Filha de Malafaia na periferia

Filha de Malafaia na periferia
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The next morning we were out on the deck having coffee. Carol was wearing one of my T shirts and no bottom. I was in the same bottomless outfit. While I was gazing out at the lake she came up behind me and rubbed herself on my ass. She reached around and started stroking my cock.

I turned around and rubbed my prick on her. She whispered to me "do you like our sex game? do you remember how it all started with me dancing naked with a guy at a skinny dipping party?

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Do you remember the first man we invited back to the house and he and I had wild sex while you watched?" I groaned. I reached up under her T shirt and caressed her breasts. She went over to a lounger, lay down and started fingering herself. She reached into her bag and found her favorite sex toy, a black dildo.

She lubed it and began finger fucking herself. I walked over to her and got some lube and stood stroking my prick. I said "I remembered the first one and you fucking him in our bed, I remember the yacht and the sex we had, I remember the local cowboy who fucked you in his trailer".

She reached down and pulled her T shirt over her head and started caressing herself. She pinched her nipples and ran her hands down your body. She kept fucking herself with the dildo.

I took my T shirt off and began caressing my chest. I looked down at her and felt such lust. Her eyes started glazing over. We both kept masturbating madly. My breath was short and I started going "You're drrrty grl, unhn. I saw her neck and chest flushing. I felt a surge in my prick and I reached down and cupped my balls.

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She started coming. I started coming and I came all over her breasts and stomach. That sent her over the edge. As we calmed down I pulled her naked body to me and held her tight. I said how much I loved her. We both sighed in contentment. We both smiled and said what a breakfast. Around 11 O'clock I said we needed a plan for the day. What do you want to do. You said more sex and smiled. We went to the yacht club for lunch.

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You had on a T shirt over your bikini. After lunch we went to club's beach. We got some towels from the beach boy and lay down on the sand. After a while the beach boy came around and asked if there was anything we wanted. I said iced tea. You said "nothing right now". You leaned back on your elbows and your top slipped a bit showing your nipples. When he left I asked you if you saw anything you wanted.

I smiled at you and said the beach boy would be jail bait for you. You turned over to your stomach humped the sand a few times and mumbled beach boy, jail bait. After a few hours in the sun we went back to the cottage, showered and napped. We decided to go to the yacht club for dinner. You wore a very short mini skirt and a sheer black halter top - no underwear as usual.

We had a wonderful dinner and a bottle of red wine. They set up for dancing and you did your usual dirty dancing with a few men. When we danced I asked you if there was someone you wanted to fuck. You ground into me and said I can't pick, maybe all of them. A while later you danced with a new young man. You had your head on his shoulder and peppered his neck with soft kisses. I saw you take him out to the deck.

I followed you after a few minutes. When I got there the two of you were in a hot embrace and your tongues were exploring each other. He had backed you up against the wall and had his hand under your skirt.

He was finger fucking you. I cleared my throat and he jumped back. I told him keep finger fucking my wife. You moaned. Both of you were very hot. You reached into his pants and pulled out his prick and you started stroking it. I knew this wouldn't take long. Your skirt was above your waist and your cunt glistened in the moonlight. You started coming on his fingers and he came on your bare cunt. I got a towel from the beach bin and cleaned you both off.

We went back to our table and ordered drinks. I asked if you wanted to go back to the cottage. You said no the night is young. We relaxed and listened to the music. A woman came over to our table and asked if she could sit for a minute.


She leaned over the table and whispered "I saw you on the deck and it looked like it was fun". We smiled. She said stick around a bunch of us are going skinny dipping at midnight. She got up and went back to the bar. As she got up on the stool we could see she had no underwear on. She looked over at us and smiled.


At midnight the woman, Mary and a group of us headed out to the beach. Everyone stripped, put their clothes on blankets and went into the lake. The water was warm and there was a full moon. I saw Mary approach you from behind and put her arms around you.

She started caressing your breasts. She turned you around and gave you a passionate kiss. I went over to the two of you and hugged you both with you in the middle. After a few minutes of making out I asked Mary if she'd like to come back to our place. She said yes and we got our clothes and walked naked back to the cottage.

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We went in and dried ourselves off. You took her to the bed. You began kissing her breasts and nibbling on her nipples. You kissed your way down her body and planted a kiss on her mound and swirled your tongue into her.

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I was still at the top of the bed and she and I were kissing and making out like crazy. She moaned and said so good.


I got up and went behind you while you were licking her. I put my prick into your cunt and it was sopping wet. I fucked you slowly and took in the sight of the two of you. Soon the smell of your two cunts filled the room. I started plunging into you. You took your mouth off of Mary and started talking dirty "fuck me, lick me, let me feel your tits". We both went off like a rocket.

After we cuddled you got back on the bed. You straddled Mary's face. Your cunt was dripping with cum and she pulled you to her mouth. I took your place licking Mary. I reveled in her smell and taste. The room was full of the soft sounds of licking and the smell of your two cunts.

You rode Mary's face and caressed yourself.

You looked down at Mary and both of you had eyes glazed over with sex. I stuck my tongue in Mary's ass and her reaction was immediate. She muffled and groaned and locked me to her with her legs. I continued to stick my tongue in her ass. Mary trembled and her ass and cunt heaved with orgasm. You came on her face. We all savored the moment and then cuddled together. We asked Mary to spend the night. I woke up in the middle of the night to a shaking bed.

The two of you were lying on top of each other and rubbing your mounds together. Then you got into a 69 position with Mary on top. I got up behind her and stuck my prick in her. You continued to lick her and then licked my prick. It was too much and I came in her and my cum leaked down on your face. You both came with a shudder. We went back to sleep. In the morning we lazed around the deck all of us wearing T shirts without bottoms. The two of you came up to me and rubbed your cunts on me.

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Then Mary led me back to the bedroom by my prick. She had me on my back and straddled my prick. She sat on it and stared riding it. You came and sat on my face. I was in sexual heaven.

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The tempo picked up and she came on my prick, you came on my face and I came in her. She got up after a while and said she had to go. She said I love your sex game.