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Ellie's POV continued: I am standing here looking at my son and my the two that are like daughters to me staring back at me with a mixture of confusion and disappointment. Karen and Lil Heath are admiring the picture.

" See Heathie this is my daddy. I saw him once he was very nice to me." I hear Karen say feeling her point at the picture " Cool sissy, but who is the baby?" My grandson asks as I feel a tightness in my chest " I.I don't know." Karen answers as my words just come out " He is your brother.your half brother Karen." I say as Tiffany, Selena, and Chris look at me with wide eyes " My.my brother?

I have a brother?" Karen asks getting a nod " Yes baby girl you do. His name is Greg named after your grandfather." Mike says coming to me " Wait.Heath has a son and you both kept it from all of us?" Tiffany says as her parents and Selena's lowered their heads or looked away " Sis I think they all knew." Selena says looking at their parents Chris stands up coming to his father and I.

He looks at us with deep frustration. " Where is my brother at mom?" He asks as I lower my head " We don't know where he is. There was no return address on the large envelope." Mike says while he comforts me " He doesn't want us to know where he is yet." Ricky says making a point " Dad you and mom knew?" Tiffany asks with some hurt " Yes honey we did.

Sorry we kept this from you, but we knew it would hurt you knowing the man you love moved on." Verna says as Tiffany looks over at the picture I was holding It was quiet for a moment or two until Tiffany spoke up.

" You had no right to hide this from us." She says with some anger then continues " Where the fuck is he?" " Tiffany first off watch you language, and second at least we aren't the ones that made him leave." I say as her eyes grow wide " Mom we said we were sorry for what happen.

Why are you bringing that up for?' Chris asks as he returned to sitting between Selena and Tiffany " Because everyday I miss him that much more. He would of been here this whole time if you just stayed faithful, but no you had to just get with my son and Selena." I say getting wide eyes before continuing " I miss his bright blue eyes that are not bright any more." " What.what do you mean they aren't blue any more?" Selena asks as I look at her before letting out a sigh I give Karen the picture to take to her aunt.

I watch as Karen walks over to hand it to Selena who accepts it.We watch as all three look at the picture to see Heath's eyes are not as bright anymore.


Each have a look of sadness in their eyes before they look at one another. Mike has me sit in his lap after he takes a seat in his chair. We all sit in silence until Tiffany speaks breaking that silence. " So I have two nephews then." She says with a small smile " As we have a Nephew and Niece." Chris says as Selena smiles " Yes, and all so adorable." Mike says with a calm tone voice After a few minutes I go to get the letter for them to read.

Upon my return I see Mike coming from the front door with another envelope. I go to him to see what is inside. Once open he pulls out a small device that looks like it plugs into a computer.

I make my way over to hand the letter to Tiffany before running to get my laptop from the den. I return to see Tiffany and Selena crying as Chris reads the tear stained letter. I hand my laptop to Nate telling him to hook it up to the t.v.

in which he does. Once hooked up Mike hands him the device in which Nate places on the side of my laptop. Mike hands me the letter in which I read a loud. As Nate brings up the pictures it starts to run into a slide show. We all watch as they are pictures of two little boys. We notice one Greg wide eyed smiling while the other boy Dakota blinks at the camera but still wears a big smile. " Aww they look so cute, but who is the other boy?" Tiffany asks as I look at the letter " Well it says here this was their 1st birthday party which was on Monday of this week.

The other boy is Dakota. Heath states it's his Nephew." I say as they all look from me to the screen " Who are those people in the back ground?" Selena asks us as I look in the letter " He says the two guys are Jack and Adam his brother's, the older woman is Faye who is like a.mother to him.

The lady next to her is Hannah who is a big sister to him." I say feeling some sadness " It sounds like he is happy." Selena says with a hint of hurt " Who are those two standing by Heath?" Chris asks with some concern " Well the way he says the one on the left is Jasmine his.girlfriend who had Lil Greg.

The other is Diamond who had Dakota." I say looking over at Tiffany " So he replaced me then." She says with some tears " Mommy are you alright?" Karen says while getting in her mothers lap " I will be honey in due time." Tiffany says sounding hurt while holding her little girl " Tiffany I am sure you have a chance.

Don't give up baby girl." Verna says trying to reassure her daughter " But mom look at him he seems more happy with those two in that picture. And that Jasmine gave him a baby boy." Tiffany says with some jealousy " True but you gave him a daughter that he knows nothing about." Ricky says telling his beautiful daughter " I know that's what makes the pain never go away. I want Karen to know her father besides meet him as well." Tiffany says as I see Karen shed a tear We watch the screen as I feel a few tears come to me.

" The babies are getting big.all 4 are growing fast." I say as the other mothers cry also with a smile " And again I have THREE nephews." Tiffany says with again hurt We watch the slide show until Mike gets up to turn it off. He looks at us all before mentioning about going out to dinner.

Everyone decides that's best before all leaving to get ready. Karen says she wants to stay with Mike and I to look at the pictures of her father and brother. Tiffany nods saying it's ok as she follows Chris and Selena out the door. As I get ready I remember a old digital picture frame I had in the closet. I go over to look for it in my panties.

Once found I get dressed then make my way down to the living room taking the jump drive and place it in the usb port of the frame. Once on I smile seeing the slide show start. " Now I can have pictures of Heath and his new family." I say with a smile as Karen comes over asking to be held " Grammie Ellie I love you. Do you think I will ever see my daddy?' She asks me with a tear " Yes baby girl I do and when you do tell him that you love him so he knows." I tell her with a smile before I start tickling her The rest of the day was filled with small talk at dinner.

I noticed Tiffany holding the double heart necklace in her hand before looking at it. I sigh hoping that she still has a chance to speak her heart to Heath, and maybe be a part of what he has with Jasmine. That night after spending time with family Mike and I go home to be alone. I love being alone with my husband as he knows how to get me started. Once inside our home we don't make it to our bedroom after he locks the door as I have my dress off and panties down before he turns to see me smiling.

It's not long he picks me up only to go over to the couch and sits. That night he has me cum multiple times filling my pussy with his own. I love him so much that I gave him my ass to fill last year.

And damn does he fill me up with his love over and over. New Years came in which we spent it at Chris and the girls.

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We drank wine as bringing in the new year. As the ball dropped all I could hope was that Heath and his family were doing the same as I wished him a new year in my heart. Around 1 a.m. Mike and I made it home. I noticed the answering machine light up making my way to it.

I push the play button to hear the message. It's my god son wishing us a Happy New Year. I smile before speaking to a old friend that always held a place in my heart. " Gregie boy he is starting to love us again." I say as Mike comes over wrapping his arms around me ============================================================== After New Years things went back to the same except I had to make a decision.

With a bit of reluctance I sold my company only to be made president of sales. I kept Kaye as my Secretary giving her a raise in the process.

The new owners were good people as in being Family Oriented. They kept everything I started plus added profit sharing saying a happy worker is better then a sad one. All my employees loved the new way things were going in which I couldn't complain either. The month of January ended with me spending time with my family and working hard to support the boys future. As the days, weeks, and months pass I find it's July which brings the 4th of July.

This year was going to be cool as the boys where actually old enough to enjoy it. Adam made a picnic table with Jack's help for the beach.

Between their time as Life Guards and Adams counseling job it was finished by the last part of June. So the 4th it was going to be broken in. The 4th was on a Sunday this year. So Jasmine, Faye, and Kaye stocked up on food that Jack made a list for. Knowing him it was going to be a mixture of chicken, burgers, and hot dogs for the boys. I hoped this year my sons would see what their father always looked forward too.

It's the 4th as I sit on the bench of the picnic table admiring both my brother's handy work. I noticed as Adam did on the coffee table there showed MAY'S FAMILY, but around it he had all our names. I smiled knowing that she was finally having the family she wanted. It was around 1 p.m.

when Gina came over as the boys were playing with Batman. He growled as she got closer. Lil Greg and Dakota turned to see her coming over to us. Dakota went to his and Lil Greg's best friend. " Batman behave." Dakota says as he sit's on the sand hugging Batman Lil Greg looked at what Dakota was doing only to join his brother holding Batman down.

As Gina got closer she noticed the boy's and smiled. " Hey Gina meet my sons Lil Greg and Dakota." I say to her as she gives me a concerned look " You have two sons?" She asks as Jasmine and Diamond come over to see the boys hugging Batman " Actually Lil Greg is mine as Dakota is my nephew, but like a son to me." I answer as she nods " That's sweet of you so where is everyone?" She says asking me as I point towards the house " They are getting food and drinks ready.

Jasmine and Diamond have been swimming." I say as my girlfriend and big sister come over to sit " Oh nice so how are you Jasmine and your Diamond I take it?" Gina asks as Diamond nods " Yes I am their big sister. They took me into their family a few years ago." Diamond says with a proud smile " Aww Heath is a lovable and caring young man.

May saw that in him years ago." Gina says with a hint of sadness " Yes he is and I am so glad she took him in. All I have heard I would hate to know what would of happened if she didn't." Diamond says getting a nod with a smile It's at that moment Lil Greg and Dakota come over to me followed by Batman.

I help them up on the bench letting them sit side by side. They are sucking on their pacifiers as Gina takes a seat by Jasmine across from us. " So you going to watch the firework show tonight?" Gina asks getting nods " Wouldn't miss it Gina as last years was awesome." Diamond says as Jasmine and I smile " What's a firework?" I hear Dakota ask holding his pacifier " It's what light's up the sky baby boy.

You don't remember last year do you?" Diamond asks her son but technically our son " No." He says looking down as Lil Greg joins him " Aww honey don't worry as you will see them tonight." Jasmine says as they both look up with smiles behind their pacifiers " So tell me something and please don't get mad at me for asking, but is Dakota your's Heath?" Gina asks as Jasmine and Diamond look at me " Well Gina you promise you won't think less of me?" I ask as she gives me a assuring smile before I continue " Yes Dakota is my son, and was it his left eye that made you think to ask that question?" " Yes Heath it was, and no I am not going to think less of you hun.

Look I think love is a strong emotion that can flow from one heart to the next. Honey if you love two women then love them. As you have two beautiful ladies right here." Gina says with a smile as Jasmine, Diamond, and I look at each other " But Gina I am his big sister." Diamond says as Gina shakes her head " Diamond hun do you love Jasmine and Heath?" She asks with a sincere question " Well yes with all my heart, but." Diamond says being cut off " Diamond honey it's not bad to love another even if you claim one another as family.

Look my husband and I have a third and we love her to death. She is right now pregnant with our second child. We all accept each other as one." Gina says as we all look at each other " So your saying what we um have could work?" Jasmine says asking as Diamond looks intently at them " Yes dear as Tracy as been my lover and partner for 7 years now and Ron's second wife.

We are faithful to the other." Gina says catching me off guard a bit " Wait Ron has two wives?" I ask getting a happy smile " Yes Heath he married me first then Tracy 4 years ago. Now it wasn't a normal wedding, but it was real to us." Gina says as I look at Jasmine and Diamond After we take in what Gina explained she looks at the boys who are petting Batman's back with there feet.

" So you little ones you want to see fireworks light up the sky?" Gina says changing the subject " Uh huh." They both say in unison " Good I hope you enjoy the light show, but I have to go now.

Is it alright if I get a hug from two handsome young men." Gina says smiling at my sons We watch the boys look at each other then at us seeing nods. " It's ok boys Gina is like a aunt to me so she would be your great aunt." I exclaim as they look at Gina Dakota gets down then helps Lil Greg. I have to admit if a complete stranger didn't know them they would think they were twins. I watch as Batman follows being protective as always when Gina gets up to meet them at the end of the table.

She squats down to hug them both. I watch as they hug her back. After she breaks the hug Batman sniffs her hand before licking it making the boys smile. " Well you family." Lil Greg says with a smile " That's good to know honey.

So you have a nice day ok, and make sure you listen for my announcement ok boys." Gina says getting nods from the boys Gina gave us all a smile before turning to walk away. It was about that time when I heard voices from behind me. I turned to see Faye, Hannah, Kaye, Adam, and Jack coming over to us. Jack and Adam were carrying the grill as Kaye was bringing the charcoal while Hannah and Faye were bringing the food.

I gave them raised eye brows as they finally approached us. " What's going on guys?' I asked as Jack and Adam placed the grill not far from us " Grilling out here so I don't feel alone by the pool." Jack says as I nod " Ok man I can understand that." I say as he smiles Faye and Hannah place the food on the table of what all was going to be cooked.

Kaye handed the charcoal to Jack as Adam came over to sit by me. Kaye also came over sitting on the other side of me. Faye and Hannah came over to sit as jasmine and Diamond scooted down. We all started talking about the day as what we wanted to do besides watch the fireworks. As we talked the boys played in the sand next to the table being good. Batman would every so often look over at the grill. I kept my eye on him then noticed my sons looking before whispering to each other.

As the others talk I watch as my two boys go over to their Uncle Jack as Batman follows closely. Lil Greg and Dakota walk on the other side of Jack making him turn to listen to them talk. I then watch Batman sneak up to the plate that sits in Jacks lounge chair and snags two hot dogs.

I am at awe how sneaky my sons can be. I just laugh catching everyones attention as Jack turns to see Batman running with two hot dogs in his mouth.

" HEY GET BACK HERE YOU HOT DOG THIEF!" Jack yells as Batman seeks cover under the table " Jack calm down son I am sure he." Faye says before I stop her and point at Lil Greg and Dakota who are giggling before she continues with shock " Wait your telling me." " Yep your grand babies distracted their uncle so Batman could get a bite to eat." I say as they all look from me to the boys " Well we always said they were smart for their age, but that took cunning." Adam says as I agree with a nod as my two loves stand up " Gregory Bobby Thompson get over here." Jasmine says turning into bad mommy " Dakota Jarred Thompson get your little butt over here now." Diamond the other bad mommy says " Hey they didn't." Adam tries to say before they both give him a cold stare before he waves they off We watch both my sons lower their heads walking over to their mothers who look mad.

Once to Jasmine and Diamond the boys look up to see their mothers eyes. It's just a second later that they pick their little boys up and smile. " You really got your uncle good didn't you honey?" Diamond says asking to Dakota who smiles nodding " You smarty pants what am I going to do with you?" Jasmine says as Lil Greg shrugs sucking on his pacifier " Hey what gives Jasmine and Diamond?' Jack asks as both his sisters turn to look at him smirking " Serves you, you right to put a plate of food where Batty could get it." Diamond says calling Batman by her nickname for him Jack looks at us all shrugging his shoulders picking up the plate only to make his way over to place it on the table.

He goes back to the grill to continue his cooking. The two mothers sit back down with sons in their arms. I look at my sons seeing big smiles knowing they weren't in that much trouble. I just smile knowing that they could do anything together using their minds and wits. I feel movement at my feet as I watch Batman move as if going for more.

I turn to see him make his way over to the chair of Jacks and just lays down in the sand. I notice Jack looking behind him and down to see Batman there licking his chops as if saying ' Thanks for the food Uncle Jack'.

I just chuckle as Jack shows a small smile before turning back around to cook. The day goes by as the food is done. We eat around 2:30 p.m. with the boys in my lap. They love their uncle's cooking. I watch as they eat 4 hot dogs each with chips.

We laugh at the boys as they giggle as I hold them close to me. As lunch comes and goes we all have some family fun with a volley ball game. It's guys versus ladies with Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah against Jack, Adam, and I.

Faye and Kaye play score keepers. The boys watch on with Batman between them as they sit in front of their grandmother and aunt. As the game goes by I see both Jasmine and Diamond look at my crotch as telling me something. I see them lick their lips as I chuckle. We are tied for winning point when the ball comes to me I hit it back over the net as it hits the sand between Hannah's legs. She looks up at me with a smile with catches me off guard.

I see her eyes and just see love of a sister before she makes her way to Faye. I go under the net to Jasmine and Diamond to get my kisses from them as my reward. They return my kiss with deep passion and love. After the kisses we go over to relax with our family for the rest of the day. It's about 6 p.m. when Adam and Jack go help out Gina and Ron setting up for the firework show. The boys act like they can't wait for the show as they turn toward where they will be set off.

I chuckle at their anticipation. They both turned looking back at me with there pacifiers in their mouths pointing at the sky. " Soon just wait until Auntie Gina announces the start." I tell them seeing nods as they look back towards the sky I remember my first fireworks show when I was their age.

I would sit between Travis and Michelle with their arms around my shoulders and back. It was a happier moment. I shake the memory away creating a new one with those around me. As the sun goes down in the west I look to see it's around 8:30 p.m. and that is when we hear Gina speak up. " WELCOME EVERYONE ONCE AGAIN TO ANOTHER AWESOME SHOW! THIS YEAR I WANT TO START BY WELCOMING TWO NEW ADDITIONS TO THE BEACH!


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THEY ARE THE GREAT GRANDSONS TO OUR VERY OWN MAY GRIFFIN! LET'S HEAR IT TO THE BOYS!" She says as everyone up and down the beach cheer and clap before she continues " NOW SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE SHOW!" I chuckle as both my boys are surprised hearing their names as they hear the first boom of the night then the sky light up.

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Boy my sons eyes lit up as the shades of blue, red, and purple painted the sky. I watched as they held onto their best friend seeing the sky light the surrounding sky. I held Jasmine and Diamond close to me as Faye held Hannah.


Adam and Jack were setting the fireworks off this year. They enjoyed making everyone for one night feel happy as making the night sky seem magical. I smiled knowing that this year would bring that magic. They sure were making it seem magical to their nephews that watched on in awe.

It was about a hour later that Dakota and Lil Greg were laying in the sand looking up pointing to the sky at the last colors of the night.

As the colors faded and the stars shined so bright I listened to Dakota as he took his pacifier out of his mouth to only say. " Thank you Grandma love you." My youngest son by 30 seconds says as I look up wondering if he could see her The boys sat up only to turn crawling to us getting in their mothers lap. That was when I watch both of them cuddle up drifting off to sleep.

I stood up helping both mother's up as Hannah and Faye stayed sat in the sand telling us they will be in later. I nodded as I followed Jasmine and Diamond up to the house then inside. We made our way up the stairs to Lil Greg's room that he shared with Dakota.

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Both my ladies placed them in their bed. I stood there watching both my sons sleep with a smile on their faces. Jasmine and Diamond grabbed my hands leading me out of the room to only close the boys door to a crack.

I was then led to our room in which Jasmine shut the door while Diamond placed her thumbs in my sweat shorts taking them off. She then got on her knees taking my manhood into her right hand to only place a kiss on the head. Jasmine stepped behind me placing her hands on my back running them down to my ass. I let out a moan as Diamond licked the underside of my cock with a mmm coming from her throat.

Jasmine stepped around untying the sides of her bikini bottoms. I watched as they fell to the floor as Jasmine got down on her knees to take Diamonds off. " Ladies what are you doing?" I ask already knowing the answer " Baby we are going to make love to you. You have been so busy lately that you need to relax for once. Let Diamond and I make our man feel good." Jasmine says to me as she strips Diamond who is slowly taking me in her mouth Taking in her words I feel myself getting hard in Diamond's mouth.

The past few years she has gotten to know my manhood pretty well as has Jasmine. Both have gotten to deep throating me to the point I could erupt deep in their throats. I looked down to see Jasmine under Diamond eating her out as my older lover moans on my cock. I placed my hands on the back of Diamond's head as she placed her's around on my ass. I knew what she wanted as she was my hard core lover. I started thrusting fast in and out of her mouth feeling her tongue against my shaft.

I felt my climax build up as my dick started to throb. " Oh shit.Diamond." I say as I feel her shove my hands out of the way taking hold off my shaft cutting off my orgasm as she takes me out of her mouth She looks up to see my confusion as I see her smile.

" Not yet Heath baby as I want you in my cunt pounding me. I.I." She says trailing off as Jasmine moves to sit by Diamond " Go ahead baby tell him. Tell our man what you told me a few days ago." Jasmine says supporting her lover " Heath make me your other bedroom slut. Make me your woman for good." Diamond says stroking me slowly " Wait.what do you mean for good?

I thought you and Hannah were a couple?" I ask seeing her nod " We.we are, but I am well in love with you so much that when I am with her I moan your name. Hannah understands as she asks me about you. Heath please make me your woman also I love you darling." Diamond tells me with a smile but yet with tears I look at her and Jasmine to only see that love that they have for me.

Both have always told me their feelings, but I guess Diamond's has grown just as strong as Jasmine's. I look at Jasmine who locks her eyes to mine. " How do you feel about this Jazzy?" I ask as she stands up stepping towards me placing her hands on my right arm " Baby I love you with all my heart and soul.

I also am madly in love with Diamond also. I want her as my girlfriend as your my boyfriend. I want us to be what we can be in this life and the next. Yes she started out to be a sister, but the times we have shared well has brought a deeper love. Heath my love she is the other half of our triangle.

Look at her ribs see what she has done to show her love for you and I." Jasmine explains as Diamond stands while still stroking me I look at her left side to see my nameJasmine's and Diamonds. Then under them words that makes me feel a warm feeling in my heart.

" Three hearts love the other, Three hearts that stand together, Three hearts that become one." I read those words to see Diamond was being truthful I look at Hannah's to see a heart around her name with words that say ' My darling love'.

I look at Diamond with a deep feeling of love before taking her into my arms which startles her. I lean down to kiss her lips with passion as she lets go of my shaft to place her arms around me. Our kiss lingers before she breaks it to look deep in my eyes. " Take me baby as I am yours. Take me now and make me as Jasmine you love that protects your heart. I give you my heart, bodyand soul as the only man to have me for ever." She tells me as I look at Jasmine " Go ahead my love bring her to bed.

I want her as well with her tongue deep in my pussy." Jasmine says moving to the bed I pick Diamond up as she places her hands on my shoulders. I take us over to the foot of the bed placing her down as she lays on her back. I watch as she pulls her legs back by the knees giving me full access to her swollen pussy.

I see Jasmine straddle Diamonds head as I line my cock to my wild lover. I tease her for a moment sliding the head up and down her swollen labia. It's not long that she lets out a moan from between Jasmine's legs. I place the head at Diamonds entrance then slowly slide into her as we both moan. I look in Jasmine's eyes to see both love and acceptance of our love below us. Jasmine caresses my face only to lean in for a kiss as I start thrusting long and slow into our girlfriend.

Our tongues find one another as moans are let out through our love making.

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Jasmine breaks the kiss placing her hands on Diamonds stomach. I look down watching Diamond's and my joining as my shaft is wet from her juices. She is still tight as I feel her clamp onto my cock.

She starts meeting my thrust letting her legs go as they stay in place. I place my hands on her soft milky thighs as I increase my pace. She is writhing under Jasmine and I. Jasmine tilts her head back moving back and forth across Diamonds tongue I am guessing. I am in pure heaven as these two women I call my loves give me their love as always, but this time it means more to each of us. I feel Diamond's cervix each time I thrust deep into her. Jasmine clamps her legs down against Diamonds head as she moans deeply.

" OH GOD.I.AM.CUMMINGGGGG!" My Latina screams as I smile knowing she was giving Diamond a reward I watched as she moved her hips again before getting off our love.

Diamond had her girlfriends cum on her face with a smile and glassy eyes. As she looked up into my eyes she spoke with love. " Make me cum.give me your love.cum in my womb.make us one." Diamond says to me as she cupped her D breast moaning in the room I pull her against my hips getting deeper as I lean over placing my hands on either side of her head looking down in her eyes. Diamond places her hands on my chest as I start pounding her cunt faster and harder.

She smiles up at me as her eyes roll into the back of her head before arching her back. Jasmine gets up against the head board with her legs spread playing with herself watching the two people she loves make love.

I see her smile mouthing the words ' I love you my love now give her your seed'. I smile as I hear Diamond speak loudly. " OH FUCK YESSS.I'M CUMMINGGG.ON YOUR.BEAUTIFUL COCK!" Diamond says loudly as I thrust a few times before unleashing my orgasm " OH DIAMOND!" I say loudly as I hold myself against her cervix giving her womb my sperm " OH YESSSS.CUM IN YOUR.DIAMOND SLUT!" She says locking her legs around my ass keeping me in place " Mmm that looks so hot." Jasmine says while crawling to Diamond and I She plants a kiss on Diamonds lips then mine as rope after rope continue to erupt from my cock.

Diamond keeps her leg lock while moaning feeling the warm cum hit her inside. After my balls are empty I collapse on top of her after Jasmine moves to the side.

Diamond holds me with her arms as I catch my breath. " I love you my loving darling, and always will Heath baby." Diamond says as I smile feeling another set of hands on my back " That goes for me too my love." Jasmine says as she lays on top of me " I love you both too, but what are we now?

I mean what about Hannah?" I ask them both as my breathe starts to get back to normal " We are a threesome baby, and I still love Hannah. She suggested I become yours too in every way.


Don't ask me why, but she did saying she understood how I felt. Except she has been acting weird as of late also. Like earlier when you hit the ball and it hit between her legs. I notice her face as she hoped something might of happened." Diamond explains as I think of earlier to know she is right After a little more cuddling with me being sandwiched.

We all got under the sheets with Diamond laying on me. Jasmine was cuddled up on my right with her right arm over Diamond and I. We talked of our future together with them both saying next year they wanted another baby between the two of them. I thought of that idea with a smile thinking it would be nice for my sons to have little sisters that they could protect and teach. Although I think if we had girls they would be just as smart as their siblings.

We fell asleep a few minutes later with smiles on our lips. Before I went to work I gave Jasmine her own bank card as we joined our accounts. She deeply insisted on it as a show of trust. I told her to head to where we got Adam's car, and get her a SUV. She looked at me wide eyed, but smiled giving me a deep passionate love as Diamond and Hannah giggled. Faye left for a wedding in Arkansas for the next two weeks so it left Hannah alone at night in a empty room. I felt for her as I gave her a big hug as well a kiss on the cheek.

I think it shocked her at first before she returned the hug and kiss on my neck. I gave my boys a big hug telling them to be good getting nods.

After getting in my office and doing the books.

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It was about 11 a.m. when my boss Mr. Lewis Calhoun came in my office. He was 52, 6'0, 187 lbs, short black with gray streaks and brown eyes. He took a seat telling me not to get up.

He had a serious look in his eyes as he spoke. " Heath something has come up to the point that myself and the board of directors need you to attend a conference on our behalf." He tells me getting my attention " Oh and what kind of conference are you talking about?" I ask as he stands up going to the window to look out at the ocean view that was in the distance " Well that's the thing it's a merger meeting as in we are being bought out." He tells me as I stand up quickly " WHAT?!

Who bought us out?" I ask as he turns to see me with a deep concern " A Man named Carl Karlington. He took over a company on the west coast." He tells me as his eyes stare at mine intently " I haven't heard of him before." I say as Lewis nods " He is a rich old man who lived in the south. He took over." He states to me pausing before letting out a sigh continuing " Thompson and Jarvison LLC." I look at him with wide eyes to this new information.

I return to my chair feeling a deep sadness sweep over me. He stays where he to only continue looking out the widow before he continues talking to me. " We want you to go to this ' meeting', and accept their offer. I know this is something you don't want to do, but your one of the best around here, plus you know this company inside and out." He tells me as I sigh as he is right " So when am I suppose to me there?" I ask regretting my words " Wednesday, but your flight is tomorrow afternoon and you will return Wednesday night as Karlington wants it to be a one day thing." He tells me as I nod not really liking this turn of events =================================================================== Gina's POV: Around 1 p.m.

I am in my living room enjoying a cup of ice tea when I hear some barking coming from the front yard. I make my way out to see what in tarnation is going on. Once out I see Dakota and Lil Greg standing in the yard as their dog is digging a hole in the yard. I make my way over to see what he is digging for.

" I see we meet again boys." I say as they turn to see me with wide scared eyes " Batty being bad." Lil Greg says as Dakota nods " Well I think you both need to get home before your mommies and daddy get mad." I say as they get a very scared expression " DAKOTA!" I her a female voice yell " GREG!" I her another female voice say " Ops I think I spoke to soon." I say as I turn to see Jasmine and Diamond walking looking around as Jack follows them as I continue " OVER HERE!" I wave my arms as they all three run as I hear growling.

I turn to see Batman digging for something. " There you two are why did you leave the front yard? We get home and Jack tells us you weren't where he had you two stay." Jasmine asks as her and Diamond go to their sons " Batty ran over here." Dakota says as both mothers shake their heads " That is no reason to walk away baby.

What if something bad happened to you? Mommy Jazzy and I would of cried our hearts out as your daddy would have been very sad also." Diamond says as the boys look at each other then at Batman " But Batty mommy." Dakota says turning to his mother " Honey he would of came home." Diamond says as they both pick the boys up Jack goes over to get Batman before we hear a yelp. He runs away almost tackling Jack.

We watch him run home before seeing a turtle slowly come out of the hole. " Damn he was digging for food." Jack says getting a few looks " Jack that is just wrong now take the boys home and change their diapers." Diamond says as I giggle seeing his expression " Why me sis I am sorry I took my eyes off them for just a second." He says protesting as he is handed the boys " That's why you should of took them in the house before using the bathroom." Jasmine says as I see a defeated Jack " Come on boys lets go home so I can change you." He says walking off carrying both boys who are giggling The girls and I talk for a few minutes as Jasmine tells me of her new SUV, and also about what all happened last night, but not in great detail.

I smile as they took my advice in accepting what maybe the greatest love they all three could ever share. ===================================================================== I pull into the drive way around 6 p.m. before turning my Corolla off. I sit there thinking of what to tell my family.

I don't want to make this trip to the West coast as the memories return of all them years ago. As I let out a sigh I grab my brief case opening the driver door. I step out only to shut the door. Making my way to the front door I feel a little bit of depression sweep over me as I turn the doorknob to open the door to the family home. Once inside I shut the door placing my case on the floor next to the door. I place my keys on the hook on the wall.

I step into the living room to only hear excited voices yell ' Daddy Daddy'. I watch two happy little boys run the best they can to me. Both grab a leg as I look down to see them looking up at me with smiles.

I give them a small smile as two women come up to us wrapping their arms around me. I place my arms around each of them holding them close. After the hugs are broken the boys go back to the couch while my two loves take me to our bedroom to get dressed in more comfortable clothes. After I am dressed in shorts and a muscle shirt they take me back down where we hear dinner is done. They grab the boys as I follow still having the days events plague my mind.

After getting into the kitchen and every one gets seated my family tells me of their day. Jasmine tells me her new SUV rides like a dream, Diamond tells me of what the boys did as Jack lowers his head. I guess me not responding back catches Hannah's eyes. " Heath hun what is wrong you seem out of it?" She asks as I look at each of them " I have to go out west tomorrow.

Seems the company was bought out by a company out west that is doing a merger." I explain responding as their eyes show surprise " What does that mean baby?" Jasmine asks as I look at her " It.It means I am out of a job as is Kaye. I don't want to go, but Lewis and the board are making me go. I leave tomorrow afternoon and return sometime Wednesday night." I exclaim as they all just nod I look over to see my boys both in tears. " What's wrong with you two?" I ask them concerned " Daddy leaving." Lil Greg says as Dakota lowers his head " I'll be back guys don't worry.

Your daddy is not leaving for good just a few days." I say as they just nod with tears As dinner keeps going the talk is little as everyone takes in my words. Once dinner is done and over I am taken into the living room to spend time with my family. The boys sit in my lap as Jasmine and Diamond sit on either side of me. They cuddle up to me showing me their love. My brothers sit in the chairs while Hannah sits on Jasmine's left side.

Lekao me comendo no frango assado

We talk about doing fun things once I get back in a few days. It's around 9 p.m. that Jasmine and Diamond take the boys and I up to bed. Tonight the boys sleep in our bed with their mothers and I.

I am in the middle of the bed as I have Dakota on my right and Lil Greg on my left. Diamond is behind Dakota as Jasmine is behind Lil Greg.

My arms are long enough to stretch to hold them all. As I watch them sleep I feel my heart warm with love as these four that are in bed are my world as is the others that sleep in their beds. It's Wednesday as I sit in the conference room of the old office my father brought me too a few times. My godfather is looking over at me with what looks like concern as the person that I take is in charge starts to speak. " I would like to thank you Mr. Thompson for coming today.

My name is Carl Karlington I know the circumstances seem to be of a business nature I assure you I mean the best for your business. So with that said I want to hear if your boss has accepted my nice offer to buy your company and merge with my own here in San Francisco." He exclaims to me as I look at him sitting in the chair my father use too He stands about 6'1, 200 lbs, short gray hair with what I can see is blue eyes from where I sit.

As Mike and Carl look at me I just let out a sigh. I see Mike looking again at me very concerned as I begin to speak. " My boss accepts your offer as to merge with your company. He is just concerned of any changes as I am also." I say as Mr. Karlington gives me a nod " Mr. Thompson I assure you I don't plan to change anything. Why change something that works.

Your company is above average, and has a great start of prospering in the future" he tells me as I nod feeling a sadness inside before he continues " But I would like to offer you a job though." I look at him as Mike hands me the papers to sign and take back for my boss to sign. I sign where I am suppose to before I stand up to leave.

" Sorry but I must decline as I am going to go home and watch my sons grow and spend time with my family." I say a I shake his hand before I walk out Mike follows me out of the office only to stop me with a surprised hug.

I return the hug as I haven't seen him in years. Once he breaks the hug he looks deep in my eyes with some sadness. " Heath won't you come over for dinner son?" My god father asks as I shake my head " Sorry Uncle Mike I have some shopping to do before I return home to my boys and family.

Tell momma Ellie I love her oh here is my address for you all to come visit. You both and the other god parents should come out to see the family." I say giving him a small smile and my address before making my way to the elevator After going by my hotel room and changing into some comfortable clothes.

I also pack figuring I can catch my plane after getting a few gifts for my boys and family. I make my way to the mall I use to walk through years ago. Some things have changed as some haven't. As I go from one store to the next getting the boys some story books, my two loves matching necklaces with a heart, Adam a few books that he likeJack a shirt with a cowgirl on it wearing a thong, Faye some perfume, Hannah and Kaye necklaces that say number 1 sister. As I leave the jewelry store I look over to only see with my surprised eyes Tiffany, Selena, Chris, and two kids a girl and boy that look the same age.

I also see a guy sitting by Tiffany as they all laugh to something he says. He looks to be in his lat 50's, 6'0, 185 lbs with short black hair with gray streaks. I shake my head at that moment knowing she had moved on, but with a older man. They did't notice me, but I notice the little girl turning around to look at me. I gave her a small smile before turning to leave for my way home. ================================================================== Karen's POV: Just a few minutes earlier in the mall I am sitting here listening to my mommy, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Selena talking to a annoying insurance man.

He is telling them it's cheap for all family members to buy affordable insurance. Heathie and I look at each other being bored listening to grown ups. Mommy looks bored just nodding then telling the man we already had insurance through Grandpa Ricky's work. It's just a few seconds later I hear a voice in my head ' Look back sweetie your daddy is behind you to your left'.

The voice tells me as I do turn. I see a man across the way in the mall. He is looking at all of us. I can't see his eyes as he is wearing sunglasses like mommy does. I see a small smile as I smile back to him. I watch as he turns to walk away as I speak softly. " Bye Daddy I love you." I say turning back around feeling a tear come down my right cheek " Karen honey you ok baby girl?" My mommy asks as I shake my head no " No mommy can we go home?

I want to be alone for awhile." I tell her looking at the double heart necklace that she has been wearing ever since I could remember To Be Continued.Confrontations on the horizon