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I've always had a pretty perverted mind, but after my divorce, I started to really experiment. I was 32 when I started to go to adult movie theaters and play with the other guys there. Learned to suck cock and swallow cum.

I bought an anal cleaning device and some dildos and started experimenting with anal play and really enjoyed it. Eventually I bought some bigger dildos and stretched my ass a little at a time. I even started letting the guys at the adult theaters fuck me in my ass and cum inside of me. It feels so amazing. I just love it. I had heard of a club down town that was for men only and a nudist place. I had to check it out.

I was so aroused at the thought of what might happen there. I went to the front desk and payed for a "video room" and was given directions how to get to it. I had to walk down a little hallway and go up some stairs where there was a series of hall ways lined with "bedrooms." The rooms were very small.

Just a single size mattress on a built in frame and enough room to take your clothing off and a TV mounted to the wall above the mattress. The TV had a few channels playing different porn videos. I stripped off my clothing and hung it on the hook on the wall and grabbed my towel.

As I wrapped it around my waist, I thought how useless it would be to wear it. My cock was rock hard and sticking straight out. So I just carried the towel in my hand and went to check out the place. There was a sauna and a steam room and a whirlpool all down stairs. Upstairs along with the rooms, there was what they call a maze.

Several walls to accommodate many dark corners. Some stalls similar to public bathroom stalls, but these had holes drilled into the walls.

There was a corner that has a leather upholstered "mattress" big enough to lay on, and a leather sex swing in the corners. One section had some walls about 7 feet tall with holes drilled in them and surrounded on three sides by a higher walk way with the matching holes about waist level. Also there was a little video area playing the same porn videos as in the rooms, but this had two levels of stadium seating benches.

Of course there were many men there of all ages. Some wearing their towels, some not. One older gentleman was watching the videos and stroking his cock. I made sure he saw me and slowly reached to touch him. As soon as I caressed his balls, he shot his load all over me. He wiped it off very nicely with his towel. This really got me going. I continued to explore the area.

Many guys made sure to "brush" against my hard cock as we passed in the close spaces. I walked up to the walk way around the 7 foot tall walls and just stood there watching over the top of the walls as several men sucked on the cocks sticking through the waist high holes. Then I felt a mouth on my own cock. I let him suck for a bit, but I was not ready to cum yet. After exploring the entire place, I went back to my room and left the door open as I lay on the mattress on my back looking up at the TV.

An older man walked up and peaked in. Giving him a bit of a nod, I motioned him in. He didn't have a towel on either and had a very nice, juicy looking cock with a big mushroom knob. I took his cock in my hand as we both watched the TV. Then I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock.

Sucking and licking at the same time, I could tell he liked it. The man reached down between my legs to find my butt plug. Slowly he started to fuck me with it. After a minute or two, I reached down and bulled the plug out. I reached over to the table next to the bed where I had a big bottle of lube. After lubing him up, I guided his big fat knob to my ass. He pinned my legs back so my knees were against my shoulders as he slowly fucked my ass.

Another man walking by stopped to watch, but I motioned him closer so I could stroke his cock too. As I lay there getting fucked and stroking another mans cock, the second man started to stroke my cock. As I looked at him closer, I could tell he was much younger. Completely smooth and hard as steel.

Not the biggest cock I've seen. In fact, the one that was fucking me was much bigger. And I might ad, felt amazing too. The man fucking my ass was pistoning himself much faster now. I could feel his balls slapping hard against me. I let go of the cock in my hand and reached up for the man that was fucking me. I took one of his nipples in my fingers and gently played with it.

This drove him over the edge as he shot a huge load of cum into my ass. It was running out of me even before he was finished shooting. I could feel his cock throbbing as it shot. It was so warm and wonderful. Finally he pulled out and I could feel his load running out of me. The second man sort of motioned like he was asking permission.

"Of course. No need to ask," I told him. He had me get on the edge of the be face down this time. He slid right in all the way to his balls and started to fuck me right away.

We changed positions a few times, but he lasted probably twenty minutes or so fucking me hard the entire time.

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Finally, with me on my back again, he ramed me hard and once again I felt a cock throbbing and shooting hard in my ass. I wish there were words to tell how awesome this felt. When the guy pulled out of me, the first guy was standing there.

I thought he had left. I didn't realize he was watching the entire time. He sort of pushed the second man out of the way and leaned down and licked my ass clean.

Now, I had eaten my own cum several times before, but this was new to me and I loved it. The second guy leaned down to whisper in my ear. "Hey, you wanna continue this somewhere else?" "Hell ya I do," I answered.

As we walked in the front door of my house, we started to undress again. I asked him his name and age. He sort of looked down and away as he answered "Steve, 18." "Really?

18?" I asked. "Well, I gave them a fake I.D. I'm really only 17. But I'll be 18 in 5 months. I hope that's OK," He continued. "I won't tell anybody. I swear." "Steve, I have no reason to tell if you don't." Again, I reached for his cock and it sprung to life.

"Wait, I think it's your turn to do me. Isn't it?" Steve asked. I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. Bending him over the bed, I lubed his hole and my cock and started to slide in. It took a bit, but finally I was all the way in. I don't normally like to fuck an ass, male or female, but I thought I was doing him a favor since he was so good at fucking mine. I was also hoping to get him to fuck my ass again. As we changed positions a few times, I ended up on my back with Steve riding on top of my in cowboy style.

That's when I heard it. A gasp and "Oh my God." I moved to look around Steve to see my sister standing there. She is seven years older than me and has a key to my house.

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There she was watching this 17 year old boy ride my cock. I thought I was dead. My heart stopped and I was about to jump up and cover us both up.


But she spoke before I could even react. "No no no. Keep on going. Finish what you've started if you don't mind me watching." "What?!?!?!" I couldn't believe she had said that.

She was so conservative. She used to teach Sunday School. Now she wants to watch her younger brother with another man? WOW! "I just saw the lights on and thought I'd check on things," she started.

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" I didn't think I'd find this though." I tried to forget she was there by looking into Steve's eyes and at his body. But when I looked again, my sister had her hand down the front of her pants. "Have him turn around," she told us. Steve moved so he was riding me reverse cowboy now. I was pushing up against his ass, but I was watching my big sis as she started to take her clothing off.

"What are you doing?" I asked. Like it wasn't obvious. "Just keep on going. Finish and don't worry about me," she answered. Finally she stood there completely naked and fingering her pussy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and doing.

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But finally I couldn't hold it anymore and pumped my load into Steve's ass. As he got up, I saw my load of cum starting to ooze out of him, but Lynn, my sister, took his wrist and pulled him on top of her. "My turn!" she announced. Steve buried his cock into my sister's wet pussy right there in front of me. I could hear her soft moans and saw her expression as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Steve started to fuck her hard as I grabbed a wash rag to clean my own cock off.

I noticed too, even though I had just cum, I was still rock hard. I guess watching your sister get fucked will do that to a guy. Steve didn't last long. As Lynn was on the edge, and starting to breath hard, Steve pumped his load into Lynn. "Damn it," She said a little disappointed. Before Steve was even all the way off of her, she looked right at me and said, "Well, get over here and finish the job." "What?

Me? Are you kidding?" Of course I wanted to, but this is my own sister. "Yes you. He didn't finish me and you're hard again. So, get over here and finish the job." I climbed on top of her and she grabbed my cock. Lining me up with her hole, I could feel Steve's cum as I slid in all the way to my balls. Then I saw her motion to Steve. I didn't pay any attention to it as I was now fucking my own sister.

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Then I felt Steve pulling the plug out of my ass again. Hell, I forgot it was still in there. I relaxed as he pulled it out. Then he positioned himself behind me and started to push his still rock hard dick into me in place of the plug. Here I was fucking my sister as I was getting my own ass fucked. Did I die and go to Heaven?

Steve and I worked out a rhythm. As he pushed into my ass from behind, he pushed me into my sisters wet, used pussy. As I pulled out, so did Steve.

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This felt incredible. But once again, Steve didn't last long and filled me up again. When he pulled out, I could feel the cum running out of my ass, down my balls, and onto my dick. Of course this was great lube for fucking my sister. So now Steve crawled around on the bed so he could play with Lynn's tits. She loved it as Steve sucked and licked and flicked her nipples with his tongue. She was moaning louder and louder, pushing her hips back up against me as I power fucked her.

Then, finally, with a loud scream and deep gasping, I could feel her pussy pulsing all around my cock. Trying to grab onto me, but too slippery and wet to do so. I couldn't take it either. I dumped a huge load into her pussy. I just held myself there inside of her for a minute until we both caught our breath.

Then I pulled out and watched as all of the cum mixed and pooled up. We all stood up and I grabbed some towels. Steve wiped himself off and started to get dressed to leave. But Lynn just held her towel in her hand, naked and not caring who saw her. After Steve left, Lynn looked at me and said how great it was and that she didn't know I was Bi too.

"Too? So you go both ways too, huh?" I asked. "It's so hot how smooth and hairless his body is. We should do that too," She said. "Come on, I'll help you." Taking my hand, Lynn pulled me into the bathroom. She sat up on the counter top and started the warm water in the sink as she spread her legs and started to lather up with my shaving cream. "Come on, you shave me and I'll shave you." "You really don't have much to shave.

But if that's what you want, what the Hell." I got down on my knees in front of her, took my razor, and began to shave her pussy. Her hole was still just a little bit open and still had cum running out of it. I made sure to get my fingers in there a few times too.

Finally, there was just the little strip above her clit, which was really all she had in the first place. "You want me to get this too?" "Yes, everything. I want to be completely smooth and bare. Then I'll do you." I pulled her skin tight which exposed her little pearl sized clit. She was getting excited again, but I stayed the course and finished shaving her.


When I was done, Lynn jumped up and started the shower. "Get in. It'll be easier this way." We stood in the shower and Lynn lathered me up, one limb at a time, and shaved me smooth. It was weird, different. I'd never been smooth like this before. But I liked it. When she had my entire body shaved except my cock, she knelled in front of me and sucked me into her mouth to get me hard again.

Then she made sure every last hair was gone. "Great," she started. "Now we need to take care of this again." She looked at me with an evil grin. We didn't even bother to dry off. Just went back to the bed where we fucked hard and fast for an hour.

Lynn was on top of me and I was teasing her nipples again when she came and screamed again. I think I'm detecting a pattern here. Then she got up and moved, laying on her back on the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor next to the bed as I fucked her silly until I came inside her again. "What a night," She started to say. "You don't know the half of it," I answered.

So we sat at the kitchen table as I told her everything.

I'm not sure what she liked more, knowing that I like to get my ass bread, or that Steve was only 17. Well, she told me she has plans for me for tomorrow night, but she has to make a phone call to verify first. Can't wait to find out what it is.