Lovely teen opens up narrow honey pot and gets deflorated

Lovely teen opens up narrow honey pot and gets deflorated
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I hope you have enjoyed the story so far. It has been a mixture of true story and fantasy. Some parts were inspired by comments and feedback from other readers, but I am trying to get back to my original story. I hope you enjoy, and please continue with the feedback. Votes, comments, and messages.

All feedback is appreciated and encouraged so I can get better at this. ************************************************* After Amy and I had professed our love for Steph, she held us closer.

Her head rested on my chest and her hand caressed Amy's cheek. Her body still lightly shook as she tried to hold back her tears. Amy and I did the best we could to just soothe Steph because we did not understand this raw emotion escaping such a vibrant and vivacious woman.

As her breathing slowed to normal and the tears stopped flowing, Amy risked asking her what had her so upset. Steph took a deep breath. Hesitatingly, she began to tell us. We could tell she was choosing her words, trying to keep from crying again.

"I was born with both a penis and a vagina… the doctor's wanted to do surgery right away but my parent's couldn't agree. My father always wanted a boy and my mother insisted I was a girl. It became an issue and the only compromise they could come up with was to wait and see - wait and see what I wanted. They named me Steph because it could be short for Stephanie or Stephen. It went on for years. I never understood that I was different than other kids.

There was no conscious decision from me, I just naturally identified with the girls. I wore dresses, loved dolls… stuff traditionally considered girls stuff. But my dad refused to give up on having a boy. You would think they could have just tried for another child. Instead it became a power struggle between my mother and father.

By the time I became a teenager, the doctors were telling my parents that only I could make a decision about having surgery. By the time I realized that my body was different than other girls, I felt that how I was made was who I was. I didn't make a decision about surgery. I never realized how that would change my life.

The first time I started to have a relationship, things were going great… until he found about how I was different from other girls.

I woke up three days later in the hospital, my body a broken and beaten mess. My parents withdrew me from school and we moved halfway across the country. They made me promise to avoid a boyfriend and revealing my secret.

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I was lonely and miserable. I thought going to college would make a difference. My very first day in class, I sat down and just three seats down from me was guy from my old high school - a good friend of my first boyfriend. I couldn't believe he was here, so far from his hometown.

I couldn't fathom the odds. I saw the reaction when he recognized who I was, and in a panic I grabbed my book bag and ran.


I never went back. My father went ballistic. He kicked me out of the house and I left… I moved a few towns over and prayed I knew no one there. I worked odd jobs for a few years. I tried dating a few times. The same reaction every time. As soon as they learned about me… about the real me, they became angry and violent. It was during a visit to the emergency room when I had two epiphanies.

One, I would not give up on a relationship, no matter how unlovable I was. And two, I wanted to help people as well and I was going to go to nursing school. Oh, I went out with people… I tried to love. I vowed that I would be up front and honest with the people I met. Every time ended in one of two ways - they walked away in disgust or they used me for a fling; a chance to walk on the kinky side. But I was left alone at the end of the day.

Every. Single. Time. After years of this happening, I had realized the truth - my father was right. I was unlovable." Amy climbed off the bed, walked around to the side Steph was laying on, tears streaming down her cheeks.

She climbed on behind Steph and wrapped her in her arms. She kept repeating the same thing over and over. "We love you. We love you." We laid there, trying to let our love and understanding seep from our skin and soak into Steph. She still held her body rigid, afraid to let herself go.

After a moment, she extracted herself from between us and slid off the bed. "Sure, you can love my personality. You can love my company. But can anyone really love… all of me?" I stood from the bed and walked over to Steph.


I brushed a strand of hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. She looked down, averting her eyes. Amy walked over to us and stood next to me. She first lifted Steph's face by the chin so that she was looking right at Amy. Then she slowly, deliberately reached down and untied her robe.

With a shrug of her shoulders, the robe slipped off and slid to the floor. She was wearing a black babydoll nightie. The upper piece was black satin with purple lace over the cups, sheer black bottom that hung just past her hips, and matching thong underwear - black satin with purple lace.

"Steph, I knew about your secret from the very beginning, remember? You told me about it as we looked at my bikini. When I suggested you buy one as well, you admitted to me why you never did wear one.

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I knew about it… and I still fell in love with you." Steph gave Amy a half smile of comfort, but it fell away as her eyes cut to me in a flash and then returned to Amy.

In that glance, I understood her fear and apprehension. Rejection, fear, and violence from men her whole life.

Not only being told she was unlovable (even by the man who should have loved her unconditionally), but being treated as unlovable by all of the men in her life. I only prayed that I could do the right thing for her at this critical moment. I used my hand to turn Steph's chin towards me. I looked her deep in her eyes. "I love you - your brain." I kissed her forehead. "I love you - your heart." I leaned forward and kissed her right above her breasts.

"I love you - your body." I began to place kisses on her shoulder, lifting her arm I kissed all the way down to her fingertips. I returned to her shoulder and kissed along her collarbone and up her neck, just under her ear. Back down her neck and down the middle of her chest. I began to slowly bend my knees and worked my way down her stomach. I settled up on my knees and looked up at Steph.

She was looking down at me, tears streaming down her face and her lips quivering as she tried to hold back the pain. Looking directly into her eyes: "I love you -ALL of you!" I ran my hands up her legs slowly, leaned forward and gave the bulge in her panties a kiss.

Bending over, Steph put her hands under my arms and pulled me back on my feet. She put her hands behind my head and entwined her fingers into my hair.

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She pulled my face to hers and began kissing me over and over. In between each kiss she kept saying "I love you too." When she pulled back, I leaned in and began kissing the tear away from her cheek. Amy leaned in and began kissing the tears from her other cheek.

When she was all cleaned up, Amy gave her a kiss on the tip of her nose, causing Steph to let out a little laugh and smile.

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"We promise that we will do everything in our power to make sure we don't ever cause tears to escape your eyes again. Your happiness is just as important to us as our own. What can we do to make you happy?" With a shuddering breath as the sadness escaped her and left, she glanced between us. "I can think of two things if at all possible. First, can you start calling me Stephanie?" She took each of our hands and began leading us towards the bed.

"Secondly, can we make love?" Amy and I scooted up on the bed and pulled Stephanie down on the bed between us. We rolled her onto her back and began to caress her body.

Amy began to kiss Stephanie's neck and I worked my way down to her breast.

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As I lightly kissed the top of her breast, I used my finger to trace the edge of her bra. I could see goosebumps raise across her body.


Amy kissed her way down to Stephanie's other breast, pulled the edge of her bra down and took her nipple into her mouth. I shifted down to Stephanie's feet and began massaging them. I looked up to see Stephanie gazing lovingly at Amy, softly caressing her hair. I laid on my side, continuing to massage her foot with one hand and began kissing her shins and the side of her calves.

I released her foot and caressed her other leg as I began to kiss my way up to her knee. Amy let her nipple from her mouth and began to lick and kiss her way down toward her stomach. As we worked our way along Stephanie's body, we realized that we were each kissing opposite hips. I met Amy's gaze and she gave me a little smile between kisses. We began to slowly work from both sides and met in the middle.

Without hesitation, we both gave the bulge in her panties a lick from each side. Stephanie let out a soft moan and we felt a twitch next to our mouths. As if Amy and I had already planned this, we began to work as a team. She reached up with her hand and began to play with Stephanie's exposed nipple while I used my fingertips to trace lines and lazy circles on the inside of her thigh.

Our mouths met where the tip of Stephanie's penis was hidden under her satin boy shorts. We began to kiss, our tongues dancing with each other and Stephanie's head joining us. There was a loud moan from Stephanie and her body tensed up in pleasure and the blood began to flow to her member. As the bulge in her shorts began to slowly grow, Amy and I began to lick up and down the length of it. Soon the top of her panties were wet from our saliva and there was a deepening dark patch growing between her legs as well.

Amy trailed her fingers from Stephanie's breast, down her side, and then hooked the waistline of her underwear. I got her meaning and I slowly made my way up to her waistline as well.

Amy looked up at Stephanie, seeking reassurance that she was okay. Stephanie smiled at us and reached down with both her hands, caressing each of our heads. As we began to slowly remove her underwear, Stephanie slightly lifted her hips to help. Soon her underwear were past her feet and unceremoniously tossed to the floor. Amy quickly unsnapped her bra, discarded it, and then pulled her own panties off, dropping on the floor next to the other forgotten lingerie. In an unspoken understanding, Amy and I knew that this moment was special for Stephanie and we did not want to just jump right in.

For the next few minutes we ignored what we had revealed and caressed, licked, kissed, and nibbled every other erogenous zone we could think of. By the end, we were laying next to Stephanie with our heads on her shoulders and lightly caressing her stomach and breasts. "I do not want to break the mood, I promise… but I was wondering if I could ask some questions?" Stephanie kissed the top of my head, chuckled, and reminded me that I just had.

I took that as a sign that it was okay. "With both parts, does one feel better than the other? I mean, sexually." "Well, to be honest, when I pleasure myself I have found that they both feel amazing and intense in their own way. When I have been active with a partner, they seem to ignore everything but my penis.

I guess the kink for them is being with a girl that has a penis, not so much a vagina. They must figure they can get that with any other girl." "Have you ever masturbated with both at the same time? Is it doubly intense or does one cancel out the other?" Amy asked, getting in on the questions. "You know, I have never tried it before. Partly because the one got so much attention that I felt the urge to play with the other.

Partly because I never felt coordinated enough to try and do both at the same time." Stephanie gave a little laugh. "Do you prefer that we leave your penis alone? I mean, you are a girl. Does it make you uncomfortable if…" I wasn't really how to express my thoughts.

"Actually, this is the first time anyone ever asked me that. Most men didn't take the time to get to know me. The truth is that this is probably the first time in my life that I look forward to it. Because I can tell you are interested in making me happy, not using me for some game or fantasy." "I am sorry if we are asking too many questions or if it makes you feel uncomfortable." "Just the opposite.

I know that this is all new to you… and it really is new to me too. I am guessing there are going to be a lot of questions as we figure all of this out together." She turned and kissed the top of Amy's head and then mine. Amy shifted her body and wrapped her leg over Stephanie's stomach, turned her face towards Stephanie and began to kiss her passionately. I slid my body down the bed and situated myself between Stephanie's legs. Laying prone, torso raised with my elbows bent under me, I found that I was at the perfect spot to see two pussies and a semi-hard erection.

I was fascinated by the view of Stephanie. Right at the bottom of the base of her cock, where the ball sack would begin, her labia began. Her vagina was beautiful. Full lips, a lovely shade of pink, and I could see her already glistening in arousal. I found that if I shifted my weight slightly to one elbow, I could reach up with my other hand and stroke Stephanie's growing member. As the blood filled it and it slowly grew to it's full size, I could tell that it was about 8" long and fairly thick.

It dawned on me that it looked almost exactly like the strap-on Amy chose at the bookstore earlier today. She had said that she just knew that it would be perfect.

And then it hit me. I shifted myself up a little higher and looked over Amy's thigh. Both she and Stephanie had broken their kiss and were staring at me, big grins on each of their faces.

They knew in that instant that I understood. Amy chose that one because it matched Stephanie's and she had told me that it was because it matched the one from the preview booth… which had also been Stephanie. Amy gave a little laugh. She shifted her body again so that she was straddling Stephanie. With a playful wiggle of her ass, she looked back at Stephanie and said: "I just knew he would love it, right?" As Stephanie and Amy began to kiss again, I slipped down a bit and began to stroke Stephanie again.

It dawned on me that now that Amy was straddling Stephanie, they were in the perfect position that I could pleasure them both. Scooting forward a bit, I slide my tongue along Amy's lips, tasting her arousal on my taste buds. She gave a little jump but settled back again. I then swirled my tongue around the tip of Stephanie's penis then trailed the tip of my tongue down the underside of her shaft. I heard her moan into Amy's mouth in pleasure.

I spent the next few minutes alternating between Stephanie and Amy as they continued building their passion with their own tongues.

Then I had a brilliant idea. I purposely began to build up as much saliva as I gave the oral pleasure; the wetness built up on both of their organs. When it was obvious that Amy had opened up a bit from her arousal, I slid my mouth back down on Stephanie, let go of the base of her penis, and put my hand on Amy's hip. This time when my mouth started working its way back to the head of Stephanie's penis, I used my tongue and lips to guide the head to Amy's soaking opening.

Right as the head was in position, I let my lips slide off. I used my tongue to press the head of the penis into Amy a bit and then I pulled back on Amy's hip. I expected that I would need to manipulate them both a little more to get the perfect angle, but with one motion Amy pushed back and Stephanie slipped all the way in until Stephanie was buried into Amy as deep as she could go from that angle. "Oh my god!" They both passionately exclaimed in unison. Immediately Amy began shifting her hips up and down, riding Stephanie for all she was worth.

Stephanie's own hips began to push upward and drop. Pretty soon they had built a rhythm where Stephanie was dropping her hips into the bed just as Amy was rising up, leaving Stephanie barely still within Amy's pussy lips. Then they would come together until their skin slapped against each other. I was fascinated by the site and slowly shifted so that I was on my knees, resting on my heels, and stroking myself through my sleep pants.

Amy and Stephanie kept up their rhythm for was must have been at least fifteen minutes. They continued kissing each other, their passionate moans leaving their lips and getting mixed up by each other's dancing tongues. Their breathing continued to get faster and their moans louder.

Soon Amy began to let out almost animalistic sounds and her fingernails dug into Stephanie, leaving little red shaped crescent moons on her arms and shoulders. Suddenly Amy sat up, dug her nails into Stephanie's sides and began bouncing up and down on Stephanie's throbbing, soaked cock. Stephanie reached up and began playing with Amy's breasts.

I could see a small flow of Amy's love juice coating Stephanie's cock and sliding down between Stephanie's legs and mixing with the steady flow of her own juice dripping from her pussy lips and pooling on the comforter below. With a cry, Amy lost her fight against the rising passion in her and crested, a huge wave rushing over her as her orgasm rocked her body. Stephanie began to buck harder into Amy's waiting pussy until she let out her own cry and slammed up into her and held it there.

I could see a quiver running up her thighs and meeting at the base of her penis.

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I could even see the pulsing and twitching as she shot her seed deep into Amy. Completely spent, Amy collapsed on top of Stephanie. As they tried to catch their breath, they lightly caressed each other's bodies and were whispering to each other, quietly enough that I could not make out what they were saying. Stephanie began to soften and slipped out of Amy.

I watched as a mixture of their love making trailed out of Amy.

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Eyes closed, they laid there in bliss. I sat perfectly still, content to watch them. The passion and exertion overcame them and they both drifted off to sleep.

I didn't mind… it was one of the most beautiful sights I had laid my eyes on and my heart was brimming with love for my to ladies. After a minute I quietly and carefully got up from the bed to not disturb them. I went over to the closet and found a spare blanket. Covering them up, I placed a kiss on each of their foreheads.

I grabbed a beer from the now water-filled bucket and took it out on the balcony. I twisted off the cap and dropped it on the small table next to the rattan chairs. I sat down in one, took a sip from the cold beer, and looked at the reflection of the full moon on the water. **************************** (to be continued)*******************************