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Very cute teen gay boys stomach sex video and straight spanish dicks
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Glimmer and Katniss Day 1 - Arena Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Leven Rambin as Glimmer The Hunger Games. A televised event that happens once a year where a girl and boy ages 12 to 18 from each of the twelve districts fight to the death in a large environmental arena until one is crowned winner. The Capitol established this event after the districts rebeled. There used to be 13 districts but 13 was blown off the map of Panem (what used to be the USA as our history teachers taught us).

The Hunger Games is a punishment and reminder for the uprising. The 74th reaping, a name for the day they pick one boy and girl at random, would prove to be my year in the arena. My sister, Prim, was choosen but she was too young and I knew perfectly well that she wouldn't make it. So I, Katniss Everdeen, volunteered from District 12. The boy that was choosen was Peeta Mellark, no-one volunteered for him.

We went through only days of training before we were put into the arena. I have to find a bow. I'm known back in 12 for my hunting skills. Even though it's illegal to go outside the fenced, which was supposed to be electricfied but never was, me and my friend Gale did it anyway. And we often even traded with Peacekeepers (cops). Standing on the platform in the Cornicopia wher dozens of weopons and other items were scattered around, I looked at the other tributes.

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Peeta was straight infront of me. My eyes then directed towards the Career tributes, the group of kids that were the biggest and strongest, knowing that it was most likely going to be one of them who won. But I tried to stay positive, I did promise Prim I would win for her.

I then searched the grounds and my dark brown eyes landed on a silver bow closest to the Career, Glimmer. My eyes then looked up at the other girl to see her give me a wink. What was that for? I guessed it was because she was going to get the bow and sheath of arrows before I did. But my mentor, Haymitch, told me and Peeta to just run and not to try to get our hands on anything.

The Cornicopia was where the blood bath was and the majority of the tributes die. 3.2.1. The gong sounded and everyone took off. I ran straight to the left towards the forest.

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I dodged a pair of tributes fighting for a backpack before I entered the woods. By then I had lost sight of Peeta and wondered where he went, we entered the woods around the same area. I kept running but glanced over my shoulder to see if anyone was following. Nope, all is- SMACK!

I ran right into someone, the impact knocking me on my ass. "Oww!" I exclaimed, looking for the other tribute but only seeing their feet as they disappeared over the edge of a hill.

I heard her screaming and I wasn't until it was silent again that I crawled up to the edge and looked over to see Glimmer laying still on the forest floor at the end of the hill. 14 cannon booms sounded as I made my way down the hill carefully and strategically. When the cannon sounds it means the life of a tribute is gone.

Now there is only 10 out of 24 left. I wasn't sure if Glimmer was still alive, no hovercraft appeared for her body, but I needed the bow and arrows. Finally reaching her, I watched her body closely. She was still breathing so I had to be careful not to wake her.

I buried my fingers under the sling of the quiver, my fingers sliding against her breast softly. I stopped my hand. She didn't move yet. I then placed my whole hand on her breast, cupping it softly. I had never felt another girl's boob before and it felt nice in my hand, especially Glimmer's C cup.

"What are you doing?" Glimmer asked before I quickly retracted my hand. I saw the small smile on her lips as she turned her head to look up at me. "I was checking your heart beat." I lied but I didn't want her to know that I was fondiling her breast just because I wanted to.

Haymitch and Peeta painted a good picture that me and Peeta were meant to be star-crossed lovers which was all an act.I also didn't want the districts to know that I was more into women than guys. Why do you think I haven't pounced on Gale who've I've known and hunted with basically my whole life? He was 12's sexiest guy and if I wanted him, I would already have him.


"My leg hurts." She whined softly, thankfully dropping the subject as she leaned up and looked at the big gash on her leg. I knew I shouldn't help her, it would just be one less person to worry about. But the Games were wrong and I wanted a way to show the Capitol that they can't control me or get away with this.

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"Can you walk?" I asked. "I could try." I helped her up and let her sling an around my neck while she held the silver bow in the other. I needed to get her out of the elements and to somewhere where no-one could see a wounded Glimmer and get an easy kill. What I was looking for came in 100 yards from where Glimmer fell. A small cave that was partially hiddened by thick vines and trees. It was perfect place to hide themselves. I carefully led the wounded girl inside incase another tribute had found it before we did.

Thankfully, no-one did and I was allowed to carefully set Glimmer down on the cave floor, a light yelp of pain leaving her mouth when moved the wrong way. "You had a pretty bad fall. But I think that gash is the worst of it. But take it easy for your sore spots." I instructed her. I knelt down beside her and leaned in to look at her gash which had stopped bleeding but still looked bad.

"I'll be right back, I know the perfect plant that can be used for stitches." I went to get up but I felt the other girl grab my hand, stopping me and directing my attetion to her. "Dont leave me, Katniss." She pleaded as she looked me in the eyes. I didn't want to ignore her plea but her wound would get seriously infected if I didn't do something.

"I won't go far, just scream and I'll be here in no time." I assured her, giving a light smile. What Glimmer did next caught me off guard. She leaned up and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me softly. I didn't pull away but I only kissed back a little.

I didn't know she swung for the girls team. I didn't completely, I still liked men but women were more fun to look at. "Dont be long." Glimmer said after she pulled away. I just gave her a smile and stood up before I walked out of the cave. I had never kissed anyone before and when Glimmer kissed me it just felt out of this world. I almost turned right around and walked back just to kiss her again.

The sun was setting in the arena as I looked for the right plant for stitches. My mother was a nurse so I had learned how to stitch a wound, she also taught me the perfect plants to use for stitching. I had wondered slightly farther than I wanted but I found it and headed back to the cave.

When I entered I saw a sleeping Glimmer passed out on the floor of the cave.

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It was probably for the better that she was asleep, that meant she couldn't feel the mediocre stitches I put in her leg. A few hours later, I was sat in front of a small fire next to my new ally with three squirrels roasting over the flame. I had manged to shoot them with the bow and arrows before it got too dark to see.

No more canons had sounded meaning 10 were still alive. I had a hand on Glimmer's head, absentmindedly stroking her soft blonde hair. "Did you shoot those?" I heard Glimmer say. I looked down at her, my eyes locking with hers for a moment before I nodded and looked at the game.

"Yeah. They're all I could get before it got too dark." I told her with my hand still stroking her soft blonde hair. It didn't seem like she minded. "Thats awesome.

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I suck with a bow." Glimmer said with genuine amazment at my hunting skills. I watched as Glimmer sat up, taking my hand away from her head as I watched her look at the stitches on her leg.

"Geez, you are also good at stitchs?!" She asked before she laughed softly and leaned against my side, looking up into my eyes. "Is there anything you can't do?" "A lot actually." I said with a smile before I heard her mutter another soft giggle.

Glimmer then noticed that she had my jacket drapped over her. I had to give it to her, she needed it more than I did at that moment. "You're real sweet, Girl on Fire." She said softly, referrencing my new nickname given after me and Peeta rode into the Capitol on fire thanks to the work of our stylists, we were the talk of the town.

I just smiled at her comment as I looked at the dancing flames of the small fire. Then the thought of the kiss we shared came to my head and I looked back at Glimmer. It was like she was reading my mind because right as I turned my head her lips crashed into mine.

This time I kissed her fully back, placing a hand on the side of her head, gently stroking her hair as the kiss lingered. I then felt Glimmer's hand on the back of my head before it followed the length of my dark brown hair which was in a long braid that was hung over my right shoulder. "Make love to me." Glimmer whispered against my lips which made me freeze. "Something wrong?" She asked after she felt me freeze and pulled away. "I've never made love to someone, let alone another girl." I admitted, my eyes looking down.

I knew all the sweet spots on a girl's pussy, I had touched myself multiple times. I just didn't think I could pleasure another girl in that way. "I don't want to make you do something you don't want to do." Glimmer told me with a big smile as she lifted my chin up to look at her. I didn't want this moment to slip away. What if she didn't want to do it later when I felt more confident?

I looked at her for a few long seconds before I nodded slowly. "Okay, I'll do it." I gave her a small smile. "I'll help you if you get stuck." She assured me with a wink before she presses her lips against mine again as she wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned back onto the floor, pulling me ontop of her.

I reached down her body and un-did her pants before I pulled them down. I pulled away from Glimmer's lips to get her pants off her legs, careful not to hit her wound. After her pants were off I saw the black lace thong she had on.

It seemed a little ironic that she would wear such sexy undies in such a horrible place. But I didn't ask questions or say anything, I just hooked my fingers under the band and pulled them carefully off. I then saw her glisting pussy staring at me. Those perfect pink lips made my own pussy tingle with excitement and arousle. But this was the part where I was iffy about. "Its so wet Katniss." Glimmer whined as she pouted at me. God was she cute. I licked my lips softly as I looked at her wet pussy, I could easily tell it was so wet.

I took in a deep breath, here goes nothing. I dove my head between her legs and pressed my lips to her clitoris which caused a soft moan to escape Glimmer's lips.

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It wasn't until I began to suck on it that the real loud moans came. It was dangerous being that loud but I didn't care and it looked as if Glimmer didn't either.

As I continued to suck on her sweet clit, I felt Glimmer place her hands on the back of my head. I then slowly insurted my index and middle finger into her pussy entrance. It came with incredible ease since her pussy was sopping wet.

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More moans echoed in the cave as I began to move my fingers in and out of her at a fast pace. Why start out slow when she is so fucking wet? "Oh god, Katniss." I heard her moan out. I loved the sound of Glimmer's pleasurable moans saying my name and I pumped my fingers in and out of her as fast as I could now while my lips were still locked on her clit.

"Katniss, I'm gonna cum!" Glimmer annouced before she arched her back slightly.

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I continued to pump and suck, wanting this girl to reach her sweet climax. I had never tasted cum before and I wanted to taste Glimmer's so bad. "Come on baby." I muttered against her clit.

"OOOHHH GODDD KATNISSS, IM CUMMING!!" Glimmer screamed as I felt her juices gush out onto my fingers. I pulled my fingers only to have some of her cum squirt onto my face. I didn't mind, I took it with a smirk on my face. I removed my lips from her clit and slipped my tongue into her dripping wet pussy hole, wanting to get as much cum as I could. I lapped up the sweet juices which were the best thing I have ever tasted. Way better than the food at the Capitol. Glimmer let out a few little moans and I swallowed every drop of her delisicous cum.

Once I was done I moved back up her body to kiss her softly. After a moment of our lips locked together, Glimmer pulled away and looked at me with a sorry smile. "Im sorry, you just fuck me so good." She said before she used her sleeve to clean off the cum from my face.

I licked off what I could get but Glimmer wipped away what I couldn't. "Do you want me to pleasure you like that?" She asked innocently. I was a virgin, well in a sense. Fucking yourself doesn't count, right? I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous but Glimmer comforted me a little and that made me nod my head to say yes. "But I don't want you to hurt your leg." I told her as I got off her and proceeded to put her pants and thong back on.

"Just sit on my face, that won't hurt my leg." Glimmer insisted and I nodded. I then undid my pants slowly. No-one has ever seen me naked before, except my mother. I was suddenly not feeling so confident anymore but looking at Glimmer's reassuring smile made me continue. I pushed my pants and panites down to my ankles before I pulled my boots out of them.

"Oh my, I didn't know how sexy you were Katniss." Glimmer said which brought a smile to my face. Then she motioned towards her.

I did as told and walked over to Glimmer, waiting as she laid totally flat on the cave floor before me. "Kneel over me and lower yourself on me, you'll know when to stop." She instructed softly before I stepped over her head.

With my boots on either side of her head, I carefully lowered myself onto my knees. I put my hands onto the cave wall infront of me as I lowered myself further. I knew I was there when I felt Glimmer's tongue probe into my pussy. Oh god that felt so amazing. Way better than my fingers when I pleasures myself.


"Someone's wet." Glimmer muttered against my pussy. I let out soft moans, trying my hardest to be quiet but with this much pleasure I knew I would end up screaming. I felt Glimmer locked her arms around my thighs to hold me to her as I was absentmindedly bucking my hips since i was not use to pleasure like this. I gripped as hard as I could on the cave wall as I let out a loud moan. Who cares if I'm loud? I'll just scewer anyone who enters with an arrow.

"Oh Glimmer." I said breathlessly while her tongue swirled around in my sopping wet pussy which brought me closer and closer to cumming all over her face. I had a feeling she would get a lot more on her face than I did.

As if her tongue wasn't giving me enough pleasure, Glimmer unwrapped an arm and used her fingers to rub against my clit, causing me to moan real loud.

"Glimmer! Glimmer, I'm going to cum!" I shouted with ecstacy. She rubbed my clit faster and faster as she moved her tongue every which way until I let out a loud cry of pleasure as my cum gushed out of my pussy.

Glimmer tried to keep up with my rushing juices but there was simply too much for the girl and she pushed me to the right off of her. I laying on my back as my chest rose and fell fast. I stared up at the roof of the cave, my thoughts just filled with that amazing pleasure I just had. Glimmer took my whole virginity and she gave me the best pleasure in the whole world.

"Geez, I didn't think you would cum that much." She said as she wipped off the cum from her face that she couldn't reach with her tongue. I felt kind of bad. Was it bad I came that much? I most certainly didn't cum that much at home, it must have been Glimmer's magic tongue and fingers that made me cum that much. "Im sorry." I said as I got up off the floor and walked over to where my pants and panties were, slipping them on again. Once my legs were warm again I walked over to where I had been sitting before and sat down.

I raised my eyebrows slightly when I felt Glimmer cuddle up to me, her head on my shoulder and her arm around my stomach as she pulled herself closer to me. I then reached over to grab my jacket before I drapped it over us, my arm then went around her before I gently rubbed her back. "Dont be sorry, I liked it." Glimmer said as she tilted her head up to kiss my jawline once. "I like you." She said. Hearing that made me smile because after having sex with her like that made me start to like her too.

"I like you too." I admit before I tilted my head down to kiss her on the lips. This moment was bitter sweet. I liked what me and Glimmer just shared but the sad fact of only one of us making it out came back into my head.

I pulled away from her and smiled as I looked into her eyes for a moment. She then rested her head back on my shoulder and a few minutes later I found out she had fallen asleep. I watched the squirrels burn over the fire before I too fall into a deep sleep with Glimmer wrapped in my arm.