when I feel the underwear move a little. Not down on and off but as I'm rubbing the clit another hand pulls the boy cut panties to the side and I can only guess as a finger goes up inside Rachael as she goes rigid.

"Oh god be gentle please," Rachael gasps turning to where my head is over her shoulder. "Oh girlie you are too dry to get fucked hard and we gotta get you wet," Imelda purrs as I feel her finger speed up inside Rachael. "But I wanted some soft love tonight," Rachael groans as I can hear her starting to get wet against Imelda's hand. "No girl, you came in and stole away Guy's hard fucking orgasm. He was beating the hell into my pussy and you took that. So since you took his orgasm away from me you get his hard pounding tonight," Imelda tells Rachael firmly.

"Ohhhh I'm not sure I can take it hard like that," Rachael whines starting to grind her ass against my cock. "Well you probably didn't have any plans to eat me out tonight either but that's gonna happen too, It's about time you learned how to take care of your sisters while Guy broadens your perceptions," Imelda says with a wicked grin.

Imelda backs off of Rachael and lies down on the bed and motions for Rachael to move down to her and I help lower her down till her face is right at Imelda's crotch. I can almost see her hesitation but sure enough I watch as slowly Rachael starts to work Imelda's clit around with her tongue. I marvel at the bravery of my red head innocent as she I watch her work her Latina sister over with her tongue.

Imelda starts to moan a little and Rachael continues her first pussy eating. I'm feeling like Chinese algebra right now and I re notice the bright green panties and adjust Rachael's ass into the air and pull them down off her cute little ass. I watch as Rachael pauses for a second before Imelda gently takes the hair on the top of her head and starts to pull her face into pussy harder. "Oh shit you are doing good for a first time," Imelda groans. I take my cock and start to rub the head up and down Rachael's slit, she groans into Imelda's pussy which causes Imelda to tense up and grip the hair on Rachael's as another small orgasm rolls through her body.

"That's hurting me," Rachael says taking her mouth off of Imelda's now well worked pussy. Imelda just smiles and slowly guides Rachael up till her face is over Imelda's stomach. Imelda places her hands on Rachael's' shoulders stopping her before making eye contact with me and getting a wicked grin on her face.

I reline up with Rachael's pussy and it's still good and wet when I slam the whole length of my cock deep inside. The invasion causes Rachael's head to rock upward and her back to arch as she almost screams in pain or pleasure I'm not sure which but I've been sporting a raging hard on and I need relief. I waste no time backing up and slamming back in hard and deep a few times before I take a handful of Rachael's hair in one hand and her ass in the other and speed up my thrusts making her body take the whole length of my cock hard.

All the time this year when we've been dating I've had sex with Rachael and we've made love but I've never fucked her and this is such a new thing I can almost hear her crying and when I get a concerned look on my face Imelda decides to take some initiative. "Rachael what is our Guy doing," Imelda asks in a sultry tone. "Oh Christ he's breaking me," Rachael moans as I continue to hammer her.

"What part of you is he breaking, he wants you to say it," Imelda continues. "My puss… oh god its' so hot," Rachael gasps trying to rest her head on Imelda's stomach. "You're his whore now, you wanted to be conquered and now he's owning your pussy like no man ever will isn't he," Imelda says getting my hand out of Rachael's hair before taking her 'sister's' head in her hands," Right now we're his whores, he fucks like we're his because as much as we own him he owns us.

Now tell him you dirty little whore." "Oh GOD GUY YOU'RE FUCKING ME SO HARD I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS, MY PUSSY IS YOURS," Rachael almost yells for the rest of the RV to hear," Fuck me like a good fucking whore." The last words almost come out as a whimper in comparison to the declaration and I feel my orgasm burning its way out of me and quickly back out of Rachael as she collapses onto Imelda before giving myself a quick stroke and spray my seed all up what I can assume is Rachael's' back.

I hear the girls moaning as I cum and I can feel my body finally relax and my feet uncramp from the fury of my orgasm when I hear my two girls starting to talk. "We made him cum so hard he shot it up to my tits," Imelda says with a smile I can hear. "I think it's in my hair but I can't move," Rachael says quietly. I grab a dirty shirt of mine and hand it to Imelda who does the diligence of cleaning the two of them up before waving me over and using it to clean me off.

I get my shorts on with no underwear and sit at the foot of our bed when I hear the girls talking again. "Imelda can I go to sleep now," Rachael asks groggily. "Oh hermana menor I am gonna hold you every night for the rest of the trip," Imelda says quietly getting a smile from me. I crawl up the bed and give Rachael a kiss on the cheek and Imelda a soft one on the lips before pulling a blanket over them and heading out to the rest of the RV.

My stepping is met with stares from the girls and even one from the rearview mirror by Vinnie who is driving. The girls see my face and get big smiles before I get a hug from Kori and start to go over the details in a basic form as to what happened and then watch as my girls head into the bedroom to get some sleep tonight. Sadly I'm still a little wired and I head to the front to have some male talk time with Vinnie who has been watching me like he wants to say something.

"Okay I'm not asking to sleep with your girls but dear god did you kill her with it back there," Vinnie asks with a smug look. "No she's still alive and will probably want it like that in a couple days or so," I reply sitting in the passenger seat.

"Kid you got five of them back there and I'm just saying if I could get some…," Vinnie says before seeing my face and finishes," some tail half as good as that during our rest stop in Colorado I'll be a happy man for the rest of the trip." "Dude if I make it through college I'm gonna be a happier man than Hefner," I say smiling again," I mean I want kids and I figure I can have big family with five women who want kids." "You are talking about a walking nightmare of women and kids man, most guys can't handle one wife and you want to go full Mormon and have five," Vinnie say shaking his head and chuckling.

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"Ask the Old Man if I'm just some average high school kid who just got lucky a couple times or if I am something different," I tell Vinnie getting a sideways look. I get up and head back to the bedroom of the RV and once inside I get pulled out of my short and into a bed pile between Kori and Katy who are loving up on me hard. I am getting love and praise as we hear the first snore come out of Mathilda.

We chuckle a little bit before nodding off as we hope to get out of Utah by late morning tomorrow. I still worry about Liz back home but if she's learned anything from me it's how to get revenge and I'm actually curious to see how bad Ben get's it when we get back.